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As you can decipher from the following, I've developed a habit of posting my day-to-day paranormal experiences to the Facebook of Alexandra Holzer, one of the daughters of the late Dr. Hans Holzer, the paranormal investigator and author. As you can see, the more recent posts are at the top.

October 6, 2019
[7:52pm PDT]

1. The other day, I had a dream in which I was simply staring at a door, with uncolored glass in the upper part. Then I was noticing the geometric outline of the glass, with a straight horizontal bottom and an angular peak at top. After the dream, I was thinking the glass may have been in the shape of a pentagon. I'm not sure if the glass was clear or frosted. Then, at a later point in time, I was observing one of my night lights, and I noticed that its light formed a solid pentagon immediately behind it. That is very strange, since the plastic figures of the night light don't look anything at all like a pentagon. It's like the dream may have been related to that night light, which thought came as a relief, since I didn't want trouble from the Pentagon.

2. My kittens regularly appear like ghosts, without noticing them entering. I just thought I'd mention it again, since it is so typical, at my place. This latest time, I did see Puffy enter, but then I turned around to find Blackie already there, inside my utility room.

3. Recently, I observed an opaque, white ectoplasmic halo around the brim of the kittens' water bowl, after I rinsed and refilled it, as I was about to set it down for my kittens. Then I sort of accidentally shrugged it off, in my mind, and the halo seemed to disappear.

4. Recently, I heard the LOUD whisper of a small boy's voice in my ear, as I lay in bed. There was no one physically there, except me. The whisper was so loud, it made me jump a little. It sounded as real as could be.

5. This Summer, I willed the Summer temperatures, here, to be much milder, and it manifested. Unlike last Summer, when the temperatures often reached 117 degrees, this Summer, after casting my spell early on, before the Summer got well under way, the temperatures barely reached a little beyond a hundred, like 101, and maybe 102 once. Success! I even had the thought of tink-a-dinking the high desert into a region of more moderate weather, but I couldn't get past the idea of the many possible complications that could conceivably create, which I wouldn't want.

6. I was just looking out the window, thinking about the word gangly, and thinking people 7 feet 0 inches tall could feel gangly. The idea of seven, even, came to mind, which seemed odd to think of gangly people that way. Then I did my routine in my lobby, and then returned to my kitchen. As soon as I saw the digital display on my microwave oven, I noticed that it was reading 7:00pm, EXACTLY. Then I connected, in my mind, about having just thought about "people exactly 7 feet tall might feel gangly." So, there it is, another quasi paranormal event, involving the number 7, EXACTLY. As I've said many times before, I long ago stopped believing in mere coincidences, and this 7, even, incident is, as I look at it, not a mere coincidence, but a paranormal event.

September 29, 2019
[10:02pm PDT]

I visited my deceased mother, in the astral realm, some hours ago. It was during my sleep time. The environment looked like a restaurant with people, but enveloped in a haze of bright high-color-temperature light, which made the people look like they were seen through such a haze. They appeared to be on a lower level than my mother and I, which could be symbolic of our astral meetup. Before she entered the beyond, it was like her to ask me if I wanted "to go out for a bite to eat." So, here we were, visiting at an astral restaurant. I particularly noticed her blouse, which had a sailor style collar; drooped open in both the front and the back. The look of the print was like a swirl of pastel lilac and white. The thought came to my mind of how that sailor style neckline reminded me of an old black-and-white photo I once saw, of a famous actress when she was a little girl in a sailor outfit, at the approximate time of the Titanic, in 1912. Just now, I connected with yet another coincidence; a dream I had, before I moved to my current area. In the dream I had booked a vacation on a large ocean-going liner. I boarded in advance, to look around, but there was no one to be seen on board. Then I went back on land, and walked to a seeming fast-food sidewalk cafe, where a middle-aged man and his children were eating. He offered to buy me something to eat. I took him up on that, and I hoped to find him again, for another round. In hindsight, this reminds me of my mother always inviting me out to eat. Afterwards, I walked to a point at which I saw the entrance of an old apartment building. Just inside the door was an up staircase. I was thinking that something was telling me that I was to live upstairs, there. This reminded me that my mother couldn't have long to live.

September 28, 2019
[5:18am PDT]

1. A while ago, I observed 12:20 on the red LED display of my plugin, bedside alarm clock. After doing a substantial amount of reading of a book, chapters, I just glanced at the time on its display, to see 12:10 displayed. So, I looked up at the battery powered clock, across the room from the alarm clock, which was in agreement with the time now being 12:10. Time went backwards, for a while? This is more possible that people would tend to think. As an additional note to this, I mention that recently, maybe yesterday, I had the thought that I could or would compress or alter time, to allow me to get more reading done. Well, it looks like it worked. I successfully programmed my time/space environment to oblige me. This isn't the first time I've successfully transcended time.

2. Earlier today, I entered 1:40, one minute and forty seconds, into my microwave oven. What appeared on the display was 40:00, forty minutes. I'm sure I entered it correctly.

3. Also, recently, when I reset the indoor unit of my receiver/transmitter thermometer, the am/pm indicator didn't appear on the display of its little, digital clock display, in its lower right corner. It has since that time reappeared, as normal.

September 26, 2019
[6:42pm PDT]

A month or two back, I experienced a phenomenon comparable to the sausage experience, in which I saw the sausage links turn over a whole 180 degrees, while only turning them 90 degrees. I described that in a prior post, here. Well, this time, I just witnessed, actually for the second time, something odd, in cutting pie. I buy whole uncut pies at the grocery store, so I precut them into the final size of pieces I normally eat at one sitting, namely, very skimpy sizes, in the interest of my ongoin diet. Okay, today was the second of this particular phenomenon. I didn't post it here the first time, because I had trouble completely accepting what I saw. That is to say, I had trouble not shrugging it off as being a mere illusion. What I do is cut all the way across the pie, first in an even X, and then I bisect all those pieces in a second, skewed, such X. Then, I bisect all those pieces with similar cuts, completely across the diameter. Okay, that's what normally happens, and I did it that way both of these two times,too. However, as I was making the final round, to make the pieces into the final size, I encountered two double-sized pieces, as if I had made a couple of cuts that were only half way across the pie, with two cuts. I know, beyond a doubt, that I did NOT do any half-way cuts with either of these two pies, either time. So, that leaves me with the option of accepting these occurrences as paranormal events, for both times, or accepting that I did make half-way cuts to both pies, which conclusion I cannot come to, because I KNOW, DEFINITELY, that I did NOT make any half-way cuts. Even with as much experience as I, personally, have with the paranormal, I sometimes observe something which I have difficulty accepting as reality, at first. This being the second such event with the pies, I view it as the turning point, allowing me to finally accept these events at face value; that is, as both being paranormal events.

September 24, 2019
[4:09am PDT]

1. Here's an item I left out of the recent post, here, of mine, about my attending a live show, Friday, in Los Angeles. After the show was over, a pair of young ladies sat ahead and to my left, a little ways, in the theater seats. I started picking up the experiences of the one closest to me, as if I were her, reflecting on the stuff. You could call it mind reading. You see, there is such a thing as real mind reading. In this vision, she was down the road a little ways, at a different nearby business, on the same side of the street. She was thinking about her appearance and possible love interests. They both came to this theater together. This had the feel of my being this young lady. It was like real telepathy, in which I tuned in, even picking up her feelings of identity with herself, because she is herself, and she feels like herself, and I picked up those feelings, embedded in her reflections on her recent experiences. I mean, I really felt like I was her, during this telepathy.

September 23, 2019
[5:22am PDT]

1. A sad thing happened here at home, recently. I entered my utility room, to find one of my kittens giving hell to a poor tiny mouse. I managed to get the mouse away from my kitten. I then brought it into my kitchen, and put it on a low plastic shelf. I left it there, and the next day, I found it had made its way up an indoor ramp, and was lying there, still alive. That is surprising, since the poor little mouse was missing half of its right forelimb. That was a long hike for a tiny mouse with a missing right paw. I gave it a sprinkle of shredded cheese, in the hope that it would live a possibly happy life, still. Then, later, it was gone, and I wondered where it had gone to. Then, earlier, I found it in the exact spot I had seen it in, in a vision of mine. I half shrugged off the vision, because I didn't know how it would be able to enter that closed-off room, but my vision came true. That is exactly where I found it, already dead. What makes this find even more spooky, is that I know of no gap or other opening in any wall through which that tiny mouse could have entered the room where I found it, dead. It's like finding it in that spot was paranormal in two ways: 1. It fulfilled my vision, and 2. I don't know how it could have gotten into that closed off room, especially with half of its right forelimb missing.

2. I was in the Los Angeles area on Friday, a couple of days ago. While I was there, I unexpectedly had a very vivid clear vision, in color. In this vision, I was hovering about a foot over the very green grass, at my own grave. Of course, I don't have a grave, because I'm still alive. However, in hindsight, this reminds me of a thought I had back in probably the 1980's. The thought was that I would prefer to be buried in the Los Angeles area, rather than in Orange County, where I had grown up and had lived at that time. I think I mentioned the idea to my mother back then, but she passed on, herself, last year. In this vision, I even could slightly smell embalming fluid, and I had various feelings like I might have at a real cemetery. What this vision might be telling me is that I would really end up being interred in the Los Angeles area. However, I could possibly change my future, as it's sometimes described, by altering my life in ways that would give me a different outcome. What makes me a little uneasy about this vision is the idea that it could be telling me that I could possibly end up in my grave sooner than I have been expecting. Well, I'd prefer to think that this vision is of an event, or events, than are not carved in stone, so to speak. I like to think that I have enough free will and the ability to avoid vision outcomes, as I choose. I've avoided bad outcomes in visions before, and I believe I can do it again and again.

3. The reason I was in Los Angeles, in the above account, is that I was there to attend a live show. While I was at the show, I saw a tall, thin dark-haired man whose face reminded me of a young Brad Steiger, at about the age he may have been at some point in the 1950's. Maybe it was his spirit? What is intriguing is that he sat directly behind the seat I had sat in the last time I attended this show, in early August. Maybe that was his hint that he was really Brad? I've been thinking about him, since I've been reading some of his books, lately. Not only that, in my last post, here, I mentioned having the same vision as the witch doctor in one of the accounts of one of his books, about Sybil Leek.

September 20, 2019
[2:38am PDT]

1. The other night, I observed a white translucent orb, about the size of a softball, somewhere in my building.

2. Tonight, I saw something that looked similar to an orb, but I didn't discern a clear outline shape. It looked something like an odd reflection of white light, with a brief sharp glint, but there was nothing physical there to cause a reflection, and it was fleeting. I saw it in the dark of my commercial dining room, as I approached the dining table.

3. Last night, I was reading a chapter of a book, by Brad Steiger, about Sybil Leek. Well into the chapter, there was an episode related, in which Sybil went to Central America, to visit a witch doctor she knew. She took an associate with her, as that was her reason for the visit, to introduce them. On arriving at the abode of this witch doctor, Sybil was informed that the witch doctor was away, doing some field work in exploring or collecting wild herbs. So, Sybil and her companion waited for his return. After a few days, he did show up to greet them. Here is the interesting part, for me. At that point, I was thinking about the possibility of the witch doctor being psychically aware that they had arrived. As I was thinking about this, here's what happened. I had the same psychic vision of Sybil waiting for him, as that which the witch doctor, himself, experienced. He not only knew he had a visitor waiting, but he knew it was Sybil. He could see her and her surroundings, as they were back near his place. I feel certain that the look of it in my vision was the same as the way it looked in the witch doctor's vision he had of them. The look, in the vision, was something like seeing a black-and-white scene through a peep hole, with lenses, as if the width and height of the view was circularly constrained, the same way as if looking through such a peep hole.

4. I wasn't sure I'd want to tell about this, but maybe I should. About a few years ago, I think I may have mentioned to Pastor Melissa Scott, online, about my recollection of having been the God of Moses, creating the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments, as Moses waited. I related how I paused for a moment, thinking about some of the characters (letters), I was contemplating using for the tablets. As I contemplated one particular character, or symbol, I fancied myself turning and looking in the approximate direction of what is today known as Russia. I was thinking that this character, which I had in mind, was associated with that land, or, more like, would be, since Russia didn't exist, then. The closest I can describe the letter is to compare it to a Russian Cyrillic letter, denoted phonetically by zhar. It looks approximately like a stylish asterisk, or really more like two back-to-back K letters, sharing the same back. What is even more interesting and witchy, is that, in one of the last scenes of the movie, The Ten Commandments, of the late 1950's (very near the time of my birth), the stone tablets are represented, shown. Now, note this, especially: The only writing seen,or discernible, was THAT VERY CHARACTER, which I had mentioned. It is as if that view in the scene were a planned verification that, yes, I was the very genuine God of Moses, of the bible, as I have long remembered it. Oh, and while I'm on the subject, here's something else I wasn't sure I wanted to say: I remember magically creating the solar system. There were other spirit entities around, and I wanted to beat them to it, to do it myself. Ta da! INSTANT planets. The scientists are wrong, in describing a slow natural process of formation of the planets. The scientists are also wrong to believe in natural selection. It was Divine selection. I was the one who created that rebound of the dinosaur era, by magically creating some duck-billed dinosaurs. The original dinosaurs had been long gone. The earlier dinosaur era did NOT extend to that relatively late point in time. Those duck-billed ones were unrelated, and far removed in time. Also, I created Divine personages, by magic, in the black of space, including Mary. They came into existence instantly, in adult form, standing upright in the blackness of space. Also, I caused the large mass to strike the earth, millions of years ago, which created the Gulf of Mexico.

September 4, 2019
[10:59pm PDT]

1. Recently, I decided that I didn't want the magnetic lighting ballast, in the kitchen, to hum, so I decided that it wouldn't hum any more. I willed it to be silent, like the electronic ballasts in the kitchen. Ta da! Tonight, I just noticed that the magnetic ballast is perfectly silent, like the electronic ballasts. I did it again. I commend myself.

2. Tonight, I saw billowing emanations from the edge of my dinner table. It looked a lot like greyish or whitish smoke, but not as visible. It extended far out from the table, about a foot. This kind of thing I could tend to see anytime I'd want to, but sometimes maybe I would not notice it, if not looking for it.

3. Recently, I was cooking my breakfast sausages in my frying pan. I believe that was yesterday. What I witnessed in the pan was unexpected and paranormal. I suppose some would call it PK. Here's what happened. I routinely put two sausages in the pan. That's what I did this time. They were frying for a little while. Then, when I turned them over, one at a time, they didn't turn in normal fashion. One slid for a good distance, before it made a 180 degree turn by turning only 90 degrees, after the long slide in the bottom of the pan. I noticed it happening as it happened. Then, as if that weren't enough, the second sausage also completed a 180 degree turn-over by only turning 90 degrees, only with the difference that it didn't slide in the pan in the process. Also, even the slide was odd, because they haven't been sliding when I turn them. It would be hard to believe something like this would or could happen, if one hadn't carefully and calmly observed it oneself, like I did. Wow.

4. I suppose I should also mention some deliberate PK I've been accomplishing. The other night in particular, I concentrated on levitating my electronic music keyboard. It was working. I kept seeing a gap form beneath the keyboard, between the keyboard and its stand. It would also move side-to-side at bit, at times. It also morphed in shape at times, like it was bending, lengthwise, and then returning to normal. I do this trick with my bed oftentimes. I'd will my bed to levitate, and I see the same effect as with my keyboard, with it readily lifting a little, even moving side-to-side a bit. I want to add that, when I do this experiment, I sometimes see the keyboard and its stand shrink in size, before springing back to its original size. You should have seen my electric oil radiator heater, one day, when its fins wiggled and undulated in shape, before returning to normal. The movements were as if the fins were of plastic sheet and were underwater, its motions being caused by the flow of the water between the fins. Of course, it wasn't really underwater, fortunately.

5. The other night, I was thinking about which book, on my shelf, to read again. I decided, and then I distinctly and unexpectedly felt a spirit presence confirming my selection. I even caught a slight view of the spirit's small form. The idea I had was to read the last chapter of that particular book, so I did. As I read it, I had the extreme feeling of having read that chapter recently, but I knew I hadn't read it in a while. It's like the chapter reloaded in my mind, recently, causing the feeling. The wording of the chapter was intensely familiar to me, in a way I haven't been experiencing. Also, as the material was so in the forefront of my mind, I could tell that the copy of the chapter I recently reabsorbed, somehow, had at least two places where sentences were rewritten to make improvements to the wording. These changes between the two versions were very clear in my mind. I recognized the places where the wording was different in the original, which wording had been replaced in my recollection coming to mind. I had never experienced this effect before. The book was on a paranormal topic, and was written by Stephanie Sorrell.

August 25, 2019
[5:07am PDT]

1. Twice, once on each different day, my colored lamp, in my room, seemed to have turned itself back on, sometime after I had turned it off, after getting out of bed.

2. Just minutes ago, I walked towards an inside dark wall, at home, to see what looked like red light shining on the upper part of that wall. This was at least the second such incidence in the last few weeks or months. There is no such red light in that room, except for the red letters of the nearby exit sign, but it doesn't shine its red light on that area of the wall. These two incidents of red light have no normal explanation.

3. On a recent night, in the same approximate area of the above incident with the red light, I saw what, in hindsight, looked like a distant planet in a horizontal band of white light. The band of light was about four or five inches wide and about four or five feet long. It looked like a small spherical orb, which really resembled a planet, inside the much wider horizontal band of white light. I'm so used to seeing odd things like this, I didn't stay there to watch it, to see how long it would seem to linger. In hindsight, that may have been a clairvoyant view of a real planet out in space, which came to my view unexpectedly.

4. Also minutes ago, I was on the indoor ramp, in my building, and I was holding my tiny flashlight. It was turned off, but I was just about to put it back in my pocket, and it gave out a weak thin beam of white light, when it caught on the upper edge of my pants pocket. It's like it was responded to my expectation of a bump maybe causing it to relight. That weak beam soon disappeared, when I realized the button hadn't been pushed.

5. The other day, I briefly smelled a chemical smell in my building, but there was no normal source of the smell; no such industrial chemical present. It smelled familiar, but I couldn't think of what chemical it smelled like. It was just another of those paranormal smells that sometimes are experienced in my very paranormal residence.

6. Tonight, I had another one of those experiences, in which I saw only one of my kittens enter when I opened the door. I waited for the other one to enter. I didn't see it enter, so I looked towards the one that I had seen enter, and near it was the other one. It doesn't seem like the other kitten could have entered, normally, without my seeing it enter. This is a house of paranormal feline activity. I reported a similar experience with my kittens, here, months ago.

7. Earlier today, I saw a wild rabbit outside one of my windows, at home. In hindsight, I know it was there to visit me. It's like we have an experiential connection; a sort of relationship. It thinks of me that way, and I think of it that way. I wasn't aware of this, before I saw it there, outside, as I looked through the window.

8. Over the last few nights, I read the novel, The Cat Who Turned On and Off. I felt that I would recognize things in this story, even though I hadn't read it before. I was right. I recognized a lot of the story.

August 20, 2019
[10:59pm PDT]

1. Tonight, I heard a truck approaching on the highway, outside, while I was gazing into my closet, indoors. In synchrony with the passing of the truck, I saw its headlights moving in the same direction, along the bottom of the back wall of my closet, like a juxtaposition of seeing the closet and the truck lights at the same time. It was like an overlay, rather than simply looking through a building or wall, because my gaze was more at a downward angle, toward the bottom of my closet's wall, rather than towards the truck, although the truck and the highway are in that approximate direction.

2. I psychically self-healed, again. The other day, I felt an old affliction coming on strong, suddenly. I didn't want that condition, so I made it go away, just as quickly and easily as if I were pushing away an object that was leaning against me. Beautiful.

3. Earlier, when I was nearing the checkout of a store, I suddenly felt a sore throat condition, full-blown. In the past, if I were to have this magnitude of sore throat, it would be progressing like a freight train pushing through, like I'd be in for two weeks of misery. Not this time. I quickly did some psychic self-healing, as I continued towards the checkout. Just like the magic that it was, I succeeded in making the condition go away. As I sit here now, at home, I feel absolutely no sore through pain at all. In fact, the pain (and affliction) already left, less than a minute after I commenced my self-healing. Poof; gone.

4. A while back, maybe three years ago, I was posting some comments and suggestions to a young lady musician, online. I suggested that I could increase her music fortunes, as I've done for other young ladies. I told her how she could be making millions. Then I had a vision of her already having somewhere approaching a million and a half dollars. Well, just a while ago, I unexpectedly came upon a couple of sources that place Ali's net worth at $1.5 million or $1.4 million. That means my vision nailed it on the dot. I'm not sure what year that was.

5. I accomplished another psychic self-healing. Recently, I figured I ought to be able to rid myself of the after-shower dry-legs effect. Well, my wish was my command. Ta da! I've taken a number of showers, since then, and the itchy scaly dry-legs effect is gone. What a relief.

6. Some months ago, I tried an LED tube light in a 48 inch double fluorescent lighting fixture,one with a new electronic ballast. This ballast had demonstrated that it worked with traditional fluorescent tubes. The LED tube came on normal brightness for an instant, and then went out, like it was just a flash. I concluded that it fried due to incompatibility with the fixture's electronic ballast. Well, I thought about returning the second LED tube to the store, since those two seemed to be incompatible, based on this experience. After some months, I just yesterday tried both of the LED tubes in another fixture, but one with a magnetic ballast. Voila! BOTH LED tubes work perfectly in that fixture. What is relevant to this discussion, with this, is that I psychically willed the tube to heal, the one that flashed and went off. So, I can conclude one of two things: either I successfully healed the tube, psychically, or it had never fried, like I had originally suspected. Also, right after I had tried the one tube that flashed and went out, I looked at the LED strip along its length, and its coloration looked much different, compared to the untried one, supporting the idea that it had fried. However, just before I tried both LED tubes in the other, magnetic ballast fixture, months afterwards, I again compared the LED strips of the two tubes, and they both looked the same; new and perfect and of the same coloration, again. So, all considered, it looks like my psychic healing of the tube really worked. Fabulous.

7. I think it was last night. I noticed a tiny bump on my left arm, which was a mosquito bite or bug bite. So, I quickly and casually willed it away, and it went away. The bump and the itch are both gone. Although I wasn't paying close attention to it, I think the bump and itch disappeared in as little as a fraction of a minute. That was quick.

8. This is one of the strangest, in my long line of strange experiences. Some months ago, I was reading some books on psychic development. I read two such books by Enid Hoffman, and one by Brad Steiger. I distinctly remember that I particularly liked Brad Steiger's book. Well, just last night and today, I had an astonishing epiphany. I discovered that the Brad Steiger book is not on my shelf, where it was. No one has had access to my place. Not only that, but I looked in the book purchase records, and there is no record of my having bought such book. Also, I did online searches on two book sales venues, and also on Google, and I could find no such book, by Brad Steiger, on the subject of psychic development. It is like both my copy of the book and even its time-space continuum history of it ever having been written or existed just disappeared without a trace. Yet, I clearly remember having and reading that book. There seems to be no normal explanation for this. This is really true.

9. I was just about to post this list, when I thought of something else to say. For some years, I would type into my phone or into my computer, and find spelling checker red lines with misspellings. I had even reread the items at least once, usually or always, and this stuff kept appearing. I had assumed all along that somehow I had just somehow failed to spot that stuff. I've finally come to the conclusion that that was also paranormal, in origin. I can no longer accept that I had really not only typed all those typos, but missed them in one or more rereads. I have no choice but to conclude those occurrences to have been paranormal. I just came to that conclusion, so I figured I'd mention it here, too.

August 7, 2019
[4:21am PDT]

There's never a dull moment in my place.

1. I recently saw two white light ghostly forms, nonhuman in form, and smaller than an adult, high in my room, on two separate occasions. The first one had a line of tiny dots, in a smooth line, which remind me of upholstery buttons.

2. Tonight, I unexpectedly started seeing PK effects in my room. This was after white cloud-like emanations from my oil radiator heater started being obvious, without it being on. I wouldn't want it on with this August heat. I started seeing the radiator fins move, something like the bellows of an accordion. After a while, the fin motion started resembling the motion of vertical blings being blown in a stream from a fan. That was after the idea crossed my mind, and it showed up right away. Also, I observed PK effects of my little Christman tree, which is still in my room. One of its branches was making ongoing deliberate motions, smoothly and slowly. The motion was not like the motion that would result from being blown upon by a fan. It even displayed slight twisting motions, like that branch was a limb which could be moved at will. The heater's radiator fins even moved in, contracted and expanded, as if it were a real accordion. That electric heater was fascinating to watch for a while. The aura-like emanations from the heater took various shapes and sizes and configurations. Sometimes there would be a gap between the heater and the cloud, but not other times. Sometimes the aura cloud would be big (most of the time), and other times not so visible.

3. It happened again. The sheet of my bed decided to shift to one side, against the apparent tendency afforded by the end being tucked in against a pillow, near the foot of the bed, against a footboard. It doesn't seem possible that it could end up shifted like that, in a normal fashion, especially more than once.

4. I saw something else, tonight. In the lobby area of my commercial building, I rounded the corner of an interior wall, to see blue light rays around the corner from the blue night light plugged into the adjoining wall. I stood and thought about it for a while. I readily concluded that I saw the blue light rays through the wall, actually through both walls since I saw it through a corner. This is in line with the fact that I've many times seen passing car lights through opaque walls, and also seen clearly through a closed door, before. This stuff happens unexpectedly, sometimes.

August 6, 2019
[2:02am PDT]

1. I experienced a flash of white light near my body, as I sat in my overstuffed chair. It was brief, and seemed to be an oblong band of white light.

2. Maybe related to the above, I saw a similar flash of white light in my closet while I sat in the same overstuffed chair. It, too, looked about the same; an oblong band of white light, as if it were a ghost of nonhuman shape, more like rectangular in shape.

3. I recently was encountering a strange odor in the men's room of my commercial building. At first it smelled like body odor of a particular kind. Then, on a subsequent occasion, it smelled more like powder cleanser, like traditional Comet or Ajax type. I've never used powder cleanser in that restroom. Other times, I've smelled wood, like old wood, rather than fresh-cut wood. On some occasions, I smelled what reminded me of books, like maybe I had just entered an old library. All these smells I believe to be of paranormal origin.

4. Speaking of unexplainable smells, I often encounter unexplainable smells in a particular hallway in my building. I frequently stop to figure out what smell it is, if it isn't readily apparent.

5. I want to expand on a report I made here, a while back, about my witnessing of a black hole, in spirit, from within the event horizon. I said I didn't know how to explain the blue appearance of the stretched out spaghetti noodles, so to speak. Well, after doing a number of rounds of reflecting on what I saw, and how it looked, some theoretical ideas naturally present themselves to me. The theory I have to apply to the matter is the Doppler theory of light. Apparently, within the event horizon, if a man were somehow to be able to survive being present there, light would be visible. This is in contrast to such noodles of light not being visible from outside of the event horizon, as when attempting to view what's there from an earth-based telescope. I wasn't expecting that effect. It is just what I found, by chance. Also, my view of the noodles from outside of the event horizon, ie at a much further distance, gave the noodles a flame-colored yellow/red/orange type of appearance. To clarify more, the closer blue appearance would correspond to my vantage point approaching the noodles, whereas the flame-colored appearance would correspond to my receding from the black hole, explaining the color differences seen by me. This is really basic physics theory, which can be had from an elementary textbook on the Doppler effect on the appearance of light, as related to relative speeds, with regard to the vantage point. The part of this that you wouldn't likely find in an elementary book on the physics of light is the part about light being visible from within the event horizon. I haven't encountered that idea, so far, except in my own such experience. So, in regard to this, I have discovered another scientific principle. Do I get credit, remuneration, and naming rights? I don't know that the scientific community would honor me like that.

6. I want to mention, here, that I made some updates to item number four, in my post here, of July 26, 2019. That was my dream about Jesus taking three disciples with him to speak to the Romans.

August 4, 2019
[2:21am PDT]

Here's another recent accumulation of my notes.

1. I improved my eyesight with psychic healing. I did several rounds, over weeks, and it gradually lessened the blurring I was experiencing without glasses. I intend to keep at it, to get even more improvement from the blurring.

2. Earlier tonight, I caught a glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, of a smooth upward arch of white light, high near the ceiling, like a comet tail without a comet. The curved streak looked about four inches wide and maybe three feet long. It was of a high color temperature.

3. Some days ago, I noticed an odd smell to my normally washed bath towel. I had no normal explanation for it. I noticed this smell on a number of days. Then, yesterday, I smelled that same smell in my bedroom, which is not usual. Well, some time after that, I smelled the towel again, and it had a normal, washed smell to it. It is like the smell was a living entity, which left my towel, and paused in my bedroom, where I picked up the smell. I checked the towel again, today, and it still smells fresh.

4. I have a transmitter/receiver type of outdoor thermometer at my place. The receiver is indoors, and the transmitter is outdoors. Yesterday and today, it exhibited inconsistent behavior. The receiver recently started losing contact with the transmitter, apparently due to low batteries. I forced it to seek the signal, by removing one of the receiver's batteries. After that, it still had the memory of the temperatures stored, which was a surprise, because removing the batteries normally causes the memories to clear out. Since the receiver kept losing contact with the transmitter, I replaced the transmitter's batteries. Today, the receiver was still losing contact, so I replaced the batteries in the receiver, also. However, the receiver didn't retain memory of the outside temperature this time, but it retained the memory of the inside temperature, which is odd. The temperature memories normally drop out simultaneously. I haven't seen the receiver retain just one item, before. Also, the time memory dropped out, as usual. What's also odd, is the outside temperature was reading 93 point something before I replaced the receiver's batteries, but just afterwards, it was up to 97 point something. It only takes a moment to replace the batteries. One could reason that these would just be vagaries of these electronic items, and in the past, I would have concluded such. However, this looks like paranormal phenomena, to me, because my life is so full of paranormal activity. I just noticed one other thing, with this. Today, I noticed that the receiver would automatically go into auto-seek for the outside temperature signal. I haven't seen that, before, especially with my current equipment, which is of a different brand than the equipment I used where I used to live.

5. Recently, I was in my kitchen, and I caught a glimpse of a swatch of fleeting white light along the ceiling, overhead. I believe that was paranormal, not normal light.

6. Also, recently, I again encountered a young lady, at an event, after an hiatus of over a year and a half. She was in a wheelchair both times. This time, I was sitting at a distance from her, and I strongly and psychically picked up the information that she was having pain issues with her body. It was that now-familiar, to me, strong feeling of certainty (or feeling of conviction, as Dr. Hans Holzer described such feelings), that something it true, outside of any normal logical information or process. After thinking about it for a brief moment, I decided that she was going to be rid of some or all of that pain. I found out a little later that she somehow mysteriously felt relief, upon attending that event. She said it was the best she felt in years (thanks to me). Little did she know (unless she picked it up psychically), I was the real source of her relief.

July 26, 2019
[1:54am PDT]

1. I meant to include this item in my last post, here. Earlier, I just experienced a phenomenon again, which I reported here, before. I again found myself seeing the blue horizontal light indicator, of my toaster oven, displaced, near the digital display of my microwave oven. A moment later, I realized what I had just seen.

2. I saw a brief, horizontal white flash of light in the dark kitchen, during the day. There is no normal explanation of the flash of light. There was a more intense, circular large spot of the white light at its horizontal center. In hindsight, this reminds me of a clairvoyant view I had, recently, of a galaxy, as I lay in bed.

3. About two or three weeks ago, I saw an old man, who I recognized, in the dining area of a local church. I had talked to him a number of times in the past. His wife, who had had Alzheimer's, had recently died. I had seen her, too, before she was in the hospital, before she died. He was sitting in the distance, and I was standing near one of the inside walls. I paused there, because I had a very strong and ominous premonition about the man. It was so strong, and felt so certain in some way. It was a very sinister feeling. I was then standing there, thinking, "I hope he's not going to die soon." That's exactly what happened. That's what that feeling was about. Less than a week ago, I was sitting at one of the outdoor dining tables of a different local church, and I heard someone talking about that same man having just died. The man talking said there was a funeral service for him, and he had a copy of the handout for the funeral. This was another example of my picking up, or divining, information about something that was about to happen.

4. Some years ago, I dreamed of Jesus taking some of his disciples with him, to visit a Roman building, to talk to the Romans. The names of those disciples were John, Luke and Paul. They didn't want to go with Jesus, but Jesus urged them on, all of them traveling on foot. When they got to the building, Jesus went in alone, to do the talking, as the rest of them refused to enter, being very afraid of the Roman government people. It was a bright sunny day, and the terrain, near the building, was barren uneven dirt. The disciples refused adamantly to enter with Jesus, and they kept a distance from the building, outside. The inside of the building was very dim, but it provided shade from the outside sun. I saw some Roman government men near one inside wall of the building. That seemed like the front of the large room, with an entrance door, from the outside, to the right, when looking to the front of the room. I got the impression that there wasn't anyone else in the building except the few Romans and Jesus. Jesus was not pleased with how the discussion went, inside, with the Romans. I didn't see John, so I expressed skepticism, to the disciples, that John was there. They assured me that he was. Also, they said emphatically (not just a mention) that Peter was NOT there. By the time we were about to leave, the sun had already started to go down, and the sunlight was no longer intense, like we had waited there for hours for John to appear, but he didn't. I was Jesus, during the meeting inside the building, and also during all of the dream.

5. Here is a last minute addition. I just closed my laptop computer, and picked up my smart phone. It was off. I hadn't turned it off. I pulled the battery, and reinserted it. I booted it back up. Everything seemed normal with it, after rebooting it, except the charge level was now reading 86%, whereas it had been reading only about 71%, before I sat down to post this stuff. It's another miracle. My life is so much that way. Also, my signal is much better, now. It had been reading close to zero when I sat down at my computer. Coming right on the heels of my last item, above, it's as if this were saying that, yeah, I was, or maybe still am, Jesus. That's not the strangest thing I've experienced.

6. Here is another last minute addition. Continuing from the last item, I noticed something else. After I rebooted my smart phone, the time displayed in huge digits was exactly 4:00, but it was only one something am, at the time. I went into the kitchen for a snack, and it was still only two something am. To attempt a logical explanation, I could reason that the time was knocked out, when I removed and reinserted the battery. Even presuming that, the normal default time to display would be 12:00, or in some cases, 1:00. But it gave me 4:00. I just noticed that the time is resynced again, to the correct time.

July 10, 2019
[3:02am PDT]

1. The last time, the water in the bottom of my shower gave me a faint hint of purple, as if to suggest it was willing to go another round of dissolved colors in the water, but I showed no interest, upon which the water became perfectly pure and clear and clean on the shower floor, like I ended it.

2. I came across an article of information, from William Stainton Moses, in the Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, by Nandor Fodor. In it, Stainton Moses describes an association of prominent spirits, which are, or were, on a mission of enlightening man. He mentioned 4000 years ago, in Africa, as a reference point for that collaborative work. I recognized the information, as I encountered one of them in Africa, maybe about 4000 years ago, as he said. I don't recall what name, if any, I preferred to be known as, for the purpose of that ancient contact, then and there, but I remember telling the one I spoke to, then, about how I fancied myself as being a member of their group. This constitutes another example of past life recall, for me.

3. I now see ghost orbs in the video I shot of my new kittens, which I didn't see, otherwise.

4. I saw a filled-in red circle of light, about 3.5" to 4" in diameter, projected low on the wall. I looked away, and looked back, and it was then gone. There was no normal source of the circle of red light.

5. Since I was having erratic undesired action of the touch pad of my laptop, I decided, just before I started using it this time, that the problem would be gone, AND IT IS. Fabulous. I had the same problem with a previous laptop of mine, and the problem eventually cleared up, I believe by the same force of will, by my willing the problem to be gone. I don't think the problem could have been fixed any other way. Ta da!

6. I went into my kitchen to make myself breakfast, to find the refrigerator door open and a mess inside and outside of it. An unopened 2.5L bottle of cola had exploded, and made a terrible mess. It took me a while to clean it up. I had never had a problem with anything freezing in the regular section of this fridge, before now. I found the control set all the way to max for the regular section, but I don't think I set it that high. I believe I set it to midway. So, then I set it to midway, and cleaned everything up. The extreme high setting was all I discovered, that was possibly of a paranormal nature, since I think I had set it to the midway position. I sure didn't expect to find this mess in the kitchen, today.

7. A night or two ago, I observed a black splotch suspended in the air, in my very dimly lit dining room. After I looked away and then looked back, it seemed to be gone. It was maybe 6 inches in diameter, with a ragged periphery. It seemed so odd that I wondered if I wanted to report it, here.

8. Occasionally, some things remind me of some of the experiences described by Robert Bruce, in his book, Astral Dynamics. For instance, I was just sitting in my overstuffed chair, about to go through todays emails. On my smart phone, I pressed the spot to bring up the apps in use, but nothing happened,probably because of the thought that pressing the spot wouldn't bring up the screen I wanted. Then the idea came to mind to press the middle button, that that would be what to press, so I pressed it. Literally like magic, up came the screen to display the apps in use, but in this case, there were no apps currently in use, which it told me. The idea of the home button being able to bring up the apps page somehow caused the apps page to come up, by magic, instead of the home screen. It's the power of a stray thought spontaneously manifesting, into material reality, that which is contained in the thought. After I opened my email app, I scrolled to find the daily subscribed email I wanted, in the approximate area of the chronological times of the emails. This particular email is usually about two emails above the particular subscribed one I had just opened. The thought then came to mind that I could fail to find the next email I was looking for, where it usually is. Voila. I looked and scrolled upwards, to try to find it in its usual place, but it wasn't to be found. After scrolling up, well beyond, I scrolled back down, and again looked in the area I would normally find it, and this time it was there, like it should be. My stray thought, that I would perhaps not find it where it normally would be, manifested, so I didn't see it the first time. I did find it the second time. People would normally conclude that they just mistakingly didn't see it, but the power of spontaneous manifestation of a stray thought can work such miracles, making one conclude that one made a mistake. Getting back to Robert Bruce's material in Astral Dynamics, this stuff reminds me of how sometimes, when out of the body, near one's body, one sees and experiences strange manifestations around oneself, which can't be explained by normal reasoning, as Bruce described. It's sometimes the power of the mind spontaneously manifesting effects into material reality, in one's environment.

9. Today, when I was about to exit my car, I pushed the rocker switch in the lock direction, instead of in the unlock direction, but the door still opened for me, due to my expectation that I pushed the switch correctly. It worked as I expected, regardless of the physical "impossibility" of it. For your information, the switch works perfectly, with no defect. The fact that I had the thought and feeling of authority to the idea of my pressing the switch correctly caused the switch to unlock anyway, against the normal ideas of possibility and impossibility.

10. Recently, I spontaneously saw a car light go by on the highway, through the opaque wall. This was one more such event in my personal experience.

11. It now looks, in hindsight, like that shaking feeling I had a while back, comparing it to the feeling of an extreme earthquake, was really similar to dream divination, except I was awake, having just awoken from nodding off in front of my TV. I listened to a lot of what the lady earthquake expert had to say about the quakes, and I heard her say that the 6.4 was a "dip-slip" type of event, meaning the ground slid as if downhill, causing the mountains to rise higher. This detail seems to have been in my divination, inasmuch as I said that I had the thought of going into Jesus mode, which would involve going both forward and down, similar to the dip-slip earthquake event. The experience not only predicted a strong earthquake, but it predicted the fact that the first one was a dip-slip type, forward and downward. This was about two months in advance of these earthquakes.

12.Earlier today, my microwave oven gave me an unprogrammed single beep, for the second time, ever. I right away figured it was calling my attention to something. I glanced at the overhead light fixture, and again I saw the ghostly white mist near it. After that, when I opened the microwave, I found a couple mysterious small dark puddles, which are not explainable by normal ideas of reality. This is the first time in weeks that the small puddles appeared. My microwave was letting me know that the observed stuff was there, or about to happen, and that it was paranormal stuff.

13. The other night, I observed a white spot of light, about four inches in diameter, move across my dark dining room. It moved quickly to the south, and immediately disappeared.

June 5,
[9:52pm PDT]

1. This time, yellow dissolved on the floor of the shower. I had been thinking that for yellow to show on my shower floor, it would have to be pretty dark, to show against the yellowish appearance of my shower. It was dark, alright; at first brown, then ochre, and then deep yellow, as if someone had thrown colored powder in the shower. However, the shower is not used for anything between showers. No one was there that could have put any colorant into it. It was another paranormal event, in this series. So now, the sequence is: a. purple, b. blue, c. pink, d. green, and now e. yellow.

2. Last week, while I was taking a long walk, at night, I spontaneously started seeing a hillside as if there were still light out. This seemed like a vision, rather than seeing it normally. The hillside looked like one in the area I was in. The hillside looked clear and normal in this vision.

3. When I lie on my bed, I often see the ceiling, with my eyes closed. Just now, I lay on my side with my eyes closed, and I was seeing the ceiling, with its distinctive rough texture. Actually, it looked more like the texture of the acoustic ceiling my aunt and uncle had for their living room, in the 1960's. My acoustic ceiling is coarser and less regular.

4. The street lights, near me, aren't intermittent anymore. I think I caused that. One night, I decided the street lights were going to stop being intermittent. Then, a night or two or later, I noticed they weren't intermittent anymore. It worked. It's been weeks, and I haven't seen them being intermittent anymore, and I've been checking a number of times per night.

5. Today, I pressed the start button of my microwave, which gives the value of 30 seconds, when pressed alone. It didn't respond, after pressing a number of times. Then I noticed the time displayed on its digital display, which read 1:40 (pm). Well, okay, my fine paranormal microwave. Thanks for bringing the time to my attention. That time, 1:40, is the amount of time I normally set it to, to heat my instant coffee from cold. It's like my microwave was pointing out that coincidence, to me. So, that being duly noted, I pressed the start button again, and it came to life with the preprogrammed 30 seconds of heating time.

6. One day, not long ago, I was at my dining table, when I started experiencing the taste of a cinnamon doughnut, full normal intensity, but I didn't eat a doughnut. Also, a moment later, I took one sip of my instant decaf coffee, and it tasted paranormally robust and perfect, which vividness I don't usually experience.

7. This time, on the shower floor, I saw very distinctly, dissolved color in the shower water, but it started at dull dark brown, and turned distinct dull green, after which I observed a light red that persisted for a short while.

8. Last night, I decided to try my hand, so to speak, at curing the arthritis of my hips, so I could get a good night's sleep, without such pain. I rubbed my hips a bit, with the intention of the healing to take place. It worked. I slept in comfort through the whole night, with no hip pain. However, I should also heal the arthritis in my shoulders, since I was still feeling that.

9. I tried my hand at stopping the arthritis pain in my shoulders, also to help me sleep better at night. Again, it worked like a charm. It was quick and easy to achieve.

10. Today, I heated a piece of a giant tollhouse cookie in my microwave. I ate it from the point to the heel. When I got to the thick icing near the heel, I found that there was no cookie under the icing. I then checked the adjacent pieces of cookie that were still in the cake box, and they had cookie under the icing. So, this was another paranormal incident. Somehow, the cookie under the icing dematerialized, completely disappeared, unexpectedly. It wasn't a case of giving it too much time, because the most that could have caused was some scorching. There was no scorching, but the cookie under the thick icing was completely gone.

11. This time, I saw a dull green color to the shower water on its floor, followed by an orange glow to water.

12. I just saw a little more white mist near ceiling, again.

13. The other night, I saw the double red reflectors that are across the street from my place, but they appeared to be moving across the street, to the left, down the street to the right.

14. One day, I noticed that my bedsheets had shifted, mysteriously and neatly, to one side. With the way I tuck the bedding in, it can't shift like that in a normal fashion.

15. I did a psychic self-healing of my toes. Due to arthritis, they were not able to bend at the joints, as it they had become effectively fused together. That lasted for years. Then, I just did psychic healing on them, and they are back to normal condition, again. It only took one round of psychic self-healing to fix the problem. Also, I similarly remedied the arthritis of my shoulders. Now, I can sleep without the pain in my shoulders.

16. This time, in regard to the manifestation a color dissolving in the initial water on the shower floor, I was wondering what would happen, since all colors of the rainbow had already manifested (purple to cover both violet and indigo, since I wasn't carefully distinguishing between them). Well, I stood there, staring at the shower floor, when I started to see a purple glow to the water on the shower floor. So, I was thinking that maybe the colors would repeat, over time, since purple was the initial color. A moment later, I saw an orange glow to the water on the shower floor. Then, I was thinking, that's the beginning and the end colors I had observed, like the alpha and omega of beginning and ending. To sum up, here's the sequence: a. purple, b. blue, c. pink, d. green, e. yellow, f. red, and g. orange. Then, a round of purple, then orange.

May 16,
[12:09am PDT]

1. Even my kittens are paranormal happenings. I saw Light, the female, outside the front door, but once inside, it somehow was Dark, the male. Also, multiple instances of looking for Light, then I find her in the utility room already, without seeing her enter. When it happened before, more than once, I thought I just failed to see her enter, but now I feel I have to conclude that there was a paranormal influence involved. Remember, in the past I had let one kitten into the front door, but a little later I found that both kittens were inside, which couldn't have happened normally, because I would have seen both enter.

2. This time, green dissolved in the shower water on the shower floor. So now, the sequence has been: a. purple, b. blue, c. pink, and now d. green. [See a recent post of mine, here, for more information on it.]

3. I know what's with the cleric spirit visit, which I mentioned recently. That visit is connected to earlier events I remember him, and others, from.

4. Here's another phenomenon associated with my microwave oven, which has no normal explanation. I've been observing, repeatedly, a puddle at the front left corner inside my microwave. The puddle is on the sheet metal, not on the platter. It happens when I know that the item that was last heated did not spill over. Even when something does spill over, the spill is contained in the glass platter, which has a high lip around the periphery. This little puddle, of about 1.5" by 1", looks the same, every time I discover it.

5. I've also been finding that my little pocket flashlight turns itself on, sometimes. That could seem like it could be from a pressure or bump to the end button, but I've been noticing it right after I put it in my pocket, when it seems nothing had depressed the button. This happened again, as I was walking to my room, thinking about the latest occurrence of the little puddle in my microwave, which had just happened, again. It's as if it were telling me, yep, the puddle formation is also paranormal. I believe it is, after having seen it so many times. But I emphasize, the puddle looks the same, every time. Even if something had spilled every time, the puddle wouldn't likely look the same, every time.

6. Joseph of Arimathea used to be celebrated on March 17 (now St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on that day). It was showing 3:17am on my phone, just after I read about Joseph of Arimathea. For historical background, Joseph of Arimethea is the man who owned the grave that Jesus was buried in.

7. I was nodding off all during Pastor Melissa Scott's hour show, recently. I didn't see much of the show, that time, because I couldn't stay awake. I kept nodding off to sleep. In an OBE moment, immediately upon waking from a nod-off, I suddenly had the idea to swoop towards Jesus mode, as if it were a spot a little down and in front of me. I was immediately engulfed in extreme shaking. It felt like a real earthquake. The shaking was so fast and hard, that if it were an earthquake, all the buildings in my area would have easily been completely leveled. The shaking stopped after a short while.

8. I recently told you about seeing the universe from a distance. I want to add that no stars were visible around the universe, which indicates it was the universe, and not a galaxy.

9. Recently, I heard a female spirit voice tell me, "our horse is dead." She was my wife in a past life, who unexpectedly dropped in on me to tell me that. That horse was shot in the heart by an arrow. I had the horse at home, at night. The horse was still alive when I went to bed. The next day, my wife told me, "our horse is dead." That's what that was about. The Indian man shot the horse to punish it for siding with a white man, in opposition to the Indians. He thought that all animals, including horses, were supposed to be aligned with the Indians.

10. I just intentionally saw a white light from a passing car, move by, but I saw it through the opaque wall, from inside.

11. I just saw several pinpoints of white light, along a dark indoor wall, briefly. The room was dark at the time.

May 5,
[3:16am PDT]

1. A week or so back, I was in my room, at home, when I found myself seeing a young man in cleric's garb, in spirit. He didn't say anything. He just looked at me, as if to signify that he, and maybe others of the church, are paying attention to me.

