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November 12, 2016
11) Posted at 6:28pm
Yep, this number/time series seems to be continuing, maybe forever. The times of the postings of each of the last two posts, 6:09 and 5:46, share a coincidence. For 6:09: 6 + 9 = 15. Likewise, for 5:46: 5 + 4 + 6 = 15. They both contain digits that add up to 15.

10) Posted at 6:09pm
First, I want to say that if you want to check these times, you can find this series, with the respective post times, here:
Second, here's yet another number coincidence in this stuff. If you find the time difference between the last two posts, 5:46 - 4:00, you get 1:46. These digits add up to 11. Also, if you add the digits of the date, 11-11-16, of the posting of the "flock of birds (outside)" event, you likewise get 11 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 11).

9) Posted at 5:46pm
I did it! I just found the tie-in coincidence to these 9's. The event of November 10 which I described, about the "flock of birds," as I wrote in that account, occurred at 9:00pm straight up. Even the "straight-up" expression is a coincidence, considering the "flock of birds" I saw, directly overhead. Just think, how could any controlling intelligence juggle all of these details to make them line up, come together, in all the right ways, is such a perfectly timely manner?

8) Posted at 4:00pm
I'm thinking this time/number series could possibly go on forever. Want another number/time coincidence? Try this one. I just walked into the kitchen, thinking about something else. I glanced at the time display of the microwave, and wouldn't you know it, the time displayed was 3:51, which adds up to give yet another 9. Then I stared out the kitchen window, looking at the street and the parked cars and the houses. Then, on my way out of the kitchen, I glanced at the time display, and it was still 3:51.

7) Posted at 3:31pm
OMG! Is there no end to this series of time coincidence? These are coming at me so fast, I have to write two of them in this one post.
1) Add the digits of the 3:20 post, and you get 5. Then subtract the 5 from this 3:20 time, and you get 3:15, the time of the preceding post. 
2) Now, wouldn't you know it? Add up the digits of the last post, which was at 3:24, and you get ANOTHER 9. Can you believe it? I didn't plan any of this!
---[comment] Please note that this post makes 7 for today, so far, and the digits of this post, VOILA!, add up to 7, it having been posted at 3:31. I was wondering if this 7 was going to constitute another number coincidence, and now I've found it, upon counting these posts, of today. Can anyone conceive of making all these coincidences happen on purpose, without making mistakes?

6) Posted at 3:24pm
OMG, another time coincidence! Add up the digits of the 3:15 post, and you get another 9, just like the preceding post.

5) Posted at 3:20pm
Hang onto your hat, if you're wearing one. Here's yet another time coincidence, which, likewise, I didn't plan. Add the digits of the last post, 3:06, and you get the number, 9. Add that 9 to the following post, and you get the time it was posted, at 3:15. Are you amazed yet? I am.

4) Posted at 3:15
OMG, another time coincidence! Just before I clicked to post the last message, I was having the thought that maybe there'd be another time coincidence. BINGO! I just examined and compared the times of the last two posts, here. The one was at 1:33pm, and the one for which I just clicked "post" was at 3:06pm. I then subtracted to find the time difference. The difference is 1 minute and 33 seconds, which can be written as 1:33, in sexagesimal format. That's a doubling of all the digits of the earlier post, like adding 1:33 to itself to arrive at 3:06. I didn't plan it, and it can't be a mere coincidence.

3) Posted at 3:06
Jeez, if it isn't one thing, it's another. I just heated a cup of coffee in the microwave, at home. I grabbed it out when the beeping sounded that it was done. All seemed normal. I held it against my right side, near my waist, for a moment. After that moment, the coffee in the cup suddenly erupted in a loud fizzling (It wasn't making noise when I grabbed it out of the microwave.). Startled, I looked straight down into the cup, still at my side. The surface was bubbling furiously in small bubbles across the entire surface. I stared at it wide-eyed for 3 or 4 seconds until it started to slowly return to normal. I wandered, deep it thought about it, into the living room. Suddenly, I had the idea that I should have looked at the time display, to check for a time coincidence. I went back to check, and the time display read 2:24pm. If one subtracts 2 minutes for the time lag, maybe it was at 2:22pm. In hindsight, this reminds me of the time, maybe a year ago, when I heated an egg in the microwave. I took it out and set it on the kitchen table. All seemed normal. A moment later, KABOOM!  I heard a loud pop when it exploded. Small pieces of egg were now a mess all over the kitchen. That's what was now left of the egg. It was so annoying to have to clean all that up, especially since egg tends to smear when one tries to wipe it up.

[Note: Items 1) and 2), below, are highly related to yesterday's post.]