2. Similar to the item just above, maybe a week ago, I was in bed, and I awoke to be looking at a young man, in spirit, with a metal tag riveted to his left forearm. In this vision, he was in the back seat of my car, on the driver's side. I was in the passenger seat, in front. He said to me, "you've got five minutes." I did some thinking about that, and I realize, now, that he is the symbolic representation of the universal, or galactic, effort of some to keep people glued in place, so to speak. That comment, also reminds me of something I read in a book, a while back, about the paranormal, in which the author claimed that people who play up their psychic or paranormal accomplishments, to impress others, can tend to have a drop in abilities, as a result. My way of looking at it is that it is part of the aforementioned effort, of some, to control everyone, by limiting their mobility. At least some of that effect is from the efforts of extraterrestrials, along those lines.

3. I awoke, the other day, with a clairvoyant window-like view of a stand of trees, viewed from above.

4. I just saw another color in the shower water, a while ago. This time it was pink dissolved in the water on the shower floor. This was the third such event. That makes: a. purple, b. blue, and now c. pink.

5. Recently, I ventured out into our galaxy, again. I saw some stars. What I saw that was particularly interesting was the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. I went there deliberately, to get a look at it. What I saw was a round black area, but overlayed with many very thin blue lines, with smooth neat curves. I didn't think of it, then, but in hindsight, those lines remind me of what my former college physics professor told my class, in the 1980's. He said that something that got inside of the event horizon would tend to be stretched apart into a long spaghetti noodle of material, by the differences in the strengths of the gravitational pulls between the forward and rear sides of the object. If that's an accurate description, then apparently that is what I was observing. One thing I noticed, though, is that those spaghetti noodles look blue. They curve smoothly in various directions, like they are spiraling into the black hole. In fact, at one point, I saw a mass of such lines on top, that looked like it could be a parody of Pres. Trump's hair.

6. I took a spin around the Milky Way, by fixing my attention as in orbit around the center. My trance grew deep, and in effect it seemed like I awoke to a view of many many stars approaching and going by, as if I had fallen asleep at the console of a UFO, and I'd just awoken, but it was really mind travel. A comet-like white light progressed to my right, at one point, but I didn't give it much thought at the time. In hindsight, I realize what that was. That was like a galactic road marker, indicating the direction to a check point, of sorts, where the extraterrestrials give one a bad time about one's travels. I'm glad I didn't head that way. If you encounter that yourself, you'd do well to avoid it, if at all possible. There is much real trouble out in space, so one must keep that in mind. It's always safer to stay away from extraterrestrials. Now, here's something really lurid. Just after that marker, I was seeing a ghostly image of a extraterrestrial face and head, right near my face, as if he were visiting me at home. He didn't say anything, but I was circumspect about it. Then he disappeared. He didn't look like a grey, but he definitely looked like a nonhuman extraterrestrial.

May 2,
[5:06am PDT]

First, I want to correct a report of mine, that I recently posted here. That turquoise "UFO" I mentioned was really a water planet. I described it as a light turquoise colored UFO, with a yellow-orange halo or aura close to it. I concluded it was a UFO, because there seemed to be communication to me from its direction, which I didn't try to decipher. I was afraid that I might not like the message. I didn't go closer to it, because I didn't want to risk a confrontation with extraterrestrials. Well, I now feel certain that I was seeing a planet that was completely covered with water, at least on the side facing me. I won't speculate, here, what that communication may have been.

Second, I've had some visions of the huge dinosaur, which would be found near those black dinosaurs, in one of my recent reports. The tremendous size of it is almost unbelievable. Its coloration is something like grey with a metallic blue cast to it. The bites it inflicts are quite painful, to be missed, if at all possible.

Now, here's an update on another report I recently posted, here. That lumpy casper-style ghost visually fit the description of what I believe is something of a meme of that planet, the lumps signifying that the ghost, or spirit, is upset or bothered about something. Now you know.

Now, on to the new numbered list of reports.

1. Remember that report, in which I said that purple dissolved on the floor of the shower, when I turned on the water? Well, my latest shower experience was similar, except that, this time, blue dissolved in the water, on the floor of the shower. I hadn't put anything in the shower to cause the color this time, either. I was thinking that maybe this same phenomenon might continue with a different color, each time, as if to match a recent Taylor Swift music video, which features a spectrum of colors. Not only that, it looks like that video may have been inspired by my report of the dissolved purple, because I saw that excerpt of the video, afterwards, and in it, Taylor Swift stood in a big puddle of purple.

2. I did more planetary exploration, last night. I didn't want to put it off, because I hope to get busy on a book, as soon as possible. Maybe I'd be thought of as following in the footsteps of Robert Monroe. Speaking of whom, the communication from that space station, which I mentioned in a recent report, seemingly was in the form of what Robert Monroe called a R. O. T. E., or ROTE, or rote, which stands for "related organized thought energy," which can be thought of as a thought ball to peruse for information. I did three explorations, that time, which I thought of as quickies, since I wanted to get some quick results for the night, even though it was quite late, way into the wee hours. I'll label these "A., B., and C."

A. I pondered where to go exploring, next. I decided to head to Mercury. When I first got there, instead of seeing a planet, I was seeing what looked like dense, translucent, radial energy ripples. Attendant with that were awesome euphoric feelings that defy description in words. After that, I found myself looking at the surface of Mercury, but from a distance of maybe a hundred miles or more. At that time, I was remembering a small artificial structure I had seen on Mercury's surface, in the past. I intend to take another look at it, sometime.

B. My next brief sojourn was at the planet Venus. It looked very dark, with with streaks of white clouds. I could smell what smelled like battery acid. If you've worked with car batteries, you would probably know that smell. Presumably, it was the hydrogen sulfate vapor which gave me an irritated sensation in my nose, as if I were there in person, in the flesh. It's like I were spontaneously manifesting a physical or astral nose, that was sensitive to the vaporized acid, like an ordinary physical nose would be.

C. I decided to go outside of our solar system, to find a water planet. This was before I realized that the "UFO," of my recent report, was really a water planet. I figured that out, a little later. Very soon, I was looking directly at a blue globe, seemingly hundreds or thousands of miles distant. At that vantage point, it looked dull dark blue, without bright illumination. Then I decided to go up close, thinking maybe I'd dare to go underwater. Soon, I was looking at ripples on the surface of the water. A moment later, I was seeing turquoise, or aquamarine, all about me. I was underwater, at that time. I looked around, briefly, to see if I could spot any fish or other forms of life. I saw nothing but pure clear water, of the color seen in some postcards of the tropic seas. Perhaps this was early, before the appearance of life on that planet. I also looked at the ripples on the surface, from underwater. I just thought of a coincidence: The blue dissolving in the shower water was very close in time, before this visit to this water planet. However, the blue in the shower was a more normal variety of blue.

3. This is something that I experienced decades, ago. In the late 1970's, maybe 1979, I was standing on the street, in Hollywood. There was some kind of event going on outside, there. I suddenly heard a disembodied female voice talking to me. We somehow got on the subject of my possible love life interests. The voice sounded mature. I mentioned Michelle Phillips, of Mamas and the Papas fame, because she came to mind. Ever since I had seen a particular photo of her wearing a necklace with an interesting looking pendant, I felt I had a thing for her, despite that she was 13 years older than I was. So, the spirit lady then told me that a young lady was to be born, but hadn't been born yet. She exactly predicted that in the future the young lady would have the name, Philips, and that she would be successful, with credits in writing and directing and producing. She also said that she is busy. I wondered what she was talking about, "busy." Actually, "Busy" turned out to be her nickname. All of that has so far come true, even the nickname, Busy. She's been seen many times on the E! channel, lately. I was left wondering if it was also predicted that we'd become a couple. Well, I wrestled with myself as to whether I even wanted to mention this stuff about Busy Philips, because it's not like I'm trying to snatch her away from her husband. But, interestingly, on two separate recent occasions, I heard a similar, maybe identical, mature female voice talk to me, succinctly. The first time, she told me only, "you'll see it." On the second occasion, she told me only, "it's not carved in stone." So, what can I conclude, if those two new remarks were related to the Busy Philips situation? I'm not sure, but I don't plan to waste much time thinking about it. Maybe she will cross my path, like so many other celebs, so far. That wouldn't at all amaze me. In fact, all considered, I'm almost expecting it.

April 29,
[5:40am PDT]

1. As an exercise from a book, I did a psychometric reading of my property. I came up with a number of things in vivid impressions. In one, a middle-aged or older man was doing work along the north side my big building. In another impression, a different man was outside, at night, thinking about organizing things, here. He put some stuff in the back yard. In the third impression, I found a young, dark-haired lady near the street, outside, in front of this place. She was thoughtfully and slowly making her way further onto the property. I could very vividly smell her perfume, which smelled absolutely fabulous. She saw two men lurking on the property to the right, in the dark of night. The missing buildings were already missing, then. She slowly made her way closer to the door to the apartment, in the back, but stopped short. One of the men said to her that she wanted to go to that back door, but she denied it. She didn't feel comfortable admitting it to him. She felt the men were dubious, at best. She walked slowly back to the road. She then stopped there, near the road, and reflected on the fact that there was nothing of interest to her left, and nothing of interest to her right, either way, down that road. She then headed back towards the door of the apartment, in back. I don't want to say what happened, from that point on.

2. In another exercise from the same section of the same book, as above, I mind traveled out into space, adjacent to the Andromeda Galaxy. I observed a couple of male spirits in open space. They were barely visible, but I noticed them. They didn't seem to be doing anything in particular. I think they noticed me. Then, after a brief moment, I started to smell the smell of the outdoors, at night, with the fragrance of the wild brush or grass. There were euphoric feelings, simultaneously, plus an ominous feeling, mixed in. I was thinking about how the book suggested going out into space as far as one felt one could or should. I was thinking that I ought to go all the way to the edge of the universe, and beyond, since I shouldn't feel like I was limited to a smaller distance. I soon was seeing a bright white swirl, of a high color temperature. It looked like it had an energetic swirling motion. I was trying to figure out what I was seeing. I then noticed a couple of spirit guys to my right, as if they were observers there, too. I wasn't seeing stars, just the swirl. Then I had the realization that I was looking at the universe, from an external perspective, seeing billions of years of evolution of the universe in a brief moment of swirl. It's as if I were automatically being updated on the status of the universe, with a sort of visual progress report. I'm just now starting to hear loud roaring of rolling thunder, as if to verify that I've resumed my Almighty status, and that the progress report was related. There was no thunder prior to this, for weeks. Yes, I remember viewing a similar progress report near the earth, while I watched the speeded up view of the plate tectonic movements of the continental masses of the earth, in a bygone era, in my Almighty role. This viewing of the universe, with this perspective, is familiar to me, from a prior instance.

3. In my own space travel experiment, I decided to drop into the Andromeda Galaxy, for a look. I was intending to find a planet to visit, when I found myself seeing a glowing globe. It glowed in a turquoise color, with a yellowish aura or halo effect around it. It was a UFO. It was manned. Soon, I was looking at what looked like a translucent white, high color temperature centipede, against the black of space. It was an inhabited space station. It was being run by a human looking man, who was at odds with the founder of the space station, whose idea the space station was. The man in the space station was saying something ominous to me. He is not a nice guy. He should not be in command of the space station. A crewman of that globe UFO also said some things to me. Both of these communications, from the space station and from the UFO, were telepathic. I recognized the space station from a visit in another existence. It has very many extra long, thin legs. I had seen a number of such space stations, simultaneously, at some point in time. I also dropped down to the surface of a bleak planet, at night, with no sign of habitation. There appeared to be dirt blowing heavily in the wind, there. There were at least two UFOs parked, there. Both were inhabited. The one inhabitant, in the UFO to my left, would have taken me to the other one, to my right, to let me operate it. I think I'd have been attacked by a UFO or a space station, nearby, if I had flown the UFO.

4. In another mind travel experiment of mine, I deliberately visited a planet in our galaxy that was in a dinosaur period. Upon descending to the surface of the land, I first observed a large clear area, under an overcast sky. Then I was looking at a black smallish dinosaur, with a head shaped more like a modern earthly lizard. By small, I mean maybe six or eight feet tall; small for a dinosaur. There were a good number of these black dinosaurs to my left. The idea was coming to mind, like I was being reminded of some kind of earthly grocery product, in a container, maybe a jar. Then I was thinking that I was being reminded of Eight-O-Clock brand coffee. That seemed symbolic of being in such a primordial geologic period of that planet, eight o'clock being suggestive of being early. I was staring at one of these black dinosaurs, and I felt like I was picking up feelings from it, like it was having some feelings about my presence, there. I observed a stand of trees in the distance. There were structures that resembled the flowering structures of bottle brush trees, of earth, but the trees and these bottle brush structures were black. I went closer, to look at a tree, then I returned to where I was, closer to that black dinosaur. I heard a female voice a small distance away, telling me that there were big ferocious dinosaurs in her direction. At one point, I saw a black dinosaur, probably the one I had been staring at, lay some white eggs. A vision of a human looking young man, at a parking lot, was telling me that there would eventually be mankind and civilization on that planet. I recognize this exact spot on this planet from sometime, before.

5. In another mind travel experiment of mine, I set about to visit the nearest inhabited planet in our galaxy. I then found myself indoors, in some home, seeing a small boy sitting on the floor. He was maybe 18 months old. He was facing to my right, and making motions with his hand, like he was shooting a gun. Then I was seeing the house straight down, below me. It had a busy look of rectangles, like it was of interesting architecture. Then, I heard a lady screaming, repeatedly. I looked down to seen a ghostly, white irregular figure, something like a bumpy Casper the ghost, who had been the one screaming. I recognized this scenario from sometime, before.

6. Another time, I lay down, thinking I wanted to visit an inhabited planet near the far outer periphery of our galaxy. I quickly fell asleep, but when I awoke, I realized that I had mind traveled to such a planet, during my sleep. I found myself indoors. A lady was talking to another lady, who was on the phone, or planning to make a call. This area looked indistinguishable from earth, with streets and vehicles. I recognize this planet from sometime, before.

7. Last night, since I had such an easy time visiting the outer inhabited planet, launched from sleep, I figured I'd make a similar visit to one of the innermost inhabited planets of our galaxy, near the center of the galaxy, but this time I would do it through the agency of sleep, intentionally. It worked. In one scenario, I felt like I was a fugitive, trying to get away from some guy. In another scenario, I was working on a peculiar electrical ground. I know these were inner planets, like I had intended to visit. In fact, I had a vision of having talked to some space spirits, about this area of the galaxy.

I'll end this report, here, since it is very late into the wee hours, again. I still have more to report, but I'll report it later. With these space visits, I'm taking my experiments to the next level, something like Robert Monroe did. I want to say that there are many inhabited planets with people that look human. The nasty guy in the space station looked human, as well as the two ladies at the phone, and the spirits I saw in space, except for the spirits I talked to about the inner planets. They seemed like large, blackish misty swirls.

April 24,
[5:24am PDT]

There's never a dull moment in my life. I already have a lot of updates. It's almost like something has to be paranormal for it to be normal, for me.

1. I saw some bugs flying in my room. Then I'm thinking that most of the "bugs" at my place are really spirit manifestations. Then, immediately, I see a black fly, that was flying away from me, become transluscent, whereas it had just looked normal and solid. That was like an instant verification of my thought.

2. I again found myself smelling a smell in my building, which had no normal physical source. The smell of boiling potatoes filled the air, indoors. I've never boiled potatoes, ever, in this place of mine, and no one else has, either, while I've lived here.

3. The other day, I was sitting on the so-called throne of my private bathroom, when I started seeing the dry brush on the side of a presumably nearby hill. It was a very vivid and clear view. It was spontaneous. I don't recall, offhand, what I had been thinking about.

4. Recently, I turned the water on in my shower, preparing to take a shower. What I observed is something prominently purple seeming to dissolve in the water on the shower floor. I never put anything in the shower that could look purple when dissolved in water. It was yet another paranormal event.

5. The other day, I heard astral plane style tinkle sounds. If you've ever heard such sounds in the astral realm, you should know what I mean. I mentioned, a while back, that I heard similar astral plane sounds at the place I grew up in, before I moved to this area.

6. Recently, I saw more of the white, ghostly vapor mist, this time near one of the fluorescent lights in my kitchen. While I was thinking that it is another of that kind of event in my place, my microwave oven gave one solitary and premature beep, a good while before it shut off in the normal fashion with the normal pattern of beeps. It was a shorter beep, and before the end of the cycle. That has never happened before with that oven. It is like it was telling me that, "yeah, that was paranormal white mist," while I was still thinking about it, as if to get me to connect the two events.

7. Lately, I've been experiencing more of the white mist, but now it's cascading down from the inside of the microwave oven when I open its door. It looks like the white mist that cascades out of a freezer when its door is opened. But, this is manifesting after I heat something in the microwave, which would tend to make the air inside it warm, rather than frigid. It's like things don't follow the usual laws of nature at my place.

8. Recently, the am/pm indicator LED, of my digital, red, LED alarm clock, winked off briefly, at me, and then resumed staying on, as usual.

9. Some nights ago, at night, I unexpectedly observed what looked like a long expanse of ghostly white light entering my dark dining room, from under its wall, as if the entire bottom were suspended in air, with no support at the bottom. That mysterious light soon disappeared, after I looked away. Of course, that wall in normally and solidly attached at its bottom, like one would expect. The appearance reminded me of what it might look like if the place were under construction, with no wall there, like with a construction light on. That wall is a hundred years old.

10. Very recently, during the day, I peered out of a side window, at home, towards a building across the street and down the road. What I saw was an intervening bright orange fabric fence, of the kind I've seen elsewhere in the area. Since that fence wasn't there, before, I walked to the front of my place, and looked out of a window there, towards the same building. Now, there was no such orange fence, anywhere, to be seen. It is not possible for a fence like that to be taken down, in the time it took me to walk to a different window. So, that fence was a ghostly manifestation, too, which quickly disappeared.

11. Weeks ago, when I was reading a book on yoga, I did one of the experiments in the book. I meditated, in a manner more or less consistent with the instructions. What was remarkable, is that I vividly saw the white star that represents the spirit or universal God presence in oneself. I stared at it for a while. The star mysteriously appeared for me to behold, like I was an old master at that meditation.

12. Lately, I've been reading a lot of books on the paranormal. Some of them had material on past life exploration. I explored at least three past lives while doing exercises from the books. One of them looked ominous, but I didn't persist with it to see where it would lead. The other two past lives were extremely unpleasant experiences of mine. I'd rather not describe the two bad experiences. The other one was in an old period, as in a prior century. I was just outside of some home, on a walk, inside of a low solid fence. There was a yound lady there, who I knew. Then a young man appeared, who I also knew. He seemed like an intimidating sort of guy. He said something that seemed ominous, which related to the young lady, who had long dark hair. There was a long wooden pole there, which was tossed over the fence. I stood around in that area, thinking about that man, and what his intentions may have been.

13. About two months ago, I stopped at a restaurant, on returning from a long trip out of my area. I sat at the counter. It was an out-of-the-way place, so there weren't many people there. A man was sitting at a different part of the counter, a ways from me. I could feel a very thick feeling that he was emanating, that felt very distinctly like he was heavily involved in the military. I picked up the idea that he would tell me that he was really an extraterrestrial. I almost hate to say it, but I believe it. He didn't have to tell me, because I was picking up the idea without a word being said. Not only that, I found similar information coming to my mind about the one other patron there, a young blond lady, who was sitting at a table by the window, in front. Likewise, I picked up that she would tell me that she also had extraterrestrial in her, and that she lived in that area. Likewise, she didn't have to tell me, because I was picking it up without a word being said. When I left, and was walking by, on the other side of the window from the young lady, I noticed a curious smile on her face, of an unusual sort. The smile looked very serene and pleasant.

14. Recently, I had a vision of my having been a witch doctor, in a previous existence. I had a small hut. I wore a grass skirt, with a large black feather dangling on the outside of the skirt. I knew how the bird had died. I did a consultation with a dark-complected young lady. What I told her seemed very bizarre. The consultation was during the day, outside. Also, outside during the day, as the witch doctor, I had a vision of a future existence I would live, which may have been about the life I currently live. My current life, in the vision, seemed ominous and odd, then.

I have much more to post here, but I'll post this much, for now, since it is very late, and far into the wee hours of the night.

April 11,
[5:37am PDT]

There's never a dull day, at my place. Here's more.

1. The other night, I had just gotten into bed, and was staring at the ceiling. Then I saw a very distinct orange flash on the surface of the black plastic covering of the register in the ceiling. It didn't resemble a flash made by any known light source, but more closely resembled an orange splotch of the kind that could be made by computer graphics. It was roughly square, with uneven jagged edges. Also, it persisted for a while, while I continued to stare at it. Then I looked away, and when I looked there again, it was gone.

2. A moment after seeing the above-mentioned orange splotch, I witnessed a very straight black line overhead, near the ceiling, on my side of where the orange splotch had been. It had a length of about a meter, and appeared to be maybe a quarter of an inch wide. It was shiny, as if it were reflecting white light. It was in line with the direction of my body, as I lay in bed. The splotch had been a little beyond my feet, and the black line started at about the same distance away from me as the orange splotch, but a little to my right, and seemed to grow quickly in length towards me, maxing at about a meter in length. I stared at it for a little while. I think I may have seen it there still, after looking away, but it wasn't long before it disappeared.

3. I think it was last night that I observed, in my room, what at first looked like ordinary flying bugs. A moment later, I noticed that they did NOT look like ordinary bugs, but distinctly like hazy ghost or spirit bugs, flying about. I suppose they were just free spirit bugs messing around, enjoying themselves.

4. Earlier tonight, I was sitting in my room, when out of the corner of my eye, to my right, I caught sight of a swift-moving tiny clear-white orb, moving away from me, a little above the level of the top of my head. It moved along the front of my closet spaces. The same night, I saw a similar orb moving more transversely, ahead of me. It also looked clear-white, like maybe it was another iteration of the same orb.

5. Earlier tonight, I was sitting at my dinner table, when I accidentally dropped a slice of pepperoni on the floor. I tried to catch it, but it ended up on the floor. I searched all over the floor, looking for it. I had just given up looking for it, when I found myself seeing it leaning against a cardboard box on the floor, with the pepperoni slice bent in a 90 degree angle, neatly conforming to the contours of the floor and the side of the box. I want to emphasize that not only was that an unlikely place for it to end up, it was also unlikely that it would neatly fold itself in conformance to the surfaces of the floor and side of the box. Just before I saw it, I had started to think that maybe I had spontaneously caused it to dematerialize or teleport. It was just an instant after that thought that my eyes mysteriously were pointed right at the pepperoni slice, as if my eyes were guided there by some unobserved intelligent influence. I don't think it possible that the pepperoni slice ended up there, in that way, by any normal means. So, that idea, if accepted, leads one to conclude that it DID teleport to that spot and to that configuration of shape.

9, 2019
1:09am PDT]

Here is a little more that I forgot to include in my update, here, last night. Remember, a while back, I said that I was sometimes seeing through opaque walls, of my last home, seeing car lights moving by, on the highway? Well, I've had some more spontaneous such events, lately. A week or two back, I was sitting in a Taco Bell restaurant, holding my cup of coffee. It was a regular, opaque, white, paper coffee cup. I suddenly found myself seeing my fingers, through the thick, stiff, opaque paper of the cup, my fingers that were curled around in back of the cup, out of the line of sight of my eyes. My fingers looked a little fuzzy, but plainly visible, no question about it. I could clearly see my fingers through the cup. I continued looking at my fingers, that way, thinking how nifty that was. Another time, maybe a week ago at the most, I found myself seeing through a normal, opaque wooden door, in my home. I was casually looking at the light that illuminated the curtain of the front window of my commercial dining room, from across the dining room and beyond. In hindsight, I don't even know why I was standing there looking at that far window, but then I opening the door in front of me, and I again saw the same window, looking exactly as it had before I opened the door. That's when I realized that I had been, at first, seeing that window THROUGH the closed opaque door. Neat, eh? It was spontaneous. Maybe I'll reach the point where I'd be able to see through opaque objects intentionally, at will. All these events, I've described, of seeing through opaque objects, have been spontaneous and unplanned, so far.

April 8, 2019
[5:00am PDT]

I'm presenting these update reports in the approximate order they came to mind, when I finally decided to sit down and write this stuff up.

1) I'll start this list of updates with an extreme first, for me. Some days ago, I was standing in my commercial kitchen, by the portable cooking appliances. I then stepped to the left, when I found myself tripping on something on the floor. I looked down to see a dark indistinct something. I looked away, and when I looked back down there, it was gone. I searched my mind for my recollection of what exactly the thing looked like. I did what was probably a clairvoyant search to find that the dark object looked like a cut piece of black human torso. That ghostly manifestation had the power to act like a heavy object, in catching my foot, and causing me to momentarily lurch, on losing my balance. Last Summer, I was at a local get-together, at someone's house. I mentioned the seeming poltergeist, which I described here before, as making noise like the banging of pots and pans. I described to this lady that I picked up that the ghost was a slender lady. I didn't tell her she was Caucasian. Then she told me that there had been a black slave there, which presumably she discerned psychically. Well, that explains who this black piece of torso may have been. That was the first I have ever heard of any black person having been associated with this place. The lady didn't mention what era she may have thought the black person was of.

2) Many nights ago, I looked across my dark commercial dining room, to see a vertical white ghostly swirl, not far from the opposite wall. It quickly disappeared. Then, more recently, I saw a similar white vertical swirl near a side door of the same dining room. It also quickly disappeared.

3) Recently, on the same indoor ramp from which I had witnessed the two ghostly swirls, I saw a small red dot orb on the floor of the ramp, like it was setting there. It quickly disappeared.

4) On a recent night, I heard the hooting of an owl. On thinking about it, I concluded that it didn't sound like a real owl, but more like someone imitating an owl's hoot. I consulted my subconscious in a silent voice. On my second or third question, I excitedly asked her if it was the spirit of the owl that died last year. She immediately indicated that it was. I feel very pleased that the owl's spirit is still free and visiting me in this area. I had invited it to stay with me and visit me permanently, if it wanted to.

5) On a night, not long ago, I heard what sounded like at least one man outside, making sounds that struck me as sounding antagonistic. I didn't, and still don't, think there was a physical man outside, there. That may have been an imprint from earlier times. That feeling of antagonism wasn't from the sound, itself. It was like a very distinct telepathic impression.

6) A while back, I was putting a bowl of something into the microwave oven, when I distinctly saw what looked like steam rising from the bowl. However, the bowl and its contents were stone cold.

7) When I started using my electric oil radiator heater (with the idea of possibly saving money compared to heating with gas), I saw a lot of white vapor rising from it in swirls, after I turned it on, for my first use of it. It was especially distinct, that first time. Since then, I can still see the white vapor, if I concentrate on it. There is no normal explanation for that white vapor. In fact, it resembles the white ghostly swirls I described, above.

8) Remember that inexplicable smell of flowers, which I mentioned previously? Well, I've had a few comparable ghostly smells around here, since. More than once, I've smelled the smell of death, but that in particular, could have been from the cats catching prey for snacks. Besides that, I once distinctly smelled the very strong smell of chocolate, with the distinct impression that it was chocolate topping on ice cream. There was no such ice cream in the dining room at that time, however. Another time, I was walking in my commercial kitchen, when I caught the very strong smell of maple syrup. Likewise, there was no maple syrup in use at that time. In fact, I had never used maple syrup here, up to that point in time, not that I could recall, anyway. Even more recently, yesterday, I encountered the smell of cooked vegetables in the dining room, but I hadn't prepared vegetables in this place in maybe two weeks. I'm sure the smell wasn't carrying over from then, especially since I hadn't been smelling it.

9) One recent night, I had one or both of my kittens indoors. Suddenly, the one near me acted like it was excitedly observing something on or near the floor. I, also, was picking up very strong sensations of something, simultaneously. I'm sure it wasn't a physical thing, but rather a ghostly thing. It seemed to move swiftly into the nearby closet. Not only that, a moment later, I saw a tiny blue orb flying in a straight line, close to the floor, in the same direction. The kitten didn't even seem to notice the orb, but I plainly saw it. The kitten was still staring excitedly into the closet, from where it was still standing. The blue orb disappeared upon reaching the closet. So, it's not just me. My kitten clearly sensed something, too, at least that time. I can vouch for that instance.

10) A while back, I mentioned a cat's ghost, in my room. Well, much more recently, I saw a dark figure, the size of a cat, on the floor of the kitchen. Then, sometime after that, I spotted another such blur, also the size of a cat, at the doorway of the the kitchen. It was closer to tan color, whereas the other one was dark. The cat ghost I observed twice in my room, which I mentioned before, appeared to be white with black. Neither of these two later cat ghosts looked like the first one. All three looked different.

11) On a recent night, I caught a glimpse of a long narrow band of white light across my large commercial dining room. It quickly disappeared. It's like it was intended to resemble light from a passing vehicle on the highway, but the curtain is, and was, closed, so it could not have passed such a streak of white light that looked that distinct and bright. This is an issue I've been toying with in my mind, namely: Why would a spirit deliberately create an illusion, to resemble an event with a normal explanation? You can try to figure that one out for yourself. I have no explanation of that one.

12) I've been doing a lot of reading up on the paranormal, lately. I'm back in that reading routine. In the midst of this reading, I dredged up at least three more past lives. One seemed fairly uneventful. The other two past lives of mine I wouldn't care to describe in much detail, except to say I was male both times, and those two scenarios were unpleasant, and they happened centuries ago, both seemingly in Europe.

13) I want to throw in a mention, here, while I'm thinking of it. Earlier today, I came across an article of something from the Middle Ages. An organization called TFP (Tradition, Family, Prosperity) posted an article on the supernatural moving of a Holy building, from Nazareth to Italy, in AD 1291. It was built on the location of the Annunciation, to Mary, of the then coming birth of Jesus. The building moved, by magic, from its original spot, across the Mediterranean Sea, to Italy. What's more amazing is that it relocated, magically, MANY TIMES, after it arrived in Italy. It finally came to rest in its present location, many centuries ago, where it has remained, ever since. You can chalk that up to another holy miracle.

14) I've mentioned here, a number times, the apparent poltergeist, who's been making noises sounding like the banging of pots and pans, or lids banging against pots or pans. I've got something to add to that. I've been paying attention to the pattern of the sounds, and I've concluded that a free spirit is responsible for the noises. I recognize the pattern of sounds, which is very familiar to me, from other entity sounds, going back very many years, with me. It's the same basic pattern.

15) Some days ago, I caught sight of a moving ghostly light or orb, in the part of my commercial lobby near the front door. I didn't get a good look at it, but I'm sure it has no normal explanation.

16) A while back, I observed a small medium brown ghostly object moving horizontally and slowly, high, near the ceiling of my bedroom closet. It quickly disappeared. It looked oblong and rectangular, with fuzzy edges.

17) Maybe a couple of weeks ago, I saw a glowing small orb moving horizontally, along the back of my wooden desk, close to the top. Of course, it came as a surprise, but it quickly disappeared.

18) Also, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I found myself staring at a displaced likeness of the indicator light of my toaster oven, but its image was holding steady, near the digital display of my microwave oven, to the right. I kept looking at it, for a number of seconds, and it stayed put. Once I looked away and looked back, it was gone. The indicator light has the shape of an blue horizontal light bar, about an inch and a half horizontal, and maybe 3/16 of an inch thick, top to bottom.

19) About a couple of months ago, I observed a very slow drip in the men's room of my restaurant. However, the drip has no normal explanation. I carefully looked over the ceiling, just above, and there was no drip forming there, and no water visible there at all, and no appearance that there ever was water clinging to the ceiling. There was no staining...nothing. There was, however, a wet spot on the ceramic tile floor, below, about 3" in diameter. There is no normal way water could drip from the ceiling, without there being water visible clinging to the ceiling, above. I actually saw at least one normal-looking plump drop of water fall, right before my eyes.

20) Besides the above-mentioned ghostly drip in the men's room, I've also felt ghostly drizzling in my commercial dining room, on two separate occasions. That, of course, has no normal explanation. Even if the roof or ceiling did have a leaky drip, it could not, in any normal way, manifest as an extremely fine drizzle, of the kind sometimes felt outdoors, as was the way this indoor drizzle felt on the bare skin of my hand or arm.

January 13, 2019
[3:45am PST]

Hours ago, I was in my kitchen, and I noticed something very strange. I had just reentered from the lobby of my restaurant. I saw that the digital display of my microwave oven was displaying a line of all zeros. Plus, it looked like there were more zeros displayed than can be normally explained, because the display only supports four digits, but it looked like about SIX zeros! Also, it was displayed as black on white, but the display is NOT a black-on-white display. The digits normally display in color. The background of the display is normally black. I waved it off, as if by magic wand, that it were to return to normal, AND IT DID. My eyes were wide as I stood there, staring at this paranormal miracle. I wish I had a photo of it. Not only all that, but there was no reason for the oven to be displaying ANY zeros. A moment later, the oven was again displaying the time, without my having touched it, physically. It was one of those classic hair-standing-on-end events.

I want to add a note, here. I was hesitating to mention that this microwave was acting paranormal, by shutting off early. It would turn off after one-plus minutes, after I set it to three or four minutes and some seconds. I wondered if I set it right, but it happened so many times that I concluded it to be a paranormal effect. Now, after seeing the five or six zeros in black-on-white on its four-digit green-on-black display, I feel corroborated in concluding the missing time to be paranormal, and real, in nature.

January 13, 2019
[3:25am PST]

This is the vertical line of light, on my bathroom door, which I mentioned in my last post, here. It is emitted by the blue night light, which is plugged into the ceiling. It bisects the door almost perfectly. It points in the direction of the Tommy gun killing of years ago, which I posted here, months ago. The fact that it lines up so well in that direction, plus the fact that it's blue (like in that same story), makes me think it is also of paranormal origin.
blue stripe on bathroom door

January 13, 2019
[3:10am PST]

You ought to like this photo, which I snapped myself, with my phone camera. Do you see the swirling ghost orbs? That's what those oblong things are, in the air of my bedroom. I didn't see them until I looked at the screen of my camera. They swirled continuously, live, as I watched for a moment. They weren't visible except by the aid of my camera. I think I should have captured a video of them. The reason I put my camera in picture mode was to take a picture of another seemingly paranormal effect, involving a vertical blue line on my bathroom door. That will be the subject of my next post, here.
bedroom ghost orbs

January 6, 2019
[1:27am PST]

I kept putting off writing up my latest phenomena, because I haven't had home internet for my laptop. I just discovered that I can use my smartphone in hotspot mode, to allow me to use my laptop at home, which I'm doing, now. In fact, I'm doing this on a laptop I just bought. The hard drive of my old laptop died, the instant I tried to use it with the hotspot feature of my phone. Maybe that was paranormal, too?

1) Many weeks ago, I smelled the very strong scent of a Christmas tree, in the lobby of my restaurant building. I've never had a real Christmas tree in the place, before. Not only that, I smelled it on another day, afterwards. I smelled it again, recently. It's another instance of the haunted house effect. I'm not sure how many times I smelled the Christmas tree scent, there.

2) Similar to the smelling of the nonexistent Christmas tree in my lobby, I smelled the very strong scent of flowers in the large dining room of my restaurant. This coincided the the presence of artificial flowers, nearby, in that area. I sniffed those fake flowers, but they had no scent. This is, again, the haunted house effect.

3) A couple of times, while sitting in one of my overstuffed chairs in my bedroom, when I was looking down at something (probably my phone), my head suddenly pointed forward, with a start, to observe a ghostly cat making its merry way towards the laundry closet. This, in itself, was remarkable, but it happened a second time, on a different subsequent day, in the exact same fashion, with the same effect of me, of making me raise my head up, startled, to see the ghost cat, again. It looked the same, both times. It was a mature cat, whose tail was upright and with a curl to it, as the cat moved steadily towards the laundry closet, at a moderate pace. It looked mostly white, with some black fringes. Here's what is behind this ghost cat. I had a vision, which revealed where this cat came from. During the physical lifetime of that real cat, someone put the cat into the dryer or washer, which killed the cat. Now, as I've observed twice, so far, it haunts the bedroom, where the laundry closet is.

Here's an additional note. The person who put the cat in the machine was a lady, not a man.

4) I've got an antique metal lathe, in my back yard, which came with my property. I finally took a closer look at it, to find any identifying information on it. On the front of the stand, it has the date cast into it of February 25, 1896. Afterwards, I had a vision, which explains why it's there. The original owner of the lathe was a mine operator in a nearby mining community, which got its mining start in that same year, of 1896. The owner bought a number of the lathes, but this one arrived with shipping damage, which was never repaired. The owner gladly let a young man have the lathe for a low price, since it was damaged. I'm about 3 miles from that old mining community. The lathe has been on this property for a very long time, dating back to the horse and buggy days. The drive cover is still missing, where it broke off. There is also a milling/drilling machine, and drivetrain with clutches, to operate this machinery.

5) Lately, I've been experiencing something with no obvious normal explanation. When I turn on my TV, it often starts on the channel I'm thinking about, even if that isn't the channel it was on when I turned it off. This is a paranormal phenomenon, akin to the kind of effect one may experience when out of body, of things conforming to one's thoughts, without regard to normal physical processes or physical laws.

October 17, 2018
[11:05pm PDT]

1. Recently, I left the front door unlocked. I carefully noted that, as it was deliberate. I knew I would return to that door a moment later. When I returned to that door, a short time later, I found it locked. I experienced the same thing, on a subsequent day, not long afterward. That is classic ghost story stuff.

2. At a hardware store, recently, I found the wrong item in the bins, above the displayed item I wanted. I left, to get a store clerk to assist me. When we returned a short time later, the correct items were in the bin, and the wrong items were gone. I didn't know what else to do but tell the clerk that someone may have put the correct items there, in that brief period when I left for assistance. This was no doubt really a case of telekinesis, or teleportation, or ghostly manifestation. I don't think a physical person switched the inventory during that very brief interlude. I had thoroughly looked over those wrong items, and their position relative to the item on display, just below. I know I'm not mistaken in what I had observed.

3. In a house I recently acquired, I looked through the stuff that was left there, but I couldn't find any VHS tapes, only empty jackets. I looked again, yesterday, and I found quite a few VHS tapes, plus complete sets if self-improvement materials on both audio cassette and VHS. I don't think someone came, recently, and added the stuff. This, I think, was ghostly manifestation.

4. The pot lid noises, that I reported before, were happening on other side of the building, a week or so ago. I previously reported that same kind of noise coming from a different area of the building. It was less loud, this time, like because of being farther away.

5. I've been having, or feeling, a hunch, about galvanized pipe not being allowed for natural gas. I finally looked it up, yesterday, and verified that my hunch is true. Most areas don't allow galvanized piping for natural gas plumbing.

6. A week or two back, I installed a round towel ring, with a round base, in my kitchen. As I was just finishing up the installation, I noticed there was a round discoloration of the cabinet, just around the corner from this towel ring. It is about the same size as the base of the towel ring. It looks like it was formed by wet paint being removed by something round touching the surface, before the paint was dry. It's like maybe it was a prediction that a towel ring, with such a round base, would be installed so close. I stopped believing in mere coincidences, as I've said before.

7. Maybe less than a week ago, I entered my workshop, to find the light on. I am always careful to turn the light off, before locking up. This occurrence is like classic ghost story stuff.

8. Months ago, when I first observed the action of the lighting of my workshop, at my newly acquired property, I found that the right bank of fluorescent lights were lighting. After looking over the light fixtures, I found that the left bank of lights were lighting, instead, like there was a role reversal. I hadn't changed the wiring.That seemed odd, but I put it out of mind. Then, maybe two weeks ago, I discovered that the two switches, which control the outdoor floodlights, had started to behave differently, and I had not changed the wiring. The top switch is marked for motion detection, and it worked accordingly, at first. The switch just below it is marked for the floodlight, on only, function. Well, now, the top switch activates the floodlight (on only) function, but the floodlight switch does nothing, now. So, here are two role reversals in my shop lighting, and like I said, I didn't change the wiring.

9. Twice, I've heard a disembodied female voice at one of my side doors. The first time, while outside that door, she said, approximately, "it always happens that way." After a week or two, inside that same door, I heard her voice again, but I couldn't discern what was said; maybe only sighs.

10. Last night, I dreamt that I was awake in bed. In the dream, I heard noises like brushing against the outside of the door. Soon after, I woke up, and I walked to the hand rail, outside my room. I paused, standing there, when I heard similar noises of brushing against the wooden wall, out of sight and around the corner, to the left. I also heard my name called, softly, "Steve." It seemed a little scarey, but I braved a walk around, to take a look. As I expected, there was no one there. This brushing sound was full loudness, not quiet. Maybe it was even louder than would happen, if it had been a normal physical event.

11. In previous entries, here, I detailed that I have, many times, picked up the scent of things, not in the normal manner, and sometimes over a great distance. It happened again, the other day. While I was thinking about a particular thing, which is made of wood, I started smelling it very strongly. This smell had distinctive qualities, like I was smelling that very, distinct object, like wood soiled in a particular way.

12. Moments ago, I experienced a number event. I was walking by something with a number tag on it. Without looking at that tag, I got the impression of the number 4, coming to my mind, with regard to the number on that tag. I then looked at the number, which is 148, which reduces, numerologically, to the number 4, which came to my mind a moment before. In numerology, one would add those digits, 1+ 4 + 8, to get 13. Then one would add those digits, 1 + 3, to get 4. Something told me the number 4, like it was already reduced, numerologically, for me.

13. Earlier today, I was sitting at my desk, working at paying some utility bills. I had two billing notices, one from the gas company and one from the electric company. I set them aside, in front of me. I went through a long process related to paying the gas bill, which I did accomplish. Then, I reached for the electric bill. I didn't move the envelope, but it wasn't there. In fact, it is seemingly nowhere to be found, anywhere. This seems to be another case of teleportation, which has been happening a lot, in my experience, lately.

September 29, 2018
[10:17pm PDT]

I just experienced something I've heard of, but hadn't had the misfortune befall me till last night. This has a possible paranormal aspect, which I'll describe near the end. I want you to read the situation, first. It was about 2:30am. I had just gotten into bed to get some sleep. I then quickly became aware of a winged bug near my right ear. I tried frantically to brush it away, but I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. I thought maybe it was tangled in my hair. After a while, I realized that the bug was really inside of my ear canal, not tangled in my hair, after all. I struggled with that knowledge for some time, because it was scarey, the thought of a bug in my ear canal. I tried various ways to get it out, but I couldn't do it. I had the idea of pouring hydrogen peroxide into my ear, but I hesitated to try it. I consulted some information, online, dealing with such a situation, which one website said is a very rare problem, to have a bug in the ear. One suggestion was to put a tiny amount of vegetable oil into the affected ear, so I gave that some thought, and then I tried it. It didn't kill the bug by suffocating it, at least not right away. Then I decided to mix hydrogen peroxide with the same vegetable oil, and I put it in my ear with an eye dropper. The bug continued to move and flap its wings, which it had already been doing for well over an hour. It calmed down to inactivity sometimes. I decided to go back to bed, since I was getting used to the problem, and the bug wasn't struggling as much. I fell asleep. At some point, I woke up, and found that the bug wasn't struggling any more. After some time had passed, I was able to conclude that the bug had finally died. I felt bad for the bug. I had been trying to get it out without harming it, but I finally had to resort to the liquid, which I knew would likely kill it. It took a long time, but it finally died. It's still in my ear, but at least I don't feel it or hear anymore. I need to get a pair of curved tweezers, that can reach far enough into my ear to grab hold of the unfortunate bug.

Okay, now I'll tell you what could be paranormal in this. A short time before this problem occured, I hung a old piece of wooden artwork in my room, maybe the day before. It has a very large round hole, where one would expect an ear to be, for this crescent man-in-moon. So, after only this fairly short period of time, since I hung up this moon, I had this bug get into my ear. It has that very large hole where an ear would be, as if to suggest that this man-in-the-moon had something to do, paranormally, with the bug getting into my ear. I remind you, again, that I stopped believing in mere coincidences a long time ago. Also, I was facing that moon, on my left side, when I first became aware of the bug. Not only that, I had a faint sound and sensation of a bug, briefly, in my other ear, during this, but there is no bug in it. I feel sure of that. Additionally, I'm having an infrequent brief sensation and noise in my right ear, still, including just a moment ago. I assume it is an affect similar to what I experienced in my other ear, which is to say that I'm not thinking I've got a live bug in either ear, at this point. So, some or all of thus bug- in-the-ear situation could be of a paranormal nature. One probably wouldn't expect an encounter with a ghost or spirit to take the form of a bug in the ear, but truth can be stranger than fiction. I've included a photo of this man-in-the-moon.
crescent moon sculpture

September 25, 2018
[11:15pm PDT]

I just posted stuff, here, a short time ago, and now I already have a couple more items to post.

1. This one takes less explaining, so I type this one, first. Minutes ago, while I was standing at my dinner table, I was about to set down the roll of paper towels, but I had another one of those intruding thoughts. This time, the thought was that something I wouldn't like would happen if I continued to set the roll of paper towels down, there. I shrugged off that thought, and did it, anyway. Immediately, my right hand knocked over the cup of coffee I had on the table, spilling the coffee all over. So, it came true, and that was what it was. Compare this event to one of the items in my last post, here.

2. I have been having difficulties with 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper, which have been freezing in my refrigerator, even though plain water and other beverages do NOT freeze, in the same refrigerator at the same time. A couple of days ago, I noticed that the Dr. Pepper was most of the way a solid mass, in its plastic bottle. I turned down the thermostat, but the next day, it was still frozen, the same way. Finally, I left that bottle of Dr. Pepper out of the refrigerator. It took a long time for it to thaw. I wish I had kept a journal of times for that. It took a good many hours, maybe a whole day. What is even stranger, is that the Dr. Pepper separated, the water from the flavoring and other ingredients. The solid ice mass was almost pure frozen water, with little else in it, by appearances. I was resigning myself to conclude that Dr. Pepper is just that way. Can you guess what I'm going to say next? Here it is. This extreme case of Dr. Pepper oddity could well be another prank by one of my resident ghosts, here.

September 25, 2018
[9:15pm PDT]

I have a few more things to report.

1. Some nights ago, I awoke in the wee hours. I soon heard what sounded like some young man, just outside my door, outside. He sounded like he was trying to get my attention by whistling in a subdued manner, like he didn't want to make too much noise. I quickly concluded that he was another ghost, maybe acting out something that happened here, in the past of this place, probably at that same door. I continued to listen, but I heard nothing else. I went back to sleep. I want to emphasize that my impression, that he was a young man, was overwhelming. I somehow knew it, without a doubt, although logic would tell one that the sound of that whistling could have been made by a female, or someone not so young.

2. Earlier today, I was in my kitchen. I held a pot holder in my hand. I was about to put it back where I got it from, as I walked in that direction, but I paused, as I was having an intruding thought in my mind, that the print pattern of it would be oriented to the right, if I placed it back the way I had in mind. I did so, and true to that idea, the pictorial pattern was pointing to the right, as I observed it sitting there. I've had other, similar experiences, lately, but I never wrote them up, here.

3. I've been having a recurring flickering, of a particular lighting branch circuit. This has been happening in my spacious dining room, at times. My dining room is spacious, because this is a restaurant. My living quarters is in the back. I have tried to reckon that it may be a bad connection, or that the dimmer on that circuit could be intermittant. Well, I haven't ruled either of those two possibilities out, yet, but I strongly suspect the flickering to be the handiwork of one of my resident ghosts, here. I'll keep you updated, as I discover anything else out about it.

4. Here is something late-breaking. As I was typing up item number three, just above, I suddenly started hearing light rapping on my window, just to my right. This was scarey. I immediately turned off the lamp, to make it harder to see into my room, although my window is covered with two layers of coverings, which is not possible to see through. I then made my way outside, and around the side, to the side of my yard, which is next to that window. With my flashlight, I looked around, but I saw no one there. That yard is fenced in, with barbed wire along the entire top, and all the gates were closed. I would say that the gates were all locked, which is usually the case, but this time I realized that I had forgotten to lock one of the gates, yesterday. Even though that one gate was unlocked, it seems that no one could open it and enter without causing the dangling chain to make noise. I heard no one enter; no such noise, as I sat there. I then turned on the mercury vapor lamp, back there, and proceded to look around, but no one was there. Although I'm sure my kittens are capable of making such rapping sounds on that window, I don't think it was them. This seems to be within the typical pattern of the ghostly behaviour of my resident ghosts, here. I just heard some "settling noise," but I don't think it was really settling. I've heard that kind of noise every place I've lived. I believe it to be the work of spirits or ghosts.

Here is something late-late breaking. I just heard a loud noise outside, so I went out there to check on it. I found the sheet metal door, to my water heater, on its side. How did it fall over? It's not windy, at all, out there.

Here is something late-late-late breaking. I just heard some subdued whistlinig, but this time it sounded like it was coming from farther away, maybe way across the building. I'll go check on it, now . . . First things first: I just quickly fed my kittens. Then I went outside, again, and looked around on both sides of the place, but no one was there. The whistling, this time, sounded a lot the same as it did in the middle of the night, that other time.

Also, when I turned on my laptop computer, this time, I noticed that the screen looked dimmer than usual. I ignored that, and I proceeded to type up this stuff. After a while, I got a low-battery warning. I then realized that my power adapter was not plugged in. I normally leave it plugged into the back, with the other end left unplugged. This way my adapter stays unplugged when I'm not using the computer, but I only need to plug in the other part of the cord when I want to turn the computer back on. I don't remember unplugging the plug, in back of my laptop. So, how did it get unplugged, also? Well, one of the resident ghosts could have done that, too.

5. I'm in a habit of ascribing quirky bad behaviour, of computers and cellphones, as due to malware. That's what I did, when I started typing this stuff up on my smart phone. It caused my newly-typed material to disappear, when I tapped at the top of the page, and replace it with a previously created page. When that happened a second time, I decided I needed to type up this stuff on my laptop. Now, in hindsight, I think that quirky bad behaviour could also be the work of one of these resident ghosts or spirits. Excuse me for using those two terms more or less interchangably.

Noisy ghosts are often called "poltergeists," and these ghosts have been plenty noisy.

September 2, 2018
[4:20pm PDT]

I just experienced a landmark ghost event, here at home. I've described, in the past, many of my ghostly experiences, but this time I actually SAW the ghost. I was wondering about the experiencial deficit, of not SEEING ghosts, but I did see a ghost, this time.

Here's what happened. I just entered my home workshop. I was just inside the door. I was then a little startled to hear what sounded like footsteps on the dirt and gravel, outside. It seemed that the footsteps approached me. I then glanced through the opening of the door, which was ajar. I briefly saw what looked like a person walking where I thought I heard the walking. The person looked blurred, but my eyesight is not so keen anymore. A moment later, I stepped outside, to see who was there, but there was no one there to be seen. A short time afterwards, I had a vision about the person that this ghost represented. He was a young man, and he was unpleasant and unwelcomed. I was occupying the spot where the other person of the vision was occupying, as if I were that person. The unpleasant guy overpowered the other guy, in the vision. Awareness of a third man also came to mind, in this vision. The third man was on the side of the unpleasant man. That is, they were in on this, together.

August 13, 2018
[1:58 pm PDT]

Here is more information about the ghostly noises in the southwest area of my restaurant. I can further describe the noises as if they were made by the strumming of a rubber rod against an old-fashioned washboard. It sounds low-pitched and dull and rapid, like strumming. I sometimes hear it when in the employees' closet room (in the photo), or in my bedroom, or in the men's room. Those are all in the southwest area.

ADDED NOTE: The wall to the right of the doorway is dark brown, not blue, with no trace of blue to it. There was no blue light on, and no special effects were used (except possibly ghostly effects, by a real ghost or free spirit).

2ND ADDED NOTE: I found it! That blue light effect was DEFINITELY a ghostly effect. Hours after I wrote the above, approaching midnight, I had a vision that explained the blue light. I'm trying to remember clearly if the vision first came to mind in a dream in the past. The scenario looks so familiar from something. What happened, a long time ago, was a man got himself into deep trouble with some other men. The other men brought this unfortunate man to this doorway, right where I took the photo. The man was very regretful that he got himself into this mess. He was thinking that he's had it, now. There was a blue light shining there. He was also thinking that he was going to be put inside that room, through that doorway. He was thinking that he persisted in something that they warned him about, and now his fate was sealed. It was now too late to escape the consequences. That looks like the doorway and room.

3RD ADDED NOTE: I just had a thought. Maybe those peculiar noises represented the man being shot with a tommy gun. I think that's likely.

4TH ADDED NOTE: I realize, now, that another piece of the vision puzzle was coming to mind, but I didn't feel a hundred percent sure, then. When I was pondering the idea of where and how they killed him, I was having a vision of the latticework, in the back southwest area, outside. They took the man there, outside, in the daytime. One of the men shoved him along the ground a bit. The trellis is one of the last things the man saw, before they killed him. This also tells me that the trellis, there, is about the same age as the rest of the building. It's clearly not a recent addition
It looks old, and it is old. Also, at least one of the men, in gangster tradition, was wearing a dark pinstripe suit and a dark hat. He seemed young, in the vision. I suspect he was the one who shoved the man. He seemed like he was carrying a tommy gun. The scenario seemed like a mob hit. He said something to the man, before they killed him. This particular gangster man was the primary focus in the vision.

5TH ADDED NOTE: I've had another vision in this series. I want to add that the gangsters escorted the unfortunate man out the side door, which is immediately to the left of the doorway in the photo, and just inches from it. They turned right, and a short distance later they turned right again, to the open area before the lattice wall of the same building. My vantage point was from the area of the unfortunate man. I want to also add that I experienced most or all of these visions from the perspective of the victim. It has felt as if I were this victim, experiencing his thoughts and feelings.

6TH ADDED NOTE: I was experiencing another part of this vision series. Now I feel confident enough to add that these men had a prior meeting with the victim, before he made his fatal mistake. One of the older men told the victim that if he comes to this spot again, and this blue light is on, he's had it, done for. The blue light was shining during this meeting. The victim knew what the blue light meant, the next time.

ghostly blue light to the right of the door

August 13, 2018
[1:39 pm PDT]

This is more information on the ghostly noises near the kitchen of my restaurant. I just took a photo of the area near my chef's counter. This shows that there is nothing there that could be making the noises. Every day, at times, while sitting at a table on the other side of the wall to the left, I hear the loud handling of pots and pans and their lids, but as you can see in this photo, there are no pots or pans there. This noise is of full loudness, like it was really happening.

I want to add, here, that I've had a vision that told me that the ghost was a slender lady, who was afraid that her making this noise could get her in trouble with her boss, there. I don't know, at this time, what era that was. This restaurant is about a hundred years old.

receptionn area of my restaurant

August 7, 2018
[11:15 pm PDT]

1. This is at least the third time I've told you that this place of mine is, or might be, haunted. Those other times were before I bought this place. It is now mine. As I've said before, when something strange happens, I don't automatically dismiss it as something unknown, but normal. This hundred-year-old place of mine is a commercial building, with a history of use for various things. It was originally used for vice: prostitution, bootlegging, and maybe also gambling. More recently, it has been used as a restaurant and saloon. Even more recently, it stood vacant. Well, here's what happened. In the small janitor sink, in the kitchen, there were many objects, like plastic payment trays and what looked like small, odd, rectangular, plastic serving bowls. I would see that stuff in the sink every day, for many days, since my water hadn't been connected, so I left them there, unwashed. The rectangular bowls looked BLACK to me. That is, until I finally decided to stash them away. Then, and now, most of them look WHITE, not black, with a number of brown ones. Many years ago, I might have concluded that I was merely mistaken, but not any more. Somehow, they either changed color, or appeared to have changed color. PLUS, consider this. There is a color coincidence between these new colors, and the colors of the horses I saw across the street, here, back in 1974 or 1975. There were seemingly over two dozen horses at the ranch across the highway (Now there are none.) Most of the horses were chestnut-colored, with a few being Appaloosas (mostly white with a lot of black spots on the rump). Notice that this is a reversal of color dominance, compared to the rectangular serving bowls. Most of the bowls ended up white, with a few brown ones (brown can be thought of as comparable to chestnut). This is the reverse of most of the horses being dark, with a few white ones. These coincidences are in very close locational proximity, in the same community area.

2. Still continuing from the above, I want to mention some bumping sounds in the place. I could have dismissed them as branches making noise in the wind. Instead, I eventually went outside, to see if I could locate such noisy branches. In the area in which it sounded like the noise came from, I found no plausible specimens of branches to attribute the sounds to. On top of that, I had the feeling, at the time of the noise, that it was ghostly activity. I've also heard eerie noises seeming to come from the kitchen, which made me feel momentarily alarmed.

3. Now, this one has me slack-jawed with amazement. I preface this by saying that this property has had a good number of maintenance issues, which I've had to attend to. When I recently had my water turned on, I found a great amount of water pouring and dripping from the ceiling of my bedroom. I went into the attic crawl space to look for the leak. I easily found it. Then I bought hardware to fix it with. Then I quickly and easily fixed it. Nothing with this seems odd, up to this point. Here's where this gets WILD. Yesterday, I turned on the main valve for the hot water, for the first time, since the gas hasn't been reconnected. I then discovered another voluminous leak, through the same ceiling, but offset a short distance from the other leak (which is still fixed). So, I again went up into the attic space to locate the second leak. I found that the water was leaking above the shower controls. I had to go up there a second time, with the water cracked open, to pinpoint the leak. What I observed still has me in near disbelief of what I found. Bear in mind that the first leak was in the cold water PVC pipe, over the ceiling. The second leak ONLY leaks when the hot water main valve is on. So, normal logic would have one think that this second leak is in the hot water line, near the cold water line. This is where normal reasoning fails. What I have positively observed is that the second leak is from a 90 degree elbow, in a line that is branched off of the same COLD-water line that had the previous first leak. This is such a stark contradiction of normal ideas of reality. There is no leaking with the hot main shut off, but when the hot main is cracked open, an elbow in the COLD water line starts leaking. There is no normal, non-paranormal explanation for this. There is more to this that also does not have a normal explanation. Specifically, the leak resembles a lawn sprinkler, with pinhole type squirts along the outside curve of the elbow fitting. I ran my fingernail along the line of the squirts, and I did feel what seemed like a crack. What is incredible is that the elbow, which is thicker, and presumably stronger that the pipe, was where a possible freeze burst occurred. Why did the cold not burst in the thinner and weaker pipe, instead? Also, these pipes are wrapped with black pipe insulation. With the insulation, and the fact that the piping is in the attic space, I would not have expected a frozen pipe problem, especially since the winters, here, are not nearly as bitter cold as so many other areas of the country. But, this does remind me of the fact that ghost encounters can be literally VERY chilling. Remember that extreme chill that overcame me in November, two or three years ago, in this same community area? I still have no normal explanation for that, either. This next information may seem like a possible explanation to some, if they don't think it through enough. With the hot main cracked open, the slow-running bathroom sink cold side runs faster (so it is not an overly restrictive cold shut-off valve, under the sink . . . or . . .). This phenomenon brings to mind the idea: What if the shower's mixing valve mixed BEFORE the valve, rather than after it? That would, in effect, mix the hot and cold sides together, before the mixing valve, rather than after it. Not only would that be extremely poor design, it could NOT explain the second leak.

July 18, 2018
[10:21 pm PDT]

1. At about 5:15 am, this morning, I heard what I presumed was the voice of a particular young lady I've spent a lot of time with. I'll call her Deb. I presumed it was her, despite the fact that the voice sounded EXACTLY like that of the possessed girl, in the old movie, The Exorcist. I didn't see the person or entity talking to me, from the other side of an open doorway, but the voice said, approximately, "I want to make some coffee." It was like Deb to want to make, or have me make, coffee. It was just that the voice sounded so different, as I just said. I said, approximately, "No! Don't wake me up with noise! Just go away!" I had recently been emphasizing to her that I wanted her to stay away. She had been causing me a lot of trouble over the past year. I could swear that the troublesome things she's said and did, around me, were calculated to cause trouble for me. I've wanted her out of my life. So, here I was hearing that Exorcist girl's voice, saying something that was like what I'd expect from Deb. So, an interesting thought with this is the idea that maybe the mischief I've suffered at the hands of Deb was possibly the result of her really being demonically possessed. Maybe it was really a demon causing her to ruin my situation with constant annoyances and problems. This was so unexpected. I didn't really give much thought to the voice sounding that way, until I got out of bed, later. The voice was gone, after I voiced the above quoted complaints to "Deb."

2. Here is more UFO stuff. Over the past week or two, I was seeing inexplicably bright light flashes outside, at night, as I sat on my porch. The lights were sometimes seen behind the hill across the street, and sometimes just in the sky. They appeared to be much brighter than any lights produced by earthly technology. I live in a relatively undeveloped area. Sometimes, they were just flashes of light, that no known manmade lamp could imitate. They had a brightness similar to lightning. There was no sound, as would be the case if it were really lightning. I have reason to suspect that the UFO's, which I was witnessing at my last residence, really have followed me here. One strong clue is that, at times, I was again witnessing, here, the same swirling white skylight effects I described to you in the past. It's like they just resumed that stuff in my presence, but now the swirling white skylight display was seeming to originate at ground level, behind the hill, instead of in the sky.

3. I mentioned, in the past, about seeing what looked like fireflies, across the street and down the road a bit. They swirled in the air at about the height of a street light lamp. However, California is not known to have fireflies. I told you that they must really be ghost orbs. Well, I just saw those ghost orbs again, probably in the same spot. They were very bright, which maybe is true for fireflies. I feel sure that ordinary bugs could not reflect light so intensely, that this light had to be of different origin and not a reflection. I don't think they were fireflies. I conclude that these recent swirling points of light must have been, again, ghost orbs.

July 1, 2018
[6:40 pm PDT]

1. I think it was yesterday that I had another vision about this place I'm living at. The concrete slab of my porch still has the embedded studs of a roof that used to cover it. The look of those studs has been an enigma, because they obviously look so very old. That is evidence that the roof was removed a VERY long time ago. This house is old, but by the looks of those studs, the porch roof had been taken down a comparably long time ago. I haven't had an explanation of that, until this recent vision of mine. I was leisurely sitting in my rocking chair on that porch, when the vision took place. According to it, the local government demanded that the owner (a man) remove the roof immediately, because he didn't get a permit to build it. He complied by taking down the then-new roof. That really took gall on the part of the local government of then. After all, this is a desert, and one NEEDS shade in a desert. You can understand, by looking at my photo of one of those studs, how long it would take for it to reach its present condition and appearance. That roof was removed a VERY long time ago. My vision is a perfect match of the appearance of those studs.

2. I also had an earlier vision, months ago, about the construction of this place. Contrary the the seeming ideas of some people in this area, a vision of mine revealed differently, about the additions to this house. The owner, a man, originally acquired this house, new, as a one-room place. As soon as he saved up the needed money, he had the add-ons built. So, the add-ons are almost as old as the original section of this house. He pulled in that money very quickly, so there was very little time before this house assumed its present configuration.

rusty porch bolt

June 29, 2018
[5:53 pm PDT]

1. I've found something to add to my post before my last post. In regard to the my desert trip on my moped, of 8 days ago, I have another number coincidence to relate. I told of the signs declaring 111 miles to each place, but in opposite directions. I said that the sign, about 20 miles back, said it was 112 miles to one of those places, but this other sign was now saying 111 miles, as if that 20 miles only made 1 mile of difference. Well, a little while ago, I was thinking that I last saw my car's odometer reading 111k miles. So, I was just about to write that into another post, here. I went to my car to take a photo of the odometer, but I noticed that it was only reading 110k plus. So, I scratched that post idea off of the to-do list. A while later, it then occurred to me that 110k is one less thousands than 111k, just as the second sign said one less than the sign before it. So, this still fits into this number scheme. Not only that, I just realized that my moped's odometer had reached a 111 figure during that same eerie cross-desert trip. I'm including (if possible) photos of both current odometer readings. I haven't put very many miles on my moped since that trip, because it afterwards developed a flat in the rear, which tore up its rear tire. As well, the 110 has a 10 versus an 11 (in 111). So, notice the other digits of my car's odometer reading; the 73 on the right. The 7 adds to the 3 to get a 10. Also, look at the digits of the trip odometer. In the 235, add its digits. They add up to 10, also. Now, notice the tenths of the trip reading. It is 9. This 9 is another one-less coincidence, compared to this set of tens. Even the fact that I'm writing this up 8 days after that trip, is another one-less coincidence, in that 8 is one less than the 9 in the tenths column of the trip odometer. So, I conclude this post by saying that I did NOT stage any of these number coincidences. Who could possibly have staged such a set of numbers . . . except, maybe, a spirit. And, I'm not saying that I didn't really see 111k on my odometer. Spirit is very talented at creating appearances of things.

speedo photos

June 29, 2018
[3:48 pm PDT]

I have a couple interesting things to say, this time.

1. Last night, I looked down the road at the building to the south, on my side of the street. It happens to be a place I've been in discussions to buy. Earlier, during the day, I saw someone in front, over there, pounding towards the ground. I was hoping he wasn't vandalizing the place. After dark, when I became aware of someone inside that building, I was again hoping there was no vandalism happening, because I know the place has been unoccupied. What I saw, from about 300 feet away, was a "light on," inside "the large side window." I just put it out of mind. Then, this morning, I walked over there to see if there were any signs of damage or vandalism. To my surprise, I saw that THERE IS NO WINDOW THERE, where I saw one last night. It had looked like a high color temperature bluish light inside that part of the building, last night. The room, there, appeared to be illuminated with it. Now, I conclude that what I saw was a ghostly manifestation. I even thought I heard noises inside that room, from down the street. I had a feeling that there was at least one young man inside tbat room. So, what I witnessed last night was a verification of what I told you, over a year ago, that that particular building is haunted. I rest my case.

2. About two days ago, I was watching Terence Guardino, in his narrative video of his astrology Weekly Forecast. He was describing how there was a two-month astrological influence commencing, and before he said it, I anticipated that he was going to say it was to end "on the 27th." This video was not in real time, live, but I anticipated it nonetheless. This is the same effect I reported to you in the past, in which I would anticipate details of a TV broadcast, before those details were uttered. One of those details was with regard to an episode of Pawn Stars. Coincidentally, the patriarch of that show, Richard Harrison, just died, recently.

June 22, 2018
[3:37 pm PDT]

1. Recently, on about the first anniversary of my moving here, I witnessed another UFO. I was sitting on my front porch, at night. About due east from me, across the road, I watched what looked like a white ghost orb fall straight down, in wiggly fashion, behind the hill across the road. I also saw UFO's the first couple of nights, when I first moved here.

2. The other day, I was at the local market, to make a purchase. The cashier was telling someone about something, in which she mentioned the number 111. Right away, I told her that I just read 111 on my outdoor thermometer, outside my door, at home. Then my purchase rang up as $7.77. I made another purchase right away, which also was a triple digit, with $4.44 as change, or the purchase maybe was $4.44 with another triple digit figure for change.

3. Yesterday, I rode my moped to town, in the blazing high-desert heat. As usual, I passed the sign that announces it to be 112 miles to a particular destination. About 20 miles later, I came to a tee intersection. To the right, a sign announced it to be 111 miles to that same destination, as if the 20 miles I just traveled only made one mile difference in terms of that destination. To the left, another sign read 111 miles to a different destination, in the opposite direction. This was on the heels of that recent 111 degree F temperature at home. The temperature on this ride felt like it could easily be even higher than 111. The air masses felt like furnace blasts from Hell.The first part of the two-part geographical name, of the first destination is "death." The name of the destination in the opposite direction has "bake" in the name

I got to town, and parked in front of a Taco Bell restaurant, for my usual snack in town. I then watched as the entire contents of my oil reservoir emptied into a puddle on the tarmac below my moped. My oil injection line had burst when I got to town. Before I left home, I had a psychic hunch of some possible trouble with my oil injection system. So, that psychic hunch clearly came true. I even anticipated the problem by pre-mixing my gas with some oil, before I left home, just in the nick of time.

Then, on my way home, on my moped, I was having some visions of some nefarious guys in the area. One of them passed me by in a work truck. Before that, another of them followed behind me, for a while, in a different work truck. After a while, he passed me. I also had a vision of some more mature (than them) guy, who was in cahoots with them, who seemed to be connected to the local government. I don't want to meet up with any of them, ever.
1. I've found something to add to my above post. In regard to the my desert trip on my moped, of 8 days ago, I have another number coincidence to relate. I told of the signs declaring 111 miles to each place, but in opposite directions. I said that the sign, about 20 miles back, said it was 112 miles to one of those places, but this other sign was now saying 111 miles, as if that 20 miles only made 1 mile of difference. Well, a little while ago, I was thinking that I last saw my car's odometer reading 111k miles. So, I was just about to write that into another post, here. I went to my car to take a photo of the odometer, but I noticed that it was only reading 110k plus. So, I scratched that post idea off of the to-do list. A while later, it then occurred to me that 110k is one less thousands than 111k, just as the second sign said one less than the sign before it. So, this still fits into this number scheme. Not only that, I just realized that my moped's odometer had reached a 111 figure during that same eerie cross-desert trip. I'm including (if possible) photos of both current odometer readings. I haven't put very many miles on my moped since that trip, because it afterwards developed a flat in the rear, which tore up its rear tire. As well, the 110 has a 10 versus an 11 (in 111). So, notice the other digits of my car's odometer reading; the 73 on the right. The 7 adds to the 3 to get a 10. Also, look at the digits of the trip odometer. In the 235, add its digits. They add up to 10, also. Now, notice the tenths of the trip reading. It is 9. This 9 is another one-less coincidence, compared to this set of tens. Even the fact that I'm writing this up 8 days after that trip, is another one-less coincidence, in that 8 is one less than the 9 in the tenths column of the trip odometer. So, I conclude this post by saying that I did NOT stage any of these number coincidences. Who could possibly have staged such a set of numbers . . . except, maybe, a spirit. And, I'm not saying that I didn't really see 111k on my odometer. Spirit is very talented at creating appearances of things. For a look at these odometers, see the next after the next post.

April 13, 2018

1) Yesterday, I saw a repeat of the clock phenomena. I saw that the wall clock was two minutes out of sync with my watch. A moment later, I then saw that they were back in sync, and without me having touched either of them.

2) Last night, I was very pleased to hear the hooting of an owl, at home. Upon hearing it, I gave it some thought. The hooting was soft, but I believe it was that of the now-discarnate owl, like it was paying me a visit. I love those visits. I hope it visits me at my next home, when I move.

April 10, 2018
[2:51pm PDT]

1) I believe it was yesterday, that I saw a repeat of the clock phenomena. I saw that the wall clock was two minutes out of sync with my watch. A moment later, I then saw that they were back in sync, and without me having touched either of them.

2) Last night, I was very pleased to hear the hooting of an owl, at home. Upon hearing it, I gave it some thought. The hooting was soft, but I believe it was that of the now-discarnate owl, like it was paying me a visit. I love those visits. I hope it visits me at my next home, when I move.
1) I believe it was yesterday, that I saw a repeat of the clock phenomena. I saw that the wall clock was two minutes out of sync with my watch. A moment later, I then saw that they were back in sync, and without me having touched either of them.

2) Last night, I was very pleased to hear the hooting of an owl, at home. Upon hearing it, I gave it some thought. The hooting was soft, but I believe it was that of the now-discarnate owl, like it was paying me a visit. I love those visits. I hope it visits me at my next home, when I move.

1) It must have been over two weeks ago. I was sitting at the wood-burning stove, and I had my mini flashlight in my hand, and it was turned on. I put it in my lap, and then I looked up at the ceiling, nearby. Although I wasn't pointing my flashlight in that direction, I saw a round spot of high-color temperature white light near where the stove pipe exits. It's as if a nearby spirit were imitating the pattern of light of my flashlight, but in a spot where my flashlight wasn't pointing, at that time. The spot of light was about the same size as that produced by my flashlight. That ghostly spot of light soon vanished.

2) Some nights ago, I noticed more phenomena with the battery operated clocks in my bedroom, which can't be given a normal explanation. I've been careful to keep my battery-operated clocks closely synchronized with each other. At this one point in time, I saw that the big clock in my bedroom was reading a couple of minutes out of sync with the clock on the wall of the adjacent room. I noticed that a couple of times, maybe that same day, or maybe once the day before. Then, in just a moment after seeing it out of sync again, I looked at the bedroom clock again, and it now was BACK IN SYNC with that same wall clock in the adjacent room, which I just mentioned. It's like a spirit had caused them to go a couple of minutes out of sync, but then, IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME after seeing the out-of-sync condition again, had caused them to go back in perfect time sync, again.

3) Again, that little battery-powered alarm clock in my bedroom stopped. This time, I was standing just outside the door from it, when I had the idea of checking on it. So, I checked it right away, but it was only a relatively small amount out of sync with the clock in the other room, about 20 minutes, or so. It's like the urge to check the alarm clock was delivered to me to catch it while it was still just a little out of sync.

March 30, 2018
[2:38pm PDT]

1) The other night, I saw an orb-like entity move through the air in my bedroom. It was high color temperature white. It seemed to have indistinct boundaries, like it traveled in a comet-like stream, a foot or two long. It was at about the level of the head or face of a person.

2) Yesterday, I visited an abandoned old house, down the street from where I live. I felt dark feelings from the place. I also picked up a scenario of a young lady, with dark hair, who was trying to keep at a distance from a male intruder. I know that it was her who put the piece of 2x4 lumber endwise against the inside door, to keep out the intruder. I saw that board, because it's still propped against the door. I also had a vision of a young man, with dark hair, who was saying something to me. The house has some bad experiences in its past. The region I live in has a very dark unwritten past, like a collection of horror stories, that have never been made into movies.

3) FYI, I gave that dead owl to the owner/operator of a shop down the road. He told me he'd let it dry out, in a cage outside, and then put it on display.

4) First, the big battery-powered clock in the bedroom stopped, and I made it work again. That happened on at least two occasions. Then, the little battery-powered alarm clock, IN THAT SAME BEDROOM, stopped, and I made it work again. These two clocks keep accurate time, otherwise. I haven't had that problem, with clocks stopping, in any other room of the house. I believe it is due to paranormal causes in that particular room. That is the same room in which I had the visions of the white horse-draw hearse, which I wrote about here, previously. This can be compared to the seeming paranormal activity in the house's only bathroom. So, in hindsight, I now realize that I've had paranormal phenomena occur in all rooms of the house, except for the laundry room (the room I've intended to make into a laundry room). Here's an interesting coincidence I just thought of. That old house I visited yesterday, a rear corner of it, which was used as a laundry room, and contained the bathroom, is burned out. The rest of the house is in decent condition.

March 19, 2018
[10:34pm PDT]

1) I was clearing out an old building near me. I found the left and right sides of an old bookcase. At least one of those sides had a picture of a blue ribbon, and the words, "gold medal book" on it. I had a vision of that bookcase being there in a much earlier era, which I'm sure was true. I didn't see the rest of that bookcase, or it wasn't recognizable. I'm sure my vision was accurate.

2) Something like a couple of weeks ago, probably longer, I was burning fire wood in my wood-burning stove. One thick piece of wood had a very strong smell to it, as it burned. It smelled like a pipe tobacco I sometimes smoked in the 1990's. It was called "Beef Eater," after something in British history. I had a vision about the early owner of that house. In it, he attached that piece of exotic, imported wood to the outside of the house, with the idea that it would, or could, bring some kind of luck, maybe bad luck, regarding, or connected to, the house. There is no house there now, just some old wood and junk. I feel sure that my vision was true to what happened then, in that long-bygone era, probably in the eighteen-hundreds. Also, there was the idea that a second house had such a chunk of wood attached to it, like that. The owner of the first house seemed to be thinking about that other house, which belonged to someone else.

gold medal book

March 19, 2018
[10:32pm PDT]

Here's a photo of that owl I wrote about, here, recently.


March 18, 2018
[10:13pm PDT]

1) I heard an owl hooting for the first time, the other night. It was carrying on for a while, like it was disturbed by something. This was during the black of night. The next day, or soon after, during the day, I got out of my car near the local gas station, to find a dead owl near my parked car. It was my usual parking spot. I put it in my trunk, and headed home with it. I saw that the eyes were missing. I believe what happened is a bigger bird pecked its eyes out, in bird tradition. This reminds me of the expression, "pecking order." Such a predator bird would normally be expecting to find such prey dead on the ground, eventually, at which time one of the predator birds would have its meal. I believe the owl flew the mile and a half, to the parking spot, blind, with no eyes. This reminds me of the idea that birds have a homing ability, apparently even without their eyes in their heads. I also had visions of there having been a special reason for this particular instance, rather than for food. Also, I've had this dead owl lying on my garage floor for a couple of days. I heard its ghost, or free spirit, hoot, in my house, one time. Also, one night, as I lay in bed, I felt the spirit of the owl, as it occupied my head. It momentarily made me feel like my head was that of a bird.

2) I think I mentioned, months ago, about my seeing what looked like fire flies, in the air, at night, in front of a house down the street. They were swirling in the air. I believe those were really ghost orbs, as I don't know of any fire flies in my state.

3) A while back, maybe a week ago, I saw a low-flying orb move horizontally along the dishwashing bench, lower than the top of the bench. It had a high color-temperature. I can't explain that as anything but a ghost orb.

4) In the approximate time frame of the above ghost orb, I saw a similar ghost orb high in the air in my bathroom. I saw it from a distance of about 25 feet. It also was high color-temperature white.

5) A few nights ago, I was hearing an occasional single rap, in the back of my house. As usual, there was no one home but me. That same night, I was having inordinate difficulty keeping the fire lit in my wood-burning stove. I think the raps were the poltergeist taking credit for my difficulty in keeping the fire lit.

March 6, 2018
[8:42pm PST]

1) A while back, maybe 4 or 7 nights ago, I was sitting in front if my wood-burning stove. I noticed an orange streak of light on the floor, to my immediate right. I could think of no normal explanation for it. After a moment, I just ignored it.

2) Also a while back, I was sitting in front of my wood-burning stove. Then I heard the clinking of some empty soda bottles, which were on the floor ahead of me and to the right. The rats often make loud noises by disturbing things, so I waited a while to listen for a rat scampering away, but it didn't happen. What did happen after a little while is I heard a soft masculine-sounding groan, which I knew could not be a rat or mouse. I was alone in the house, except for that apparent spirit or ghost that moaned.

3) I live in a relatively secluded old settlement, which dates back to the eighteen-hundreds. There were many more occupied houses in prior times, some of which are in ruins along back dirt trails. Some completely don't exist anymore. One area has what's left of an old mining operation, replete with an old abandoned trashed house. Well, what I was wanting to bring up here is that these old abandoned places have a lot of graffiti, which seems to tell stories about things in the unrecorded past. This graffiti triggered visions in me. I believe that the scenarios in my visions are representative of shadowy activities in these areas. In the case of the old abandoned mine, I believe I tuned into what happened there, through my visions. The graffiti facilitated the triggering of my visions. As these were profoundly unpleasant scenarios, I won't go into the details, here. Suffice it to say that I pick up historical information through my visions, sometimes.

4) For the sake of completeness, I again report more FNDS events (see earlier posts of mine for an explanation), usually at or near my stove. It's as if my cooking of meals triggers this, or even just being in that area. I want to add that the scents have been less that full strength, but still very true to that particular scent, and I have been alone in my house every time.

February 14, 2018
[10:39pm PST]

1. Something just fulfilled a vision or dream I had in the past. I don't know how long ago the dream or vision was. A man was snooping around at the building next door. He was calling into it, "Anybody home?" I told him that usually no one is in there. He acted like he didn't hear me. Then he walked away. He first said his name was Theodore. This feeling of recognition set in, in my mind. I had a new vision of mentioning the guy to someone in the area, and him telling me he knows about Theodore. There is very strong recognition in this episode, for me.

2. This is a number "coincidence," but I don't believe in coincidences, as I've said many times before. I went into town, recently, intending to get an estimate, for them to replace the zipper of one of my jackets. The lady behind the counter told me it would cost $38. Afterwards, I realized that I had been thinking, a little while before, that if I were given an estimate of $38, I'd decline. Then, that was the exact number I was quoted, just minutes afterwards.

3. I've been frequenting a local Taco Bell restaurant. A few weeks ago, I overheard conversation between a young man, who works there, and a couple of mature customers, a man and a woman. The three of them were talking about sports. A while later, I saw the look on the young man's face of his own face, as it would look many years later. Also, I had the very strong and distinct impression that I was looking at the face of a future coach, as it would likely look at some point in the future. His face somehow had "mature coach" written all over it. It seemed unmistakable. However, his face normally looks very young. I really expect the young man to become a coach.

4. In that same Taco Bell (which was the site of part of an episode I wrote about, here, before), a mature man started talking to me, as if he knew me, or sensed things about me. He started telling me about government security concerns, and the government. He told me about how he has been a computer programmer. He rambled on and on. This sort of thing is not unusual for me. It seems I attract a good number of occasional men to me, who commence such long discussions with me, as if they somehow knew me, or knew things about me. I told him some things about myself, like that I had done some programming, myself, and studied it in college, and that I had once had a security clearance, for work I had done at Hughes Aircraft, in 1978. I told him about a dream I had, a few years ago, about a point of time decades in the future. In that dream, I found a discarded desktop computer. It was on the ground, in a commercial trash enclosure. It had a thinner optical drive than today's, and it had a computer architecture which, as far as I know, has never been manufactured, so far. I described it to him. He told me that design was flawed, but I firmly replied that it had very strong qualities which are VERY viable. I felt I needed to speak up about it, to him.

5. Well, last but not least, I had more experiences of the FNDS variety (For an explanation of FNDS, see a prior recent entry of mine.)

February 7, 2018
[9:08pm PST]

I had another entry to make, to add to the stuff I wrote up last night, but it was midnight, so I waited until today. I posted a short video of my wood-burning stove, a while back. I want to say that I had visions about that stove, which places it as originating in the eighteen-hundreds. In particular, a young man remarked to an older man about the attachment of its door handle bolt. He was wondering how they made it stick to the door. Arc welding was new then, so he wasn't familiar with that technology. The older man assured him that it was very securely attached. That whole stove is made of arc-welded joints, made when that technology was so new. The stove is a true antique.

February 6, 2018
[11:36pm PST]

The other day, I lay on my bed, which I recently relocated into my bedroom. I since have been sleeping in the bedroom of my old house, which dates back to the eighteen-hundreds. It was afternoon. I was tired, and thought I might catch some sleep. Instead, I started having visions of a middle-aged, dark-haired man, who just arrived in the area in a white horse-drawn wagon, the kind that reminds me of those used by snake-oil salesmen in westerns. This, of course, was in the eighteen-hundreds. This seemed to take place in the area in which I'm living. I had a discussion with the man. I said that his wagon looked like the style used by such snake-oil salesmen. He replied to me that it was a hearse. Then, in a follow-up vision, I was seeing such a wagon, seemingly the same one. It was parked on some property, maybe near a house. I found myself again talking to that man. He told me that someone had died. I asked him who. He said it was me who had died. I then felt I must conclude that I was a ghost (or free spirit, if you prefer that term).

Then, tonight, I suddenly had a vision of two men in my house, but in the eighteen-hundreds. They were there seemingly on friendly terms. Then one of them shot the other, since he thought he could get away with it by saying that the other man was an intruder. I saw the other man looking like he was starting to collapse to the floor, after he was shot.

February 6, 2018
[10:43pm PST]

I've had quite a paranormal day, today. Soon after nightfall, I was behind my house. I looked towards the front, and I saw a huge ghostly orb, high off the ground. It was about 15 or 20 feet in diameter, and it resembled a cloud, but the sky was cloudless. It was near the top of the utility pole. I started talking to myself about what I was seeing. It soon faded away. Then, I was in the house. I routinely checked the front door, to make sure it was locked. It was, but the lock bolt was backwards, from left to right. I've never inserted it from the left. I always put it in from the right. I soon concluded that a spirit or ghost had reversed it, because it couldn't have been me who put it in that way. A little while after that, I saw a ghostly orb next to the left arm of the couch. It looked about the same as the giant orb I had just seen outside, except this one was only about 5 inches in diameter. After a moment, it looked like it had morphed into some kind of shape, because I saw that it was not round. The thought came to mind that maybe it was tending towards the shape of a hand, especially since it was near the end of the arm of the couch. A little while after that, I spotted a large frightening spider in the recess of the wall, not far from that arm of the couch. I grabbed the electric sprayer, and spayed it, and the room, with pesticide. Soon after that, after thinking about the spider, I heard a very soft male voice say, almost inaudibly, "sweety pie?" After thinking about it for a moment, I concluded that he was referring to the spider. This is in the context that I've had a habit of talking to the creatures, including the spiders, as if they were precious and beautiful. I think the ghost maybe caused me to notice the spider, thinking I'd get rid of it, somehow. So, it seems that this ghost may be trying to protect me, and do me favors. I can appreciate that. I personally find spiders to be very scary.

I want to add, here, that I heard a similar ghostly voice tell me, weeks ago, or months ago, "don't sell it." I gave that some thought. I think he was referring to the house, like maybe he'd prefer to have me living there, instead of strangers.

Aside from the above, I had about three more instances of smelling the FNDS (female not-dry smell), when I was home, alone. Like I said about that phenomenon before, I believe it was a paranormal manifestation.

January 31, 2018
[7:53pm PST]

I was just reflecting on the many goings-on with lights, over the past couple of months. I'll break this down into possibly related parts.

Part 1) It is time for me to mention that the intermittent street light phenomena, in my previous neighborhood, has followed me to my current home. As you should remember, it was the street light nearest to my prior home which was intermittent. Well, the pattern is also found where I'm living now. First, I discovered, recently, that the nearest street lamp to my left was intermittent. Then, even more recently, I noticed that the nearest street lamp to my right was also intermittent, BUT I'VE NOT NOTICED ANY OTHERS TO BE INTERMITTENT.

Part 2) I mentioned my outside solar lights, and that I had an advance vision of them, before they existed at my place. Well, there were 8 of them, before that wind storm destroyed one of them. Then I started using similar lights for indoor lighting, bringing them inside at sundown. I added one from a different supplier, to my collection of six, bringing it to 7. I just noticed that the inside set and the outside set each now have 7, as if the wind storm and my caprice in picking up a different one were staged, to equalize both sets at seven each, but I didn't stage that coincidence intentionally.

Part 3) I seemed to see a different kind of decorative solar light on the front of a house down the road. At least I thought I had, but now I'm thinking that may have been another vision, similar to the one mentioned above. There were two of them. Then I picked up a pair of decorative lights that looked like the same kind (I couldn't resist them) and I installed them in front of my house. The resemblance to the way they looked "down the road" is uncanny. I feel I must conclude that so-called other house was really part of a vision or dream (a vision dream), especially since there are no other houses that resemble mine. It's as if that were a vision of what was to be decorating my own house, of the way my own house was to look, as it looks now.

Part 4) I also told you about the spooky moving, high color- temperature light event, of recently.

Now, for a attempt at some sort of explanation of a possible correlation. In hindsight, it seems that maybe that spirit light show, of part 4, was a hint that all these light coincidences are being staged paranormally. It also reminds me of something I read about in the past, about the possibility of a spirit imparting knowledge, or a vision, to one in one's sleep. I previously posted, here, on some of this, but now I realize that the system of events was still a work in progress, that there was more to come, and it has come, and maybe there is still more to come in this system. I want to emphasize that I didn't plan or stage this stuff. So, what will happen in the next exciting episode of Felix, the Cat? I couldn't resist saying that, since I've got a stuffed black toy that resembles Felix the Cat., and I used to watch that cartoon on TV in the nineteen-sixties. I mentioned that cat in a prior post.

January 27, 2018
[2:02pm PST]

1) I have more of the same, to start with. A couple of times, I found myself seeing fire in the stove pipe. It looked like there may have been a horizontal gap in the juncture between the two pieces of pipe, but no such gap exists. I then told myself that there was no gap, and I didn't continue to see the flames. These were two separate events, on two different days. I conclude that I spontaneously and clairvoyantly saw the flames through the metal pipes, without the pipes blocking my view. This reminds me of what Robert Bruce said, in Astral Dynamics, about seeing, in the OBE, what one believes or expects to see. I think it is the same effect, even though I wasn't in an OBE either of those times. Like I said, before, I live my life as if straddling the two realms, the astral and the physical.

2) A few nights ago, I was lying in bed on my side. I'm trying to remember if I had just awoken from sleep ( That's what I get for not writing this down sooner.). In any event, I started seeing lights increasing in brightness, and moving around in the house. These lights were of a high color temperature, about the same as the night lights I use in the house, which were on at the time. I applied logic to the situation, to try to figure out what was happening. At first, I felt apprehension that someone could be shining some kind of light into my house. I dismissed that idea, because there are no holes in the house to let such light in. The idea crossed my mind that maybe the night lights had gone wild, increasing in intensity. I quickly gave up that idea, too. My night lights don't have a wild side to them. They are very ordinary. I want to add that these moving lights lit up the house, which was an eerie effect. So, I come to the conclusion that the moving bright-light phenomenon was the work of a restless spirit.

3) I think I should mention, here, some misfortune I recently experienced. I had an unusually large amount of cash in my wallet. I had just received money from several sources. I had been feeling good about that luck. I soon discovered that a good thousand dollars, or more, had just vanished out of my wallet. I know I didn't spend it, because I'm very conscious of, and careful of, my spending. It tends to be difficult for any outsider to access my wallet, because I carefully watch over it. I don't want to reveal the details of how I keep my wallet secure. The only conclusion I can come to, about what happened to the money, is a paranormal one. Teleportation seems to be the only way that money could have vanished. But who could, or would, have teleported it? I have an even more-recent event that could be of a similar nature, along the lines of demonstrating the possibility of spontaneous, and accidental, teleportation. I recently bought a hanger for my stove pipe. When I was about to install it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Yesterday, I went back into town and bought another one. So, that spontaneously teleported, too? I have no other explanation, but I want to remind you of one of my earlier posts, in which I described the possibility that spontaneous teleportation may have moved my coffee mug into a different room. That was at least many months ago, before I moved to my current address; maybe over a year ago. Now, I wish to teleport the money back to me. It seems that some paranormal feats are more likely to happen spontaneously, rather than on demand. Teleportation could be in that category. I'm not trying to suggest it to be impossible. I remain open to that possibility, as with other paranormal phenomena.

January 4, 2018
[9:23am PST]

Last night (wee hours of this morning), I awoke to see a tall vertical swatch of light on the opposite wall. It appeared to be no more than a foot wide, and the edges were straight. What's odd is that I quickly dismissed it as being thrown by one of my solar night lights. I closed my eyes for a moment. I reopened my eyes, and that's when I started to think, or realize, that none of my night lights were in a position to throw a stripe of light like that. I was thinking that the light maybe was of paranormal origin. Then I was wondering if I was dreaming. Then I was thinking that if I were dreaming, then I must be lucid dreaming. Then I felt bothered, because it wasn't obvious at that time. Then I went back to sleep. Furthermore, I'm thinking this happened this approximate way before, recently, on a prior night. Now, even if I were lucid dreaming, then what was I seeing: 1) a real strip of light, 2) a dream version of a strip of light, or 3) a strip of light of paranormal, or ghostly origin? This is one of the most difficult experiences I've had to figure out.

[I want to mention, here, since I mentioned the problem here, that I turned off "predictive text," so my phone is behaving, now. I mentioned, recently, that I'd been having difficulty with the feature. It was getting worse, instead of better. It had become so bad that I felt forced to look for a way to shut the feature off. Now, my phone is acting like it should. They need to go back to the drawing board to fix "predictive text."]

January 2, 2018

I had another paranormal experience, of a sort, in a series of such type. Can you guess which type? Uh . . . well . . . I again spontaneously manifested the female not-dry smell. I think I'll make up and use an acronym for it. How about FND? Here's the noun form: FNDS. If anyone wants to know what I mean, they can consult an earlier such post of mine. Well, I was rounding the corner of my dish-washing bench, at home, and I quickly noticed the FND smell had just manifested. Again, I was alone at home. Like last time, it was not full intensity, as if it were being deluted by being swept up in the air swirls, as I walked. It kind of felt routine, this time, as it has already become commonplace for me. I believe I have coined new terms which the public has adopted. I wouldn't be amazed if this new acronym , I just made up, also catches on in popular usage. I think I told you that I originated the term, "nother," back in the late ninteen-seventies, and it has become fairly commonplace. Try to take notice if you hear it on TV.

January 2, 2018

I just experienced another seeing-through-the-wall event. I'm sure you remember my recent post about seeing the car taillight cruise by along the highway, and that I was seeing it through the opaque front outside wall of my house. Well, yesterday I similarly saw a car's headlight approach along that same highway. Just like before, I saw it as if there were a large gap in the side outside wall to view it through, but there is no such unobstructed opening in that wall. As well, my view was enhanced, as if I were benefiting from seeing the approach of the headlight through maybe a high definition closed circuit video setup, because my view was as if I were seeing it much closer. Even if there were such a gap in the wall, the approaching headlight wouldn't have looked that close-up. If I were that close to an approaching car, I would want to step out of the way. I was actually facing away from the highway, but looking over my shoulder. I'm tempted to categorize my paranormal experiences in various ways, but really all those modalities of perception are closely related. Especially this time, this could be labeled an instance of clairvoyance. Furthermore, this was spontaneous clairvoyance.

January 1, 2018

It happened, again, today. Earlier, I walked alongside the dishwashing bench, at home, and I again smelled the not-dry female smell. It didn't smell as strong this time, as if the scent were getting deluted in the swirl of air as I walked. For those who didn't read my earlier posts along these lines, the scent is manifested magickally, when I'm the only person at home. I think I may have been thinking about female excitement, again. The manifestation conforms so exactly to what's in my mind, that it even auto-adjusted the intensity to match the fact that I was causing air movement as I walked, which could weaken the smell. If this keeps up, I may have to consider myself female, I suppose, lol.

December 31, 2017
Alexandra, I just happened upon an article which quotes you, with regard to incarnates having sex with discarnates. I'll paste the link at the end of this post, but first I want to correlate this idea to an experience of my own. I think it was in the ninteen-ninties. I picked up a female hitchhiker in Hollywood, on either Sunset Bl. or Hollywood Bl. I mentioned this to you before, but I want to relate part of that to the ghost sex topic. First, to make a long story short, I want to say that she told me she was a ghost. I could readily accept that she could be a ghost and also look solid like a regular person. I accepted that. At one point, she invited me to the Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood, to have sex with her. By that point in time, I felt I couldn't trust her, that I felt unsafe with her, so I declined. I felt unsafe with her because she had said a lot of aggressive things during our time together. Coincidentally, years before, I had fantasized about having sex with a ghost. I was going to say that this encounter was the closest I ever came to living that fantasy, but I just remembered that I had sex with a ghost in 1974, in Hollywood. Today, she is extremely rich and famous. I know you'd recognize her name, but I won't include it here, in this post. Here's the link to that article I mentioned:

December 31, 2017

I almost hate to keep reporting this one effect, but I'm trying to be more or less complete in my posts here. About yesterday or the day before, I again suddenly smelled the female less-dry smell, while standing near the stove, at home. Just before writing this post, I sat in my chair, going over the event in my mind. I now suspect that I may have spontaneously auto-magickalled the smell by envisioning female excitement. I seem to be manifesting more magick, as time passes. I'm progressing, as far as that goes. I want to emphasize that the smell was full intensity, and indistinguishable from such a smell from a female source. It's like, if there were a number of people there, but only one female, the logical conclusion for the males would be that it was her giving off the sent. The increase in my magic pleases me. I, of course, wish to continue to increase my magickal powers. This event was an example of spontaneous, unexpected manifestation of magick. You can liken this manifestation to one produced at a seance, by a spirit. This is another example of astral or spiritual effect produced by an incarnate, namely myself. If a spirit, at a seance, had produced this smell, some would try to explain it as a manifestation through ectoplasm. Of course, if it happened at a seance, one would probably first suspect one of the females physically present. Hurray for me and my abilities.