2) Posted at 1:33pm
This is phenomenal. I just realized that the time, between my last two posts here, is 16 hours and 20 minutes. If written in the format, 16:20, this corresponds to the first and last blocks of digits being interchanged, compared to the current year, 2016. It can be abbreviated as 1620 <==> 2016. I swear I didn't plan this. Again, I stopped believing in mere coincidences. This can't be a mere coincidence.

Posted at 1:19pm
Here's another update on the "flock of birds." This morning, I was at the kitchen sink, where the kitchen window is. Suddenly, I heard the noisy flock of birds again. The sound came through loudly, even with all the doors and windows closed. I looked out the window at the sky. I only saw a few birds in a group in the distance, on the wing. They appeared low in the sky. This time, the squawking was only brief, about 3 or 4 seconds, and then it ended abruptly, as quickly as it started. I looked up at the clock over the sink. The time corresponded to the digits of my address, like in 0X:XX, where the X's would be replaced by the three digits of my street address, IN THE EXACT SAME ORDER. I long ago stopped believing in mere coincidences. This can't be a mere coincidence. It was a full-blown squawking racket, like on the prior two occasions.

November 11, 2016
Posted at 8:59pm

Alexandra, I'm just about to delete the old version of this story, because there is no way to edit it. So, to effect an edit, I have to delete the old version, and post the new version. The new portion is at the end. It's not to be missed.

At 9:00pm tonight, the tenth of November, 2016, I heard a great squawking of numerous birds. They sounded close overhead. When I look up, I can't see them. I stared and stared, and looked in one direction and then another, trying to see them. I was thinking I had to conclude that it was something invisible making the noise, because I couldn't see them even though there was ample moonlight. I hear flocks of birds alternately on the left and on the right. Finally I'm able to barely discern the shapes of many birds overhead. First I see a flock of black birds to the left low in the sky. Then I see a flock of white birds directly overhead. They sound the same, but one flock is black and one is white. I heard them retreat to the north a ways, and then become amazingly quiet. After a brief while they were aloft again and squawking loudly.

This phenomenon was at 9:00pm straight up, when I started to water the front yard. I believe this bird activity was keyed to me. I believe it was a psychic event between me and all these birds. Furthermore, I believe this was another iteration of a message about the Hapsburg curse. I believe the sequence of the black flock before the appearance of the white flock was to signify to me, personally, that I've thrown off the Hapsburg curse. The curse was said to be indicated by black birds. I believe the subsequest appearance of the white flock was to indicate that I've finally shed the ill effects of the curse.

As I've written previously, the prior Hapsburg curse message to me was in the form of a murder of crows over Cypress College, about eight miles from where I live. The sky became black with more crows than I've ever seen so close together in the air. They were close and to the east, as I stood in the far west parking lot of the college. This was roughly eight years ago, during the afternoon.

Another such prior event with a loudly squawking flock of birds happened less than a year ago, also when I was watering the front yard at night. Those birds sounded the same. There was such an incredible number of birds, all squawking so loudly, I didn't know what to think about it, because this kind of event is something new to me. That event lasted what seemed like a long time. It seemed to take longer than it did, because it was so strange.

Okay, now that you've absorded the part about the flocks of birds, I have something else that I left out of the above. Here it is. Very soon upon first hearing the loud squawking of the "flock of birds," the street lamp went out. My first thought was that maybe the noise was really a UFO, making itself sound like a flock of noisy birds, and then making the street lamp go out, as if to sign to get credit for it and make itself known. I suspected that, because I couldn't see anything in the sky that could be making the noise. Finally, as I described above, I was able to see what looked like a number of birds on the wing, directly overhead. HOWEVER, the birds resembled painted wooden birds which WEREN'T FLAPPING THEIR WINGS!!! Their trajectory was slow and straighter than arrows. However, this brings the idea to mind that if the UFO could make itself sound like a flock of noisy birds, maybe they could also create a visual illusion, making it look like there were really birds aloft. The only reason I would even give this idea a thought, other than the odd motion described above, is that the light went out ONLY SECONDS after the noisy bird sounds began. Want to be more convinced? Try this. After what was maybe 3 minutes, the street lamp came back on. But, instead of normal operation, it oscillated, pulsated, with increasing and/or descreasing intensity. Finally, it went back to normal operation. Can you even imagine what would cause the light to pulsate while increasing or decreasing in intensity, before finally returning to normal operation? Additionally, the street lamp had just been repaired on Election Day, November 8th, two days earlier, because I had personally called the city to report that the lamp was out. I almost have to conclude that the lamp was controlled by either a UFO, or a spiritual entity, something like what one would expect at a sťance. Of course, as a third possibility, there is also the visits made to me by Our Lady of Fatima, as I described previously. Sure, this is bizarre in the extreme, but I swear it all happened exactly as I just described, here.