1) Moments ago, I was looking at the screen of my smart phone. I clicked on the default weather link. In the moment while I waited for the new report to appear, I had the idea come to mind in a flash that the current time display would read 1:01pm. I noticed, in the interim, that the last time displayed by the last weather report was 12:05pm. Then I saw that the new current time being displayed was 1:01, exactly the time that the brief feeling told me would appear. Remember, in the past I told you about similar experiences of mine, with the exact time coming to mind before I checked.

2) I believe it was Wednesday, the 27th of this month (December). In the evening, after dark, I stood in my house, facing the inside front wall. I was soon seeing the taillight of a car moving at normal speed along the highway, to my right. What is remarkable is that I saw that as if there were a sizable vertical gap in that wall, BUT THERE IS NOT SUCH A GAP! Then logic quickly reminded me that seeing the car go by was "impossible," so then I wasn't seeing any cars go by while I continued to stand in that same position. So, this was another instance of my astral sight kicking in, unexpectedly. I literally saw the passing car as if there were no physical barrier there to block my view. I remind you that Sylvan Muldoon reported, in one of his books, that he was able to see people in their houses, as if there were no walls to block the view, BUT HE WAS DESCRIBING HIS OUT-OF-THE-BODY ASTRAL EXCURSION. This experience of mine also reminds me of the idea of experiencing an overlapping of the astral plane with the physical plane. This experience is also in line with other experiences of mine, which I described here, like tasting tastes and detecting colors and smelling smells, with astral-like abilities. A simple way to envision this is that being incarnate doesn't always block perceptions one would, or could have, if one were out-of-body. That is, some of those perceptions can come to one, even while in-the-body.

3) Last night, I was in bed, facing towards the bathroom. I heard a bump sound that sounded like it came from in or near that bathroom. Right away I saw a small swarm, in a global formation, of swirling orbs, which glowed brightly with high-color-temperature white light. I've got a night light that's on all night in that bathroom. At first I dismissed what I was seeing as a swarm of bugs reflecting the light of that night light. In hindsight, I realize that such a swarm of bugs could not reflect the weak light of the night light that intensely. They shone so bright that it was as if they had bright LED's embedded in them, and they looked uniformly bright. Furthermore, I was on their shadowed side, with respect to the bathroom night light. However, there is also another such night light between me and the position of that swam, at a height of about 4 feet. The one in the bathroom is at a height of about 7 feet. Still, the combined effect of both of those lights couldn't be expected to make them shine that brightly. Also, those "bugs" looked like they were much larger than ordinary house flies. About the only bugs that big that I've been seeing in my house are moths, but I never see them flying in a swarm like that. I'm now convinced that they were ghostly orbs. I told you before that that bathroom is the most haunted part of my house. This experience reaffirms that conclusion. Also, a couple of days ago, I visited the nearby cemetery, again. I started at the far end and worked my way along, until close to nightfall, at which time I returned home. I mention this because these other experiences are pretty soon afterwards. It seems that maybe one or more ghosts that linger at that cemetery maybe take interest in me after I visit that cemetery.

4) Also, this ties into the above account, about the ghostly orbs. During that browsing of that cemetery that day, I was reading the headstones. I came to a section of tiny graves of children. Many of them were unmarked, like maybe they died before they were given names. There was one which bore only the year, 1957, on the headstone. I soon had a vision about that child and his father, of when the baby was still alive.

5) Okay, maybe this section seems to be an example of grasping at straws, so to speak, but considering the foregoing, I feel it's worthy of inclusion, here. I think it was yesterday. I was standing next to the benchtop that I use to wash dishes. I saw a bug fly near me. It lit on the edge of the benchtop, close to me. I was trying to discern if that was a small bee, but it was too dark to see it that clearly. Suddenly, I felt myself recoil in fright from it. I don't normally react in fear that strongly to something like a bee. In hindsight, that reminds me of the dog at the cemetery, which stood firmly in place, pointed in my direction. He persistently barked aggressively at me, which was unusual, since dogs usually seem better disposed towards me. A youthful-looking lady called off the dog, which continued to point in my direction for a while. Also in hindsight, my reaction to that bee reminds me of my reaction to that dog, like maybe the dog and the bee were the same ghost, but appearing in different forms each time. ALSO, and interestingly, that bee sat in a crevice in the edge of the benchtop, which position could be symbolic of someone lying in a grave, as if the ghostly dog/bee were giving me a clue that it was a ghost. Jeez, I need to add something here, that I just realized. I just remembered my sister-in-law's deceased little dog, which she named Bee. She usually referred to it as Bee-Dog. How's that for a "coincidence." So, does this addition affect your ability to accept that there may be something to this bee/dog idea?

December 23, 2017
[4:54pm PST]

I've mentioned a lot of numerical coincidences here, and I want to be sure to add this one, also. On my home page, at, I have background music embedded into the page. Notice that the time length of it is 3:23. This is the same background music that was in place on that page, when I was wrongfully evicted from my last abode, by way of a phony power of attorney document. The coincidence is that it was a fake power of attorney over my mother, whose birthday is 3/23 (month and day). The eviction was related to her estate, and that background music was in place in my page during my relocation to my current home. By the way, I've been at my new home for over a half year, now. If my mother makes it to March 23, she'll have reached her 90th birthday.

December 7, 2017
[6:31pm PST]

I think I just figured out who all the figures are, in the top banner of my home page, at I've mentioned about the magical content before, which photo I snapped myself., with my own camera, years ago. I just experienced a quick series of realizations about who all those anthropoid images are, in the photo. The head of the man, between the bough and the trunk, is a guy I saw a couple of weeks ago, who was sitting outside, against the outside wall of a large commercial building. The angel figure, on the left, is an angel I recently saw in a vision, but in better detail in the vision. The man's head, on the right, is that of Richard M. Nixon. In the past, I've had visions of what Nixon had going on in his mind about something political. The cat, below the other figures, which is looking down, corresponds to a black stuffed cat toy I currently have in my house, which I acquired within the last six months. Now, to put all this into perspective, the content in the now years-old PHOTO was a paranormal prediction, ie divination, of my situational developments of this year, and especially of the last 5 to 6 months. That is, the angel vision was recent, the man at the commercial building was recent, and the stuffed cat is current.

December 7, 2017
[5:22pm PST]
I don't remember what day it was, but it was maybe 5 or 7 days ago. I was driving slowly through a neighboring community. Suddenly, it looked like I drove though a ghostly, translucent, white glow, which my right fender seemed to pass right through. It was a ghost, because that is definitely what it looked like, although it did not seem to resemble a person. I felt nothing as my fender passed through. In hindsight, I remember experiencing the same thing, in the same general area, but it's difficult to estimate how many weeks ago that earlier instance was. It may have been a couple of months ago. The ghost looked the same. Now, here's some background information, to put this into perspective. There is a cemetery in this community. I'm one of the few people who has shown any interest in the cemetery. I would drive slowly by it, sometimes, or I would sit in my car next to the cemetery. I've even mentioned the cemetery to one or two people living in the area. No one has been talking about the cemetery, except me. The cemetery is about 1.5 or 2 miles from where I live. It's like one of the resident ghosts of the cemetery took an interest in me, since no one else has been showing any interest in the cemetery. I know it would be more interesting if I revealed which area this was in, but I don't want to reveal, to the public, where I'm living.

2. I think I just figured out who all the figures are, in the top banner of my home page, at . I've mentioned about the magical content before, which photo I snapped myself., with my own camera, years ago. I just experienced a quick series of realizations about who all those anthropoid images are, in the photo. The head of the man, between the bough and the trunk, is a guy I saw a couple of weeks ago, who was sitting outside, against the outside wall of a large commercial building. The angel figure, on the left, is an angel I recently saw in a vision, but in better detail in the vision. The man's head, on the right, is that of Richard M. Nixon. In the past, I've had visions of what Nixon had going on in his mind about something political. The cat, below the other figures, which is looking down, corresponds to a black stuffed cat toy I currently have in my house, which I acquired within the last six months. Now, to put all this into perspective, the content in the now years-old PHOTO was a paranormal prediction, ie divination, of my situational developments of this year, and especially of the last 5 to 6 months. That is, the angel vision was recent, the man at the commercial building was recent, and the stuffed cat is current.

November 29, 2017
[6:18 pm PST]

Don't you just love that I have so much to say all the time? Okay, here's more. I recently read an article at, by Ellysa Chenery, about the much belated unmasking of the killer, in the old, 1940's, Black Dahlia murder case, in the Los Angeles area. The article was dated October 27, 2017. I include the date to make it easier to locate the article. What makes it worthy or appropriate for mention here is that I wrote a description of some of the events, on some website, of the killer and a man friend of his, as the situation unfolded, while she, Elizabeth Short, was still alive. I don't remember which web page or web site. It could take a long time of browsing web pages on the Black Dahlia case to find my comment, if it even is still online. In my long comment, some ten years ago, I confidently went into considerable detail, describing some activities of the killer, and those of a male (man) acquaintance of his, who he was discussing the murder, or planned murder, with. I want to first emphasize that the details I wrote about the murder were solely from my psychic perceptions of those events. I had no other info on it. All three of them, including Elizabeth Short, the murder victim, were riding along in the car of one of them. They were talking about various things. The subject matter is a bit indelicate, but her name, Short, reminded those two men of something unpleasant. Well, as things unfolded between all of them over time, the eventual murderer described how he would, or did, have E. Short in his bathtub, at home, with specific ideas about how he would kill her in the tub, or otherwise rework her body in the tub. Maybe he was describing how he already did such things to her in the way he described. The other man seemed pretty passive, rather than seeming like he wanted to participate. In hindsight, I now realize that, at one point, the killer was driving the other man to the open space along the road where he left the body. They were also standing around in the street near the killers home, afterwards, talking about the situation and the killing. It was a normal-looking middle class neighborhood. In my vision of this stuff, which I got the information from, I was like an invisible ghost, watching all this and listening to it, except for the actually killing blow-by-blow stuff. Now, here is a particularly interesting tie-in to the above-mentioned article. You should read it, and then reread this. The article described the murder as having been accomplished by two men (I already wrote about that some ten years ago.). The article also said that one of the two men had a hangup about having a small ... uh ... phallus (Remember I mentioned above about the name, Short, reminding the two men of something.). So, I already tuned into that detail, also, about ten years ago. So, this example is yet another case in point, of my solving a murder, or perceiving some of the details, solely through my psychic processes. I believe I've mentioned other murder cases to you, which I've solved psychically, as well.

November 26, 2017
[8:40 pm PST]

This one really made my jaw drop. I have a nightly routine of transferring some things from someplace to someplace else. I pay close attention while doing it, because I think it's important. Well, this morning, I was in the process of transferring them back, and to my amazement, it looked like one of the items never got transferred. I started theorizing about how maybe someone put it back the way it was while I was asleep, but that doesn't make any sense , and doesn't seem possible. All I can theorize about it is that maybe it was another example of teleportation. Remember my telling you of an earlier seeming example of that at my previous home? I didn't intend it to happen that time, either.

November 26, 2017
[8:10 pm PST]

Here's what I experienced yesterday, on Saturday. I took someone I know into a specialty shop, because she asked me to. I reluctantly bought her what she wanted, though my money is tight. It seemed I heard the cashier man clearly say the amount was $2.17. So, I hand him a twenty and the 17 cents, with the idea of getting back $18 even. He starts to count coin change to give me. I told him "I thought you said two seventeen. He replied that it was $2.79. Okay, nothing so strange there. Afterwards, I took her to a Taco Bell, since she wanted to go there, after I had told her earlier that I wanted to go there. I asked her if she wanted the same thing I was having, a value item, and she agreed. Now, here is the tie-in to the preceding. Can you guess what the Taco Bell cashier said the total was? It was that $2.17, exactly, that I thought I heard at the other place. Like I've said before, I don't believe in mere coincidences.

November 23, 2017
[9:24 pm PST]

Have you ever experienced something in your day-to-day life, and then some time later realized that what you experienced was paranormal, or "not explainable? I just had such a realization, a little while ago.

Here's what happened. In the not-too-distant past (in years), I was driving along some road, and the look of a particular building caught my attention. In particular, it had an array of lights that struck me as being like what I would install there, if the place were mine. Something in that was crying out to me, in a matter of speaking. I felt a strong mysterious bond with the house. It was almost like I felt it was mine, but I shrugged off that feeling, because it didn't make ordinary sense to me at that time.

Now, here is where this gets interesting. That place now IS mine. It is where I've been living for more than 5 months. Now, try to picture this as I describe it. When I was driving by my current house, years in advance, the house looked like it does now, but that has no ordinary explanation, since I custom-installed those lights myself, some months ago. So, now I have to explain how I was seeing the house with those lights way back then, years ago, when I hadn't installed them until much later. Well, I tend to view my life as taking place in both the astral plane and the physical plane at the same time. It is like I was peering into the future, seeing my then future house, and already feeling possessive of it (which feeling I shrugged off, as I said above).

Here is another fact to help you get the reality of this. There is no other building in the area that looks like my house, especially considering the above-mentioned array of lights, and also considering that it was viewed on the same side of the road, in the same area. Also, the lights were NOT part of a kit. They are a completely custom arrangement.

I want to emphasize that the house, and those lights, looked normal and solid and real, not hazy or ghostly. It was like a perception of that house being mine was already taking form in my mind, although I didn't realize at that time that the house really would be mine. So, to try to summarize the event and the effect, I say that it was like I was experiencing a prognostication/divination vision, in which I already felt a strong bond to this house, seemingly out of the normal time sequence.

November 21, 2017
[3:46 pm PST]

I have a couple more items:

1) I thought I was pretty much done with number "coincidences," but here are a couple I can't ignore. Notice that the dates of the last two posts, here, are 3 days apart. Also, the hours are 3 hours apart, and both have "19" in the minutes of the times of the posts. I want to emphasize that I didn't plan that. I just now noticed it.

2) I've had occasional coincidences happening in my life. Sometimes those coincidences smack of the paranormal. As a case in point (An expression I'm borrowing from the late Vincent Bugliosi.), I've had some curious "coincidences" happening with my tires, both on my car and on my trailer. A good several years ago, when my car still belonged to my mother, she told me that one of the tires had a leak. That turned out to be the right-rear tire. I finally got around to fixing that tire, a week or two ago. I'm real good, and experienced, at plugging leaking tires. When I fix them, they stay fixed. Now back to the coincidences. I popped off the wheel, and fixed that tire. I then put that wheel in the trunk, and put the former spare in that corner of the car. All was well . . . for a while. Then the former spare was seen to be having a slow leak, like the one that used to be in that corner of the car (right-rear). So, I bought another tube of plug glue, and I fixed that tire, too. So, that takes care of both of those. Now, both the spare and the right-rear tire are holding air very well. Then, I think the same day that I fixed that last tire (on the right-rear), I drove into town (a long distance). The newly-plugged tires were, and are, still holding air perfectly. Here's another tire event I hadn't bargained for. While looking for a particular business in town, I heard a noise that sounded suspiciously like a flat tire. So, I got out of the car and I took a look. I discovered that the left trailer tire was now flat. I knew that tire had a slow leak, but I hadn't topped up the air in over 5 months, however it didn't look flat when I was at home, before I left. The silver lining was that I was able to easily fix the trailer tire by buying an air chuck at a nearby store, to refill the tire. I offered to give the guy at the shop the air chuck in exchange for using his compressor to fill my trailer tire. The operation was a success. So, in effect, I fixed my trailer tire for free. However, what kind of force, if any, was causing all this trouble with tires? A message from . . . the spirit realm?  Well, whatever it was, like I said before, I stopped believing in mere coincidences.

November 16, 2017
5:19 pm PST]

Well, I learned something the hard way. I just learned to take the advice of the Tarot cards (if one can figure out what they are trying to say). The cards told me, pretty clearly, that I should pursue a job at one particular company, rather than another one. I continued to pursue the job at the company that the Tarot warned me about. The result was that an extremely dishonest company "medical doctor" pretended various quasi-medical mumbo-jumbo. He was making it up, like another fairytale. This was an example of extreme harassment by a "doctor." He ought to be reported to the AMA, however the whole field of medical people is dishonest, so it would seem unlikely to help. I obviously have NO REAL HEALTH PROBLEM which would prevent me from performing the job duties. Like I've known all along, medical people are some of the most heinous dishonest people in the world, and this was a case in point.

November 13, 2017
[8:19 pm PST]

1) I want to add to my last post, about astral or psychic smelling of the small amounts of dirt accidentally kicked up by my feet in an unpaved area. The same thing was continuing to happen in the same area, near my house. You can read my last post for some clarification. It felt like what is called "suffocating," the smell of the dirt and the suffocating feeling at the same time.

2) Today, on Monday, I was at a former loading dock, at a truck driving school. I was there for my first class in commercial truck driving. What was strange, or paranormal, was the fact that I recognized the loading dock as the same one in a psychic dream I had, maybe several years ago. I don't know what date I had that dream on. It is like my psychic faculty was telling me, during the dream, that I'd be there, at that particular loading dock. Well, today's experience proved the dream accurate, as I found myself there, for real.

October 31, 2017
[9:30 am PDT]

This is another multiple round of stuff from me. I would have posted it at about 10:00pm PT last night, but my internet connection was down due to a power grid blackout just before ten.
I've been working with angels, since I read a book dealing with angels, by Richard Webster. About a week ago, I had a vision of an angel looking down on me. I haven't been one to use the expression, "a religious experience," but that is what it was like for me. I've also sensed angels present when I called for them to help me. By reason of this, you could say I'm blessed.
I'm sure you remember about my accounts of psychic smelling, with my astral body, even while in my body. Well, also as much as a week ago, I had another one of those experiences. I was walking on dirt in my sandals, without socks on. I accidentally kicked up a little dirt, and I very vividly smelled the dirt, but I believe it was with that same modality of smelling with my astral ability, as if part of my astral body, in the area of my foot, had picked up the smell of the dirt.
Over two weeks ago, I came down with bronchitis and laryngitis and pneumonia. I was in pain and very miserable. I prayed for a rapid end to my suffering, for the illness to leave me quickly. Just as if I had pressed a button to turn off the illness, my symptoms soon lessened, and I was feeling much better. Prayer can work, if one is willing to pray.

October 10, 2017
[3:01pm PDT]

I was snooping around some old abandoned houses in back of mine, yesterday, when I briefly heard what could only be described as the voice of a baby's GHOST. It startled me because I was thinking there was no one else but me around. I was right about no one else being around, unless you include ghosts as possible others who may be around. What I heard sounded EXACTLY like a little baby who could have been lying down inside the very small, rundown house. Further snooping verified there were no other mortal beings around. Up to that point I was thinking how sad it seemed that the lives that were lived there were gone. No one was left there. There were signs of children having lived there, with a lot of toys and a playpen remaining. So sad, but at least one little GHOST remains.

October 2, 2017

[7:29pm PDT]

I want to add a detail or two to my visions I've had about my house. The two construction workers who built the bathroom of my house wore black vests and black derby hats. That style was current during the late 1800's, which is a strong clue that my house is well over a hundred years old. I want to emphasize that they wore the vests and derbies WHILE WORKING ON THE BATHROOM. How fashions have changed since then.

September 17, 2017

[9:10pm PDT]

I've mentioned that my house may be haunted. Well, it's been seeming that way, lately. A few nights ago, there were rapid rapping noises in the area of the bathroom. It gave me a very eerie feeling. I was home alone. There was also a loud crashing sound as of someone throwing a large sheet metal object against the back of the house, behind the same (only) bathroom. Also, about that time, maybe a day later, I found a cowboy style handkerchief, white with a black print, draped over the arm of the white plastic molded chair near the side door, inside. It was tied in a single knot, to connect two corners. I presumed that Debbie, the 36-year-old lady who's been around a lot, was the one who put the scarf there. But, just today, or yesterday, she asked me about it, so it wasn't her who put it there. She's the only one, besides myself, who has had any access to the inside of my house. So, that suggests the idea of maybe a ghostly manifestation of the scarf. What else could it be? Also, many weeks ago, I had a vision of the bodies of murder victims being in my septic system. The vision was of at least one man and one woman lying dead in my septic system. To go along with this information, I want to add that I've been hearing stories of former residents of my house dying. One of them, a lady, was murdered. The one account of it described a gruesome murder. And just today I was talking to another old lady who said she was a good friend of the lady murder victim. I've got an AA (presumably Alcoholics Anonymus) ID badge of hers that I found in my house with her name on it. Her first name was Sandy/Sandra. I won't mention her last name here. They were both old when they died (at different times). The man's first name was Ed, but likewise I won't reveal his last name here. For what it's worth, I also found the old expired California driver's license of a young man in his 20's, in my house. No one has told me a story that I can connect with him. He had red hair and blue eyes, and his first name was Wesley. I won't reveal his last name here. I've had other miscellaneous visions of former residents of this house. In one vision, a man parked his model T/A car in my single car attached garage. In another vision, a madame of this house encouraged the men customers of the prostitutes, that operated in the area close to a hundred years ago, to bath first. She was standing in or near the same bathroom of this house, discussing this idea with maybe about two other people. In another vision, that madame was sitting at a table in the north side room, talking to a man. In another vision, two construction worker men were building the bathroom of this house. They were told or encouraged to do sloppy work, so the house would be done sooner. The workmanship of the bathroom was very poor, as is still visible conspicuously, to this day. Backtracking, the lady I was talking to today, said the name of the lady, who would correspond to the murder victim, was Susan, but then I said "Sandy?" and she said that was the name (Sandy).

August 26, 2017
[2:50pm PDT]

I've been so busy, this "new" entry to my journal is over a month old. I accidentally wrote ones, for January, although these entries were made in July. They are a small fraction of the paranormal experiences I've had since I relocated.
1) At about 1:50am, on July 20, 2017, I had just gotten home. I entered my house. Soon, I was seeing a ghostly ball of white light move a short distance in my kitchen. It quickly disappeared.
2) On July 22, 2017, A former resident of my neighborhood (a lady, maybe in her 50's), was on my porch taking photos of across the street. I approached her and started talking to her. She told me that her grandfather operated the gas station across the street (which has long since closed down). It is to the south of my house. He operated it in the 1960's. She told me she and her family had lived in two different houses on the east side of the street, the same side as the gas station was on. The building looks like a relic of the past. She told me her mother operated the restaurant across the street from the gas station. Before she arrived and told me this historical stuff, I had a vision of her grandfather being told by some disagreeable man that the auto mechanics shop was not part of the gas station business, but the grandfather had told him that it was. So, I asked her about the mechanics business. She told me that it WAS part of the same business as the gas station. So, that verified my vision, that they were related business operations. Of course the grandfather KNEW they were jointly operated. The other man was just some kind of a trouble-maker. I didn't tell the lady about my vision, but maybe I should have. There were some other people in her parked car, which was right in front of my house. She seemed to be in a hurry. It is a wonder of the world that I even got a chance to talk to this lady about the history of those places. She, and the others in the car, just dropped by, unexpectedly, one afternoon. That, in itself, seems like a likely paranormal event, especially since I had only been living there for a little over a month.

July 13, 2017
[1:37pm PDT]

My new home has UFO's, too. On the second night, I was feeling a little spooked by the ghostly poltergeist stuff, so I decided to enjoy the cool night air by sleeping outside, to give me some time to adjust to things. Well, I was staring straight up in the sky, not thinking about UFO's, and I saw two of them, one right after the other. One was moving, and looked something like a large white star. After that, I saw one that seemed to have a visible field surrounding it. The extent of the round, translucent/transparent field made the visible diameter of the moving object much much larger than the first object. They were definitely moving faster than a jet. I didn't hear anything. They were completely silent. They weren't moving in straight lines. The first one moved in sudden sharp angles. One such angle was a right angle. Earthly aircraft can't do that. The second, with the field, moved in smooth side-to-side curves, and just sort of disappeared. The first disappeared. After that, the second one appeared and disappeared. By the time I saw the second one, the first had already disappeared.

July 12, 2017
[12:45pm PDT]

Here's an update on what's happened to me. I've been living in a trashed old house with no water or electricity or gas or telephone or internet access. I've been living there for 3 weeks, now. Right away, I believed I was experiencing poltergeist activity, but the noises from all the little wild critters blurs the distinction. One day, I discovered that some critter had eaten half of the dry ramen noodles in a previously unopened packet (at least I think it had been unopened). Well, under my circumstances, I ate what was left in the packet. I devised a little wood-burning stove, and it's been working fabulously for me. I got one trailer load of stuff here with me, but there is much more of my possessions which I left back at where I came from, and I want to return for the stuff. My sister already discontinued the old phone number. I know because I dialed it last night, when I stopped at a store which had a rare pay phone. Pay phones are very rare in California. My feet and ankles and lower legs have been swollen like balloons from all the extreme circumstances I've experienced so far. I'm about to apply for disability benefits, because I can't really take a job with much walking, because of the swollen condition of my lower appendages. At least I'm still alive, if that's any help. Last night, I did the hero thing, and drove a young lady of 35 years of age back to her sister's apartment 75 miles from my new place. That was 150 miles, round trip. She thanked me profusely, telling me I saved her life. Now, this looks like another psychic event, so you can consider this post that, too. Before we left for her sister's place, I estimated that it was a 75-mile drive. She said it was only about 50 miles, but I was the one who was right. I looked at the odometer readings from her sister's and from when I got back, and the mileage came to EXACTLY 75 miles, one-way. I did it again, with my mysterious way of knowing. I'm still open to living in your guest house. If you don't have one, make one for me. Thanks.

June 10, 2017
[4:04am PDT]

1) Yesterday, I experienced another astral/psychic sensation. This time, I had just washed my hands in the bathroom sink, and I was moving my hands in the direction of the towel hanging from the towel rack. Midway, I experienced the powerful taste and smell of the soap, which I had already rinsed off of my hands. The idea was that I was experiencing the slight amount of residue on my hands, but it came through very strongly. The idea that came to mind was really that the residue on my hands was very thick, thicker than pancake syrup, but it was not. The smell and taste were so strong and so surprising that I was taken aback for a moment, while I thought about what I was experiencing. My advice is that any time one unexpectedly experiences something inexplicably strongly, for the given circumstances, one should think about these accounts of mine, to give the idea some thought.

2) A few years ago, I went to a house that had garage sale items some guy was giving away. What was odd was that a man left a trailer at the curb, and that man reminded me strongly of Jesus. He came over to me and said something to me, and then he left. A while after that, the few people of the house I was visiting were grumbling about the guy leaving his trailer there. I did bring home some free items, for what it's worth. Okay, that was then. Now, maybe less than a week ago, I made a stop at a popular dump site, to see if anything left was valuable enough to sell online. I no sooner parked my car, and I see a pickup truck drive by on my left and park a little ahead of me. What was different about this man is that he reminded me of the Almighty! He had the kind of looks that would seem to fit a bible illustration of the Almighty, replete with long white beard. Even the way he spoke to me reminded me of that role, although subtly. This man was picking through dumped items, like me, but he was talking like he was well-off, making a fortune on things, here and there, like the time he made $100,000 on something. He said he has 48 or 49 trailers, with arrangements for businesses to fill them with discards he can sell. He told me about how he nabs beachfront properties for about free, with a kind of technique. He didn't make it clear what his technique was. One wouldn't expect this kind of talk from a scrounger, so it reinforces the incongruity of it all, as if he were hinting that he really were the Almighty. So, do I believe this to be a series, in which I first met Jesus, and then I met the Almighty Father? If so, what next?

3) I've got more to say about the banner at the top of this page, with the cemetery scene. Remember my saying that even inanimate objects have a spiritual nature, and the billowy look about objects in the photo was really spiritually caused, rather than being distortion? Well, here's another detail that provides a hint or clue about that. Notice that the square stone, closest to the lower-right corner, appears to have eyes and a nose and a gaping mouth.

June 5, 2017
[6:03pm PDT]

Here's today's item. Last night, I finally made myself fix the floor jack (for lifting cars, etc.) I bought at a swap meet some years ago. I was never able to use it, because the connecting link broke right away. Well, I set about making a better-than-new link of my own design. After a few hours a messing around, I finally realized that the link design which flashed to mind soon after buying it was the best possible way to go. I did it that way and it looks like it is about like the theoretical ideal design. The paranormal tie-in is that the exact right way to fix the jack came to mind early on, in a flash of insight. After I let the jack set for years, I finally got busy fixing it, only to discover that the flash of insight was really the best design option for it. So, it's like I received that insight psychically early on, and it just proved itself in the shop when I made the actual repair on the jack. I ought to contact the manufacturer to see if I can sell the design to them as a change-letter revision to their working drawings. My design is WAY better than theirs, by far.

Ah, but there's more. This flash of insight came while I was still at the swap meet, before I even knew that the jack needed fixing. I didn't realize that it needed fixing until I got it home and tried it out. Now that's timely psychic information.

June 2, 2017
[12:17am PDT]

Here are a couple more recent items.
1) Earlier today, I started to reach for a can of soda out of one of a series of opened 12-pack boxes in a row, in the garage. I found myself feeling confident that the one I was about to grab, from the third box from the left (I have them in a fixed order) , was really the next one. I paused momentarily to think about it. Then I looked down into the open tops of the boxes, and I was right. The third box was the next one, in order, for me to take a can of soda out of. Sometimes, this psychic information comes quick and easy and by surprise, like this time. I realized the assumption was coming to mind inexplicably, so after the pause I took a look, and verified that my quick easy presumption was right.
2) Also earlier today, I read an email from someone who's interested in something I advertised online. The email said she would want to come over in the early afternoon, the next day (which would be today, since it's now after midnight). The impression, 1:30pm (exactly, not 1:15, not 2:00, etc.) was coming to mind very forcefully, like somehow the time was announcing itself to me by some mysterious process. Well, a little while ago, well into the night, I checked my email again. Maybe you can guess what that same lady said, in regard to the same advertised item. She said she wants to come by at "130 [sic]." So, I'm right again, right on the dot.

May 31, 2017
[5:26am PDT]

Here are a couple more OBE items.

1) Yesterday, I found myself out of body in someone's home (I don't want to say whose home). The woman told me, "get out!," with an obvious lack of grace. This was during my sleep period for the day.

2) Also yesterday, I found myself out of body in the general area of the forward part of my house. I was seeing both the inside of the house and the inside of the attic at the same time. I especially saw the brownish color of the rafters of the attic, which wouldn't be very distinguishable with normal physical eyesight. The attic looked more illuminated than it would have looked to normal physical eyesight, with no normal physical light turned on up there. This was also during my sleep period for the day.

May 28, 2017
[5:30pm PDT]

I have a few things to report, this time.

1) The other day. I peeled a banana to eat it. I had one of those tender banana strands in my fingers as I walked towards the sink. Suddenly, my astral smell kicked in, and I was smelling banana in an extreme way, that's probably not possible with the normal physical sense of smell, even if holding the whole banana up to one's nose. I was having the idea that this powerful smell was from this little strand. It was one of those extreme perception events one has to experience to believe. Ah ha! I just realized something about this. Remember me telling you about my smelling a wooden popsicle stick, THROUGH MY ASTRAL FINGERS, while holding a popsicle, with the smell coming to me so powerfully? The smell of the wood was coming through big-time. I believe this was the same effect, but this time I was holding a banana in one of my hands. Yeah, I can smell by way of my astral self coming in contact with something, and this was another instance of it. It doesn't have to be the area of my astral self near my nose. I can smell with the area of my astral self in or near my fingers, while touching or holding something with my hand. I experienced this sort of thing a very long time ago, too.

2) I've had the feeling for a long time that the "Family Trust" my family was trying to annihilate me with was fake. Upon finally seeing it at the so-called "trial," I verified that. I'm certain it's a fake, and my father's signature is a poor imitation (forged). The document purports to sign over my mother's rights, power-of-attorney style. My father didn't have the right to sign over my mother's rights, even if that was his real signature (which it definitely was not). That was a long time ago, and my mother was mentally competent. So, I'm now certain that the trust is fraudulent. I intend to send that corrupt commissioner to prison. He was on the payroll of the corrupt plaintiff's attorney. They both must go to prison. So, my point in mentioning this again, is that I knew, in that special way, that the trust was fake. Now I've verified it, to my own certainty.

3) Of course you remember my story about the background music I added to this page, that it was in one of the Friday the 13th movies, and so on. Well, I want to mention another detail that ties into it. In the 1960's, when I was a kid of about eight, I fell into the pool at my friend's house. His name was Martin (which is another symbolic tie in, since Martin is a famous/coveted guitar brand). He fished me out with a long pole of a type used for pool maintenance (maybe with a net on the end). As you can probably deduce, I didn't drown. The experience did scare me, though, while it was happening. The tie in is indirect, by way of my music being in one of the movies of that series, and by way of the background storyline detail of Jason having DROWNED at about the same age as I was when I experienced a near/potential drowning. Jason, as you know, if you have watched those movies, is the small boy who drowned  "due to the negligence of those overseeing the camp." It would seem that the whole idea of Jason paranormally attacking and killing people, in the wake of his having drowned, was like Jason inflicting punishment for his untimely demise on all who subsequently stayed at that Crystal Lake camp. That setting was supposed to be New Jersey, by the way. It could be hard to find that detail from watching the movies. So, there you have it. That juxtaposition of details is like a paranormal/heavenly certification of authenticity that this classical guitar music is definitely mine, which I know, anyway, since I remember creating it, so long ago.

May 23, 2017
[8:23pm PDT]

I just was given another sign by Our Lady of Fatima. Her picture fell from its perch on the wall, onto some articles on the floor, nearby. It was timed with a thought I was having. Guess what it was about. Well, I was thinking about something as I turned right into the west kitchen doorway. While standing still, partway into that doorway, I was thinking about how I'd like to send my sister to prison for forging my late father's signature to the fraudulent document she used to illegally get a writ of possession issued against me, to sick the Sheriff's Department on me, to kick me out of my rightful home in my mother's house. Yeah, the same house my mother pleaded with me not to move out of. My sister accomplished an amateurish imitation of my late father's signature on the so-called "Malinowski Family Trust" document, which read like a durable power-of-attorney declaration, to establish "legal" control over my mother, who so-called is "incapacitated." She's really capable of deciding for herself that she wants to continue giving me support. Oh, that's another part of the pattern! My sister staged it all to steal my rightful home and my rightful share of the inheritance of my mother's estate. One of the defects of the document was that my mother wasn't "incapacitated" then. Another defect is that it wasn't for my father to decide to grant power of attorney over my mother. It was legally none of his business, so to speak. A third defect was that the document read like a power-of-attorney document, rather than a trust document. The plantiff team was obviously grasping at straws, in building a weak case against me, because they had no way to build a strong case against me. I absolutely know that document is fraudulent, because I absolutely know that my father's "signature" on it is a forgery. She antedated it five years before my father died, to make it plausible that it could be real, but it's definitely not. That document and signature are both fraudulent, as well as the so-called "Malinowski Family Trust," as an entity. That "trust" is as fictitious as Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin. It well may be considered one of the most extreme examples of fraud in history. But you know what? Sheriffs and their deputies don't give a rat's ass about victim's of career criminals operating under color of office, even within the courthouse. Police don't care how illegally or unfairly a writ or order is obtained, because they just want to put in their time on their shift and go home.Their own occupation is yet another form of organized crime, aka racketeering, in effect. By rights, any sheriff who would knowingly honor an illegally obtained writ of possession, such as the one the criminal court commissioner granted to my sister, ought to be brought up on malfeasance and racketeering charges, and sent to the big house (prison), which is yet another variety of eviction (getting busted and sent to jail or prison). Yeah, sometimes eviction is warranted, as when a person deserves to go to the big house (pun intended). Of course, not all houses are created equal. Who can doubt that? So, what was Our Lady of Fatima trying to tell me, with regard to my wanting my sister to go to prison? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of . . . this saga.

Oh, by the way, it's the 83rd anniversary of the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, in the shoot-out of May 23, 1934. Yeah, my sister, Carol, and oldest brother, Chester, could definitely be compared to Bonnie and Clyde. There's a lot of commonality between the two pairs.

I just got another sign from Our Lady of Fatima. I just sent a FAX to my evil sister, about her crimes against me, and during the transmission, the modem sounds were audible, and I hadn't turned those sounds back on, and there was no one here but me, in this house to turn the sound back on. I copy and paste that FAX message here, in its entirety:

To Carol:

Pack your bags. You're going to prison. Mondo and Silverstein are going to prison, too, because Silverstein bribed Mondo (something like an ongoing shady contractual basis, aka as malfeasance and racketeering under color of office). Mondo blitzed me with countless violations of my rights, to effect forcing the decision against me, in cahoots with that criminal shyster, Silverstein. That fraudulent document has more defects than Bonnie and Clyde's car after the May 23, 1934 shootout that killed them. Yeah, it's the 83rd anniversary of their demise. What a striking similarity between Bonnie and Clyde and you and Chet.

What I can tell you, now, is that you ought to be hoping and praying to the high heavens that the illegally gotten writ of possession is NOT executed against me. Because if it is, that seals your fate, because I would relentlessly pursue charges to have you spend your remaining twilight years serving hard time in prison, guaranteed. You need me to not be forced out of the house, guaranteed. Bank on it.

Sincerely not yours,
Uncle SAM

ps: It's a shame Sing Sing is so far away, because it matches your first name (as in Christmas carol). Ft. Leavenworth is much  closer, though. Or how about Terminal Island, where Charlie Manson last served time, before being released before Tate-LaBianca.

May 22, 2017
[2:32am PDT]

It was either yesterday or the day before that I experienced some clairgustience. I know that different authors use different words and spelling for this. What I mean is psychic tasting. It was during the daytime, when I was having some Neapolitan ice cream. I was almost finished eating the small bowl of ice cream when something unexpected happened. Suddenly I was tasting coffee ice cream. The taste was full-bodied, like I really had coffee ice cream in my mouth for a moment. Then it passed. As an additional note, I was just looking up the spelling and definition of this again, because I don't like to risk a mistake with terminology or even with spelling. One author said that psychic sensations, like clairgustience, for instance, are one way that spirit communicates with a person. She said that spirits will sometimes use such an experience to get one's attention if they fail to otherwise. So, I suppose some disembodied person was around at that moment. But who? I'm not in a habit of associating, in real time, a clair-something experience with a spiritual entity being around. I also suppose that a spirit was around on those occasions when I experienced the strong smell of perfume, when there was no physical perfume event happening in the house.

May 20, 2017
[12:56am PDT]

A while ago, hours before midnight (on the 19th), I had another anticipation experience. This time the idea came to mind without the words. A female TV news reporter was reporting about a mountain lion that visited a house. It could be seen lying under the vehicle parked outside the house, during the daytime. When she was about to say the approximate weight of the cougar, the idea of 100 pounds came clearly and prominently to my mind, but without the words. A brief moment later I heard her say, "about a hundred pounds," referring to the animal's weight. I was right, again.

Also before midnight, but closer to it, I dumped a bag of smoky links into a frying pan. I was thinking that was ABOUT 40 tiny sausages. After they were finished frying in the pan, I counted them as I transferred them, one by one, into a bowl. I didn't recount them, but the count turned out to be 41. So, I wasn't off. The idea was ABOUT 40, and the count of 41 satisfies that.

May 18, 2017
[10:39pm PDT]

Here's another instance of something. Today, while watching daytime TV news, I again anticipated a detail before the lady newscaster said it. She was talking about a police chase. She said that the suspect was on the 605 freeway, and turned onto the I-5 freeway. This was a recounting of what happened earlier in the chase, with no indication on the screen from which to make a guess. I got the distinct impression of northbound just before she said it. Maybe I should try to journal all of such instances as I experience them. If I accumulate enough instances of the sort, it would tend to be more convincing than just an isolated few. Maybe I should keep a notepad at hand when I watch TV, so I can quickly jot down such notes.

May 17, 2017

[9:51pm PDT]

Here's another example of life being stranger than fiction. This example is also paranormal. I hesitated to mention this one, but I feel safe to do so, after giving it some thought for many days and weeks. That guitar music I embedded into my paranormal page is my own creation. I don't remember what year it was, but it was a long time ago, because it made it into one of the Friday the 13th movies. There are eight movies in that series. What happened is that I was hearing some classical guitar music in that time frame of decades ago (nineteen-eighties). It got me thinking that I ought to be able to create something that sounds like it fits in that category. I got on my guitar and gave it a try. I used some speeding up and slowing down in one portion of it, to give it a classical feel. In another portion I felt like I was making my guitar sing by controlling the tonal qualities of some notes. It is a very beautiful effect, and I'm very pleased with that one. In another portion of it, I realized that my timing was being determined by the speed of my fingers rather than the timing qualities I felt the piece should really have there. It made me feel like I needed to improve my playing to do justice to my own creation. Also, there was one effect I couldn't avoid, no matter how I tried. The undesired effect was string noise, the kind that sometimes happens when the finger slides longitudinally along the string. I knew that wasn't desirable, but I couldn't make it stop. But uncannily, that recording sounds just like it did when I played it. What I did is I telepathed the music out into the show business realm. In so doing, I intended for it to be used in something in the show business realm. I had forgotten about it until I heard it in one of the Friday the 13th films on cable TV, not long ago, maybe the 3rd or 4th in that movie series. It didn't connect in my mind right away that it was mine. It did strike me as seeming maybe familiar. It did intrigue me greatly. I did an internet search and found a copy of it. In listening to it a number of times, it finally came back to me as being the one effort I made, many years prior, at creating my own classical guitar piece. It sounds so true to the way I played it, including the above-mentioned effects and defects, that it's like I really succeeded in creating a faithful copy in the ether, which someone was able to grab and put into the movie. I never put in onto paper into sheet music. It was completely free-style playing. Who ever heard of such a set of effects? But I swear it is exactly as I state it here.

[comment, my own]
[4:47am PDT]

I found a comment on the internet, weeks ago, about this recording. The person apparently knew, psychically, that I was the one who played it, and whom it was from, because he said it was by Steve. I was that very Steve.

[comment, my own]
[4:55am PDT]

Also, note that the digits of the times of posting, of this message and the above comment about it, both add up to six. I didn't stage that effect.

May 15, 2017

[6:06am PDT]
It happened again. This should be looking like a pattern, by now, and it is. Last night, Sunday, the 14th of May, while watching American Pickers, Mike or Frank was discussing the price of another item with a seller. In the pause while some thinking was going on, $500 came to mind. Wouldn't you know it? That was the exact price that was stated when the silence ended. I wish I had written up the other example, recently. I've been getting these right a lot, lately, and not by guesswork, in the ordinary idea of it. This is paranormal. I've actually been doing it for years, without really paying much attention to it. Now I'm sure it's paranormal.

Also, the paranormal street light outage happened again, recently. It was out only briefly, while I was looking out the window. Two of them were out at the same time, but the others were on. Then they came on while I was still looking out the window.

[comment (my own)]
[6:10am PDT]
Here's another number coincidence to go with this. Notice the posting time: 6:06am. This coincides with the highway 606, in a mild horror movie I recently saw on cable: Wind Chill. Also, I had a vision about a mature man spirit telling me that the story in this movie didn't really happen.

May 9, 2017
[3:36pm PDT]

I've been very occupied with more mundane personal matters, lately. Also, I don't always report every paranormal happening that I experience, for personal reasons or convenience. What I'm pleased to report this time is another anticipation of what someone on TV, in a prerecorded TV show, was about to say. Then he said it, which confirmed my freaky "this is one of those" feelings. This time, the TV show was American Pickers. Mike and Frank were with some guy who had a bunch of old professional microphones on display. The guy just described ribbon mics as being one of the best of its era. Mike had one he had picked up someplace. It had some similarity in appearance to the ribbon mic the guy had there. The guy agreed that it looked like it probably was a ribbon mic, especially since the model number started with "RB." Now here's the part of interest. Mike asked the guy how much he could hope to get for his own mic. The guy took a little time as he thought about it. I had a flash come to mind of $500. It was one of those gut wrenching feelings, with nerve sensations throughout my body, as I thought about this figure, $500, that just came to mind. Then the guy resumed talking, and the figure he quoted was EXACTLY $500. I did it again! I did this anticipation thing recently, with another show on TV, but I don't remember the details, offhand. It's like I can tell, in advance, sometimes, what the person is going to say on TV, even though the show is NOT in real time.

April 26, 2017
[3:15am PDT]

I've had some visions related to my personal situation, lately. I've been looking for possible places to relocate to, in case the dishonest, criminal eviction "lawyer" manages to get me unfairly evicted from my rightful home. I was searching buildings and houses with satellite images, since the appearance of these places tells me various things about them. Seeing some of these places in max zoom mode triggered some visions. In one such vision I found out where some illicit drug manufacturing is being done in an otherwise abandoned large commercial building. I had another vision that told me the San Bernardino police don't really care about this drug gang.  Actually, there are more than one large commercial/industrial buildings being used to illicitly manufacture street drugs in the area. In yet another vision I found out that the eviction "lawyer" is more of a criminal than I thought, who could be tempted to follow me to other areas to harass me. In the context of a system of visions I've been having over a number of years, I know that there are various bad guys in these out-of-the-way localities who lie about ownership of properties for the purpose of harassment. This whole bunch of visions has been ominous, but it serves an important role in tipping me off as to what to expect.

[item two]

Starting about in the 1990's, I've found that, in hindsight, some of the used possessions I've accumulated have been the same or similar to ones owned by my brother-in-law. The earliest example is a Fisher stereo equalizer that looks like the one he had in the 1970's. Another example is the red portable generator I bought a few years ago. It looks just like the one he used for construction jobs in the 1970's. Today, I came across some free off-road wheels with sand paddle tires, of the sort he used to have in his garage in the 1970's, plus one that resembles those on more modern small off-road vehicles. There is something to this system of coincidence, because I don't believe in mere coincidence. He and my sister are the one's trying to kick me out of my mother's house with the aid of the gangster "lawyer." I believe he planned to steal my inheritance at least as far back as the 1960's. That was another vision I had, recently. I believe it. I noticed that the music, L'estasi dell'oro, from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, is 3:23 long. That's a number coincidence, as 3/23 is my mother's birthday. Clint Eastwood, arguably the biggest star of the movie, is only a couple of years younger than my mother. This reminds me of theme music for an Old-West style shoot-out encounter over possession of my mother's house. I'd prefer to use modern grenade launchers against them, if I had a choice. Any sheriffs personnel who would help these criminals evict a rightful resident, like me, would have to be considered gangsters/illegitimate. Government should only be used for honest purposes, not to help gangsters steal houses. You can listen to this piece of music by clicking this link:

April 17, 2017

[1:51am PDT]

Over the years, I have on occasion experienced something which I had no explanation for. Then, recently, I felt amazed when watching the TV show, Long Island Medium, to hear Theresa mention the very phenomenon. She asked someone if they had felt cold or heat passing through them. She then told them that it was the spirit of the departed passing through them. In my experience, the sensation goes beyond the mere feeling of cold or cool or hot or warm. There is an odd feeling that goes along with it, which feels like a sort of energy wave, for lack of a better way to describe it. The feeling also reminds me a little of the uncomfortably cool sensation when getting into a swimming pool, when the feeling is sort of taking your breath away, for a moment or two. I don't recall the thought having crossed my mind that it may have been a spirit passing through me, like a strange visitor which moves through people as a matter of routine. I intend to keep the idea in mind, so when I experience it in the future, hopefully I'll make the connection in my mind.

Also, I want to mention that all the paranormal TV shows seemed to have suddenly disappeared from the TLC channel, except for the Long Island Medium show, which is still on. I think I ought to contact TLC, to ask them what happened to the shows.

[6:39pm PDT]

I was going to tell you about this one behind the scenes, through the messaging system of your website, but I just changed my mind about it. This is worthy of public mention. I just added a banner image to my paranormal page. It is an old graveyard, with a caption I added. What is especially interesting is the auras, which are visible around a headstone and around the cross in the foreground, and also even around the line where the ground meets the sky, in the background. Yes, even inanimate objects have auras. They are tied into the spiritual realm. In the past, I would have concluded that the billowy outlines were just graphic distortions, but not now. My interpretation, now, is in line with the commonly held belief in such auras and spirits of "nonliving" objects. The idea put forth by some is that these seemingly lesser spirits can evolve, over time, to spirits of ever greater entities, like animals and even humans. Here is the link to my page, to make it easier to visit, to see my new banner image, with the above-mentioned auras:

April 16, 2017
[11:28pm PDT]

[item one]
It is becoming routine for me to take a quick look, clairvoyantly, when I want to know something, and fortunately, it's been working. Yesterday, or the day before, I wanted to know if a particular store I shop in had a used computer box for sale. I just focused quickly on the bench where I'd expect to find one, to find out if they had one. I was really focusing on rough appearances, like something standing upright like a computer tower. I saw exactly one, and no more, along that particular bench. Soon afterwards, I drove over there to take a look in person. Yes, there was such an electronics box standing upright where I saw it clairvoyantly. Unfortunately, it wasn't a computer, so it did me no good. I could have tried to fine tune the clairvoyant search, but I just used the idea of rough appearances. So, along those lines, I was spot on, again, especially since there was only one looking like that, just like I saw it clairvoyantly.

[item two]
I think it was earlier today, when I was sitting at the kitchen table, during the day. Suddenly, I distinctly smelled a burning cigarette. The smell was as strong as if someone were right there smoking. However, no one has smoked in my home for over two years, and I quit smoking over 29 years ago. So, this is another example of picking up a scent, unexpectedly, by clairolfaction.

While I'm on the subject of clairolfaction, I have more to say. I hope it doesn't seem too risqué, but it's something I'd like to mention. Over many years, I have repeatedly found myself smelling what I may try to describe, delicately, as a feminine smell. One of the earliest such times was some years ago, at a restaurant. I presumed that the stimulus of my being there and thinking what I was thinking was causing one of the waitresses to . . . um . . . become less dry. I would smell such a smell at various times at various places, and always unexpectedly. Then, at some point, some years ago (not so many years), I found myself smelling that smell when walking by the hall which leads to my mother's room. It brought the idea to mind that she must have been feeling her oats, which would be maybe amazing, at her relatively advance age. I again found myself smelling that smell, recently, with no female around. So, that is the one smell I pick up on most frequently, by clairolfaction. Ah . . . maybe I have so many females thinking about me that . . . the smell reaches me through the ether.

[item three]
Last night, or the night before, I again saw the street lamp, across the street, go out, and a short time later, come back on. So, this is yet more evidence that that system in still active. I intend to group related material, when I write the final draft for this journal, to go in a published book (at least I sure hope it would get published). That way, a brief mention of something, with this as an example, can go without further explanation, because it would be embedded in a section with other related events, to put it all into perspective. One can search this journal for "street lamp," to find such related material.

April 11, 2017
[4:42am PDT]

Yesterday, during my sleep period, I found myself on another astral journey. I encountered a young man on a path that tried to attack me with a large knife. There is hazy sunlight. There were others on the path ahead of us. With my astral prowess, I easily subdued him. Let that be a lesson to him. Then I found myself in an area where a foreign language was being spoken. I didn't recognize which language it was. Then I found myself in an area where English was being spoken (a different region). Then the scenery started to get very intriguing, but it wasn't wilderness scenery. It looked like there were interesting things in the making around. Then I found myself in a room where I heard piano music. There was weak normal lighting. The music timing seemed innovatively nonstandard, different. It had a really nice sound to it. The peculiarity of the timing reminded me of a barrage of small thin-rayed stars which I either saw or pictured in the air in that part of the room. Then I'm outside again. There is still hazy sunlight. I see a man outside that inspires the feeling in me that we are both opposed to the Russians. It seems maybe that all the intriguing sights I was seeing were somehow aligned with this political epiphany or reaffirmation.

April 9, 2017
[12:43am PDT]

Visions have become a common occurrence for me. Yesterday, I had another vision. First, I want to give the background information to put it into perspective. Yesterday, I found myself watching a movie on cable TV called The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). It is based on the real-life story and exorcism of a young lady in Germany. Her name was Anneliese Michel. From what I read, afterwards, the movie does agree in many of the details of the real person's story. One difference is that in the movie version, the exorcism failed. However, in the real story, the exorcism was a success, but the young lady died shortly afterwards because she was emaciated and dehydrated and injured, etc. A panoply of demonic identities surfaced during the exorcism, upon the priest demanding the name (or names) of the demons possessing the young lady: 1. the one who possessed Nero, 2. the one who possessed Cain, 3. the one who possessed Judas Iscariot, 4. the one who possessed Hitler, 5. Lucifer Himself, and others. Now, with that background, I can describe the vision I mentioned. While I was going over the story in my mind, I suddenly and unexpectedly had a vision of the sheer Hell that Ms. Anneliese Michel suffered. It was quite an ordeal. In the vision it felt like I had been her, and had experienced it all myself. When  I have a vision, I know it's the real thing, and so it was with this particular vision. It felt extremely true to life. I have no doubt at all as to the severity of the ordeal Anneliese Michel went through. It makes one glad to not be in her shoes.

April 8, 2017

[12:57am PDT]
I had an item of Old West vernacular come to mind in a vision, yesterday. I was sitting in the den, during the day, at the time. The word was "leastways," meaning "at least." I had that feeling of conviction that it was a real word, and I easily verified it online, instantly. The vision was that a particular young man used the word habitually, back in such early times. I consulted this relatively comprehensive Old West vernacular guide (, but even it didn't list it. I found it in a general online look-up. A little later I had a follow-up vision about being in an Old West town or such a ghost town. It's like I felt myself being there. I focused quickly on what town that was, and immediately the name "Oatman" came to mind. Oatman is an Old West town in Arizona, about 15 miles east of the Colorado River. I was recently thinking of paying a visit to Oatman, maybe after visiting Chloride, to the north.

[10:17pm PDT]
Sometimes something happens, and I think that I'm not going to post it here nor write it into my journal. After a while, after it sinks in better, so to speak, I realize that it would be silly to omit it. So, here is another such happening. The other night, one or two nights ago, I was walking into the kitchen from the livingroom. On the narrow counter to my left, which counter is about a foot wide, a tiny green bottle of camphor liniment was perched. As I came even with the counter, it fell and bumped into the top of my left hip, on its way to landing on the floor. The feeling came to mind that I had my left elbow raised, which would be highly unusual for me, to be walking with the elbow raised into an extended wing-like formation. Then I started to analyze what happened. I figure that even if my elbow was raised like that at that moment, the bottle would be knocked FORWARD AND DOWN, not straight down onto my hip. So, now I'm doubting both details: 1. that I had my elbow so raised, and 2. that the tiny bottle would fall in that fashion, because I had been moving forward at a clearly nonzero forward velocity. So, this is another example of something falling in an "inexplainable" manner. Then, soon afterwards, a bag of croutons fell from the sewing machine on the other side of that doorway into the kitchen. I rushed to pick it up and put it back on top of the "blond," as my mother used to refer to it, wooden sewing machine. In case you're interested, it is old and of the Sears brand. Now, by this point I had a two-event pattern to reconcile: 1. the falling bottle, and 2. the falling bag of croutons. I was several feet away from the sewing machine and the croutons when the bag fell, so it could NOT be that I knocked it down. Not only that, I place the partially used bag back in that spot in a very secure fashion, which would NOT allow it to fall that way "on its own." What these two events and locations have in common is that they are both very near the picture on the wall of Our Lady of Fatima. You must remember as least two accounts I wrote up of events associated with that picture. In summary, I must put these two events into that category of the Our Lady of Fatima series which I've been experiencing first hand. Note that the timing of this approximately coincided with the 60 missiles that were launched against the Syrian air base. For your edification, 1960 (60 number coincidence) was the year after which Sister Lucia (one of the three children Our Lady of Fatima appeared to in Portugal in 1917) said that the third secret of Our Lady of Fatima was allowed to be revealed to the public. Also, Russia is on the side of Syria in this situation. I JUST EXPERIENCED "INEXPLICABLE" VISUAL SCREEN EFFECTS ON MY LAPTOP COMPUTER, AS IF A VERIFICATION THAT THIS INTERPRETATION IS THE CORRECT ONE. A big part of the message from Our Lady of Fatima revolved around the issue of conversion of Russia away from its atheistic communistic ways.

April 7, 2017
[6:55pm PDT]

I want to tell you about a psychic dream I had. It wasn't recent. It was decades ago. What IS recent about it is that I now find myself in the timeframe and scenario in which it is coming true. In this dream, I find myself in a room in a house. The idea is that it is my home. I'm thinking that my siblings are trying to keep me from inheriting the house (or my share of it). The idea is also in this dream that it is an inheritance from my mother, specifically. So, in effect, it also predicted that my father would be gone before my mother. That has also come to pass. This seemed like a dreary dream. I thought about the dream upon waking. I was thinking that I'd hate for this to be my experience in real life. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be my current reality in life. One hopeful thing about the dream is that it did NOT include a final determination of my having lost the inheritance, so there is hope for me. I haven't given up hope of vanquishing my siblings in this matter. I have right on my side, and they don't. They are the evil abusers, not I.

March 28, 2017
[12:04am PDT]

Tonight, I just witnessed another street lamp shenanigan, courtesy of the invisible prankster in the sky. I went into the dark kitchen at about half past eleven at night. I looked out the kitchen window to find the street lamp across the street was barely aglow. It looks like that ONLY when it is under the control of the Outer Limits crew, so to speak. It turns on and off rapidly, normally. Only this paranormal funny business puts it momentarily into the low-glow mode. The time was 11:32pm (on Tuesday, March 28, 2017), and a moment later the lamp came back on to full brightness. It's now a habit of mine to remind the reader that I stopped believing in mere coincidences a long time ago. It being out was timed to my arrival in the kitchen, as yet another message to me. The return to full brightness was quick, because the message was already delivered, and that helped to highlight that it WAS a message to me.

March 27, 2017
[7:28pm PDT]

Here's something not so recent. Within the past ten years, when I was something of a regular attendee at a particular Hollywood stage theater (and also doing occasional free performances there), I had a vision of that theater relocating. That was before I heard of any talk of relocation. Well, that theater company did relocate, around the beginning of last year. That means my vision came true. Not every theater company relocates, and that one started out at their last location 20 years ago, and stayed there for their first 19 years. Now the theater company is 20 years old, and they just celebrated the first anniversary of their move to a larger complex down the road from where they had been. I've yet to attend a show at, or even step foot into, their new premises. Like I've said before, my visions tend to come true, and this one was no exception.

March 24, 2017
[1:23pm PDT]

Just when you think the street lamp shenanigans are over . . . they're not. Of course you remember those. Well, about an hour and a half ago, I peeked out of the kitchen window. To my surprise, the nearest street lamp was fading away, the glow slowly disappearing. It was soon completely black (out). To tell you the truth, I also saw that effect a while back, maybe a few weeks ago. I didn't enter it in a journal, so I don't have a record of the date. Well, getting back to tonight, I then looked in the direction of the other street lamps that are usually visible out that window (there are usually four visible), and one other one was out, at that moment. So, I'm thinking that the lamp near me is sharing the same part of the gird as the other one that is out. A short time later, I look out the window again, and the street lamp is gradually regaining its glow. Soon it was looking back to normal. When I stopped looking out the window, it was 11:23pm (March 24). As I've said before, more than once, I stopped believing in mere coincidences a long time ago. Whoever, or whatever entity or spirit, is getting my attention that way is doing it again. He never really stopped completely. I definitely believe it does not have a normal explanation. I definitely believe it was paranormal. So, this is one of the latest examples to corroborate the idea that I truly live life in The Outer Limits (a nineteen-sixties TV series).

March 21, 2017
[4:19pm PDT]

I often have dreams about celebs, but today I had two about Kardashians. I wouldn't be posting them here, except for a clairvoyant event immediately after the second such dream. I include both of these dreams, here, in sequence. I hesitated to mention this clairvoyant surprise, with the idea, "what if Kim denied she waved at me telepathically?" Well, I've got to do what I've got to do, so here it is.
My Latest Kardashian Dream [Dream One]
of Tuesday, March 21, 2017
This is yet another literal dream I just had, involving one or more of the Kardashian family.

[start of part one]

It is unclear if this is indoors or outdoors. I see people in the distance on a man-made water slide, high, near the top. Someone is using a thin, flat tobaggan-like device that resembles an oversized cookie sheet, holding it in the hand.

[start of part two]

It is unclear if this is indoors or outdoors. There is weak light (overcast if outdoors). I'm swimming alongside Kim and Khloé Kardashian in an EXTREMELY long rectangular swimming pool. I'm thinking it takes four hours to swim the length of this pool both ways. We already swam it about two times this time. While we are still finishing up this lap, I suggest we swim another lap. Kim says she doesn't think that's a good idea, because it takes so long. Then we are standing by the end of the pool. Kim tells me to get ready, because he's going to be there soon. I seem to be seeing myself from a distance, standing naked by the end of the pool. I look like I have a heavy tan, and I see myself in a blur. No one else but us has been seen around here the whole time.
My Second Kardashian Dream on the Same Day [Dream Two]
of Tuesday, March 21, 2017

After going back to bed after the other Kardashian dream, today, I had another. This is that second one.

[part one]

There is hazy sunlight. I'm standing in a boat, looking down at a portal in the bottom of the hull of a seemingly small boat. I toss a fishing line into the hole. Now I'm thinking that all I have to do is wait. I'm soon pulling up on a modest-sized dark (maybe black) fish. This portal looks strangely like the inside of a toilet.

[part two]

There is hazy sunlight. I'm looking across a body of water at Kim Kardashian, who is standing in a small boat. I'm thinking she is fishing. I'm aware of others near her, but I'm not seeing them. Suddenly she is in the water, after she fell in. I'm experiencing an ah-ha moment, as I'm thinking that I saw her spill coming in some sort of a preview. Now, I'm thinking that others in her crowd are continuing the fishing, while Kim is seeing a doctor related to the fall into the water.

[end of part two]

NOTE: Then I'm lying in bed, thinking about the above, when I see Kim standing in the distance, waving at me, and looking radiantly happy. She looks small, like she's far away. This seems very similar to clairvoyant perceptions I've had, like maybe she was really waving to me telepathically. It was so much that way, I'm going to include it in my paranormal journal.
Interestingly, I had already sent Kim the first dream, before I lay down to sleep, whereupon I had the second dream. Although I didn't plan it that way, it potentially put me on Kim's mind (if she read the message right away), giving her the opportunity to wave to me, telepathically. I've been having so many dreams about celebs, I'm thinking about compiling a separate book of my own celeb dreams, besides putting my dream journals into book form. The more I'm involved with journaling my life, the more ideas it gives me for more books.

March 18, 2017

[2:11am PDT]

I didn't expect a break from posting here, but I found myself making brief notes of things to write about later. Now it's twelve days later. One of my notes was too brief, not giving me enough of a reminder of what the event was. Actually, I remember the essence, now, of what it was. Near the top of my paranormal journal web page was a difference in some details that I couldn't explain by ordinary means. I believe the cause was not hacking. I fixed the page, and put it out of mind.

[item 1]

I entered the dark den at night, to find the ENTIRETY of the table lamp lightly glowing, enough to be easily visible. It looked like a ghost lamp, glowing that way. I must have gotten another hole-in-one, so to speak, with an advance intention that the lamp was going to be visible by astral sight. It definitely was visible.

[item 2]

For some years, I've had a habit of straining my eyes to see the antennas and other structures on the ridge of the mountain, due north from my place. Over the years, I've been able to see those mountaintop structures better (MUCH BETTER) when I concentrate intently on them. Now, after all my experiences with astral perceptions, I've concluded that the kicking in of better vision of those structures was due to astral perception, rather that "waking up" my eyesight.

[item 3]

The other day, when sitting peacefully in the overstuffed chair in the den, I found myself feeling a spot of my veil of vitality conspicuously located to the upper left, above my head about an inch or two. That was another opportunity to relocate to that spot, to go out of body. I didn't take advantage of that opportunity, however. I had a mug of coffee in my hand and supported on my lap. In hindsight, I think the likelihood of a spill was about nill, but I didn't use the opportunity to launch into another OBE. Now, I regret that I paid any heed to the coffee mug. It wouldn't have been a big deal even if the coffee had spilled, but it almost certainly wouldn't have.

[item 4]

The other day, I was looking at the chat list on the right-hand side of my Facebook profile. As soon as I saw the elapsed time to the right of one of the entries, 9h, I somehow knew, without looking to the left, that the entry was that of Ralph. I somehow felt about certain of it. Then I looked to the left, to discover that I was right. That definitely was Ralph in that spot. This experience reminds me of what one author (I think it was Dr. Holzer) described as a "feeling of conviction," with regard to paranormally obtained information. This was a genuine example of that, and the information was immediately verifiable.

[item 5]

The other day, I reentered my room. I then stood still, for a moment, at the right side of my desk, facing the desk. I then started smelling what strongly smelled like cardborad and paper products. There is a box of stuff on the top of my desk, there, and on top of that is unread mail. The box is made of corrugated cardboard. I believe that what this smell represents was the spontaneous astral smelling of that cardboard box and the mail sitting on top of it. Unless the cardboard and paper were wet (thus increasing the intensity of the smell), I'd never smell that stuff except by astral perception. The smell was very strong. I haven't picked up that smell there, before or since.

[item 6]

The other night, I was peering out of the kitchen window. This was at night, and it was dark, out. I unexpectedly caught a glimpse of a few bright white small spots of light near the lower-left of the garage door. As soon as a realized what I had just seen, I turned my head back in that direction. I stared at the spots of light for a moment. Then, I briefly looked away, towards the street, and then quickly looked back at that corner of the garage door, but the spots of light were already gone. There was no car with its lights on, to cause the appearance of these spots. Even if there had been a car with its lights on, on the street, it couldn't have produced these small vivid spots of light. I easily concluded that the spots of light were paranormal, ie not from an "explainable" source of light.

[item 7]

I believe it was yesterday morning, when I was standing near the sliding glass door, at the back. I found myself spontaneously smelling cut grass, even though the sliding door was shut all the way. I opened the door to determine what the air smelled like just outside. It smelled exactly the same. Opening the sliding door didn't change the intensity of the smell. I also ascribe this event to astral perception. I had just cut the grass, in the back, a day or two or three prior.

[item 8]

Now, this item is my experience of tonight, before midnight of March 17, 2017. I had been watching paranormal TV shows on TLC. After two episodes of A Haunting, I was watching an episode of Ghost Brothers. I didn't expect to nod off, but I did. I found myself "dreaming" of being aware of a ghost, or free spirit, tapping on windows of neighboring houses, as it made its way towards my house. This was a very strong impression that this was happening. This caused a feeling of fear in me, and made me glad that I've got the holes in the blinds masked to prevent peering into the den. Right about the time it seemed that the spirit would be near my den windows, I awoke very startled, to the feeling of a hand on my right shoulder. It was only a light pressing of the hand, which in hindsight reminds me of the hand of the demon in the episode of A Haunting, which I had just watched, although I didn't actually see the hand that was placed on my shoulder. I was the only one in the house at the time. I live alone.

March 6, 2017

[3:17am PST]

I've got a recent example of a phenomenon which I previously would have called "clairolfaction." However, I believe this multiple event was an example of my astral body picking up the scent of something I was standing next to. This has happened many times in my experiences, lately. I'd be in the kitchen standing near the lower cabinet, when I'd start smelling the most heavenly-smelling coffee one could possibly imagine. I'd step back a little, and the smell would be gone. I then stepped near the cabinet again, and the smell resumed. This happened several times, at different times, including tonight. I tried taking the lid off of the perk coffee pot and taking a whiff, but the scent of coffee there was weak. I finally put two and two together, and figured out what was happening. That lower cabinet is where the containers of ground coffee are stored. I've got an unopened one and an opened one which is nearly full. What I believe has been happening is that when I got close enough to that stored ground coffee (even with the cabinet closed and the lids tightly on the cans of coffee) for my astral body to interpenetrate with it, the natural tendency of astral perception kicked in full strength, and hence I was then picking up the most robust heavenly smell of coffee, almost beyond the powers of imagination. If a restaurant could figure out how to make the aroma of their coffee fill their spaces with this exact smell, they'd have to keep remodeling the place to make it bigger, because people would be arriving from near and far to experience their incredible-smelling coffee. To further clarify, I want to add that I tried inhaling deeply through my nose, but I picked up NOTHING that way. This was 100% astral perception at play.

[11:36am PST]

An author's work is never done, and things have been snowballing for me so much, lately, in the paranormal realm. I've got more to add to my earlier post, here, of today, but especially since it involves separate events, I'm making a separate entry of it. So now, I want to say that the other day I was walking slowly near the table lamp, by the rear sliding door. To my annoyance, I smelled what seemed distinctly like the smell of cat urine. So you'll know, I've NEVER been one to let a cat in the house for more than a minute or so, and the last time a cat wandered out of sight indoors, here, was well over a year ago. Well, the other day I found myself smelling that smell as I stood by the lamp, and it didn't make sense. The neighborhood cats have had no opportunity to relieve themselves in my living room. I managed to put it out of mind, and continued with my day. Then I smelled the same thing in about the same place last night, but this time a little to the right about three or four feet. Again, I stood there feeling annoyed, and trying to figure out what was going on. I believe there were three of these events, recently. Then the thought struck me: "astral perception." Now, I'm standing there picturing a dry puddle of cat pee just on the other side of the window. To put it into perspective, after I lost my last cat, I've had a long break from having to feed a cat. Then, recently, one of the other cats adopted my place as its official feeding grounds, which means I've resumed buying cat food. This cat has thrown up (or defecated, as the case may be) once or twice near this back sliding doorway, so I can easily picture it discharging other stuff near there, but as yet I haven't looked on the patio, just outside, to verify the existence of such an old, dried-up puddle. One moment, as I'm off to check on it right now . . . I'm back. I saw nothing obvious, but the cat was there, and started meowing at me. Then, as part of my daily routine, I walked into the kitchen to peer out of the window. That's when I experienced more of the coffee aroma (astral perception), but not as strongly this time. Then I returned to my room. Still standing by my desk, I recalled the tiny bottle of perfume in the bottom drawer. I recently took a whiff of it, to see if it was the perfume I smelled clairvoyantly, a year or more back. No, it is VERY different. While still standing there, the mere thought of that little bottle triggered a brief smell of THAT PARTICULAR PERFUME (in the tiny bottle in the drawer). I attribute that effect to picking up an astral sense of something, upon directing one's attention to it. It is analogous to spontaneously arriving at a distant location by astral travel, upon thinking of the destination. It works that way with astral senses, or perceptions, as well as with astral travel.

March 5, 2017
[2:41pm PST]

This is another two-item post, for me.

[item 1]

Here's another rain success. I intended this season to be rainy, here, and it has been . . . very. This is on the heels of a 5-year drought. We already passed the average annual rainfall for this area. This is the third consecutive month of at least one rainy day per week (and sometimes many rainy days in a given week). As far as today is concerned, at least one local forecaster dismissed the possibility of rain for today, but I stood firm on my intention that the rain would arrive today, and it has. Even the Weather Channel, earlier today, looked like they weren't forecasting rain for my area, but I intended for it to arrive, and it arrived. I'm loving it.

[item 2]

Remember that recent item I described here, about using clairvoyance on my way to a gas station, to pick up a microwave oven that "didn't work?" Well, after I got the microwave home, I decided that it was going to work, regardless of being told that it didn't work. So, I plugged it in, and I saw that LCD time display was working. I set the time. Then I grabbed my empty coffee mug, and filled it part way with water. I put the cup of water into this microwave. I resolved that this oven was going to heat the water, like normal. VOILA! It DID heat the water like normal. Mark another point or two for me. I intended it to work, and it did. After dumping the hot water, I put more cold water in the mug. I again put it in the microwave, and turned it on. It again heated the water normally. Now I intend to put the oven for sale, since I need the money.


I went to the trouble to find a good example of the end-of-the-broadcast-day TV sign-off routine, replete with an Indian head in a test pattern. Here's the link to watch the best example I was able to find (This one is relatively recent, but I like it because it is so complete (1 sign-off message, 2 anthem, 3 test pattern with the Indian head, 4 tone, and 5 broadcast-band audio and video noise after shut-down for the day), plus it's got a really nice rendition of the National Anthem.):

March 4, 2017
[3:36am PST]

That other-worldly TV-control entity struck again. I told you about what it did the last time, with it switching content on me. Just minutes ago, I was asleep in the overstuffed chair in front of the TV. I had been watching Paranormal Lockdown, but succumbed to drowsiness. I remember the dream I was having, and during the dream I was conscious of hearing people talking. Soon after I woke up, I realized that what I had been hearing didn't sound like Paranormal Lockdown. I brought up the description of the show, and found that somehow a movie on E! was on, namely, Monster-In-Law, with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. I hadn't switched channels. I live alone, so there was no one at home to switch channels on me. In the 1960's, when I watched the TV show, The Outer Limits, come on, I never expected to actually live such a thing, but lately, I've been really living it. Here's the intro to The Outer Limits:

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly, and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to . . . The Outer Limits."

You can watch it in this youtube excerpt, here:


By the way, that screen-shot-like display in the video is the test pattern, with the Indian, that used to be displayed on the TV screen, decades ago, after the TV station had signed off for the night. Yeah, back then, TV stations didn't operate all night. Typically, even as recent as the 1980's, the national anthem would play, followed by the test pattern, which would stay on the screen. Sometimes there was nothing but visual noise ("static," as my father used to describe it) on the screen, after hours, rather than a test pattern.

March 3, 2017
[4:59pm PST]

Today, I've got a trilogy of the paranormal to post.

[item 1]

First, I write of another overlap between the normal and paranormal worlds. This episode involves my shower head, and the related plumbing. For a long time, for a number of years, I've had the inconvenience of a shower that would tend to drip when shut off. First, however, there would be a mysterious resumption of flow out of the shower head, after a pause of a few minutes. To this day, I have no explanation as to how that could happen. I would then alternately tighten the cold water valve and then the hot water valve, back and forth. I would also reopen those valves, one at a time, and then retighten them, one at a time. There was no real known logic to it, but somehow the drip would eventually stop, and I could then, once again, resume my life outside of the shower. Recently, in the wake of my astral influence on the den table lamp, I've had a similar success with this now-gone pesky shower drip. For the last many showers, all I've had to do was to will the drip to be gone, after maintaining closing torque on both water valves at the same time, while visualizing some mysterious force advancing the valves alternately, on its own determination. I could actually feel a little give, alternately, in each valve, as if there were some computer program making ongoing determinations and adjustments. After about ten seconds of this more-or-less steady torque on both valves at the same time, I would then let go. I'd then dry off, then dry off the shower door and its hardware. After all of that, I'd turn around and take another look at the shower head, and to my satisfaction, there is no more mysterious resumption of flow, and no more dripping. My determined willing of the end of all that nightmare has prevailed. This is one of my latest successful astral influences on something physical. Maybe my prior expectation had been causing the problem (in the astral, the physical follows the mental), but now this former problem appears to be gone, hopefully for good.

[item 2]

Here's a similar successful influence I brought to bear upon the faucet in the garage. My mother had been complaining that that faucet was dripping. I went out there and closed it tight, and the drip stopped. I told my mom that I closed it tight, and now it's not dripping. I actually gave it a powerful bump of astral influence, and my will was its command. It worked. To this day, some years later, it is still drip free. I could still do things the normal, way, by replacing the rubber washers in the water valves, but so far I haven't had to.

[item 3]

Am I living in the Amityville horror house? I don't think so, but I've had some odd happenings here, where I live, also. One of my latest inexplicable experiences is the case of the water in the bag of hog dog buns, which I bought new from the nearby Food-4-Less store. I stashed the bag of buns in the refrigerator, in the garage, which refrigerator serves as the spare. After a couple of weeks or so, I brought the bag of buns in, and I opened it, and to my consternation, when I took out a bun, it was wet. I felt the other buns, and they were wet, also. I can't imagine how they got wet, except by astral funny business. It has been extra rainy here for the past couple of months, but there is no known way the rain water could get into both the refrigerator and the bag of buns inside of it, especially since the roof doesn't leak. I've never heard of anyone finding excess water in their store-bought bag of buns. Well, not wanting the buns to go to waste, I put the bag in the inside refrigerator, leaving the bag unclosed, to allow the excess water to dry up. It has worked pretty well. The buns are about normal again. So far, I've already consumed half of those eight buns. The four remaining ones won't last long, either. I wouldn't have written this one up for my paranormal page, except for the lack of a normal explanation of how the buns got wet. I hadn't even opened the bag, until I brought it in with the expectation of now having more buns in the house to eat.

March 2, 2017
[5:23pm PST]

The following quote is a comment I made to a web page describing the Geoboxes and the Geoports:

"Yesterday, I journaled a total of four literal dreams of mine for that day. When I read them to try to find a common theme, I concluded that they were telling me that my real livelihood now is the paranormal, ie experimentation and observation and documentation and getting it published. I've got a lot of material to send for publication. I've long thought about using spirit box type equipment to investigate haunted houses (whatever kind of boxes would happen to be available for the purpose). I'm going to recommend this page to Alexandra Holzer, because I think she may be interested, since this is her field, also."

Here's the link to that page:

The above page has historical and some technical information on the Geoboxes and the Geoports, as well as descriptions of them, and also has information on the use of these boxes on the TV show, Paranormal Lockdown.

I'll include this on my own paranormal page, since I consider dreams and their analysis to be a part of the paranormal realm.

March 1, 2017
[4:14pm PST]

Yesterday, I used my psychic self-healing technique, again. I got rid of some soreness of my throat after more singing practice. It works like a charm. I hold my hand barely away from the affected area, while I visualize healing of that spot. I can hold my hand in one spot or move it in a circle, with the visualization. One can visualize fixing the aura in that spot, which then heals the flesh there. One can also visualize  colored light emanating from the hand and covering or interpenetrating the flesh there. Green light and blue light are good colors for the purpose. Blue is said to be good for healing the throat. One can also use electric colored light for the purpose, but it could take much longer that way. With the hand-over-the-area technique, one or two minutes, even less (maybe 30 seconds), and the area is feeling much better, like magic. I prefer to think of it as real magic (not a stage trick). Here's a version of this I haven't read about, so it's my own idea. I have a remote-controlled lamp which can be set for whichever color one chooses. I often have the light on all night, near my bed and pointed in my direction. The color one chooses will determine the effect to be had from this treatment. My advice with this technique is to do some reading on color therapy, to give one an idea of what to expect from each respective color. If one has the red light on all night, one could wake up feeling kind of intense and domineering and aggressive. I actually got that result when I tried red light during my sleep period. Blue is a good color to sleep with, and would make a good first color to try with this colored sleep light technique. You can get started cheap with this, buying one of these remote-controlled lights direct from the orient (China, Taiwan, etc). It's a cheap way to try it out, and I can vouch for the fact that the results are real, at least with mood-related effects. I've yet to give it a thorough try-out for healing. The ultimate setup would presumably involve more expensive hardware, with more elaborate color selection capability, but this is plenty good enough to get started with.

February 28, 2017
[1:00am PST]

Clairvoyant information can tune in at unexpected moments. This happened for me tonight, well before midnight of Feb. 27, when I was thinking about which grocery store to go to first. I needed croutons, since the one store I find them in for cheaper has been out of them for maybe two weeks. I was thinking I'd hate to buy them at the other store, because they cost twice as much there. I had this vision of the cheaper store having some bags of them in the usual place. This was as opposed to logic, which would say that since they had been out of them for a while, that they would still be out of them. I was getting this feeling that if I were to buy them at the expensive place, I'd then find them, probably for sure, at the cheap place, if I went there right after. So, I told myself I'd have to go to the cheap place first. It was about like I was not only expecting to find them, but also in about the quantity it seemed like in the vision, that is, about 5 bags. So, both details proved to be true. I found them in their usual place, in seemingly the same quantity as in the vision. I found five bags, and I bought all of them, since I can't count on that place staying stocked up in the things I like to buy there. This was also against logic, in that one would probably expect that if that item was received by the store, they'd probably get enough in at one time to fill the area, to fully stock up, but that was not the case, this time. They only had five bags, about like in my vision. In this vision, I actually saw the bags on the shelf. The shelf looked about the same when I went there, soon after.

February 23, 2017
[12:51am PST]

I again tried out that clairvoyance trick I used, and reported here, in the past. Late yesterday afternoon, 2-22-17, I was driving on my way to pick up a used non-working microwave oven (intending to pull the transformer for use in a machine I plan to make). I was thinking that I ought to tune into where this meeting place was, as to which side of the street. Okay, real quick, I got an impression that it was a Shell gas station on the right far corner of the intersection I was heading to. That impression was a 100% match. However, something was interfering with me, giving me the idea that the impression wasn't right, BUT IT WAS RIGHT. So, continuing with the experiment, I let irrelevant mind stuff persuade me to try the left side of the street. When I got to the intersection, I found that the impression about the Shell station was a perfect match. So, now I want to compare this experiment to the jelly bean experiments I did in the past. Practice makes perfect. I got better at it by repeated experimentation. I had to learn to effectively separate the wheat from the chaff. After many rounds, I was feeling much more confident about what impression was the real thing, and which was not. It's the same with this variety of clairvoyance. So, the remedy for clairvoyance-attempt chaff is to keep practicing over and over again, till it gets much easier to identify the real clairvoyant information from the tango of impressions.

February 22, 2017
[9:04am PST]

I'm on a roll, hopefully a perpetual one. This again involves my den and the table lamp. I recently picked up a flicker in the lamp. This flicker (it seemingly could be caused by a bad wiring connection) seems to have killed the not-old (about 2 years old) 3-way CFL bulb that was in it (repeated interruptions of the power to modern electronics can cause electronic circuit board failure). By normal reasoning, it would seem that there were a fault in the wiring inside the lamp. After 2 or 3 or more days of this effect, it got worse, rather than better. Then the other night, I tried wiggling the hardware just under the bulb. This worked every time, and allowed the light to stay on without flickering. So, tired of this, I got to thinking a little. I was thinking that I may have auto-magically affected the hardware. I further figured that what I can accidentally auto-magical wrong, I can non-accidentally magical right. So, for the last couple of days, that's what I've been doing, and IT HAS BEEN WORKING EVERY TIME !!! No more flicker. Now, lately, it's been turning on without any flicker, every time. So, this goes to show that the best handyman technique is magic. I take a bow.

February 21, 2017
[7:03am PST]

Yet again, I have a report to make, here, about something paranormal, which happened in my den, at home. I was again sitting in the overstuffed chair, "tonight," although it is now 6:45am, as I glance at the clock. I don't recall if it was before or after midnight, but I think probably that it was before, and may have been several hours before. I was sitting there, and I suddenly was smelling a smell that I associate with prepared cadavers, as would be found in a funeral parlor, or at a funeral service. There is an array of different chemicals which can find themselves, on a custom formulation basis (typical), in the embalming fluid/solution. The word "solution" denotes dilute concentration, as contrasted to the use of the word "fluid," which more or less denotes "full strength.". I don't claim to be ready to start work doing embalming, but I was just doing a little reading on it, to try to figure out what that sweet smell is, that I sometimes smell near cadavers. That is the smell that I was starting to smell, and which I was starting to describe, above. Well, whatever it is, I was sitting there unexpectedly smelling it. I've told you, in the past, how I sometimes experience clairolfaction, when a smell comes to me, like that of perfume, when there is no one around (no one alive, anyway) who could be wearing the perfume. I had the distinct feeling that this was yet another paranormal experience, this smelling of an unidentified, but common, embalming chemical. It was sweet smelling, for lack of a better way to describe it. I was just starting to enjoy this parallel paranormal feeling (I was actually starting to feel a buzz, that is, a literal vibration), when I decided to dismiss the smell and the feeling, as if out of some hard-to-break habit of being normal. I should have just sat there, and allowed the smell and feelings to go where they would. This is yet another example in which I've found myself to be, really, too normal. It's a bad habit (especially for me, with my interests), but I think I'm gradually breaking it. The smell and the feeling, combined, were suddenly feeling so other-worldly, it was almost alarming. The vibration I was starting to feel, in hindsight, reminds me of the vibrations some people describe as preceding going out of body. I suppose that may have been where the feeling would have led me (an OBE), had I just sat there and meditated on it, instead of shrugging it off. Shrugging off a paranormal experience can be an effective way to end such an experience, but I've been trying to break that habit (a real habit, unfortunately), being a paranormal explorer, such as I am. I'm just chalking this up to another lesson learned the hard way.

Here's an added note [February 21, 2017, 9:08am PST]:

After entering this latest experience of mine, I had another realization about it. That LITERAL buzz feeling I mentioned is something I believe I've now, in hindsight, identified. At the time, I couldn't place it, in my mind, as to what it was. It is the feeling a POWERFUL anesthetic/anesthesia gives one. I've never experienced a drug like that in my entire life, but I believe I've experienced it in a prior existence, so it's in my subconscious FULL-BLOWN. This physical BUZZ feeling, attendant upon the smell, was centered in the general area of my groin and lower abdomen. It felt FULL STRENGTH, like one would feel if such a drug had just been administered to oneself. I should clarify now, that I can strike the adjective, "almost," that I put before the word, "alarmed," in the above description. It WAS ALARMING, and that was one of the reasons for my reflex of shrugging off the experience, in order to bring me back to normal (not that normal is such a good thing).  It's a kind of feeling you have to experience, either in this lifetime or a prior one, in order to know how it feels something like a chemical ejection button, that tends to throw one out of one's body. To know how it could feel that way, one just has to experience such a thing, and it would then become clear. That's why I speculated, above, that the feeling may have been destined to produce another OBE in me, had I calmly continued to meditate on the smell, and especially, on the BUZZ feeling.

[February 21, 2017, 9:25am PST]:

Please read the explanation I appended to the above experience. Thanks.

February 20, 2017

[1:44am PST]

Tonight, Sunday, the 19th, with the clothes in the dryer, I sat down in the den (how often I'm in the den when something paranormal happens) to possibly take a nap in the overstuffed chair. The drowsiness I was feeling a little earlier had left me, so I sat in thought and meditation. As it was approaching midnight, I started to feel a loosening of my veil of vitality (Dr. Robert Crookall's term). I recognized it as such, and was thinking I'd go with the flow to take advantage of the situation. I soon found myself to the immediate right of my body, my body still reclining in the chair. I then advanced forward towards the corner windows with the blinds. I moved aside the blinds of the window in front of me, to notice that the blinds to the left were somehow offset to the right. I straightened that out, and then went back to the other blinds, and peered out again. It really seemed and looked like I was holding the blinds back at the right to peer out of the window. I saw the blackness of night and pinpoints of light above the top of the fence. I apparently was outside the window when I started to intentionally rise in order to increase my view of what lay beyond the fence. It was slow but fairly steady. Soon I was high enough to see a building complex in the not too far distance. Without much thought about it, I started on my way over to the building. The next thing I knew and saw was that I was near the top of the building, with the US flag on top visible a short distance above and forward. I intended to move closer to the flag, but (as Dr. Crookall has observed) movement in veil-of-vitality mode is a bit awkward and inhibited. Instead, I moved forward and to the left, into the hollow of the building under the flag. It was dim inside that space, but I could see well enough. I now had a concrete wall right next to me. I then started to make my way through it. I experienced blackness as I was inside of the wall. It seemed like slow going, but it only took about five seconds to find myself inside of an enclosed room with light paint peeling from the wall. I stayed motionless for a little while, thinking about how I was away from my body and in this strange room on top of this building. I presume it was the former hospital, which years ago was repurposed as an administration building of a local college. As I'm having these thoughts in this room, I become conscious of my gut growling. This is an example of dual-consciousness. I'm away from my body at the same time as I'm also aware of my gut gurgling. I had just eaten a banana minutes before. Then I started having the idea that this dual consciousness could be an omen that my adventure was about to end in my being back in my body. I made the transition gradually, over the span of three to five seconds. Then I'm rousing myself into my resumed reality of life in my body, and feeling gratified at having just had the good luck to have had this latest OBE. It was a beautiful, dreamy experience (veil-of-vitality travel is dreamy, whereas soul/mind travel is crisp and clear)!

[8:07am PST]

I was just reflecting upon another paranormal experience of mine, in the den the other day. Since I didn't write it up right away, I'm not sure what day it happened on. It was in the timeframe of that astral illumination report I made here, recently. I was in the dark den again, and I was about to reach for the lamp switch of the table lamp again. I was thinking I ought to use my astral illumination trick again to see with. I willed some light in the area in which I thought the lamp was. Right away I got some illumination along with IMMEDIATELY catching sight of "the lamp shade." Well, I reached under this lamp shade, but there was no solid lamp that I was able to feel. I then saw the real lamp a small distance to the left, however, I was seeing it with the astral illumination I was creating. I didn't write it up right away, because I felt a little like a fool having created the image of a lamp, instead of merely creating some illumination. The illumination did appear, so that was working well. The fact that I also created a ghostly image of another lamp shade, a little to the right of the real one, which looked IDENTICAL to the real one, took me by surprise. To make an analogy, it's a little like feeling a little nonplussed at making a hole in one, golfing, because one was only trying to get the ball within about 10 or 20 feet of the hole, as if one should try harder to achieve the exact intension, even if it's not as good. Well, in hindsight, I can't complain, really. It just goes to show that I am capable of séance-style manifestation tricks, even though my physical body is still alive and well.

February 18, 2017
[10:32am PST]

I just had another experience similar to the last one I posted here, about the spontaneous astral illumination. Just minutes ago, when I was bringing the refuge barrels back into the area on the side of the house, I experienced more astral illumination. It was more like spontaneous than intentional. I was walking back out through the gate, and I caught sight of two spots of light on the side of the hedges to my left. They appeared one at a time, in quick succession, as if they were a flat stone skipping on the surface of water, but instead on the leafy surfaces of the hedge. This quick succession of two spots of light, one at a time, looked EXACTLY like they had been reflected off of a mirror surface. They were going in the same direction in which I was walking, but I wasn't wearing anything shiny that could cause a reflection. Not only that, it was cloudy, and even drizzling rain when I was bringing in the barrels. They appeared both times directly in my line of sight, as if I were desiring or needing astral illumination to improve my view, but there was ample sunlight filtering through the clouds without such help. Immediately, I told myself that was astral illumination again, because there was nothing that could be reflecting that way under the cloud cover. Now, I've got an additional parallel to this, that I experienced back in 1977. I know it was that year, because I was living in a particular city that year. I was doing the laundry, using the pay laundry machines of my apartments, of then, waiting for it to finish. I was just outside the building where the laundry machines were. I was thinking about a particular entity I was in a habit of messing around with in my mind. I then created the idea in my mind that blue flashes of light (which reminded me of the glow of lightning) were going to appear ahead of me. Those blue flashes of light really appeared! I really saw them! I was thinking the entity probably created those, but now, in hindsight, I conclude that I was the one who created those blue flashes of light. I would have been proud of myself if I had realized it, at that time. And here's something else. Today, even more recently than the incident with the hedges, I was looking out the kitchen window. I was thinking again about the mysterious light on the hedges. I then had the spur of the moment thought that I could illuminate the rear wheel of my car on the driveway as I was looking at it. THAT REAR WHEEL REALLY DID SEEM TO LIGHT UP A LITTLE AS I STARED AT IT WITH THAT QUICKIE INTENTION! IT WORKED! Well, I can consider it to be another day in the life of someone as talented as myself. I must incorporate these discovered abilities into my day to day life, and enjoy them, lest I waste the lifetime of such opportunities ahead of me. I just remembered another recent instance of astral illumination I experienced. The other day, I'm not sure exactly which day, I was again in the den. It was dark in there, but there was a glow in the room in the areas I was looking towards. I thought to myself that the illumination I was seeing with was really my astral ability coming though for me. I was very pleased that it could be happening for me. I feel like I should celebrate my continued progress and successes with this paranormal stuff. I've got reason to celebrate!

February 17, 2017
[6:26am PST]

I just had another experience "tonight." It's currently 6:04am here, rather than the normal idea of night. That reminds me of what I read in a paranormal book. The idea is that one develops paranormal abilities more rapidly by using the ideas and techniques, through ongoing practice. Actually, in my experience, keeping active with the stuff can also increase the number of spontaneous effects or experiences. Like I was about to say, above, I had a curious experience. It was night, and dark in the den. I don't recall if it was before or after midnight. As I reached slowly for the switch of the table lamp, I spontaneously willed illumination to see the lamp better, and VOILA! I got astral illumination so bright, it looked like the lamp was already on low, but not as bright as the switch's low setting. It was a different level of low, but still quite ample enough to see the lamp easily, with a distinctly visible glowing ball look. The glow did extend beyond the ball, but it was stepped in intensity, that is, much lower in intensity beyond a fixed diameter of maybe a foot. It happened so fast and unexpectedly, that it didn't occur to me to refrain from turning the switch on. It would have been a good experiment to see if the illumination would continue if I didn't follow through and turn on the switch. The look of the illumination was localized to a ball of light about a foot in diameter, beyond which the illumination was unnaturally abrupt in fading away. It was as if it was a variety of light that could be circumscribed to a finite distance, and it would extend either no further or at a much reduced intensity (looking like it was NOT obeying the inverse square law of radiation). I would lump this phenomenon/experience into the category of spontaneous, since it was really a surprise. I did really will the illumination, but I didn't exactly expect it to really materialize, BUT IT DID! So, it really straddles the fence as to being both spontaneous and deliberate at the same time. This phenomenon reminds me of what some authors refer to as astral vision, or astral illumination. If someone were there to witness it, besides myself, that would have helped in identifying whether it was astral illumination or objective illumination. If it were objective illumination, it would fit into the category of materialization effects such as could be seen by observers at a seance. Here's one more detail. I believe this ball of light was centered about a foot to the upper-right of where the lamp's bulb was centered. I was staring in the direction of this ball of light, rather than in the direction of the lamp's bulb. It's like it was natural for the ball of light to appear there, since that is the direction in which I felt I was looking, either normally or astrally.

February 8, 2017
[6:41am PST]

Surprise, surprise. I've got another UFO report for you, to once again take the honor spot at the top of my home page, at least for a while. Tonight, February 8, at approximately 5:25am, I stepped outside my house to observe the weather, specifically to see if it was still raining. I once again looked in the direction of the tower with the flashing light, since it's become a habit of mine. That tower with the flashing light is about WNW from my house. I couldn't see the pinpoint of flashing light clearly due to atmospheric moisture, but I did see that flashing spot through the moisture, but less distinctly. What I did see clearly, though, to my surprise, was that the UFO was back, with its horizontal swirl of white light beams. Again, I saw its relative position to be WNW from my vantage point, at home (the same approximate direction as the flashing tower light, but the tower light is lower in the sky). The swirling UFO light beam, as usual, was just barely above the low cloud layer, which is how these typical local UFO's prefer to do things, ie behind the cloud cover. The pattern of swirling light, however, is the same as the ones that have been frequenting my area for many years. Now, after a brief pause in writing this, I just returned from outside, again, to take another look out there. It's now 6:02am. It seems that the cloud cover has thickened, so this second time I couldn't see the shape of the rotating beams as clearly. The first time, tonight, I could swear I was remembering a straight pipe-like shape to the beam. This second time, however, the beam looked horizontally flattened into a narrow triangular fan of white light. I also approximated the period of this rotation. By counting one-thousand one, one-thousand two, one-thousand three, one-thousand four, one-thousand one, one-thousand two, etc, I came up with a period of about 4 seconds. This is not a uniform rotation. This beam is in a quick surge, like a quick slice through the night sky. Then there is a pause. Four seconds later another such beam is seen quickly slicing through the night sky, horizontally in a clockwise direction (it would look clockwise if seen from above, looking down towards the earth). I also saw some lesser white light emanations, perhaps related to the craft's energy phenomena. Coincident with the above-described swirl, sometimes, I saw a much finer beam of light that was angled 45 degrees or less to the vertical, at the same rotational speed. I also saw some white light glow in the sky, having the same approximate center. This more omnidirectional glow effect was also keyed, more or less, to the swirl, but it was more persistent, with a quick fade-out. I could see the glow linger a short time around the edges of some of the clouds. This effect was just after a respective swirling light beam, as described above. I also thought I saw stationary white rays of light angled upward from the same center, but they were short-lived, like the above light effects. This is the most detail I've described this in, in one account. I've journaled many previous similar sightings, with less detail concerning the appearance of the light phenomena, so this description would serve as a good example. My home is about five miles from the original Disneyland, in California.

February 7, 2017
[2:44pm PST]

Ah, yes, a bit of spontaneous clairvoyance. Moments ago, as I sat in my chair at my desk, I leaned my head back to help me swallow my aspirins. As I did so, I was looking forward into the living room, so I was seeing my living room in the process. But, there was a bonus effect. It is as if my astral sight overshot the normal range of view of my eyesight of the living room, ahead. I caught a glimpse of a blue globe (actually, a good long stare at it), as if overlaid on the living room. That was the remote controlled LED lamp BEHIND ME, well out of the range of my normal eyesight. It was a clear view of it. I had it set to give out blue light, so that's why it looked blue. It was really on and set to blue and shining blue light, but BEHIND ME! Instead of seeing these sights separate, I was seeing them overlaid for a moment. I didn't even have the blue light on my mind. The sight of it came to me as a complete surprise. I could even see the textural appearance of the outer bulb lens. The texture looks like a multitude of evenly arranged fine bumps, all scrunched close together. This effect reminds me of the time that I saw the LED time display of the microwave oven, as I was walking next to it, but when I wasn't even looking in that direction. Then I turned my head towards it, and it was displaying the same time that I saw clairvoyantly, when I wasn't looking in that direction with my eyes. I told you about that one soon after it happened, months ago.

February 4, 2017

At the risk of seeming like a PR person with Paranormal Lockdown, I want to describe the visions I had with regard to a couple of their episodes, which I just watched on TV, on the night of February the 3rd and 4th.

First, I'll tell you what came to mind in relation to the Statler Hotel episode (which hotel is in the Buffalo area of New York). Then I'll tell you about the visions I had with regard to the White Hill mansion episode (which episode took place in New Jersey). My visions have content which wasn't provided in the respective TV episodes, which fills in some of the holes in the information they provided.

My Statler Hotel visions, in the order they came to me, while watching the show:

I see a man in a white shirt and dark pants, without his suit jacket on. He is moving a metal drum along the floor of a dark room. I see the light of day through an open doorway (normal size), which is apparently where he's headed with it. There is a human body in it, which of course this gangster knows about. There is at least one young male hotel staffer nearby, who doesn't act alarmed or concerned.

Downstairs in the spa or pool. A small group of gangsters are at one end of the pool. At the other end is a young man, a snitch, who is there to spy on them. The gangsters don't want to be spied on, of course. The young man hears a menacing voice. Then the voice says, “yeah, you.”

In a side utility room, with at least one metal drum in it, gangsters a forcing a man into the drum while he is still alive. The man complains about the discomfort. One of the gangster men offers another choice, which is to be cut into pieces and then put into the drum.

My White Hill mansion visions:

I'm the mother of many children. [We all have been living in the White Hill mansion, in the 1700's.] I just returned home, on foot, to be told that four of my children have died. I feel the loss deeply. A young man tells me it doesn't matter, while we're standing a distance from my home, maybe on the path I came home along. Now, standing just outside the house, I feel I'm expected to just go on with things as normal. I see myself in my customary long dress. Then, inside, my feeling of loss is overwhelming, like I can't understand how my life could just go on as normal, without my lost children [There were 7 altogether, but now only 3]. I feel like I'm afraid to show emotion by crying, like there is some kind of strange, foreign control over things at home, which I have no control over, and which I must conform to. [Reflecting on this in the kitchen, afterwards, I sobbed deeply, as if a delayed reaction catching up with me, after an hiatus of about 250 years. It still brings tears to my eyes, to think about it.]

Here are a couple of links, with more information and videos on these two episodes:

January 31, 2017

Yesterday, I saw the shortlist of the three justices who Pres. Trump was considering nominating to fill the vacancy left by the death of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. I looked at the names one at a time. When I got to the name Neil GORSUCH, the GORSUCH name was giving me a very heavy feeling in my mind. It's like I knew there was something very remarkable about him. I was thinking that it was the kind of feeling I get, more or less, when I'm having another one of my visions which come true. I was thinking that the feeling indicated to me that either: 1) Gorsuch will be Trump's nominee the next day (today), or 2) he would figure prominently in something. Well, I was right again. It was announced today, Tuesday, January 31, 2017 that Justice Neil Gorsuch is officially Pres. Trump's nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. I did it again! Yippee! I got it right!

January 30, 2017

I've got another psychic dream, from yesterday, to include here. I didn't realize it had psychic content until I just rewrote it into a tentative final draft on paper. Before I try to describe the psychic content, I'll first provide the dream itself, here, for you to read.

[start of my psychic dream]

I'm on a trip by motorcycle, with another guy on a motorcycle accompanying me. I've got a guy on the back of my bike as a passenger. We are being chased by a man on a third motorcycle. It's not obvious why we're being chased. The guy chasing us seems like someone I know. It seems we may have been riding on a paved road at first, but then we seem to turn off onto a dirt path, with the other guy pursuing us. The other motorcycle in my two motorcycle group is a street bike. Shortly after turning onto the dirt road he pulls off of the dirt road, but it is a wilderness area there and all along this dirt path. It's not obvious why he turned off. I'm thinking like I'm the guy with the passenger, although I don't feel like I'm riding a motorcycle. I feel more like a ghostly observer. I decide we can't turn around or stop to help the other guy. I decide to keep going. I expect to reach another paved road somewhere along this path. I'm thinking if my motorcycle were much more powerful, I could lose the guy chasing us in about five minutes by doing some dodging runs onto side paths.

[end of my psychic dream]

Now, before I break down the psychic content, I need to describe an experience I had later that day. I wrote down the above story after I got out of bed. Some time after that, I logged into one of my credit card account summaries, online. I was amazed to see that the payment I had made to pay off my CHASE card balance had been returned many days ago. This is after two notifications that the payment went through. I immediately got on the phone to customer service. I tried THREE TIMES, by calling three times, to reach a customer service rep, but was unable to. Then I called customer service of the bank from which I tried to send the money. He clarified that I needed to enter my account number, rather than my customer number. That was why the payment was returned. With that explanation in mind, I was able to calmly initiate another payment to the CHASE card account, coincidentally out of a different bank account. Now that's all squared away.

[here's the explanation of the tie in]

It may be simpler to correlate elements of the dream to elements of the later experience.
1. motorcycle chase  =>  CHASE card account problem
2. 3 riders in my group with the unsolved problem  =>  3 unsuccessful calls to CHASE customer service
3. looking for a solution to being chased  =>  unknown source of trouble
4. smooth going on paved roads before and after the chase =>  no known account trouble before and after
5. I know the guy chasing us.  =>  I really knew I needed to use my account number, but accidentally used my customer number instead.

So, in summary, this dream put the prediction of the account trouble and solution into a symbolic scenario about motorcycle riders. It's interesting that the scenario was in the form of a chase, since CHASE is the name of the bank that issued my account and my card. If my card had been issued by Wells Fargo instead, one could picture a different dream scenario involving an attempted Wells Fargo stage coach robbery, to put the predictions into dream symbols. My frantic attempt to avoid a late fee could be compared to trying to avoid being robbed, in a manner of speaking, of the late fee.

Okay, now, here's the bonus content. Here's your chance to be mind-blown a little more by this dream. Here's what it is. I feel certain that I had a prior instance of this dream many months ago, maybe multiple years ago. That was long before I had this Chase credit card account. This dream of yesterday was really a repeat of this psychic prediction dream ON THE VERY DAY THAT THIS ACCOUNT PROBLEM WAS TO BE NOTICED AND SOLVED. My subconscious was waiting for the day to arrive, and gave a repeat performance of the dream on the very day that I dealt with the account trouble. What service!

January 24, 2017
[6:11am PST]

First, I want to say that I put a link at the end, so you can watch the Bellaire episode of Paranormal Lockdown, if you want. Now, on with my latest report.

Here's a load of "coincidences," for lack of a better word for it. Friday, January 20, 2017, I found myself watching Paranormal Lockdown, on TV. Something very curious caught my attention, which wouldn't probably connect in most people's minds. They aired three episodes in close succession, and they all had something in common; namely, the names of the locations formed a common theme. I don't think the show's production crew planned it that way, but all three location names remind me of the Charles Manson story. The names of the locations/houses are:
1. Waverly Hills (sanitorium)
2. Bellaire (house)
3. Hinsdale (house)
The connections are that, first, Waverly Dr. ("Waverly" in common with "Waverly Hills") was the street on which Leno and Rosemary LaBiance lived, and where they were brutally murdered. Second, Bel Air (different spelling than "Bellaire") was where Sharon Tate and four others were on that fateful night before, when they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and were brutally murdered. Third, this one is stretching it a little, but Gary Hinman (has "Hin" in common with "Hinsdale") was also brutally murdered in his Topanga Canyon house, less than two weeks before the other two scenes of carnage occurred. All three of these cases were connected with Manson and his associates. And, to top it all off, these three episodes were all aired on the same night, in close succession. One of the reasons I'm so familiar with the Manson story is that I've read over 40 books on that story, and I think closer to 50 books on it (I think 47+ to be more exact). That story I'm familiar with.

Now, here's an interesting tie-in experience I had while watching this show on TV, Friday. I was tired and nodding off. During a period of this sleep, it seemed to me that I was watching this show, but my body was asleep. There was one point in this episode where I clearly heard the EVP voice announce, "I'm Ed" (Edwin Heatherington). I heard the "I'm Ed," and almost cutting off that voice in interruption, I see and hear Katrina (of the Nick and Katrina investigation team) start talking about something unrelated. I immediately felt frustrated and annoyed because I wanted to be able to continue hearing the disembodied voice if it were going to continue. In watching this again in this video, I didn't hear the "I'm Ed." That leaves me to conclude that the ghost of Edwin Heatherington made contact with me during this bit of sleep, when I was nodding off. Not only that, I had the belief closely juxtaposed with hearing the "I'm Ed" that that was the second time I heard "I'm Ed." I didn't even hear that once in watching the video, let alone twice. This leaves me to conclude that the ghostly Ed was tuned into me, and I into him, which is not an unusual kind of experience for me. It's like he spoke that "I'm Ed" directly to me, outside of the episode of Paranormal Lockdown, across the distance. This paranormal experience in connection with seeing a paranormal episode on TV reminds me of the time I found fine vegetation, of a kind not found at my home, on my shoes after seeing the American Supernatural episode about the ghost of Catherine Hill (which reminds me of the above "Waverly HILLS."). I believe I made successful contact, at a distance, with that ghost, with the plant matter on my shoes being some evidence of it, as if I had personally wandered along that desolate road frequented by that ghost, and thus got that foreign/non-native vegetation debris on my shoes. In that episode, it was conjectured that people who didn't stop to try to help that ghost were possibly doomed to experience some misfortune.

Here's the link, I mentioned, to see (in high definition and without commercials) the Bellaire episode (featuring the ghost of Edwin Heatherington) of Paranormal Lockdown (I listen to the sound through a normal stereo):

January 14, 2017
[5:03am PST]
In preparing a used microwave oven for sale, I had another curious experience. Before I wrote down the information from the back label, I was toying with the idea of what cooking power this one features. Actually, the power output isn't listed anywhere on the machine. At first I thought maybe 700W, like my older version of this make and model. Then my face and self overall lit up. so to speak, with a good feeling, when I pondered the possibility of it being an 800W model. Then I thought: maybe 750W? But, that didn't give me a good glowing feeling like the idea of it maybe being an 800W appliance. So, I went to my laptop computer, and searched for the specifications according to its exact model number. Have you guessed it yet? The glowing-all-over-feeling idea, 800W, is the EXACT rated output of this microwave. I got the glowing feeling, because that is an exact match according to specifications.

January 13, 2017
[11:42pm PST]
The other day, I had another spectacular success in using psychic healing on myself. The more different types of maladies I attempt to heal psychically, the broader my experience gets. This time, I discovered that I had a rough patch of skin under my ear. I thought about my options. I had this condition at least a day or two before I tried to remedy it. First, I rubbed a little hydrocortisone on it. The next day I found that it had not gone away. Then I tried some psychic healing, in which I envisioned yellow healing light radiating from my hand about an inch away from the spot. So far in this kind of healing I've limited application to about up to a minute (without timing it). The next day the spot was COMPLETELY HEALED, WITH NO FEELING OF ROUGHNESS THERE!

I want to say that my results with psychic healing have been better and faster than I could reasonably have expected from more orthodox types of treatments. And, it is something I do on my own, without expense to myself.

I've recently had a man inquire as to how much I'd charge to do "energy healing" on him. I hadn't advertised for it, but he had bought a book from me. He knew from our conversation that I was into psychic healing on myself. I haven't yet replied to his message, but I've been giving it some thought. I'm thinking I could charge him a relatively nominal fee per minute (maybe a dollar per minute, which of course only adds up to $15 for 15 minutes, etc.). I wouldn't need to call it psychic "healing" (in the interest of legal considerations). I could refer to it as  psychic work or psychic treatment (or even "energy work" or "energy treatment," which is more similar to what he called it). The more I think about doing this for pay, the more I like the idea. It could at least help me get by in tight money periods.

January 12, 2017
This report is like a test of one's psychic prowess. A week or so back, a guy responded to one of my online ads. I had an external floppy drive for sale. Just so you know, it's the same one I mentioned I won in an online auction, a while back. Well, I saw the guy's name in the line representing the reply email. The name was the same as that of a guy I went to primary and secondary school with. I talked to him on the phone, and he verified that he was the one I knew from school. He said he'd drop by the next day to pick up the drive. He didn't show up. I just put it out of mind, rather than remind him about it. Then, Tuesday, the tenth of January, he called me, and said he wanted to pick up the floppy drive. I said okay. He got to my place about an half hour later. He called again to announce he was there. I let him in the front door. This is where it gets interesting. I looked at his face and he looked EXACTLY like Steve Martin, the comedian and actor, replete with all-white hair and receding hairline. I noticed, even talking to him on the phone, that he has a ubiquitous giggle. That giggle made him even more believable as to possibly being the real Steve Martin (or maybe the actor doesn't really giggle that much?). There is one thing, however, that suggests he's really my former classmate: He knows that family history like only the real person could know it. Here's another clue, however, but in the reverse direction: He had a tiny bit of BLACK hair poking through all that white in a place or two. That is an apparent inconsistency, because that guy was clearly blond during our former school timeframe. Even if his hair got much darker, as happens with most or all natural blonds, it is hard to believe that his hair shifted all the way to black, as those tiny spots looked like they were. Note that Steve Martin's original hair color was very dark, maybe black. You can find a high school senior photo of him online, to verify it. One more interesting detail is his car, which he parked in my driveway. I took a cursory look at it, in the area of the hood and grill. It was a pristine, shiny black Mustang. It looked awesome! It looked so IMMACULATE, like something only a Hollywood A-lister would own, because they, unlike most people, are reputed to have loads of money. So, from the standpoint of logical scientific analysis, how can this add up, consistently, to conclude him to be one or the other person? It appears to be impossible to solve with ordinary everyday reasoning. That leaves psychic perception as the only remaining tool to solve this puzzle. Would you like to take a stab at naming who you think this guy really was?

[12:13am, January 13, 2017]
Actually, I meant "primary and INTERMEDIATE school," rather than "primary and secondary" school. Also, here's another curious clue towards an attempt to solve this puzzle logically. I mentioned that at least three young ladies made marriage proposals to me back in my high school days. One of them, which I didn't mention, was Madonna (I just can't resist mentioning it, now.). Well, another one was a small dark-haired girl that had been our classmate. I gave her name, both first and last names, and he didn't recognize it. I wonder how he could fail to recognize the name of a classmate, when most of us were in the same class through all eight years of that parochial school, including, I think, her. So, maybe he was really Steve Martin, and not my former classmate?

[1:28am, January 13, 2017]
A couple more things have come to mind about all this.
1) Since my former classmate is really within reasonable walking distance from my place, it is less likely he had something come up which prevented him from showing up when he originally said he would, since the drive time was so insignificant. If he had been Steve Martin, he presumably would live much farther away, and would have a professional and social life more likely to interfere with the originally agreed upon meeting time.
2) I've driven by that home a number of times, over the last few years, which house I'm sure of, since it has a distinctive add-on section which was still imcomplete the last time I visited him there, in about the very early 1970's. I don't ever remember seeing that car parked in that driveway. Nor do I recall seeing ANY car parked in that driveway in the last three or five years, or more. Furthermore, I believe that freestanding addition to the house is where the garage WAS. So, the car couldn't have been in the garage, out of sight, since the house no longer even has a garage.
3) I want to add that the car looked so clean, I couldn't detect so much as a solitary speck of dirt or dust NOR WATER SPOT on the hood, and IT'S BEEN RAINING ON AND OFF, EVERY WEEK, FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND A HALF IN THIS AREA!
Okay, so it's draw-your-own-conclusion time, again. The pull of ordinary reasoning logic pulls comparably in both directions with this one.

January 7, 2017
This is spooky (pun intended). The other day, maybe yesterday or the day before, I was on my way out the door of my room. I hesitated, to decide if I was going to turn off the light, since I was only going to be out of my room briefly. I decided to leave it on. I was then in the bathroom for a short time, before returning to my room. When I returned, I made a jaw-dropping discovery. Have you guessed it yet? This is it: I had to turn the light on, because I found it turned off, after leaving it on. I live alone here. Somehow, that light got turned off, without me flipping the switch.

January 6, 2017
I've got two items to report, this time.
1) A while ago, I was watching the news on cable TV. They were reporting that Sears is about to sell its Craftsman brand, since Sears is in need of the money. The report mentioned that Sears bought the Craftsman brand in 1927. The detail of interest is that, in the split second before the reporter finished completing the statement, I had the flash of recognition, upon hearing "5," that she was going to say "500." I was right. Sears obtained the Craftsman brand, in 1927, for only $500.
2) You've probably heard about Debbie Reynolds dying the day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died. I've been seeing the report on TV for days, now. Tonight, I just had another epiphany, this time about these deaths. I had an eye-widening ah ha moment that I had a vision about that pair of deaths, coming in close succession, many years ago, maybe as far back in time as the 1980's. It finally came true. I had forgotten about it. It came true, nonetheless.

January 3, 2017
Today, I heard a couple of sounds near the front door that startled me, because I didn't recognize those sounds. One was an unfamiliar sqeak, and the other was an unfamiliar shrill high-pitched electronic sound. While still feeling alarmed, I decided to zero in on the situation Clairvoyantly, and right away I came up with the information that it was the mail delivery. Right away I had the feeling of certainty, before logical reasoning could make sense out of it. I was right. I had a stack of three packages for me on the porch. What's particularly remarkable, this time, is that I was able to latch onto the situation deliberately, EVEN IN A STATE OF FEELING ALARM.  It can be more difficult to use one's psychic faculties with seeming Hell breaking around one. Had I done this during the last event I described, about the police incident, it may have saved me from feeling the need to call 911. Another day, another lesson learned.

December 26, 2016
[item #1]
I just had an epiphany about a discussion I had, in the 1980's, with my biology professor, of then. We were in his otherwise empty classroom, in a between-classes moment. He asked me how old I thought he was. I right away got an impression of 52, so I was about to tell him: "I know you're older than 47, and maybe younger than 57 (ten year range), so my guess is 52. Before I got past the "I know you're older than 47," he interrupted me to say, approximately, "I'm 52, but I look older than 52." Then I went on to explain that I was about to describe that range, with my guess being HIS EXACT AGE! It seems, sometimes, that I immediately zero in on a detail psychically, without the modality of logical reasoning. This is apparently what happened in this instance. I agree that he looked older than his 52 years, but I just happened to latch onto his real age, in spite of outward appearances.
[item #2]
I had a psychic dream today. When I woke up and sat on the side of my bed, I didn't realize it was a psychic dream. First, I'll describe the dream, and then I'll describe what's psychic about it.
[start of my dream]
My view is outdoors, during the daytime. The surrounding landscape is dim because it is very overcast. I'm looking down from the air onto the land. My view is from no more than about 200 feet up. I see my dark-helmeted army on foot in formation below. The soldiers are evenly spaced as if at an event or marching in a parade. There are maybe a hundred such soldiers visible. They are marching forward away from me. I hear a soft voice say, "They won't be able to do anything before 5:00pm." I interpret that to mean they won't be able to help me before then.
[end of my dream]
Okay, now I'll describe what happened right after I got up, and after that, I'll describe how the above dream predicted the events.
[events at home]
Upon waking up after this dream, I got out of bed at 5:00pm (I had been up all night, so I slept late.). Almost immediately, I was hearing persistent knocking on my front door and ringing of the doorbell. This scared me, because of family problems. I called the police to try to be sure of avoiding a confrontation. Afterwards, I discovered that it was my neighbor who had been at my door to give me a Christmas present (a box of caramel chocolates).
[end of event description]
The timing is uncanny. There is the apparent need for assistance. Then that assistance arrived in uniform. Note that they could not help me before 5:00pm, because I didn't even know I was having a problem before then. So, in conclusion, this dream was psychic, in that it predicted a situation that involved uniformed men to help me, but only after 5:00pm.

December 24, 2016
I just got 100% right, in predicting four details, while watching Pawn Stars, on the History Channel. A guy came to the shop wanting to sell an antebellum rifle. Just before the station break, a quiz question appeared on the screen: Which of three items was used around the turn of the century in a shooting contest  a) cans b) pigeons c) watermelons. I'm thinking it's probably "pigeons." After the station break, the answer was revealed. I was right, and I hadn't read up on it. "Pigeons" was the answer. The owner at first said he was looking for about $3200 for the old rifle. Right away, I was picturing the gun owner revising his offer after hearing the appraisal, and giving a revised asking price of $1200, upon which Richard would counter with $1000 as his offer. Then, after that station break, Richard called in the gun expert, who gave his analysis of the gun's value. After that, the negotiating transpired EXACTLY the way that came to mind, above. I was right on the money. The expert did say that the gun was worth less than the guy originally said he wanted. The expert said it should fetch between $1500 to $1750. The gun owner now says, "I'll take $1200." Richard counters with an offer of $1000. My vision was right in MANY details:
1. "Pigeons" was the correct answer.
2. The expert said the gun was worth less.
3. The owner's new asking amount became $1200.
4. Richard (the store clerk) came back with an offer of $1000.
After that, the gun owner's new offer was to accept $1100. To that, Richard tells him, "Okay. Why not?" And the deal was done.

December 23, 2016
A few nights ago, my throat got soar from doing some singing practice (to the Cat Stevens song I mentioned). So, my standard solution worked. I waved my hand over my throat area for no more than about a minute, just far enough away to clear without touching my throat. As usual, it worked. My throat was feeling normal again. It's like a self-performed miracle, and it always works.

I was going to send this message to you behind the scenes, through your website. However, after writing this, I realize it is too good to keep to ourselves, so I've posted it here. I just bought and read your book, Growing Up Haunted. I'm glad you wrote it. It really gives a perspective on your family. I want to mention a couple of coincidences. 1) Your mother's year of birth is right in the middle between your father's and mine. That means there's the same age difference between me and Catherine as between Catherine and Hans; 19 years. Hans was born 19 years before Catherine, and Catherine was born 19 years before me. Also, I find it a curious coincidence that a number of the photos in the book were taken in Chester, NY. There is a dual coincidence for me in that: 1. My own late father's name was Chester, and 2. He was born the same year as your father, in 1920. Two of those photos were of Hans "attempting" to play tennis in Chester, NY. Digressing a little, I've always taken notice of names with "Chester" in them, like Manchester, Colchester and Westchester, and even plain old Chester. When I was reading the historical stuff about Rosine living in France, it felt like déjà vu for me. It seemed like I had either read the story before, or more like LIVED the story before! Even the part about George and his airplane crash. It seems like a part of my own past. I KNOW it from something! And here's something else that may raise some hackles on the back of your neck. You know that part about your Halloween costume being found hovering upright near your dresser? I also RECOGNIZED that, too! It's like I had been you in a prior version of earth, and I remember it. I recognized the part about you going into the bathroom, afterwards. I remember you sitting on the toilet seat (I'm trying to remember if you mentioned that detail about sitting there.). Of course, this sort of thing is not unusual for me. I very often tune into the content I read in books, in general. I may have told you before that I can go to the public library, pick up a book at random, and I RECOGNIZE the contents. That's not unusual for me. I noticed that faculty in me many years ago, before I had ever read anything on the paranormal. So, it is an ability I've had, without having learned it from someone else. If fact, I've never heard of anyone else having that ability. PS: I really think we ought to work on at least one paranormal project, together. It would do us both some good. Not only that, there's always some money to be had in every new project. I've got a specific suggestion. How about we investigate one or more abandoned industrial buildings. The thought has intrigued me ever since I had a dream, years ago, about being talked to by a pair of lady ghosts at such a location. That abandoned industrial complex seemed to sprawl. In that dream, I found those lady ghosts frightening. But that was then. I'm ready.

December 17, 2016
It was a clairolfaction kind of night for me, tonight (Friday). I've got two instances to report.
1) At about 11:20pm, I fipped the TV channel to KTLA 5 (Los Angeles), and on the screen was Vera Jimenez. I soon had a very strong clairolfaction experience of her perfume. Here's what I just posted about it to Vera on Facebook:
Vera, at about 11:20pm Friday (tonight), I flipped the channel to find you on the 11 o'clock news. I had a strong clairolfaction sense of the perfume you were wearing. It felt to me like the scent was all around you there in the studio, and I picked up on it at home. It came across as very strong, to me.
2) About an hour ago, I prepared to make myself a usual midnight snack: a mini half cheese sandwich. I grabbed the bottle of barbecue sauce. I soon had the smell of the barbecue sauce in my mind, without even taking the cap off. The smell just came to me. After I took the cap off, I took a whiff, which verified to me that it was the same stuff I smelled by clairolfaction. As one must surely know, not all barbecue sauces are the same.

3) [5:06am] Here are a couple of curious coincidences I encountered soon after my last post, here. I remind you that I stopped believing in mere coincidences. I found myself watching another Rob Zombie movie called The Lords of Salem (2012), on the cable channel StarzEncore.

1. Not so far into the movie, there was a scene in which a lady clearly mentions, together, bread and cheese. What a curious coincidence since I had just mentioned my nightly mini half cheese-on-a-slice-of-bread-and-folded-over sandwich.
2. The second coincidence was in one of the last scenes, the climax scene, in which the lady says she smells their rotting ancestors between their legs, of the other ladies present. This comment smacks of clairolfaction, which is a very rare thing to be depicted in a movie. This of course is a coincidence, considering my last post told of my clairolfaction experience of tonight (Friday).
Here is some information on the plot of the above-mentioned movie. It is set in modern Boston, and relates to a curse put on the descendants of one of the judges of the Salem witch trials, of Salem Massachusetts. The closest name, of a judge, that could be meant was John Hathorne. John Hathorne was the patrilineal ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American novelist. Hathorne is not known to have repented his key role in the Salem witch trials. The movie said the daughters of the daughters of one of the investigators/judges, whose name they said was "Hawthorne," would die due to a curse. The lead young lady character in the movie had the last name of "Hawthorne." For what it's worth, the plot had Ms. Hawthorne surviving (but missing), and all in the coven of witches dying.

December 15, 2016
This time, I've got a psychic dream with a related clairvoyant vision that came true, a clairvoyant vision that proves true, and an update on the street light.
1) Last night, about 10 or 11pm, I felt drowsy, so I lay down for a nap. During this nap, I had a psychic dream. In it, I saw the face of a young lady. The face looked attractive and devoid of normal color intensity, and with a sparkly silvery quality. At first I thought it was the face of Kim Kardashian. Tonight, minutes ago, that young lady came to my front door. She was the one who responded to my craigslist ad. The visual qualities approximately matched the way her face looked through the kitchen curtain. Also, Yesterday, when I called her on the phone, I had a strong distinct impression that she was of very light hair color. I got my verification when she arrived. Her hair was platinum silver in color.
2) The closest I can describe this one is that I had a lucid dream. In this dream, I saw a black mass that I thought was probably the black mailbox in front. At first, I saw a white package in it. The sides and edges of the black mass looked blurred. Upon giving this some thought, I felt some annoyance at the inaccuracy, because if this is supposed to be a psychic dream predicting a package in my mailbox, it must be in error, because I don't think there is a package in my mailbox. I got right up out of bed, and I checked, and just like I thought, there was no package in the empty mailbox. It's like I knew, or felt strongly, that there was no package in the mailbox, and that's the part that was verified. It's like my psychic faculty was testing me with this one, but I was right. Note that this was in the time range that the mail usually arrives.
3) Tuesday, the night before last, I drove by the formerly intermittent street light, that's four streets over. Again, it stayed on while both approaching it and while driving back the other way past it. So far, it's verified that the intermittent is gone.

December 13, 2016
Here are a dream and a vision of the same thing, which came true. In the early daylight of yesterday, I felt an urge to step out the front door, and enjoy the morning air for a moment. To my surprise, I discovered that the house behind the house across the street had caught fire. It was already boarded on the wall facing me, and the roof was very badly scorched. In recent weeks and months, I was appreciating how nice the different colors of the neighborhood houses complemented and contrasted each other, including the brown paint of that one. It wasn't long ago that that house was still unburned. Now it's a real mess. I wasn't aware that it was on fire, but I think I was at home at the time. Now, here's the paranormal tie-in. Not long ago, weeks or months ago, I had a vision of discovering that that very same house had burned. I was thinking that I can't wish for that to come true. I was thinking it would be a real bitch, for that household, for that to come true, but it DID come true. Also, I had a dream about it. In the dream, a lady spirit entity indicated to me that there was a Karmic theme involved with the burning of the house. The specific blame theme seemed like it was just behind a veil that maybe I could penetrate with some meditation. Of course, this psychic dream came true, just as the vision of the same thing came true with that fire.

December 11, 2016
1) Here's another piece of the puzzle of the intermittent street light. Around 10pm last night, Saturday, I drove by that intermittent street light again that's four streets over. It was on as I approached it and passed it. I turned around and drove by it in the other direction. This time it stayed on, even as I kept an eye on it in the rearview mirror. This also looks like a pattern. The fact that it stayed on longer and didn't turn off until I was well past it, the other time, looks like a hint that the intermittent was about to stop. Then this most recent round when it stayed on looks like a verification of that idea. So, instead of abruptly ending, I was given a clue the other time, when it took longer to turn off. Now, it begs the question: Will it always stay on from now on when I drive by?
Notice that the time of this post, and the time of the last post, both reduce, Numerologically, to 5 (3+3+8=14 which reduces to 5; and 9+4+1=14 which again Numerologically reduces to 5). These are the two posts about the wind-down of the intermittent, as well.

2) Another day, another surprise. I couldn't update my paranormal page last night, because the server was down. I just now went about the routine of updating my page. To my surprise, I found that the "This Page Was Last Updated On" line was missing. This is in speaking of the copy on my personal micro-SD card, at home. I always update the copy on my micro-SD card, then use it to overwrite the copy on my page's server. Normally, I'd conclude that I've been hacked (in the normal idea of it), but considering all the paranormal happenings I've been experiencing, it seems I must conclude it was paranormal, instead. Also, this comes on the heels of a rare instance of my page's server being down last night, in the wee hours. The two events, juxtaposed, is pretty convincing.

December 8, 2016
I've just found myself with a sequel to the log update I wrote about a few days ago. A little earlier tonight, I was about to make another entry into my log, my list of quotes. The quote was of something Abigail Van Buren once said. I was thinking I've seen the quote before, so I figured it was already in this file. I put Abigail's name in the search box, and the page stayed put, meaning the quote wasn't already there. What is strange is that the highlighted line (current line) was on an Ann Landers quote, and it is the only one of her quotes in the file. That, of course, can't be mere coincidence. Like I've said before, I stopped believing in mere coincidences a long time ago. As you may already know, Ann Landers was the identical twin sister of Abigail Van Buren, and they both were famous newspaper columnists. They've both passed into the beyond.

December 5, 2016

Here are two items from my experiences of tonight.

1) I drove by the intermittent street light that's four streets over. The pattern still holds. This time, I didn't see it as I approached and passed it from the west. Then I turned around and approached and passed it from the east. Again, it turned off while I was looking at it, but this time it didn't turn off until I had driven a ways beyond it. I saw it turn off while gazing at it in my rearview mirror.

2) Minutes ago, I was updating my list of quotes in a computer file on my laptop. What is strange is that I tried to navigate to a different spot in the document, but the document acted stuck at this particular point. I then noticed that this item my cursor was on had been skipped in the numbering of items in this list of numbered quotes. It's as if some intelligence wanted me to notice that I had omitted to number this item. So, I gave it its number. Then I renumbered all the items that followed, since they are now one higher in number.

December 4, 2016
1) Tonight, a few hours ago, I was examining a spare computer I brought home. I wanted to write down some information from it, so I went into my bedroom for a piece of scratch paper. Now, this next thing may seem "explainable," but I know how I do things, and how I do things is to put the paper all the way flush into the multi-tier paper tray. What did I find, upon reaching my paper tray? I found a piece of scratch paper with its corner WAY OUT OF THE PAPER TRAY, as if to be ready for me to easily grab it. I know I habitually put the paper in flush. I feel sure that this piece of paper was not put that way in the tray by me. Somehow it mysteriously was positioned to be easy for me to grab, because I needed it to write down some info about my spare computer. The question is, did I cause it to teleport like that, or did another entity cause the paper to be positioned like that. I live alone, so there was no other incarnate here to position the piece of paper that way.

2) [8:19pm]
"When you least expect it, you're elected, it's your lucky day (from the music theme of the old black-and-white TV show, Candid Camera)." I was just browsing some CRYSTAL BALLS on eBay. I clicked over to one. When I tried to slide the slider on the right, my screen turned white, with a little message in the far upper-left corner: "Hi Steven!" There was nothing else on the page, and this wasn't part of the page I was trying to scroll. I tried again, a time or two, with the same result. Then I tried the down arrow key, and I got the same thing: the little "Hi Steven!" in the upper-left corner. I then tried the page-down key, and finally, the page moved down on the same page without the white-out with "Hi, Steven!" So then I tried the scroll bar and the down-arrow, but now they were scrolling the actual page of the listing, like normal. Keep in mind that I was trying to view a page for a CRYSTAL BALL, of all things. I've never had this happen while looking at the page of any other eBay listing. In hindsight, the white page reminds me of looking at a crystal ball. The "Hi, Steven!" can be likened to a psychic message on a psychic channel, for lack of something better to call it. The one question remaining: Who was the "Hi, Steven!" from? NOTE: I've successfully scried before, so it's not something entirely new to me. One time I scried while staring at the black surface of the TV in my room, while it was turned off. it seemed to work perfectly for me.

December 1, 2016
About an hour ago, I was making an entry into one of my logs. As I was doing so, I caught a glimpse of a shadow moving to the left across the blinds of my room. The outline was that of the upper torso and head of a person. The sight sent a weak panic sensation through me, because I, of course, don't need an intruder behind the boundaries of my fences and gates, on the side of my house. I sat and calmly thought about what I had just seen. After grappling with the issue of how high the person would have to be to cast that shadow, I realized something. The shadow was moving perfectly smooth and straight as a yardstick. That couldn't have been the shadow of a person walking, because people invariably bob up and down as they walk, due to anatomical characteristics which relate to walking. So, regardless of whether or not the "person" was at the vertical level of someone walking on the paved sidewalk on the side of my house, that person had to be astral or discarnate, but DEFINITELY not in the normal mortal state. Not only that, my side alley has lawn mowers parked there, which would make navigation by a person walking, less than smooth going. So, this yet again is consistent with the fact that I live a very paranormal lifestyle.

November 30, 2016
Apparently, that guy in the sky is having fun making the street lights go out in my area. Keep in mind that this stuff is more interesting in the overall context of my related posts. I'll number these items 1) through 3):

1) A couple of days ago, all the street lights on my two-block section of the street were out again. So, again I contacted the city about it. Tonight, the lights are on again.

2) Tonight, I drove by the intermittent street light four streets over, again. The same thing happened again, as if I was physically keyed to a switch to make the light go on and off, depending on what direction I'm going in. I approached it and passed it heading east, and again the light was on. So, I tested the situation by turning around and driving by it in the other direction. Again, just like the previous times, as I got close to that light going in the opposite direction, it turned off.

3) I drove along the street one block over, and I encountered another such intermittent street lamp. As I got close to it, it turned off, as if I were keyed to it through an on/off switch. This is in the 600's block, like the intermittent light one street over, as if north/south alignment had something to do with it.

[second post]
Earlier tonight (I'm not sure if it was before or after midnight) I found 2's entering themselves into my landline desk phone. I bought the phone used about a week ago. It has a large LCD display.
I interrupt this story to inform you that just now, I caught the 2's entering themselves onto the LCD display of the phone, yet again. It stopped by itself, and after a pause, the display returned to normal.
Like I was saying, the LCD display is about 3 1/4" wide x 1 13/16" tall. It is a no-brand Chinese cheapo with a damaged 1-key of the touch pad. The 1 can be entered, but it requires the used of a pencil point to do it, and to the upper-left of the 1 square with the pencil point. The date and time are at the top. A calendar and the day of the week are in the middle, and the year is at the bottom. When entering from the keyboard (or paranormally), the information shows up in the lower-right of the screen, from right to left. That is where the 2's appeared. First about 3, then a couple more, and then a couple of more. Then I stopped paying attention to it, after the delete key would't clear the 2's from the display. Then when I look at the display a little later, it is back to normal with the year centered at the bottom of the screen. It has done this on previous occasions, too. Minutes ago, I was thinking about the homonymic coincidence of it being Tuesday, which is pronounced 2's day. Minutes ago, it was Wednesday when I just saw it do that again. Maybe the phone is haunted. I once had a pick-up truck that seemed haunted. I had an eerie ghostly feeling in it, one time, as I was nearing my place back in the 1990's. It reminded me of the idea of it having been used as a hearse. It had a low-profile camper shell, and smoky bulging side windows. At the same time, I heard an eerie low-pitched groan, to go along with the eerie haunted feeling. The guy I bought it from had ripped me off. First, he charged me too much, $1700. Second, he insisted that I go to the ATM with him and take out $500 to "loan" him, which, of course, he never repaid, and I never saw him again.
To summarize, I want to say that a young blond lady was murdered, soon after entering a string of 2's on the phone display. It came to me again, just now, upon giving the situation more thought. It actually came to me in a vision, days ago, but out of an old habit of dismissing something like that coming to mind, I didn't realize the informatin was an accurate vision of a murder associated with that phone. A dark-haired caucasion man had killed her with a knife. In regards to the truck, it was used by a young blond caucasion man to transport people and corpses of people he killed. He was a serial killer. Likewise, I had a vision of the guy come to me many years ago, but I dismissed that, also. I now know it was the truth. The thing about a lot of used items, one may acquire, is that they often come with a lot of "baggage" (psychic imprints or haunted), to put it simply.

I want to say that the 2's are still being entered, over and over, again.

Also, I just noticed that when entering digits with the touch pad, a 2 shows up after the digit entered, oftentimes.

[third post]
Last night, in the wee hours, just after I went to bed but before I fell asleep, I experienced some haunting effects in my room. These I believe are related to my post of last night about the murdered young blond lady. I'll label these effects as part one and part two.
1) I hear two rapid sharp clicks at the ceiling which coincided with a bright flash of light that can't be explained by normal reasoning. It startled me.
2) Soon after the flash of light, and at least twice, maybe three times, I saw the opposite of a flash in my bedroom. The low light actually dimmed briefly, like in a brief pulse of dimming. It happened once, twice, and maybe a time or two again. To understand the effect, imagine a reverse lamp that instantly sucks the light away, instead of adding light to the surroundings. Imagine this happening in brief pulses like one might make by manipulating the switch on and then off very quickly. That's what it was like, but with a dimming effect. It was the same entity that has been entering the 2's on my phone in last night's story of mine, in my last post.

Also, please read the two comments I made to last night's post. I made those comments to effect additions to the post, since there was no "edit" menu item to click to add them the normal way.

I want to clarify that those dimming pulses actually lasted about a whole second each.

November 27, 2016
I consulted with my pendulum, to find out if I'd win with my small bid of $1.29, on eBay, for a new-in-box USB 2X-R-W-speed 3.5" DS DD floppy drive. I asked it if I'd win it without increasing my bid, so I could rest assured that I'd be the winner after I got  some sleep. It told me "yes," that I'd win it. I double checked with it, and it again assured me that I'd be the winner. Sure enough, after getting some sleep, and upon checking my email, to my delight, I found a notice that I had won that bid, and the drive is now mine. Yippee! Needless to say, it's much harder to predict such a thing with mere logic and known facts.

November 23, 2016

I've got another two items, here.

1) I had another psychic dream on Sunday, November 20, 2016. I'll say here, before I type in my dream, that it relates to Kanye West's apparent recent meltdown, and his being taken willy nilly for a 72-hours psychiatric evaluation, where he is right now, at this time. This dream occurred the day before he was taken to the hospital. I'll provide a link at the end, so you can read the BBC account of it. This dream was in two parts. Here are both parts:
[part 1]
I'm indoors, seemingly in an upper-class home or mansion. There is weak normal light inside. I'm aware of some other people in the large room, in particular a middle-aged or old man and at least one lady. They are at a distance from me. When looking in the direction of the glass wall, I see at least two black attack helicopters approaching low in the sky. They pass overhead. A moment later, I see two tan-colored helicopters covered heavily with symbols of the USA, like flag stripes and other symbols. They are nearby and lower than the black helicopters. They look like they are hovering still, and maybe about to land there, which is very near. After staring at these two helicopters for a moment, I duck low behinds what seems to be a stainless food service cart with dirty dishes on it. The idea is that I'm sheltering myself from these latest helicopters.
[part 2]
I seem to be outdoors. There is bright hazy sunlight. I'm looking at a white building nearby, which seems to be an apartment building. I picture a black man being there, at that distant white building, while I have a thought. The thought is that "Maybe blacks act strange because they don't get enough sleep. Maybe they try to stay awake."
When I wrote this dream into my dream log, it seemed to me that the second part was part two, and the first part was part one, of the same dream. In hindsight, I can now see how they relate. The first part is about an upper-class residence, and someone inside shrinking in fear from some possible threat. This parallels that fact that Kanye was handcuffed to a gurney when he was taken to the mental hospital. No one really wants to be locked in a mental hospital. Also, the black (negro) helicopters didn't produce the fear reaction of ducking, as if the black was correlating to Kanye being black, himself. Then there were the two tan (caucasion) helicopters that produced the fear reaction of ducking for cover. Part two is an even more obvious tie-in to Kanye's situation. It is about my thinking that black people maybe try to stay awake all the time, which alters their behaviour, causing them to act strange. This idea is very similar to Kanye's reportedly suffering from sleep deprivation, at the time, and how he was acting strangely. Although the dream is in symbolic form, it parallels Kanye's situation very well. Not only that, the dream occurred THE DAY BEFORE KANYE WAS TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL. It's like my subconscious was picking up on the situation, and reporting it in symbolic form, THE DAY BEFORE IT CAME TRUE !!!

2) At 9:12pm tonight, I was standing on my driveway, about to go to the store. I usually walk around the front and look around, before I get in my car and leave, like this time. I started hearing that "flock of birds," but way off in the distance this time. This, of course, was just a little past 9:00pm straight up (twelve minutes past nine), whereas on the other two occasions it was 9:00pm straight up. I got in the car and left. I was driving through another section of my neighborhood, and I was thinking first about new types of headlamps. Then I was thinking about the benefit of having a spare headlamp in the car, in case one goes out. A moment later, a car was coming from the other direction with one of its headlights out. Right after I typed the preceding line, I was picking up information on this situation. I didn't look at the driver, but he was a young man, and his headlight just stopped working a short distance away, before he approached and passed me. He perceived the headlamp as out, also. He was annoyed by it, like just about anyone would be. His headlight went out just before his car came into sight. A little earlier, I picked up on the guy in the sky who's been working with me, in various ways, since at least as far back as the 1960's. He's been focused on me, partly because I tell things straight, without inserting lies. He staged tonight's "flock of birds in the distance" sound, followed by my thoughts about headlights, followed by the driver's headlight going out not far from me. Here's a tie-in series he staged recently, to symbolically connect with this. I had reported a streetlight being out four streets over from me. On several occasions when I drove near it, it went out when I got close to it, after I had already seen it on, initially. Another such instance was earlier, tonight, when I drove by it to check on it again. Every time I get near it, it goes out (dark). Some of this filled in information I picked up in related visions, so I'm confident of its accuracy.
Here's the hyperlink to read the BBC account of Kanye's situation:

November 21, 2016
I had a real jaw-dropping experience here yesterday. I dropped by to take another look at my latest post here, and to my astonishment, I found many of my latest posts gone. In their place I saw my Nov. 13 post with one of someone else's posts above it, and one of someone else's posts below it. The one above lavished a brief line of praise, saying approximately, "You're really good!." The post below looked about the same (maybe identical). I got the impression the guy was praising me for my 8-months-in-advance prediction that Trump would be our next President. I was too taken aback to notice who posted those. I then clicked over to another page for a moment. Then I clicked back to this page, AND THE SERIES OF POSTS WAS BACK TO NORMAL !!! It's as if it happened by magic, and then went back to normal by magic. More UFO control? It's like: How can I expect anyone to believe this, but I know I saw it here.

November 20, 2016
Lo and behold, it's another two story round for me (actually four), here. Again, I'll number these 1) and 2) [and 3) and 4)].

1) I didn't write down the day it happened, but it was no more than a week or two ago. It was daytime. I had put on a fresh pot of coffee, in the stove-top percolator. I have a consistent practice of giving it 50 minutes, overall, from cold to done perking. With a medium flame, it works for me. Also, I use a mechanical kitchen timer, which in itself could be a third item, for today. Well, the timer went off, indicating the coffee was done. I was thinking, "it's only been 40 minutes." I felt I had to conclude I was mistaken, and that really 50 minutes had passed. Ten minutes later, the same timer went into a second full ring, at the time I had originally thought would be the real 50-minute point. This is a spring type timer, the kind you turn the knob to the amount of time you want. [Coincidentally, the same ringer just went off, indicating the 50-minute point for my current day's pot of coffee, but this time right on the money, at the expected 50-minute point.] Now, in normal terms, could anyone expect such a timer to go into two full ring cycles, spaced ten minutes apart? This is the stuff of ghost stories. I have no normal explanation for it, so I'll leave it at that.

2) Since I just gave one odd happening with this mechanical timer, I feel it's the perfect time to introduce another, concerning it. As such mechanical timers are seemingly wont to do, this timer previously (within the past year) reached that point at which it started sticking. To remedy that, I gave the internal mechanism some oil. That stopped the sticking, but it made it run 10% faster. Since then, I've had to add 10% to the desired time, for it to ring at the right time. Unfortunately, after some weeks and months, it started to gum up again. I gave it a second shot of spray lube, but this time I hit the mechanism squarely, by removing the knob, which gave me unobstructed access to the inner workings. Now, all is working, yet again, however, now it is running 5% fast, instead of 10% fast. These are something like exact values. Somehow it just has worked out that way. Not 3.2%, not 1.9%, not 4.6%, but actually round figures: 10% and now 5%. All I can say is it seems strange that such round perfect percentages would result TWO TIMES, not just once! Not only that, but the lubricant reached the insides much more thoroughly the second time, but that ironically dropped the fast pace from 10% to 5%. Now you know how a repairman feels, when he encounters things that just don't make normal sense. More UFO control?

3) Excuse me, but there's going to be a fourth item, since I just thought of something else, so I'm putting it here as item number three. In one of my recent posts, here, I said "I think you're in New York." I gave it my best shot, psychically, to find that out. I gave it a second quick round to make sure, before I wrote that. Just now, while typing in this stuff here, I noticed your New York address. That verifies it for me.

4) Today, I just had a literal dream which I would classify as a psychic dream. First, I'll give a brief synopsis, and then I'll attempt an explanation.
This seems to be occurring outdoors, during daylight, with weak hazy sunlight. I'm, from the outset, staring at the face of a royal Russian lady, from close up, at about a foot away. Her complexion seems imperfect, like with slight blemishes. She is caucasion. At one point I'm hearing the mature man's voice saying something in deep low tones. I hear the sounds clearly, but I don't understand what is being said. The face of this lady looks relaxed and casual. She's not looking into my eyes.
In hindsight, I believe I've figured out a thing or two about the content of this dream. First, I believe I came upon them as I was passing through as a free spirit or discarnate. I believe I really experienced this hundreds of years ago. That makes this a past life recall dream. Also, I think I've had this dream before, that it repeated, today. Second, this didn't sound like modern Russian (not that I much know modern Russian, but I have studied it, some). I believe the words were in the obsolete, prior version of Russian. I believe the words were true to that language, but I couldn't understand what was said during this dream. This is an opportunity to describe a related dream phenomenon that I've been experiencing, over the years. I've dreamed in many foreign languages. Typically, when it's in a language I don't know in my waking state, the words are blanked out, silent, but the meanings come through. Less frequently, the sounds of the language come through clearly, but without understanding of what's being said. Rarely, if ever, do both the foreign speech and the meanings both come through in such a dream. I'm sure the subconscious contains knowledge of both, but it tends to only provide one or the other in any one dream, with few if any exceptions, in my experience, so far. In this dream, the sounds came through clearly enough, but without the meanings of what I was hearing. This reminds me of a dream I once had in which I was speaking Vietnamese with some man outdoors, in that part of the world. It was a normal-paced discussion. I'm sure the word sounds were accurate for that language, but since I don't speak Vietnamese in my waking state, I couldn't understand the conversation during the dream. In another dream, one time, the sounds were blocked out, but I could understand what I was discussing with some young lady, who visited my place (seemingly an apartment). When the words seem silent in a dream, it tends to indicate to me that the language was foreign, or possibly in an obsolete version of the language.

5) Also, while I'm thinking of it, I want to mention that it's the first anniversary, to the month, of my posting my paranormal experiences here. As you must know, I've created My Paranormal Page entirely from this series of posts. I didn't actually create the page until into February of this year, but I included my posts from as far back as November 4, 2015 (over a year ago). It was sure cold in the Randsburg, Johannesburg and Red Mountain area of southern California, then.
Here's the 33-minutes-between-posts, again. Likewise, I didn't plan it this time, either.

6) I've been having so much stuff to post. Here's something else. Years ago, as I walked along a beach, I came upon a young lady and a man with a camera. They appeared to be with each other. I hope you don't object to the photo I have from this encounter. Although she is completely naked, all of her most private areas are obscured, so it's pretty much G-rated. This is a very interesting story, because it involves psychic happenings. First, I'll give a quick description of what happened.
To provide some background information on this, I want to start by saying that this particular California beach has been frequented by naturists (you can think of this as their being wilderness nudists, because that's a simple way of explaining the word, "naturists") since at least as far back in time as the 1940's (according to an older man I once met there decades ago). That explains why she wasn't wearing any clothes. Okay, now here's the little scenario on this particular occasion. I'm walking along the beach. I come upon these two. She is posing in interesting postures. He is taking photos of her. Even though I had much experience with this beach over the years, her looks were so "intriguing," to put is simply. I didn't resist the urge to comment to the man approximately, "I wish I could have copies of those photos." To my astonishment, he replied approximately, "I'll provide copies to you" It's difficult to recall all the exact words, since this was DECADES AGO, but that is approximately the brief discussion we had. I also exchanged some words with the young lady. What she told me was comparably intriguing, but I'd have to do some heavy meditation to bring her comments to mind. What she said seemed sinister, but I think she meant it innocently. Also, I tried to get the guy to tell me how he was going to get those photos to me, but he remained very vague. THIS WAS BEFORE THE ADVENT OF THE INTERNET !!! I was wondering how he could know he'd be getting the pictures to me, since he didn't know me. It puzzled me. Then one day, when I was browsing the internet for something, I came across this image. I quickly recognized it from that encounter of decades ago. So, the guy was right; he did get one of the photos to me, although indirectly, by posting it online. By some force of coincidence (not mere coincidence), I came upon the photo and recognized it. And there you have it: what he told me came true. He DID manage to get a copy of one of the photos to me, by posting it online. In hindsight, I wish I had followed a link associated with the photo, to see if he posted the rest of the photos. So, this was really a psychic experience. He somehow knew I'd receive at least one of those photos, and it came true after all those years. You should find a tiny square in the upper left corner, on which to click to view the image and post together. ALSO; Upon more reflection on this, I remembered something else. He indicated the specific pose, of this series, that I'd receive a copy of, by pointing at her, while she was still posing. I believe this is the exact photo he was referring to. He even got that right !!!
Here's that photo:

beach photo story

November 15, 2016
1) Posted at 10:11pm
Jeez, speaking of street lamps being out, and 9's, I just experienced more on this theme, today. First I want to preface this with a reminder about the "flock of birds" UFO thing at 9:00pm straight up, on November 10, 2016, as well as the number coincidence series in which 9 came up many times. Well, today, I got an email from the city that they just fixed the street lamp (the next one to the west of the one that acted strange on the above night). Tonight, after dark, I walked outside to see for myself if the street lamp was fixed. To my astonishment, not only wasn't it fixed as the city informed me, but the whole visible two blocks of my street was dark, with ALL the street lamps not working. Not only that, when I sat down at my laptop to report the street being dark, I noticed the time display as 9:03 pm. If you subtract a few minutes, to allow for me to walk a little ways down the street, and then return into the house, that gives another 9:00pm straight up coincidence, for when I checked up on the street lamp. I wasn't aware of the specific time when I stepped outside. I did it on the spur of the moment, as soon as I thought of it. So, undoubtedly this paranormal influence has effective control of the street lamps, as well as my TV, and of who knows what else. I feel pretty certain the repairman didn't cause all the street lamps to go out, if they even sent a repairman. I don't think one showed up to fix it. Additionally, I believe the same paranormal influence disabled ALL the street lamps of the visible two blocks, at least temporarily. You have my address. You could swing by and take a peek for yourself, if you were in California, but I think you're in New York.
I just noticed a number coincidence from the time stamp. The three 1's of 10:11 add up to 3. Also, if one adds it a different way, by adding 10 + 11 = 21 and then adds the resulting 2 + 1 = 3, it adds up to 3 both ways.

2) Posted at 10:44
Speaking of numbers, the book I recently ordered online arrived today. It is Numerology The Complete Guide Volume 1: The Personality Reading, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin. A website reported it as having 794 pages, but it only has 380 pages (less than half the pages as described in the information on the  book). Ah ha! I just noticed a number coincidence between these numbers. First, 794 reduces to 7 + 9 + 4 = 20 => 2 + 0 = 2. Secondly, 380 reduces to 3 + 8 = 11 => 1 + 1 = 2. So, numerologically, both these numbers reduce to the same number, namely, 2.

3) Posted at 11:17
Here's ah ha number 2 (another 2 coincidence, at that). I've got a background story to tie into the last post and the number 2 coincidence. I also ordered volume 2 of the mentioned Numerology book, Numerology The Complete Guide Volume 2: Advanced Personality Analysis and Reading the Past, Present and Future, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin. I ordered it on November 2, 2016. On November 9, 2016, I got a notification by email that the seller had canceled the order and was refunding my money. According to them, they only had one copy of the book, and they said it was in very bad shape, although the listing had said the book was in very good condition. So, in conclusion, it seems the same paranormal influence created these number 2 coincidences, to point to the Volume 2 situation. This is all a surprise to me. I didn't stage it.
Immediately, I noticed another number coincidence here. From this timestamp: 1 + 1 + 1 + 7 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1. Also, reduced a different way: 11 + 17 = 28 => 2 + 8 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1. So, this timestamp reduces to 1 both ways. The paranormal influence causing all this has much reason to be proud of its prowess.
Also, the fact that I had ordered Volume 2 on the 2nd of November is in itself yet another number 2 coincidence.

4) Posted at 11:32pm
Would you like to see another number coincidence in all this? Here it is. The timestamps for the last 3 posts are: 10:11, 10:44 and 11:17. The number of minutes between 10:11 and 10:44 is 33. The number of minutes between 10:44 and 11:17 is 33. Thus, the time lapses were both 33 minutes, according to the timestamps. I didn't plan that, either. Is all this convincing you, too, that maybe Numerology is worth the time and effort to study and practice it?
Here's yet another ah ha. From this timestamp: 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 7. Also, reduced a different way: 11 + 32 = 43 => 4 + 3 = 7. So, this timestamp also reduces to 7 both ways.

November 13, 2016
I predicted that Trump would win the Presidential election 8 MONTHS IN ADVANCE !!! For proof, view my retweet of my prediction, which shows a date of MARCH 17, 2016. I also predicted the 2nd Bush win BEFORE HE WAS EVEN RUNNING FOR THAT OFFICE !!! I had a vision of Obama becoming President before he got into the Oval Office the first time. Of course, that also came true. Here's the link to my March tweet which proves I really made the prediction that long ago:

November 12, 2016

11) Posted at 6:28pm
Yep, this number/time series seems to be continuing, maybe forever. The times of the postings of each of the last two posts, 6:09 and 5:46, share a coincidence. For 6:09: 6 + 9 = 15. Likewise, for 5:46: 5 + 4 + 6 = 15. They both contain digits that add up to 15.

10) Posted at 6:09pm
First, I want to say that if you want to check these times, you can find this series, with the respective post times, here:
Second, here's yet another number coincidence in this stuff. If you find the time difference between the last two posts, 5:46 - 4:00, you get 1:46. These digits add up to 11. Also, if you add the digits of the date, 11-11-16, of the posting of the "flock of birds (outside)" event, you likewise get 11 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 6 = 11).

9) Posted at 5:46pm
I did it! I just found the tie-in coincidence to these 9's. The event of November 10 which I described, about the "flock of birds," as I wrote in that account, occurred at 9:00pm straight up. Even the "straight-up" expression is a coincidence, considering the "flock of birds" I saw, directly overhead. Just think, how could any controlling intelligence juggle all of these details to make them line up, come together, in all the right ways, is such a perfectly timely manner?

8) Posted at 4:00pm
I'm thinking this time/number series could possibly go on forever. Want another number/time coincidence? Try this one. I just walked into the kitchen, thinking about something else. I glanced at the time display of the microwave, and wouldn't you know it, the time displayed was 3:51, which adds up to give yet another 9. Then I stared out the kitchen window, looking at the street and the parked cars and the houses. Then, on my way out of the kitchen, I glanced at the time display, and it was still 3:51.

7) Posted at 3:31pm
OMG! Is there no end to this series of time coincidence? These are coming at me so fast, I have to write two of them in this one post.
1) Add the digits of the 3:20 post, and you get 5. Then subtract the 5 from this 3:20 time, and you get 3:15, the time of the preceding post. 
2) Now, wouldn't you know it? Add up the digits of the last post, which was at 3:24, and you get ANOTHER 9. Can you believe it? I didn't plan any of this!
Please note that this post makes 7 for today, so far, and the digits of this post, VOILA!, add up to 7, it having been posted at 3:31. I was wondering if this 7 was going to constitute another number coincidence, and now I've found it, upon counting these posts, of today. Can anyone conceive of making all these coincidences happen on purpose, without making mistakes?

6) Posted at 3:24pm
OMG, another time coincidence! Add up the digits of the 3:15 post, and you get another 9, just like the preceding post.

5) Posted at 3:20pm
Hang onto your hat, if you're wearing one. Here's yet another time coincidence, which, likewise, I didn't plan. Add the digits of the last post, 3:06, and you get the number, 9. Add that 9 to the following post, and you get the time it was posted, at 3:15. Are you amazed yet? I am.

4) Posted at 3:15
OMG, another time coincidence! Just before I clicked to post the last message, I was having the thought that maybe there'd be another time coincidence. BINGO! I just examined and compared the times of the last two posts, here. The one was at 1:33pm, and the one for which I just clicked "post" was at 3:06pm. I then subtracted to find the time difference. The difference is 1 minute and 33 seconds, which can be written as 1:33, in sexagesimal format. That's a doubling of all the digits of the earlier post, like adding 1:33 to itself to arrive at 3:06. I didn't plan it, and it can't be a mere coincidence.

3) Posted at 3:06
Jeez, if it isn't one thing, it's another. I just heated a cup of coffee in the microwave, at home. I grabbed it out when the beeping sounded that it was done. All seemed normal. I held it against my right side, near my waist, for a moment. After that moment, the coffee in the cup suddenly erupted in a loud fizzling (It wasn't making noise when I grabbed it out of the microwave.). Startled, I looked straight down into the cup, still at my side. The surface was bubbling furiously in small bubbles across the entire surface. I stared at it wide-eyed for 3 or 4 seconds until it started to slowly return to normal. I wandered, deep it thought about it, into the living room. Suddenly, I had the idea that I should have looked at the time display, to check for a time coincidence. I went back to check, and the time display read 2:24pm. If one subtracts 2 minutes for the time lag, maybe it was at 2:22pm. In hindsight, this reminds me of the time, maybe a year ago, when I heated an egg in the microwave. I took it out and set it on the kitchen table. All seemed normal. A moment later, KABOOM!  I heard a loud pop when it exploded. Small pieces of egg were now a mess all over the kitchen. That's what was now left of the egg. It was so annoying to have to clean all that up, especially since egg tends to smear when one tries to wipe it up.

[Note: Items 1) and 2), below, are highly related to yesterday's post.]

2) Posted at 1:33pm
This is phenomenal. I just realized that the time, between my last two posts here, is 16 hours and 20 minutes. If written in the format, 16:20, this corresponds to the first and last blocks of digits being interchanged, compared to the current year, 2016. It can be abbreviated as 1620 <==> 2016. I swear I didn't plan this. Again, I stopped believing in mere coincidences. This can't be a mere coincidence.

1) Posted at 1:19pm

Here's another update on the "flock of birds." This morning, I was at the kitchen sink, where the kitchen window is. Suddenly, I heard the noisy flock of birds again. The sound came through loudly, even with all the doors and windows closed. I looked out the window at the sky. I only saw a few birds in a group in the distance, on the wing. They appeared low in the sky. This time, the squawking was only brief, about 3 or 4 seconds, and then it ended abruptly, as quickly as it started. I looked up at the clock over the sink. The time corresponded to the digits of my address, like in 0X:XX, where the X's would be replaced by the three digits of my street address, IN THE EXACT SAME ORDER. I long ago stopped believing in mere coincidences. This can't be a mere coincidence. It was a full-blown squawking racket, like on the prior two occasions.

November 11, 2016
Posted at 8:59pm

Alexandra, I'm just about to delete the old version of this story, because there is no way to edit it. So, to effect an edit, I have to delete the old version, and post the new version. The new portion is at the end. It's not to be missed.

At 9:00pm tonight, the tenth of November, 2016, I heard a great squawking of numerous birds. They sounded close overhead. When I look up, I can't see them. I stared and stared, and looked in one direction and then another, trying to see them. I was thinking I had to conclude that it was something invisible making the noise, because I couldn't see them even though there was ample moonlight. I hear flocks of birds alternately on the left and on the right. Finally I'm able to barely discern the shapes of many birds overhead. First I see a flock of black birds to the left low in the sky. Then I see a flock of white birds directly overhead. They sound the same, but one flock is black and one is white. I heard them retreat to the north a ways, and then become amazingly quiet. After a brief while they were aloft again and squawking loudly.

This phenomenon was at 9:00pm straight up, when I started to water the front yard. I believe this bird activity was keyed to me. I believe it was a psychic event between me and all these birds. Furthermore, I believe this was another iteration of a message about the Hapsburg curse. I believe the sequence of the black flock before the appearance of the white flock was to signify to me, personally, that I've thrown off the Hapsburg curse. The curse was said to be indicated by black birds. I believe the subsequest appearance of the white flock was to indicate that I've finally shed the ill effects of the curse.

As I've written previously, the prior Hapsburg curse message to me was in the form of a murder of crows over Cypress College, about eight miles from where I live. The sky became black with more crows than I've ever seen so close together in the air. They were close and to the east, as I stood in the far west parking lot of the college. This was roughly eight years ago, during the afternoon.

Another such prior event with a loudly squawking flock of birds happened less than a year ago, also when I was watering the front yard at night. Those birds sounded the same. There was such an incredible number of birds, all squawking so loudly, I didn't know what to think about it, because this kind of event is something new to me. That event lasted what seemed like a long time. It seemed to take longer than it did, because it was so strange.

Okay, now that you've absorded the part about the flocks of birds, I have something else that I left out of the above. Here it is. Very soon upon first hearing the loud squawking of the "flock of birds," the street lamp went out. My first thought was that maybe the noise was really a UFO, making itself sound like a flock of noisy birds, and then making the street lamp go out, as if to sign to get credit for it and make itself known. I suspected that, because I couldn't see anything in the sky that could be making the noise. Finally, as I described above, I was able to see what looked like a number of birds on the wing, directly overhead. HOWEVER, the birds resembled painted wooden birds which WEREN'T FLAPPING THEIR WINGS!!! Their trajectory was slow and straighter than arrows. However, this brings the idea to mind that if the UFO could make itself sound like a flock of noisy birds, maybe they could also create a visual illusion, making it look like there were really birds aloft. The only reason I would even give this idea a thought, other than the odd motion described above, is that the light went out ONLY SECONDS after the noisy bird sounds began. Want to be more convinced? Try this. After what was maybe 3 minutes, the street lamp came back on. But, instead of normal operation, it oscillated, pulsated, with increasing and/or descreasing intensity. Finally, it went back to normal operation. Can you even imagine what would cause the light to pulsate while increasing or decreasing in intensity, before finally returning to normal operation? Additionally, the street lamp had just been repaired on Election Day, November 8th, two days earlier, because I had personally called the city to report that the lamp was out. I almost have to conclude that the lamp was controlled by either a UFO, or a spiritual entity, something like what one would expect at a séance. Of course, as a third possibility, there is also the visits made to me by Our Lady of Fatima, as I described previously. Sure, this is bizarre in the extreme, but I swear it all happened exactly as I just described, here.

November 3, 2016
This is a two story post:
1) I think it was yesterday that I looked in the direction of the open door of my mother's former bedroom, which was dark with its light out. This was from across the living room, diagonally. I distinctly saw a white light. It was about at waist height, if there were someone there. I stared at it for a moment, and it persisted for that whole moment. Afterwards it was gone, when I looked over there again. It was about the size and shape of a grapefruit that was squeezed somewhat flattened in from its left and right sides, but it was white. It looked more rectangular than rounded. It didn't look solid. It definitely looked like the substance of a stereotypical ghost, like a faintly illuminated mist, in appearance. If that was the whole ghost, it was awfully small.
2) I took a vacation of a day or two from my jelly bean experiments. This time I seemed to have zeroed in on what color it looks like in my mind when I'm picking up the color of a white jelly bean. I've had this come to mind this way before, but I couldn't positively think it was indicating a white jelly bean, because it had a bluish cast to it. Every time I've had the color come to mind that way, however, it always reminded me of white anyway. Now I know why. It's because, seemingly, that's the way it comes to me in this modality when the color is white. So, I got the colors right again. In the first round, with the brand-X bowl, were white and pink. In the second round, with the Starburst bowl, were green and pink. I can't help wondering how I can be picking up more pink beans than other colors. I didn't pre-count the numbers of each color. Besides accuracy, I very much want this process to get very much quicker. I've been thinking that I ought to just keep doing it every day, to see how quick and easy it would become for me. As far as feelings coinciding as to which colors are the ones and which are not, the negative feelings are at least as important and significant as the positive one, ie the negative feelings must not be ignored because they tend to be representative, and so narrow down the information to just the right colors. If I do enough of these jelly bean experiments, I could fill a whole book with them, as a special topic of paranormal experiment. At this point, I'm tempted. I'll be even more tempted if my speed and ease increase dramatically over the course of the experiment series.

November 2, 2016
I want to make a note, here, of some loose ends of about the past month. First, I remind you of the UFO sighting I made on October 1, and the unexplainable temporary control of my TV one night, which I mentioned here, recently. Also, around the approximate time of that UFO sighting, my bedroom clock stopped, but I just replaced the battery, and it's working again. I didn't notice that exact day it stopped. Also, on the night of Halloween, it finally occurred to me about why the street has been much darker than usual at night, over the past week or two. The street light almost directly across from my house stopped working, but I didn't notice the exact day it quit. Also, I want to add that that particular street light is the one that always stops working. Rarely, if ever, do the other street lights on my street stop working. It doesn't seem like more than year or two since it quit and was repaired the last time. One may reason that the reason this one stops working is because it is the one closest to where I live, if that makes any sense. It may be reasoned that maybe my heavy psychic activity causes it to quit. Or, alternatively, that UFO entities like to make that one go out disproportionately often as a hint to me that they really are paying attention to me, specifically. I know some of them have paid attention to me. They've made it obvious. That may sound a bit crazy to those with no personal experience with UFO's, but it makes perfect sense to me. There is another curious detail from the past month. The screen of my front door suddenly became misaligned, so that it doesn't close properly anymore. It became apparent when one day it wasn't closing easily, like it had been. It now hangs up on the edge of the side where the latch is. I assumed that is was vandalism, and that maybe it was damaged when someone perhaps tried to break into my house.

October 31, 2016
Alexandra, I'm sure you've heard of the effect of UFO's causing clocks to stop. I've experienced that at home myself, in the wake of at least one sighting I made in 2001. Here's a new twist on the idea. After many days of my experiments with the jelly beans, which as you know I documented here, I was in for another surprise. First, as I've already related here previously, there was that apparent teleportation of my cup of coffee, which I discovered after one of my most recent experiments. Then, also after that experiment, I noticed that the battery powered wall clock hanging on the wall, very near to where I did those experiments, had lost about 15 minutes. I checked its time to that of the many other clocks nearby to make sure. So I reset the clock to the right time, and it has been keeping good time ever since, as usual. So, I seem to have affected that clock by the power of my mentalist concentration, similar to the way UFO's sometimes cause such clocks to stop completely. The only other instance I've heard of, in which a mentalist has affected the time displayed on a clock, was the long series of such effects self-reported by Uri Geller in his autobiography. This was another surprise I didn't see coming, just like the teleportation was a surprise to me. Speaking of teleportation, Uri Geller told of his whole body being teleported to a different city, also in New York, to the then home of the now late Dr. Andrija Puharich.

October 29, 2016
I made myself do my nightly jelly bean experiment, minutes ago. I didn't feel like it, but I did it anyway. I reached into the brand-X bowl, and pulled out two beans. I didn't rush as fast as yesterday, but I tried not to take too long. I was picking up a lot of pink, with some green along the way. I picked up so much pink that I thought maybe I had two pink beans in my hand. I checked. I had one pink and one green jelly bean. So, some colors come through more emphatically than others, which makes it harder to clearly distinguish what's in hand. ~ Now, in round two, I reached into the Starburst bowl. I pulled out two jelly beans. I gave it more time than I originally wanted to. I picked up a lot of green. At one point, near the end, a pink dot was growing (one of the typical ways a color can appear). I didn't feel comfortable with the pink, though. It seemed like the time to check. I looked and found both beans were green.  Essentially, the right colors come through for me, but it takes a little thought to figure out which colors to go with as an expectation. I essentially got the right colors, but the results were blurred by the extra sensations.
NOW, HERE'S WHERE IT GETS WILD. I could swear that when I sat down to do tonight's jelly bean experiment, that I set my cup of coffee down on the black music amplifier, just ahead of me and to the left a little. When I looked for it after the experiment, I couldn't locate it right away. It wasn't on the amplifier. It wasn't on the kitchen table. It wasn't in the bathroom. However, it was in my bedroom. I feel certain I set it on the amplifier. I consulted my pendulum. It swung unusually hard, telling me my cup of coffee moved by itself from the amplifier to my bedroom. I didn't see it move, but it got to where it was going!

October 28, 2016
Okay, I just did tonight's jelly bean experiments with near lightening speed, compared to before. I figured I'm good enough, and I don't like to over-belabor, if possible. But, I got the results.
1) I first grabbed two jelly beans from the brand-X bowl. I sat down, because there's no sense being unnecessarily uncomfortable. I quickly got a clear pink impression. I switched to concentrating on the other bean. I got a bold impression of white, but I didn't feel good about it, like a feeling inside was telling me "probably not." I looked in my hand, anyway. VOILA! I definitely got the first bean right. it was pink. The second one, however, was also pink. So, my inner feeling was trying to tell me that the white wasn't the real answer, and it was not a match.
2) Then I grabbed two jelly beans from the Starbust bowl. I sat down and did a quicky on it. I soon distinctly had orange coming to mind. Then I had a vision of orange shifting to red. It's like both colors were coming to mind in a sequence. When I looked in my hand, VOILA ! One orange and one red jelly bean. These experiments have been a learning experience. I can now feel proud of myself.

October 27, 2016
This is another two story day:

1) Remember that jelly bean trick of mine? I'm sure you do. Well, this is where the story gets even more bizarre, and even more interesting. Days ago, I was having the thought that, just maybe, the jelly beans were turning white in my hand, that they weren't originally white. I shrugged off the idea, because I wasn't even trying for that effect. However, just like one can stub one's toe without intending to, so can one create a psychic effect without trying for that particular effect.

This reminds me of when, at least two years ago, I was doing a clairvoyance experiment by focusing on the look of the front property, while being inside the house, out of the line of sight of the front. The following day, I observed a neat little rectangle of different-looking grass on the lawn. I was seeing such a rectangle during the experiment. Upon seeing it during the day by looking directly at it, I concluded that I created the different appearance by focusing my attention there during the experiment. Even if I didn't cause the difference in appearance that way, it signifies that I perceived it clairvoyantly on the prior night of the experiment. Either way, it was a psychic event. I emphasize that the rectangle had straight perpendicular sides, which is a configuration that would not tend to occur naturally. An irregular or round outline would be far more likely to occur naturally.

Now, back to the jelly beans. This time, I figure it was time to check on what colors are actually in the bowls, because I can't know if I caused a color change unless I have an idea of what colors are initially in the bowl. To my amazement, THERE ARE NO WHITE JELLY BEANS IN THE STARBURST BOWL! I had just done some of the same jelly bean experimentation, as before, and I had just ended up with TWO WHITE JELLY BEANS IN MY HAND! Thus intrigued, I consulted a web page to see what colors of jelly bean Starburst puts in their bag. To my further amazement, STARBURST DOES NOT PUT WHITE JELLY BEANS IN THEIR BAGS! So, my conclusion of course must be that my focused attention on the jelly beans in my hand CAUSED SOME OF THEM TO TURN WHITE! That's the only conclusion I can reach because there is no such thing as a white Starburst jelly bean . . . unless, of course, I've turned it white by concentrating on it.

Here's another effect, still. Sometimes, in the course of this experiment, I was picking up a very dark color, seemingly purple or blue. There is such a color of bean in the Starburst bowl. That would be their grape flavor. However, not once did I ever observe that color when looking in my hand after the focusing period. It's like I was sensing there was that color in the bowl. Also, in this most recent set of experiments, tonight (wee hours), I was feeling that one of the beans was extra large and a little irregular. I was thinking, "that could be an orange one." When I finally looked in the bowl, I easily discovered just such a jelly bean: extra large and orange and a little irregular. It's like I was, with far more ease, and spontaneously, clairvoyantly picking up details of beans that were in the bowl, rather than in my hand, during any given round.

Furthermore, in one of tonight's rounds, I found TWO WHITE JELLY BEANS IN MY HAND, AND THERE IS NO SUCH COLOR MADE BY STARBURST!

Now, if I turn up any more white Jelly beans from the Starburst bowl, that would further verify this idea of them turning white in my hand.

2) Last night (hours before midnight), I went to the drive-up ATM (automated teller machine) to make a deposit. The last time I attempted to use this machine, which was weeks ago, the machine didn't act normal, so I left it to use a machine somewhere else. Well, I put the cash in the machine when it was waiting for it. Then I pressed the "continue" spot. The machine paused for an unusually long time. A "processing" graphic appeared a number of times. I was easily growing impatient. I was starting to think that my belief that it was having a difficulty could be the very thing contributing to that pause (accidental mind-over-matter effect). I decided then and there that it would snap out of that pause and complete the transaction. Just like magic, BINGO, instantly it completed, as if I had waved a magic wand over it. It was right-now instant. I pat myself on the back for that success.

Not only that, at one of the other ATM machines I've used, I experienced a similar pause, and it caused me worry at that time. It finally completed, though. Then, on another day, a man ahead of me at that machine was waiting around a long time not doing anything. I finally approached closer, and he told me that the machine didn't give him his card back. THAT IS THE EXACT WORRY I HAD THE OTHER TIME THERE, THAT THE MACHINE PERHAPS WOULD FAIL TO RETURN MY CARD, and now this guy was having that problem. My deliberate mind-over-matter may have been what got me my card back the other time. This other guy wasn't so lucky. Now I think that maybe I should have tried some mind-over-magic to get the machine to return his card to him.

October 26, 2016

The jelly bean trick I've been doing appears to be habit forming. I did it again, a little while ago, tonight (Tuesday, pm). Again, I started with two beans from the brand-X bowl. Again, I had difficulty zeroing in on the colors. After a while I felt I was picking up something like orange, so I finally took a look. The color of one I recognized right away as the color that came through for me. The color was actually closer to pink, on close examination, but it looked orange enough to look like the color I picked up in my mind. It's like the color could somehow morph a little towards orange while I was looking at it. Oh, before I describe round two, I want to mention that the second bean, the one the color of which I couldn't latch onto, was WHITE ! Can you believe that? Remember the phenomenon I described to you the last time, where I couldn't latch onto the color of a white jelly bean? Well, it just happened again. Go figure !
Now, in round two, I grabbed two beans from the Starburst bowl. I still don't know why, but I've been doing better with the Starburst brand jelly beans. I picked up sensations quicker with these two. I repeated my psychic sensing two or three times to help me be sure of the colors before I looked at the beans. Voila! I got a 100% score. I sensed one pink and one yellow, and when I finally looked at them, those were the exact colors. I'm starting to feel like I could do stage magic with this paranormal stuff, but using the REAL abilities, rather than mere illusion.

October 24, 2016

I experienced two interesting effects today. In chronological order:
1) This morning, shortly before I got out of bed for the day, I found myself in a curious experience. At first, I somehow thought I was dreaming, but in hindsight, I realize that I was awake. I found myself partially out-of-body, beyond my feet a bit, with a curious clockwise rotation about the center of a horizontal pie type of effect. I didn't really see a giant pie, but I'm just trying to describe with clarity the motion. It was as though that region of my astral being were a wedge of pie rotating clockwise about a center located at my feet. I didn't see the wedge, but I was aware of it as an invisible entity, of sorts. I had that distinct impression of it. When the leading edge reached what I thought to be about a foot or foot and a half beyond my feet, it suddenly snapped back as if under spring tension. My impression was that the leading edge was now back in alignment with my feet, rather than being beyond them. I continued to think about the experience as I lay in bed. In summary, I would call that a partial exteriorization of my astral self. I've read considerable literature on astral projection, but I've never read of an account that matched this experience of mine. The closest description I've read about was described as a twisting or rotating motion, similar to rolling out of bed.
2) Earlier tonight, I tried the jelly bean trick again. The conclusion I've been coming to is that jelly bean sensing, analogous to shooting baskets with a basketball, is something that one is probably not going to be successful at in every single attempt. One probably wouldn't expect to always make 5 shots out of 5 when shooting baskets, and so it is with sensing the colors of jelly beans without looking at them first. I felt a luke warm feeling of confidence or sensation with the one bean whose color I got right. I had a sensation of pink coming to mind, and I looked, and one of the beans was pink. That was the only time I got a feeling that I was picking up a color. The other times didn't feel the same. One has to experience what it is like to know the feeling when it is successful. I only made a few tries. There was, however, a curious effect that I can't explain at this time. The times it didn't work, the beans were both of the same light color, like both extremely light yellow one time, and both white the other time. It makes me wonder what was with that. The thought crossed my mind that maybe the light color or white was registering as colorless, and so I couldn't pick up a color, as if there were no color to sense. The other effect is that of colors coming to mind that one is not thinking is accurate, but it is coming to mind anyway. Somehow one feels that it doesn't match, and usually it doesn't when it seems that way. Only experience will tell one what a real hit feels like. So, in essence, one has to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. So, there really is a skill involved with it.

October 23, 2016
Yippee! I did it again; more psychic sensing of jelly beans. To give you a better idea of this, I give you more detail. Actually, there are two candy bowls side-by-side. One has Starburst brand jelly beans, and I don't remember the brand of the ones in the other bowl. They've been in the bowls for, I believe, nine months to a year. First, I grabbed two beans from the bowl with brand X. I didn't feel like I was latching onto the colors well. I just firmed my resolve and told myself, "this is it." Well, only one of my color guesses matched that time, the green one. So, I'm thinking I ought to be able to do better than that. I grabbed two beans out of the Starburst bowl. This time, I'm looking for what colors come to mind. I really wanted to get it right, so I went the extra measure with it. I concentrated longer, and I rolled the beans in my fingers, and I meditated on what colors would be coming to mind. Finally, after a fraction of a minute, I braced myself, mentally, and took a peek. I not only got both colors right, I got the positions right; which one was which color. While rolling the beans in my fingers, I visualized sensing of the details of the beans, and I think that helped tip the balance in my favor. I believe it worked. Even if you average the two tries with a total of four beans, that's a 75% accuracy. That's by far much better that the results that Dr. Rhine got with his experimental subjects, back in the 1930's, However, I don't know of him using jelly beans in any of his psychic experiments.

October 22, 2016
Here's an interesting item. Have you ever looked at jelly beans with your fingers? I have. By this, some may at first think I mean to pick up the jelly beans and get a close look at them with one's eyes. But that's not what I mean. For instance, the other day, I reached into the bowl of jelly beans, and picked up two of them. Without directing my eyes towards them, still holding them low at about the height of the bowl, I experienced the sensation of seeing the colors of the jelly beans. If I recall right, one was pink and the other, I think, green. Then I raised them and looked at them, and wouldn't you know it, they were those very colors. I wasn't really expecting that effect, but it happened. Since then, I've given some thought to doing that deliberately. Well, a short while ago, I reached into the bowl, and grabbed two jelly beans. I asked myself what colors they were. Not only did the impression come to mind that they were both yellow, but also that one was about normal size and the other one was tiny. So, I then raised them and looked at them with my eyes, and I saw that all those details matched. It worked. Remember that time, maybe a couple of months ago, when I told you I could taste the wooden ice cream stick with my fingers while holding the ice cream by that stick? This latest demonstration is more along the same lines, but with different perceptions. So, it would seem, one's auric presence in the fingers, and elsewhere, can pick up on any sensory stimuli directly, without going through a human sense organ.

October 18, 2016
I just found myself watching two Amityville movies, back-to-back. This was today. The second one just ended. First was Amityville II, The Possession (1982), and the second was The Amityville Horror (2005). FYI, I've also seen the original 1970's movie version as well as read Jay Anson's book. While watching these, I started to think of time frame and name coincidences in my life. In the '72/'73 school year, I was taking a high school algebra class. Keep in mind that this was a scant 2 years before the DeFeo killings in that house, but it definitely was BEFORE. The attractive young, thin, dark-haired lady in the front row, a little to the front and left of me, had the same last name as the family that fled that house, Her name was Janet Lutz, even spelled the same way. Although there were other attractive young ladies in that class, my attention was usually riveted on her, like a secret obsession every time I was sitting in that class. Another name coincidence was a young lady in the class named Jody Tapscott. Notice the name, Jody, is the name of that family's little girl. Also, not only was that school referred to as the Indians, the one-time school mascot himself was in that class. He popularly went by the name of Rocky. I mention this Indian stuff because your father had a theory about that house being on an ancient Indian burial ground. Here's another name coincidence, although I don't know if it was based on fact or fiction, but maybe your father divulged that detail to you, since he wrote the book the one movie was based on. Notice that the above name, Tapscott, contains the name, "Scott." In the movie based on you father's book, the boyfriend of one of the DeFeo girls was referred to as "Scotty." Another coincidence, as far as coincidences go, is that the name, "Tapscott," contains the word, "tap," as in "faucet." Blood ran out of the faucets in one of the above films. I may as well throw in another name coincidence while I'm thinking of it. Farrah "Fawcett" was a big name in that whole time frame. Now, I don't want to close this article without a mention of a vision I had some years ago. I had read a book on the David Brown story. It was a true crime book. He had ultimately been convicted of murdering one of his wives, by asking his 14 year-old daughter to be the trigger person (She was eventually released, and he went to prison in her stead, and he was knifed to death by another inmate.). In the vision, I saw the Amityville ghost moving through the air from the New York area to my area, in southern California. The idea with that was that David Brown and the Amityville ghost were one and the same entity. What's even stranger, maybe, is some stuff that happened when I was at a restaurant, some years ago, called the Katella Deli. It was raining, and there were pans/buckets in the fireplace to catch water falling through the chimney. Plus, there was some really strong gusts of definitely chilly air coursing through the place. In conjunction with that bad draft I was having the thought that the Amityville ghost had caused the roof to blow off the restroom there. I didn't get up to investigate, to see if that really looked like the situation, but I'll tell you, that cold wind whipping though there from that point on made the idea feel like very much a real possibility. And, this is not all. In Jay Anson's book, the spirit was portrayed as demonic. Not so many years ago, I saw a TV documentary about a demonic force causing the electric meter of some house to rack up excessive electric bill charges. They eventually solved that situation by having the house exorcised. Towards the end of the story, there was described a scent of roses in the house after the exorcism. Here's the coincidence. Some years ago, maybe 5 or 10 years ago, I had been thinking about that possessed house documentary, and I noticed in the living room of my place a similar strong scent of roses, which I couldn't ascribe to any known thing, except as maybe being a residual effect related to that documentary. The bizarre is not so strange to me in my life experiences. It wouldn't amaze me to experience a parallel of that sort in my own environment. I've just presumed that it was connected. I may even think of more coincidences to tie into all of this. The Amityville spirit could easily have been thinking about me, since I was thinking about it, upon reading Jay Anson's book. Now that is plausible.

October 14, 2016
ITEM #1:
A few days ago, I opened a new bag of flour tortillas for my morning quesadilla. I'd been having a problem with the tortillas sticking together, so this time I decided to try some mind over matter. I took the whole stack out of the bag. This is basically the same routine where I peel the individual tortillas apart, except this time I strongly willed the tortillas to come apart without tearing apart, and it worked! I willed a clean separation every time, and I got the clean separation every time. So, basically it WORKED !!! Hurray for me.

ITEM #2:
This afternoon, I just experienced more clairolfaction. When I sat down in front of the TV, I soon smelled the distinct, very clear smell exactly like that of a typical black permanent felt-tipped marker. I think most people in the civilized world are well familiar with that smell. I stopped smelling it soon afterwards. I watched TV for a while, and when I turned off the TV afterwards, I smelled the exact same smell again. I again stopped smelling it soon afterwards.

October 6, 2016
I swear this is true. It reminds me of the story about Uri Geller and the late Andrija Puharich, in which the UFO intelligences controlled their tape recorder and the messages on it, as if by magic. That part of my story is well into this post. Since I already described this stuff to a young lady on Facebook, I'll just copy and paste it here, to save me a lot of reworking (Her name is Ali Spagnola.). Here it is:
Ali, don't get too spooked by my saying this, but this is another typical comment of mine, and you know my typical comments push the envelope. A while ago, I found myself watching a 1988 movie called Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988). The motto of the station is "Chiller: Scary Good." This movie was far more odd than scary, but it was ARTISTICALLY odd. One of the reasons I'm mentioning it here is that, towards the end of the movie, a couple of guys fell into a pool of colored balloons, which this photo of yours reminds me of. Now, here's a psychic tie-in I experienced the other day. I was sitting in my room and I started hearing a flurry of soft squeeks, which sounded something like a distant flock of squeeky birds. I thought about it, but I couldn't figure out what I was hearing. Well, after watching this move, I figured it out. That sound was the same one that the animated pop corn made, in the movie. I was hearing it in advance by the psychic ability of clairaudience across a time gap, IN ADVANCE. However, I admit: I just heard a little of the sound a moment ago. I'm sure it's not caused by a physical object. You know, that UFO report I made to you the other day was just a coincidence . . . or was it? They're really paying attention to me. Right after the movie ended, something else came on. It was displaying in black-and-white but the year (in the description of the movie) said 2016, THIS YEAR. What's more, a man's voice in it said, "What's that? A globe?" Remember, the UFO I described to you the other day resembled a globe because of the arrangement of the lights on the X-wings. In the scene, a salesman was trying to sell a globe to a lady, but the lady said that her husband, who was in the hospital, wouldn't approve of the purchase. The guy insisted it was a sensible buy. Now, after that bit of seeming digression, here's what happened. I turned the TV off, and went into the kitchen for a snack or two or three. After that, I returned to the TV, turned it on, and the show didn't seem like the same one. It had the same title, Unidentified, but the year now displayed as 2006, NOT 2016. So, it's as if my TV was controlled by the Twilight Zone, the 1950's TV series hosted by Rod Serling. In the intro to it the voice always said, "Don't touch that dial," because they are controlling the TV; it doesn't need adjusting. The show, after returning, had a different plot, and was in color, and had the same title, and was in the same time slot. So tell me: Am I in the Twilight Zone? Yes, the answer is yes, I am. But wait, there's more. This movie featured John Vernon, and it was on channel 127. Right after the move, I flipped the channel to 627, and on the screen again was John Vernon, in Animal House (1978). Note the similarity of channel numbers: 127 and 627. Ali, if you have trouble sleeping after reading this, try buying a night light. That may put you at ease.

October 2, 2016
Last night, at 8:53pm, I saw another UFO. I didn't have UFO's on my mind, this time. When I just wrote it up in my UFO log, I noticed that the last entry was a year ago, almost to the day (on Oct. 3, 2015). [NOTE: I neglected to write up the Jan. 24, 2016 UFO I saw and described on my website.] What a coincidence . . . or maybe it was an implied message to me that it was planned that way? That wouldn't amaze me, really. Here's what happened. I was in my back yard watering the garden. I looked up to the south-west, and I saw a odd-looking cluster of lights in the sky. It didn't seem to conform to the shape of a normal plane. I kept staring at it. It was heading east, and as it passed directly south of me I realized that it was completely silent. That is inexplicable in normal terms because all planes and jets make noise. It didn't look far away. I watched it continue to the east as I continued to try to discern the shape from the placement of the lights. To my surprise the layout reminded me of the X-wing craft of Star Wars. It was too dark to see anything but the lights. The lights being on those wings gave the illusion of a globe or dome gliding through the air because of the spacing. It really looked odd. I remind you, again, that I've got a lot of experience witnessing UFO's. My sightings haven't been very many over the past year because I haven't been paying attention. I see them much more often when I'm looking for them. They aren't hard to find in my area. I think my area is probably far more active than either Area 51 or Roswell.

September 23, 2016
Guess what? It happened again. I didn't have the phenomenon in mind. It came as a surprise, again. I pushed the button for the garage door to close, and I started feeling motion sensations. This time, however, I managed to become calm after a brief initial weak start (startled). This time, I concentrated on the feeling of motion. Then I started noticing the horizontal lines of dots of light on the wall in front of me seeming to move alternately in sudden jumps, a couple inches right, then left, then right, etc. I calmly observed that too. I just ignored any feelings of fear trying to occupy my mind, because I knew what it was and that it was nothing to fear. In hindsight, my best explanation is that I was popping in and out of body. I believe that created the illusion of the light dots going back and forth, horizontally. Before that, it also created the alternate feelings of motion and stillness. I've read in various books about the spontaneous OBE experiences of some people, but for years my seeming only spontaneous such events were during my sleep cycles. Now, it would seem, I've advanced into a new category. I'm proud of my new modalities.

September 20, 2016
Earlier, tonight, I again unexpectedly experienced the sensation of the motion of the garage door closing when I pushed the button for it to close. Remember my previous post about my sensation of being the garage door, while it was closing, when I hit the button? It just happened, again. It took me by surprise, again, also. I no sooner felt the motion than I was startled out of the state. I only realized what happened a brief moment afterwards. Then I realized: just happened again. I think what has been happening is I've developed a lazy absent-minded reflex of mentally identifying with the garage door, while I'm thinking about it closing. I think that is enough to cause the astral realm phenomenon of feeling like the closing door. However, not having expected to feel that, it took me by surprise. Hence, it startled me, which knocked me out of the state.

September 12, 2016
Today, I experienced two separate instances of Clairolfaction. The first instance was in the wee hours, while I was watching a multi-hour documentary on the 9-11 disaster. Well into the show there was a segment in which the family of a deceased fire fighter, who died in one of those towers, was being interviewed indoors. They were sitting there casually discussing various details about their family and the disaster and the fire fighting career that runs in their family. At one point I started to clearly smell the familiar and exact biting smell of a burnt out building. It was unmistakable, although not as strong as it would normally be smelled in a real situation of the sort.

The second instance was about an hour ago, while a TV commercial was on that was advertising Burger King. I could hear the modern-sounding, young female singer who sang about something cheesy. During this I was very vividly smelling cheese in more detail than I normally experience when experiencing a real piece of cheese. If their cheese smelled this good and vivid, I think people would be especially wanting their product.

August 31, 2016
Item #1: Today, I did psychic self-healing on myself. I made a sneeze attack vanish in a minute or two, as if by magic. I've been doing this occasionally ever since I read about psychic healing. Your father once wrote that psychic self-healing is difficult or impossible. I agree that it is probably more difficult than healing someone else psychically, but I've had successes doing it on myself. In the past, I've also psychically made what seemed like very early onset of the flu disappear in much less that 24 hours. It's been many years since I've had a case of the flu that's lasted even a full 24 hours. One of the nice things about making the sneeze attack go away psychically is that there aren't the side effects of taking a allergy/cold pill. For best results, when the sneeze attack comes on, one must put everything else out of mind and concentrate fully on healing it psychically. I slowly wave, hover, my hand over my third eye area while visualizing immediate disappearance of the condition. In a moment or two the symptoms are gone. It's partly a matter of technique, like with everything else. I visualize it as reforming my aura into a healthy condition in that area. you might try it on yourself, the next time you have symptoms come on, and see if you can get the technique to work for you, too.

Item #2: I chalk up another one for me for today. Earlier, I was walking past the microwave oven, which was on and heating something. When I was even with the oven, and not paying much if any attention to it, I got the sudden feeling or sense that the displayed time (counting down) was 1:13 (one minute and thirteen seconds). I couldn't resist the temptation to turn my head to check what the display read. It took a second for me to turn my head to face it, so by the time it came plainly into view, the display was one second less, at 1:12. So, it did read 1:13 when I got that very strong impression, but I wasn't looking at it at that precise second. This reminds me of the various times that I've had an impression of what time a clock would be displaying at that moment, before I actually looked at it, and it turned out to be an exact match.

August 28, 2016
Here's the latest. Today, I had another psychic dream. Here it is: I seem to be indoors. There is good white light. I see nothing in the environment except maybe a blank white wall. I'm looking at my old white pencil eraser, but it is bigger than in real life. In the dream it looks to be about 4" x 2.5" whereas the real one is about 2.5" x 1" less a little both ways. This dream eraser is decomposing, with a reddish ooze overspreading from the center, covering most of the large surface facing me. The eraser seems to be suspended in air. I throw it away, because it clearly is no longer any good. Here's the tie-in that qualifies it as being a psychic dream: When I sat down to write some information in my dream log, I looked at my old white eraser. I'm noticing, again, how it seems something like silly putty now. I can easily change its shape in my hands. I know I've been having trouble with it, lately, because it no longer erases well. It used to be the best eraser I've ever used. It is decomposing, so I threw it into the waste basket, and I grabbed another one out of the same packet the old one came in. When I sat down, the first time, to write in my dream log, I hadn't realized I just had a dream about my old eraser. But when I sat down the second time to write in my dream log, with a new such white eraser in hand, I suddenly remembered the dream. In summary, the dream came true, so it was psychic.

August 16, 2016

Here is a psychic dream I had this morning:
I'm indoors with weak lighting. I experience what smacks of astral display. As my view follows a visible whorl, as by magic, I have a feeling and thought about a real property I'm interested in not being accessible due to the fact that a small, brownish horizontal rectangle, on the right of my computer screen, "is not in the right format." I'm thinking "what does the rectangle have to do with that?" I made a mental note of it, because I intended, as usual, to enter it into my dream log. Then I had breakfast, and watched a little TV. Now, here's the evidence of my dream having been a psychic dream. During a TV show that I've gotten in the habit of watching, a special news report suddenly preempted that show for about five minutes. The news was of a wildfire along a highway I take to access a real property, or properties, I've been interested in. They said the fire spread rapidly along the side of the highway, and they said the highway (which I would continue to use to reach those properties) is INDEFINITELY blocked/closed.
So, this dream was both symbolic and literal. The small box does remind me of an issue I've been concerned about, lately, about my internet access being thematically hacked/manipulated to hinder me. I hesitate to say so, but I believe these "wildfires" are really staged by so-called firemen, to interfere with people's freedom and movements, especially against people they've targeted. As an unrelated example, I believe that at the request of a city official, the fire chief had an old building deliberately set ablaze, to clear the spot for a parking lot the city wanted to install for their government use. The building was gutted by fire, and subsequently torn down. The owner had been unwilling to vacate his building. The spot is now being used as the government-use parking lot that the city wanted all along.

August 14, 2016
Yippee. I found myself on another astral journey, entered from sleep. This was fast moving scenery in bursts, punctuated by dual-consciousness, during which I firmed my resolve to continue my astral journeys. This dual-consciousness and right back to it stuff happened at least several times. I believe I arrived finally at a region that was under cover of night. Then I was in some building. Then I was in some inexplicable dark situation for a while, trying to figure out where I was. Most of this overall journey was veil-of-vitality quality, to use one of Dr. Crookall's terms. Actually, I believe all of it was in that category (veil-of-vitality) this time. The scenery moved by so fast that scarcely any details of the environment could be discerned; like rocket ship fast, but fairly low over the ground like may 100 feet up or so. It was something like: "there's a stand of trees on my left, and a moment later I'm well beyond that point.

August 7, 2016

You guessed it; here's more. Yesterday afternoon, I was standing on my front porch. I was aware of people enjoying the built-in pool in the back of the house across the street. I could hear them and see them over the fence (they were sometimes standing on something). Here's the interesting part. I found myself experiencing the chlorinated pool water vapour in my nasal membranes, the smell and the feel. You know what that's like. What is different this time is that I wasn't near the pool, let alone in it, as I just described, above. This provides the puzzle as to whether I was picking up this stuff clairvoyantly (which is to say, "non-telepathically" as one paranormal author has drawn such a theoretical distinction) or telepathically. Of course a term for it is clairolfaction. Chalk up another two points for me. Speaking of clairolfaction, I've got experience in that, too. The other day, I was in my garage, and I smelled sulphur, but I still don't know of any possible normal source of that scent at that time. One time, many months ago (I think over a year ago), I suddenly and very strongly smelled a perfume in my room as I was sitting there. I still don't know of any source of that scent at that time. Along these lines, I just came across an article on this, when deciding what term to use to describe this ability. Here is the link to it:

August 4, 2016
Here's today's avalanche of my paranormal experiences. My paranormal experiences are becoming so frequent, I may need to start writing these up as "avalanches" of experiences.
ITEM #1:
Today, I woke up in a state of sleep paralysis, which, as you may realize, isn't an entirely unusual type of event. So far, it always seems to take me by surprise, with me thinking how "novel" and strange and awkward it is. I've rarely, if ever, found myself in that state with a mere attitude of: "Oh, another bit of sleep paralysis. It will be over soon. Maybe I should utilize the opportunity to astral project, if possible." It has tended to seem like something unfamiliar, as if I can never remember what it is, and what I've read about the condition. If I remember the event upon getting out of bed, I easily recognize it as a phenomenon that I'm familiar with.
ITEM #2:
Recently, like over the last two or three weeks, I've been sometimes noticing tiny ghost blurs emanating from the open door of my microwave oven, when I vocally encourage the tiny fruit flies to "come on out, sweetie sweetie sweeties." It's as if some of them have entered the beyond and are still responding to my kindness by obliging me to come on out so they don't get microwaved. They sometimes look like an oblong spot of heat convection wave of blurring, and sometimes they look like a dark tiny spot flying out as if a fly that is still alive, but too close to see clearly. I believe I have an established rapport with those little flies. These flies apparently came with the produce from the 99 Cents Only store, because I've seen them there.
ITEM #3:
The other day, after reading some information in a Middle English (the last version of the English language from about 10xx to about 15xx years) language textbook that I have, I had a vision of a young lady outdoors at night, facing me, with a beseeching and familiar (she was someone I personally knew) look on her face. I believe this to be a real past life retrocognition of a relationship I had with her in about Medieval times. This was near our home, there. See, I hit pay dirt quick and easy sometimes, when doing something different. I had a similar past life retrocognition of another young lady I knew in approximately Medieval times or earlier, also probably in Britain. I previously had a retrocognition of an Old English era young lady that I knew then in the south of Britain, which recall happened soon in the wake of my doing some reading in an Old English language textbook that I have. I hit paydirt quick that time, too. I also hit similar paydirt, so to speak, many years ago, when I read the information in my encyclopedia set about the English dynasties over the centuries. It also was in the form of past life retrocognition. This all suggests my heavy British roots of past lives in Britain. It seems like a pattern, now, in which every time I do some reading on things British in Medieval or earlier times, I have a retrocognition of people and places I experienced then and there. I've had a good number of these British retrocognitions, and the pattern of my reading bringing past life recall is still holding. This, of course, is fascinating. It tempts me to do ever more reading on things British of previous centuries.

August 3, 2016
Here's my astral journeys of today, as my body lay asleep on the bed, during the daylight hours of the morning.
1) I'm drifting along a city street during the day. I was viewing this at about the same level as if I were walking, or maybe a little higher. There is hazy sun or shadow from old tall buildings. I pass along a section  of what seems to be a street vendor setup, in the middle of the street. I didn't see any people on the street, except for one man that I seemed to sense was there, or maybe I saw him briefly. He may have been standing behind stuff, and I may have taken a brief peek at him through astral sight. In hindsight, I believe that is what happened. Note that I'm moving backwards, and viewing things in my wake, through all sections of these astral journeys.
2) I'm drifting through the inside of a commercial building. The room is literally packed, like wall-to-wall, with used corrugated cardboard. The sheets are vertical and close together, but I can view this easily and with good light due to my astral perception abilities. Then, in an open area with poor light, I see a young lady and one or more men. I only focus on the young lady, who is a little closer than the others.
3) Then I pass through what I'm thinking may be a masonry wall, but in hindsight, I think I passed through a concrete floor and then through an expanse of earth. I felt sensations as I penetrated the floor and the earth, until I reached a different part of the world, where it was night. I had been moving so fast through the earth that I overshot the ground, and suddenly found myself up in the night sky with the stars visible. The stars seemed to be blurred or streaks of light due to my motion and lack of focus on them. I also saw lights on the ground as I came back down to ground level.
4) In an open, indoor, poorly-lit commercial space (maybe a warehouse), I encounter a young man who wields a large chef's knife. He repeatedly chops at my right astral forearm near my astral hand, but the knife just passes through with slight sensations. It felt comparable to passing through a wall astrally, but with a slight hint of knife pain. I paused and viewed him for a moment from a distance of maybe ten feet. I didn't see anyone but him, there.

5) I find myself drifting through a small office space with white walls. It was so cramped it reminded me of a hallway. I sense dark-haired men nearby, but I don't see them, except for a brief moment by spontaneously shifted astral sight. I hear a young man reciting something in Arabic. Two sequential words seemed closely connected, and held my attention for a moment as I thought about them. I felt some recognition of them. I was trying to bring the meanings to mind. I think these men may have been in a side room that was not in my line of sight. My distinct impression was that they were Muslim, and that the talk was of an Islamic or jihadist nature. He articulated very clearly. There was good light in my area of the office that was visible to me.
Note: Once or twice I started to become aware of my body on the bed, but I deliberately and successfully meditated into resumption of my astral journey. At least one time I felt bodily discomfort, before continuing my astral journey.

July 27, 2016
What a surprise I just had. It was another paranormal experience, but I didn't instantly recognize it as such. It took me a moment of thought to realize what it was. I came home, minutes ago, from mailing a letter, after hours, at the post office. I pushed the button to close the garage door. It closed normally, but I was feeling a weaving sensation, back and forth, laterally, at the same cadence which the garage door wiggles laterally, back and forth, as it was closing. In hindsight, I interpret the manifestation to be my astral perception of what the garage door was "feeling" as it closed. This took me by surprise. I felt this wiggle for 2 or 3 seconds before I shooed the feeling away. Upon shooing the feeling away, I gave it more thought, still standing in the same spot, and realized it to be my spontaneous and unexpected astral perception of the experience of the garage door closing. You could call this bilocation, because I was located at my physical body at the same time as I was located at/in the garage door. I didn't pick up any other perceptions as the garage door, just the kinesthetic sensations of wiggling side-to-side AS the garage door. The garage door wasn't looking or tasting or hearing or smelling, that I noticed. I wouldn't have shooed the sensation away, except it made me feel concerned, since this was happening a couple of seconds before I fully recognized what the experience was. In all my readings of paranormal literature, I've never even seen or heard mention of such a phenomenon, but here I was experiencing it. This was a new one, for me.

July 20, 2016
Here's today's odd happening. First, I had a dream, this morning, of standing near the south-east entrance of the kitchen, at home. This is diagonally across from the kitchen window. It is daytime. I suddenly catch a visual impression of something oblong and vertical at the kitchen window. This indistinct image appears to vibrate rapidly for a moment and then maybe duck down out of sight. I duck down in reflex. Then I'm staring at the kitchen window from this location, trying to figure out or see what it was. Finally I see a vertical stalk of some plant, with large triangular leaves. This leaf shape reminds me, in hindsight, of possibly a variety of poinsettia [There is no planter or plant there, at home.] Now, here's the tie-in. After getting out of bed, I happened to be standing at the same spot as I was standing in, in the dream. However, I was looking in the opposite direction, at the back wall and ceiling-to-floor curtain. I suddenly saw an oblong vertical shadow move along on that wall/curtain. It was about the same width as the impression in the dream, and it took up the whole visible distance, from top to bottom. It was moving horizontally, I think from left to right. This seemed suggestive of being a shadow cast from a vehicle moving along the street outside of the kitchen window. This, however, would seem to be paranormal, because the sun was not shining from the north, so how could the shadow be cast to the south wall like that? The shadow is suggestive of the visual impression in the dream that I just had, as if the dream object were casting the shadow. Someone not paying attention to paranormal possibilities could easily have instantly dismissed the shadow as "nothing," but I didn't. The dream and the shadow seem undeniably linked, paranormally, and If I weren't paying attention, I'd have failed to even notice it. I wasn't looking for a paranormal coincidence at that moment. The shadow was "spontaneous," for lack of a better word.

July 17, 2016
Yesterday, I had a dream that was followed that night by a possibly uncanny coincidence. First, here is my dream: -- It's unclear if I'm indoors or outdoors. The lighting is weak. I'm not aware of anyone else nearby. I'm standing at an ATM (automated teller machine). I press my card in with more force than usual in the hope that the machine will accept my card. It goes in very slowly. I think I tried forcing it like this before, and it didn't work. Now I'm hoping that it doesn't keep my card, making me wait for days for a service man to retrieve it. -- Now, here's what happened when I went to the ATM that I usually go to, that night, to make a deposit. It's a drive-through ATM. As I approached the machine, I saw a red light displayed on the side facing me. I drove up into the normal position to use the machine. To my surprise, I see that the screen is damaged, like someone had smashed it. It displayed a message about being out of service, and also displayed a list of alternate ATM locations. I drove around some buildings to an alternate ATM, but there were an number of young men standing around there, with no apparent reason to be there, which looked suspicious. So I left without using that ATM, without even getting out of my car. In the past, I have felt unsafe using that second ATM location, like I was having a hunch about that location being unsafe, especially on one particular prior occasion. I suspect one of more of those young men to have been involved in vandalizing the first ATM, to trick someone into trying this other ATM location, thinking it would be easy to rob or harass someone at the second location. There were at least a half dozen such young men there, standing around, looking suspicious. In conclusion, the above dream seems to have been a psychic warning dream, about the whole ATM situation I was to encounter, as I explained, above.

July 7, 2016
A little earlier, tonight, I found myself wondering "what on earth?" I've gotten into the habit of entering the den at night without flipping the wall switch for light in advance, which could help me find the switch of the table lamp. So, I reached for the table lamp's switch with no other light to help me, as usual, and I found myself groping about, back and forth where I knew the lamp stood, but I couldn't feel it. I took a step back and refocused my eyes. I could make out a very faint whiteness where the lamp was, so I knew I was reaching in the right spot. With this boost in confidence, I stepped forward again and reached for the lamp's switch and had success in grasping it, this time. Afterwards, I continued to ponder how it happened that I could feel nothing the first time, even though I swung my "arm" further back and forth horizontally than I normally would, but I continued to feel nothing. In conclusion, what I experienced was that I was unknowingly reaching with my astral arm, which was unknowingly free of my physical arm, but my astral arm was penetrating right through the lamp as if it weren't there. This surprised me on the order of amazement, rather than mere surprise. I've been reading about this sort of thing, but it is not necessarily easy to do intentionally. This time, I didn't even have the idea in mind, and found myself experiencing it spontaneously and unexpectedly. Actually, upon thinking even more about it, I realize that I did feel a slight feeling of something, but that is accounted for by the fact that even an astral arm can oftentimes feel physical objects, sometimes as intensely as a physical arm could. Other times, an astral arm may only feel a slight sensation of something, but pass through easily. All experiences astral can tend to vary from one time to the next. If my physical arm had swung in that large of an arc, it clearly would have knocked over the lamp. I believe my astral arm was feeling a slight sensation as it penetrated the wall directly behind the lamp. I had stuck my "arm" out that far in trying to touch the lamp. I could have hurt my hand had I been reaching that way with my physical hand. As an aside, I relate here how some years ago I found myself talking about paranormal phenomena. This was in an acting class I was enrolled in at that time. I mumbled about how I had an ancient history of performing seemingly Almighty feats. That tempted my teacher to ask for a demonstration. I told him I wouldn't necessarily do something like that on request if I could, because it could be "bad luck," to put it simply. I mumbled about how I've always been able to see my astral arm trailing my physical arm. I made a undulation or two with my physical arm. After a pause, he asked me, "how did you do it?" I kept silent, without answering him. I wasn't sure what effect he had observed, but maybe he saw my astral arm trailing my physical arm after I made a mention of the phenomenon.

June 20, 2016
I regret having missed the Fishkill UFO thing, but here's an interesting experience of mine of earlier this afternoon, speaking of fish. I was watching the TV news, which was reporting on the two wilderness fires near or in Duarte and Azusa, in southern California. One fire is dubbed the "Reservoir Fire," and the other is dubbed the "Fish" fire. I was staring at the TV and imagining a fish being scooped up by the helicopter and dumped on the fire with the water. Almost immediately, I heard a female newscaster give a soft "uh huh," as if she were reading my mind and responding with an allusion to the moniker of the second fire, the Fish Fire. That was before I realized the second fire was actually called the Fish Fire. Then, a little later in the show, they told of how a charitable cause pulled in more money than expected. One of the lady newscasters guessed "$30,000," but got the response that it was more. Then the figure "$100,000" flashed into my mind, and I think my eyes widened in anticipation before the first lady newscaster gave the figure: "$100,000." It's like I was almost expecting "$100,000" to be the amount, and I was right. So, referring to both of the above incidents, I seem to have experienced telepathing in both directions: outward from me in the first example, and inward towards me in the second example. I feel gratified to have these two examples to relate here.

June 13, 2016
Here's another surprise. Two or three days ago, I emailed someone about a lawn mower for sale. I had a hunch it would not be answered till today, Monday. That came true. Also, I had the feeling that a lady would be answering my inquiry, and that came true, also; she said she'd check with her husband about when he's available. So, I had two hunches (which I was more or less ignoring), and they both came true. They were just feelings I was having, but they turned out to be correct. Actually, the thought of a Monday reply did cross my mind an extra time or two, because I usually prefer a rapid reply.

June 11, 2016 [second entry for this date]
Oh...a flash of insight...I think I just realized why the cloud emanated from my car's air conditioning system. Recently, I was pondering on the possibility, nay, the likelihood, of bringing my rain making and weather influencing with me on the road, especially if I were to move, or even doing it remotely, like maybe ending the long-running Texas drought. Ta-da! The cloud coming out of my dash vent said, "okay, you've got it (weather-making on the road)."

June 11, 2016
This makes a nice follow-up to my last comment about a white cloud emanating from my car's air conditioning system. Either yesterday or the day before, I was watching the weather forecast on TV. The weathercaster was announcing dry warming weather, so I half-jokingingly, aloud and with a spontaneous giggle said "no, it's going to be cool and maybe even wet." This morning I looked out the window and the ground was wet and rain drops were still falling. The cloud coming out of my air conditioning system must have been a astral-realm message, such as "your wish is the weather's command." Ta-da!

June 10, 2016
Was it paranormal, or was it not? Here's what happened. I was driving unknowingly towards a road construction impasse, and all of a sudden I noticed a white fog coming out of my air conditioning vents in the dashboard. It looked like white cloud or fog. I've never encountered a mention of such a phenomenon in connection with an air conditioner. I must have auto-magicked a cloud in the car, as a reflex related to my rain-making habit. I willed it to stop, for fear of my car having a malfunction. My willing it to stop worked. So, apparently, I can start or stop cloud formation at will, even in my car.

June 4, 2016
Maybe Muhammad Ali's impending death seemed like a no-brainer to some psychics, but when I saw the TV news report, either last night or the night before, about Muhammad Ali being sick, I had that special feeling again; that feeling that someone is about to die. That feeling told me that Muhammad Ali was about to die, and sure enough, he's now reported as having just died. My intuition was right, again. It came true. For what it's worth, I visited Muhammad Ali with Whitney Houston, at his upstairs apartment, in Hollywood, in 1979. Now, I'm the only one of us three who is still alive.

June 1, 2016
Minutes ago, at about 12:28 pm, I heard another one of those structural noises. It had the quality of an instantaneous pop sound, low to medium in pitch, but it sounded clearly like it was a noise of the structure of the house, in a region to my left and above, but somehow in the wall and maybe in the ceiling near there. This sound gave me a brief fright, because I'm always concerned that I could be revisited by a violent troublemaker who was here before. Then I was just feeling back to normal, a moment later, when I heard a prolonged, high-pitched wavering sound. It seemed to last 5 seconds or a bit longer. This sent another physical sensation, associated with my brief fright reaction, through me, but the fear disappeared as I attempted to rationalize the experience as maybe an airplane. A moment later, I realized that it was no airplane. The closest I can describe it is as a non-human discarnate "voice," for lack of a better word. It did not sound like it could be produced by a physical human voice. It gave the distinct impression of moving, but only a short distance, maybe a foot or two at the most. This sound seemed to manifest in front of me, but higher up, like near the ceiling and near the wall.

May 31, 2016 [second entry for this date]
Minutes ago, I just experienced something that has been haunting me for probably several years, at least. In this latest occurrence, I was standing in the bathroom, at home, facing the mirror. Out of the corner of my left eye I unexpectedly caught a faucet drip. It sparkled on its way down. Then I saw another such drip. Then I examined the surface of the sink, where the drop would normally have to land, and it was completely dry. This brings to mind an idea that may seem silly. That faucet used to drip, and the drip got increasingly worse over the months and years, until it was a steady stream. Then I finally stopped (killed) the drip, by turning off the hot water valve under the sink (since it was the hot side that was leaking). It's as if the ghost of that drip I "killed" now can tend to haunt me. But I've seemingly been experiencing a ghost drip of the kitchen sink faucet. On many occasions, over years, I'd inadvertently catch what looked like a drip from that faucet, only to find that the sink was dry where the drop would normally land. These unexpected ghost drips are particularly visible because they seem to sparkle in the incident light, just as a real drop would do. While I'm at it, I ought to throw in a description of a similar phenomenon I've been experiencing over the years, since at least as far back in time as 1977, when I was living in an apartment. In that apartment, there would often emanate a cracking noise upon returning home, or a series of cracking noises, as if the building structure were a living entity and communicating to me that way, greeting me on my return home. I've also experienced that in the house I'm living in, but at odds times, rather than when returning home. The usual "explanation" would be "settling of the house or structure," but in my experience, it has a feel of being paranormal, especially in that apartment in 1977. As the Asian Indians say, to my knowledge, even inanimate objects have spirits. My desk chair seems to communicate to me, too, with various interesting sounds. I've gone through long periods seemingly without such sound intrusion into my awareness, and then they started up, possibly never to cease. It sounds more or less like normal noises a chair could make, but they strike me as having an intelligence behind them. With sounds, it's harder to find evidence, because sounds don't normally leave visible signs, like water drips do.

May 31, 2016
Minutes ago, I just experienced something that smacks of a psychic message from who-knows-where. I unexpectedly heard and saw a bubble mailer envelope fall from my shelf. I picked it up. Then the thought came to me to check the address label, in case there was a paranormal coincidence of some kind. The shipping envelope was from a shipment of a switch from China to me. I didn't immediately think of any coincidence with that. Then I checked my email. I was surprised that the metal-working tooling order I just placed online tonight has already been marked as shipped. One of the new emails just informed me of that. Then I visited my account summary page, to see the line item online. There I found a coincidence, inasmuch as the last item I ordered (not including the tooling order I just placed tonight) was a switch. This switch shipped from China also, and I already received it in the mail over a week ago. These old shipping envelopes (of which there a very many on my shelf) don't normally fall from my shelf. This one falling, and of all things being marked as if the last shipment I received, seems to me to be a mysterious hint or message that the latest item I ordered through that source (the tooling) has already just been marked as shipped, which is a quick turn-around time for that. There just seems to be too much coincidence with this to be mere coincidence, and I, like at least one other psychic author, don't believe in mere coincidence, for the most part. But, who or what would send me a hint like this, and for what reason? It apparently was just another indication that my life is very much involved with and in the psychic realm.

May 16, 2016
Last night, while reading, I psychically picked up on details that weren't described before I finally got to them, in the book. It was in chapter nine of Astral Odyssey, by Carol Eby. The author was describing her early experiments in astral projection. She made a number of mentions of a quilted bed cover. My idea of it was coming to my mind accurately, before I got to the part where she finally described its colors as orange and white. As soon as I came to that description, I realized that I was visualizing it in the same, the actual colors, before reaching the description of the colors of it. This kind of thing is not unusual for me, but this is a real example I can point to. While I'm speaking of this book, I want to say that it is a VERY worthwhile book to read. I highly recommend it. It starts out with the first so many chapters seeming more like a book on dream theory, rather than astral projection, but I would rate that material as definitely EXCEPTIONAL. You owe it to yourself to read the book. You won't be sorry.

May 6, 2016
Chalk up another one for me. I just brought rain for at least the 6th time this season. A little came last night, then much more in the wee hours of today.

Apr. 30, 2016
I did it again. I brought rain for at least the 5th time this season, and the TV forecast wasn't predicting rain for my area. I woke to find the ground soaked, with a puddle on the driveway. I'm such an effective rainmaker, I brought the rain against the forecast, which said the rain wasn't coming to our area. That didn't stop me from having my way with the weather.

Apr. 24, 2016
Today, I was awoken out of a dream by the patterned taps of a poltergeist. This poltergeist, I believe, is the same one who has been causing the living room light to be off when I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes. More recently than making the wall lamp be off sometimes in the night, it made the decorative light strings be off, either last night or the night before. I saw it was off when I awoke in the middle of the night, just like was happening with the wall lamp. Then I went back to sleep, and when I woke up, the string lights were on, like nothing strange had ever happened. I recently stopped using the wall lamp, but I'm using the colored string lights, and the poltergeist did the same lights-off trick with them. There is no electrical problem, just a poltergeist. Furthermore, I believe the poltergeist to be my late father, who died in 1999. I visited his grave a week or so ago, and talked about my problems that I've been having with my brothers and sister, with the idea that he may be able to hear it in the beyond. Of course, the light-off thing predates that visit by weeks, probably months. At first, when I was awoken from sleep this morning at about 5:24am, I suspected that it could be my trouble-maker brother, who came over and beat me last month. That was my main thought and fear, so after thinking about it, I called the police. They arrived after the sun was up the rest of the way. They said they didn't find anything or anyone. They were the same ones that came when I called the police the day he came over by surprise and beat me, last month. I told the police that the approximate direction and sound was similar to that of the water heater, except that I've never heard the water heater noise sounding like it had an intelligent pattern to it. I said I'd have to conclude it to be the water heater, though. Many hours later, after more thought about it, I concluded that it was my poltergeist father. Recall that I heard his voice outside in the front calling to me: "Steve . . . Steve . . ." That was a year or two or three back. His voice sounded exactly like it did when he was alive. This whole system of sounds and lights-off stuff has been by him. I'm convinced of it.

Apr. 22, 2016
Tonight, on my routine motorcycle ride around a lake, I again routinely telepathed "I love you fishies" to the fishies. I've done that every time on my rides through that area on my current motorcycle. This time, I got a surprise. This time, in addition to those words, I also visualized affectionately petting a fish in the west end of the lake as I rode by on my way home. All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I got a very strong startled reaction of the fish back to me, telepathically. Maybe that was an aggressive reaction or a startled reaction, on its part. I wasn't looking for the effect nor expecting it, but it arrived so forcefully that it startled me and made me jump. That fish and I really connected, telepathically. That was extreme, as in "holy shit!"

Apr. 8, 2016
Yesterday, or the day before, I found myself telepathically talking to my late niece, who died about a year ago. I didn't see her, but I heard her, clear as a bell. Realize that this is the same niece whose death I had a series of visions of, over the years, and which death finally came true, last year. In fact, she said "hi, Steve" to me, as I stood by the sliding picture window, soon after she had died. I knew it was her, and she sounded the same as she had in physical life. She sounded the same, this time, also. This time, I asked her if she knew about my troubles with my siblings, and she said she does know about it.

Apr. 7, 2016
This is the fourth rain storm I brought to my area, this season. When the weather reporters were trying to say the rainy season is about over, I re-firmed my determination for more and more rain. Here it is, again.

Apr. 6, 2016
This afternoon I mind traveled to some unknown coastline, when I was relaxing in preparation to astral travel. It was also daytime at the place viewed. First I was over the water looking down at the coast at an angle. Then I was looking at skyscrapers in the distance, Then I was looking at the coastline again, at a lower elevation. The coastline looked like a long hill, following the coast, sloping down to the sea.

Mar. 28, 2016
I just successfully willed rainfall into being, for the third successful time this season, in my area. I also brought back the cool marine layer.

addition by comment: Also, Saturday, I predicted that a specific package would arrive on the following Monday, today (after waiting past the estimate of arrival). It did indeed arrive on Monday, just like I verified it would, with my pendulum. I had a feeling it would, before I checked with my pendulum.

Mar. 16, 2016
Here is something I experienced using radiesthesia, the other day. First, I want to clarify that radiesthesia is divining by pendulum. Here's what happened, this time. I found that I had misplaced, or lost, my can of aerosol chain lube. I had last used it on my chain saw chain, when sawing up a tree in the back. After looking here and there for it, I decided to inquire of my pendulum as to where the can got to. Well, through some choice questions, it told me that the can was on the floor. This made it harder to find, initially; I wasn't expecting it to be on the floor. I asked if it was in my work area. It replied in the affirmative. Well, this information ultimately turned out to be true, but I didn't realize that I got the yes answer because the can was on the floor on the patio, where I have also been working on things, lately. I spotted it on the floor of the patio, under the smoker, when I wasn't looking for it. So, there is a moral in this. If the answer one gets doesn't seem to be checking out, rethink about the words one used in asking the question, and be a little inventive and liberal in interpreting one's own question. This would have helped me zero in on the can of oil in a more timely fashion. As with all activities and skills, practice makes perfect. This is another one of those applications that turned out to be a learning experience. It was still, technically, a success, though, because the can was on the floor in one of my work areas.

Mar. 7, 2016
Yesterday, I was doing another exercise from the book, Karma Manual, by Dr. Jonn Mumford. This exercise brought back to mind a childhood experience, which not only tapped subconscious knowledge of the future, but brought into play a couple of my spirit helpers, who showed me a copy of the above mentioned book YEARS BEFORE IT EXISTED! The cover even looked the same! I had this set of experiences when watching the movie, Wizard of Oz. Here is what my exercise write-up looks like (in two sections):
ASSEMBLY LINE SEVEN: PROCESS ONE: What was the best part of your favorite book, tale, or story as a child?
ANSWER: The best part of my favorite story, the movie, Wizard of Ox, was the liberation from life at one's childhood home. The freedom and adventure that would go along with that. I remember the feeling I got from pondering that while watching the black-and-white part of the movie. The feeling from that idea had a kind of magical glow of transcendence to it, analogous to finally acquiring the Holy Grail, or possibly even better.
ASSEMBLY LINE SEVEN: PROCESS TWO What do you think this reflects about you?
ANSWER: The feeling from the idea was somehow hitting at the very core of my being. I believe the reason the effect was so strong was because it was touching hidden subconscious knowledge that I was going to be stuck at my childhood home for many decades due to stubborn, long-term, extenuating circumstances, which scenario actually played out, manifested, in my life. I'm still not extricated from my childhood home.
So, in summary, my subconscious knowledge of the future proved to be correct. Also, I was visited, in my mind, by at least two of my spirit guides, while watching the movie, who showed me a copy of this very book that I am, at this time, reading and doing work with. And the cover looked the same, and this book didn't come into existence, wasn't written, until many years later. I'm tempted to write to the author, Dr. Mumford, about it.

Feb. 28, 2016
You must be thinking: "Over ten days. Where's the new message?" Well, I've been going about my life, and the paranormal realm is still coming through for me. Besides the spontaneous recall of a couple of past lives, I had a vision that came true. One of the main clues that something showing up in the mind would be a psychic vision is that one is NOT TRYING to picture the idea or situation. When this vision came to me at the hospital, while visiting my mother, I more or less ignored it. It's like the tail wagging the dog. If your tail wags you, it is not a logical process, but rather a vision. That's the basic idea. At the hospital, I was mysteriously having a thought about my mother being released the following day. I shrugged off the idea. Two nights later (tonight), I went back to the hospital to visit my mother again. VOILA! She was gone. I inquired at the ICU desk. The lady behind the counter informed me that my mother transferred out of there the day before. So, my vision was accurate. The mysterious thought, that my mother might be released the day between then and my next visit two nights later, did indeed come true. I saw a mental graphic of a big white dot representing Friday the 28th, sitting between the two other days, like on a calendar. She was removed from there Friday afternoon.

Feb. 17, 2016
Here is a mediumistic experience I had over 13 years ago. I copy and paste it here, what I just posted to the Facebook of Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium:

Care to try your hand at a remote reading? Try this: In early Summer of 2002, I was driving my '72 Toyota Corona, alone, on a desolate highway, at night, through the approximate area of Angleton, Texas. I knew there was a cemetery in the vicinity; I believe I saw a sign mentioning it. Okay, this is where it gets interesting. I started having a vision of an old lady, who had passed on. She was at home. It was night in the vision, also. I'm trying to place in my mind her posture or position. Maybe she was extending halfway through the front of her old house. She was looking weakly aglow, like maybe one would expect a ghost to look. I got the distinct impression of her wearing her night clothes, like maybe that was to symbolize her repose in the nearby cemetery. I had the definite idea that her body probably lay in a grave in the nearby cemetery, a feeling of near certainty. In fact, I had a brief vision of a specific grave that was hers. I had the feeling she had a connection to some young man, maybe even to me. Now, what do YOU pick up from this? [The above impressions are a description of what I experienced/picked up at that time.]

Feb. 13, 2016
Here (you'll get the pun) is another psychic event I just experienced, this very day, Feb. 13, 2016, sometime in the range of 10:30am to 12:30pm PST. This is a psychic dream, which utilizes waking experience to tie into it for symbolic purposes. I quote today's dream blog entry, here:
[NOTE: This is a psychic dream preceded by a physical phenomenon] I'm in bed on my left side. I'm suddenly experiencing noises and movements of my left ear, which I was sleeping on against the pillow. I feel discomfort in the ear, so I think it to be an ear infection. I try to ignore it, and I fall asleep.
Part 2: [NOTE: This is the part that is dream-like.] I walk into the den. I'm thinking I'm there to tend to what I think is an ear infection of my left ear.
[This doesn't make sense, since I would not tend to an ear infection in that room, but that is the room where I watch news on the big-screen TV. It is unclear what my action was there in this brief dream, but it seems I may have reached way over towards the TV, and pointed with the remote control to turn on the TV.]
[Hindsight note: Later, after getting out of bed, I found myself watching a Fox cable news report on the death of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The ear sensations and sounds were a psychic allusion to something related to hearings (same spelling as hearing with the ear), ie courtroom events and law, etc. This dream was predicting that I'd watch the report about the death of Scalia, which I hadn't already heard about.]

Feb. 13, 2016
It could seem strange how I'm just doing things in the course of my life, and suddenly I'm experiencing another paranormal event. This time, I found myself in a massive deja vu series the other day, on February 10, 2016. It was between 4pm and 5pm. I went to a FedEx facility, with the idea of dropping off a shipment, only to discover that the place I went to was their trucking/warehousing depot. So, the lady in the office gave me the location of the drop-off location. Well, from the time I approached the door of the depot, to the time I left the drop-off location, I was experiencing a marathon case of deja vu. As I approached the door of the depot, I was greeted by a lady, who was presumably an employee there. That greeting was sheer deja vu. Even the look of both places. It looked and felt so much like I had already done that stuff, but I know I hadn't. It has me wondering if it came to mind in a divination dream, or in a waking vision. Everything about both buildings was across-the-board deja vu. What more can I say, to get the idea across? It was so uncanny. Both places, inside and out, look so familiar. Even the interactions with the employees was COMPLETELY like I was doing it all over, again, rather than for the first time. Even my staring at a tall building along the street as I drove along was deja vu.

Feb. 9, 2016
Here is some synchronicity (a paranormal term coined by Dr. Carl Jung) which I recently experienced.

I just thought of a more recent synchronicity that I experienced. I paste my account here:

Speaking of synchronicity, I had just written to Uri Geller about the year of the monkey and the fact that he, Manson, and myself were all three of us born in a year of the dog. This is a kind of synchronicity, because of the Mountain Dew commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. I made the mistake of sending the message to Uri without saving a copy of it, so I have to reconstruct what I said in it. I mentioned that we were entering the year of the monkey (which we're now in), and it's more specifically the year of the FIRE monkey. I just left a comment on a Jennifer Aniston Facebook fan page, because she was born in a Year of the Monkey (earth monkey). Here is that post:

Jennifer Aniston was born in a Chinese Year of the Monkey. Her element is earth, making her an earth monkey. I'm an earth dog, myself. She must be cautious this year, as we are entering another year of the monkey, 2016. It is believed that people have bad luck in an animal year of the same animal as that of their birth year. Jennifer, if you have bad luck this year, don't say I didn't tell you so.

You should soon realize the synchronicity, but I'm not finished describing this stuff. Like I said above, Charlie Manson, Uri Geller, and I, myself, Steve Malinowski, were all born in a year of the dog, but in different eras, so we each have a different element. Thusly, Charlie's element is wood, making him a wooden dog. Uri's element is fire, making him a fire dog. My element is earth, making me an earth dog. The birth years were, in order, 1934, 1946, and 1958. So, here's the synchronicity:

I hadn't seen the Mountain Dew commercial, because I'm not interested in sports, so I don't watch sports. However, without knowing about that commercial, I had made these comments about the Chinese year animals, with regard to Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Manson, Uri Geller, and myself. Among all of us, there are only two birth year animals: 1) monkey and 2) dog. Obviously, the two animals combined in that commercial, creating the "Puppy Monkey Baby."

So, Uri, this is apparently the most recent synchronicity I've experienced, which I hadn't realized, when I wrote about finding the small bookcase of the kind I was looking for.

Jan. 25, 2016
I've got another experience to relate here. My daily life is so paranormal that I'm tempted to maintain a separate web page or website for it. I'd prefer, maybe, to just hold out, and sit on the stuff until I can get it published. I think I'd use associate psychics, like your father did, if for no other reason than to increase the credibility of my material. Now, here's what happened: I had made an arrangement to meet someone to deliver something. He told me the location is near a KFC, at a certain intersection. So, then I was driving south, directly towards that intersection. Then I had the idea to try to determine, psychically, which side of the street it was on, so I could be in the correct lane to enter the most easily. Immediately, I picked up the exact corner and the look of the building. From that, I knew I should be in the right-hand lane. I then saw the KFC exactly where my vision told me it would be, on the closer right-hand corner, and the building looked the same as in my vision. That is remarkable, since I've never seen any other KFC building that looked like this one. So, I couldn't have guessed it from experience and logic that it would look like this particular KFC. I scored all three details, 100% on this one. Also, I'll throw in another one, while I'm at it, without revealing the details. I recently, yesterday or today, had a vision of a true crime scenario. Then, minutes ago, I saw a news report on TV, in which one of the details, in my vision, was verified. That sparked my interest to look up an article on the case. The first online article I found verified the other details of my vision, as well. Again, 100%.

Jan. 24, 2016
[NOTE: I changed "west-by-southwest to southwest-by-west, upon noticing I had written it wrong.]

At 3:00am PDT, today, January 24, 2016, I woke up. I was wondering why it was so dark. Then I discovered that it was another power outage, which are inordinately frequent in my section of the power grid. After fumbling in the dark, I turned on my flashlight, and explored a little. I saw that the west side of the house was illuminated by something. I went out into the back yard to look. There was a full moon shining brightly high overhead. This is where it gets interesting. About southwest-by-west and low in the sky was a strange light. That was what drew me outside, because it didn't quite look like an aircraft light. At that point it looked all red, before I went outside. Once outside on the patio, I stared at it for some time to figure out the pattern to the light. To get to the point, it was a UFO. Instead of a single blinking light, it had two fields of lights, one red and one green. The red and green fields of light were segregated, on different areas of the UFO, and alternated, red then green then red and so on. What was even stranger, the UFO had a speed-up pattern keyed to the flashing. Whenever the red field of light came on, alternately replacing the green, the craft would surge in speed, in rhythm to that change in color. The UFO seemed to hold something of the tight circular pattern in the one narrow area, as if interested in something over there. It didn't look so far away, probably less than a half mile away. It was probably more like a quarter mile away or less. I believe the UFO caused the power outage. I watched that UFO until about a quarter past three am. At that time, I was entertaining the idea of mentioning the UFO online. It was as if the UFO read my mind, and didn't want to be reported. After deciding I wanted to make a mention of it online, it suddenly headed north, still low in the sky, and disappeared. After a few minutes, I went out in front of the house to see if I could find it, but it was no longer visible. A couple of people were mysteriously parked across the street, so I walked over to the driver's door carrying my LED lantern. I told him about it, but he didn't seem like he was much interested. So, I went back into the house. I went back to sleep. At 4:30 am, I woke up and observed things powering back up in my room (my cable modem and router lights coming back into a normal pattern of the LED indicators). I don't know how long the power was out, because it was already out when I woke up at 3:00am. I've read a lot on UFO's, and I've never seen one described the way this one looked and acted. Like I said before, my area has had very heavy UFO activity for many years. This is just another case in point. By the way, I've been abducted by UFO's more than once, but it's hard to remember. Note: I'm close to Los AngelesCounty.

Jan. 21, 2016

My UFO photo #1
Just now, when browsing some of my old photos, I noticed that I had captured a UFO in a couple of photos, without realizing it. The photos were snapped something like eight years ago. I might be able to figure out the exact date or even the exact year, with a little effort. I snapped these from in front of the house where I've been living. I've got a lot of experience with UFO's in my area, dating as far back as the early 1970's. UFO activity is very heavy near me. This photo is one of the two. The direction is north-west, and I'm in the Los Angeles area. Let my know what you think of this.

Jan. 14, 2016
I just tweeted the following to Pope Francis (by way of hyperlinks within the tweet):

To His Holiness, the Pope,

I, Steven Anthony Malinowski, today, have just experienced the third miracle over the last few years, involving Our Lady of Fatima. I tweeted to the last Pope about one or both prior miracles I experienced. I strongly suspect that to have influenced his untimely departure from the Papacy. Here is a description of today's event, first. An 8" by 10" photo of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima has been perched atop a picture frame on the wall, just before the doorway leading into the kitchen. I walked past the photo, and just past the refrigerator (which is just inside of the doorway) I felt the photo fall onto my feet and lower legs. This was just as I was reversing direction (turning around, like during a half-pirouette). Before I looked to see what it was, it reminded me of the previous occasion (one of the prior miracles I mentioned). So, I half-expected it to be the same mysterious photo, once again. Sure enough, that was what it was. I gazed into the soulful eyes of Our Lady of Fatima. Then I took it over to the kitchen window to look at it in the natural daylight entering there. I looked into Her eyes, again. I felt some hesitation at looking so intently into Her eyes, both times. Then I had the urge to flip the photo to see what was on the back, if anything. There, on the back, I found three preprinted paragraphs under the heading, Our Lady of Fatima. ALL THREE PARAGRAPHS are about the gaze of Our Lady. Here is the entire text of what the back of the photo says:

---start of text---

Our Lady of Fatima

As we open our eyes to the beauties of creation, we can already feel the attentive gaze of our loving Mother. At the first stirrings of our souls, our Heavenly Mother sets Her gaze upon us. The Mother we all share with our creator looks at us with a pure, sacred, royal, yet maternal gaze.

It is no wonder, then, that She renews Her solicitude for Her children when they stray in despair and do not return her gaze. Like a Mother who is unwelcome in her own child's home, She leaves a sign, a message, a remembrance, and a maternal promise: "I will never forsake you."

She says: "Look deep into my eyes and let me look into yours." In a striking way, this picture seems to reflect the very gaze of Our Lady, the gaze that seeks to convert and to save. It is a gentle reminder of Her promise at Fatima: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

For more copies of this picture, please contact:

America Needs Fatima

P.O. Box 341

Hanover, Pa 17331

Tel: 1-888-317-5571 - Email:

---end of text---

So, in the context of today's miracle, I mentioned a prior one. That time, a year or two back, I was walking about 6 or more feet from that same photo that has been sitting atop the picture frame, on a west-facing wall, with its bottom edge resting on the top edge of the picture frame. The feeling of the fall of the photo, against my feet and upper legs, was the same as it felt in today's fall of the photo. Today, I had been walking north, and the previous time I had been walking south. In that incident, the photo would never have fallen where it did under the usual ideas of the "physical laws of science." It can be considered a real miracle in both instances, as no such printed photo could ever do that except by some form of supernatural influence.

Now, I'll describe the third miracle, which was about 2 or 3 years ago. That time, I was still asleep in bed, facing up (I usually don't fall asleep on my back because of the interruption of sleep by chocking sensations and related sounds). I started hearing a female voice talking to me as if at close range and just behind my head. I don't know if I'll find a written note of Her words, and it's hard to remember, at the moment. The brief statement seemed very prophetic of the power outage that quickly followed. I awoke upon hearing her words. Almost immediately, a power outage was in my part of the electrical utility grid. The news later revealed the cause of the power blackout to be a truck having crashed into a power pole along the freeway, which runs east-west, to the south of my place. That was very easily within walking distance of my place, about a quarter of a mile away, or even less. I believed then, and still now, that the voice was that of the subject of that same photo.

So, this adds up to a series of three related supernatural communications to me. Actually, there was a forth incident, if you include a dream I had of Our Lady gazing down at me, in twilight-like dimness, from the air, in some modern residential community. In the dream, just before the gaze, I had been standing in an outdoor basketball court, like at a school. Then I was seemingly on or near the sidewalk, by the street, during the gazing incident, afterwards.

I'm still living where this all took place, in Fullerton, California. In the prior incidents, my mother was still living here (she wasn't near me during the events), but she has since been living with relatives. I've been living here, alone, since early July of 2015.

All of this reminds me of my own powerful feeling of spiritual connection with all living things, and even with inanimate objects. The preprinted message, on the back of the photo, seems to strongly resonate with this feeling.

While I'm on the subject of miracles, I've got another one to relate, here. Fullerton has been full of crows during my lifetime, here. I felt a connection with them. Then one day, 4 to 8 years ago, while I was standing in the west parking lot of Cypress College, in Cypress, California, where I had been attending classes, the lower sky, just to the east of me, and over the parking lot and over the business administration building, became black with a flying whorl of a murder (flock) of crows. I've never, before or since, seen that many crows at one time in one place. I still feel sure that the crows of Fullerton deliberately followed me to Cypress College. It is difficult to spot a crow, now, in Fullerton. This reminds me of the Hapsburg curse, as described in a book I read, The Hapsburg Curse, by the late Hans Holzer, which chronicled the Hapsburg Dynasty, from beginning to end. I had been the founding patriarch of the Hapsburg dynasty, in one of the innumerable repeating versions of earth. According to the curse, as described by late Dr. Holzer, as long as there can be seen a black bird (whether a crow or raven or blackbird) about, the curse is still in effect. This has concerned me, until now. I realize, now, that symbolically, the crows are finally gone from my area of long abode, as if to suggest, or mark, the end of the Hapsburg curse from my life. My life had felt cursed. If the Hapsburg Dynasty survives in anyone, I have to conclude it to be surviving in me, personally.

Steven A. Malinowski

January 14, 2016 at 5:05 pm PST

ps: I believe this is symbolically related. In the approximate spot of the first occurrence of the falling of the photo (in the same 4-to-8-years-ago time frame), I fainted, while walking briskly, in an attempt to reach my bedroom to lie down. I had just started to have a sick feeling, upon my mother reacting in a loud emotional tone to my then-current blood-glucose reading of 28 mg/dL. It seemed as if her reaction and voice hypnotized me into feeling suddenly sick. Then I passed out at that same spot, of the first photo-falling event, without making it to my bed to lie down. I had been sitting at the kitchen table, and that was the first time I had ever tested my blood sugar with an electronic tester. I think my fainting related, symbolically, to the power outage event (which was on a different day). By the way, the truck that crashed into the power pole was heading east-bound on the 91 freeway.

Dec. 26, 2015
Here's evidence that psychic phenomena take no holiday in my life. Yesterday afternoon, which was Christmas, I went to the Norms Restaurant in Anaheim. It was completely dark inside, except for daylight coming in through the windows. The place had lots of customers inside, though. It seemed there had been a power outage, and of course that was what it was. I sat at the counter, anyway, at about 4:20pm. I asked a waitress about it. She said the power went out about ten minutes prior. So, I figured I ought to put the situation to use by unravelling the mystery psychically. I put myself in as much of a trance as I could muster, considering the place was so noisy. After a while, I picked up symbols. One looked like the fishing of wires/cables through conduit. After that, I saw what looked like a pointer on some kind of device. It pointed to the 20-minute position (if it had been a clock face). Since this information was symbolic, the trick was to correctly interpret the symbols, to arrive at the correct information on what was going on with the power outage. It seems someone read my mind, and interpreted the symbols out loud. First, the female voice said "they only said they were working on it," (corresponding to the wire pushing view). Then, after the pointer view, she said, "it'll be about 20 minutes." Well, my psychically obtained symbols, and her literal word description matched, and were both correct. Twenty minutes later, at about 5:45pm, the power and lights suddenly came back on at Norms. The power had been out for over one and a half hours. I stuck it out to the end, because I not only wanted to see the outcome, I wanted to try my hand, again, at psychic investigation. I succeeded (it worked). Note: It sounded like she had talked to Southern California Edison on the phone to receive the information, but it matched what I was picking up symbolically.

Dec. 25, 2015
It's funny that you mention snorting the piano. That reminds me of my recent experiences with eating Sunburst sorbet bars on sticks. Both times I was picking up the taste of the wood IN THE EXTREME, as if it were entering my fingers, but I was tasting the wood in my mouth, way before the stick ever got close to touching my tongue. That's what you can call psychic tasting OF THE WOODEN STICK. Why don't you try eating one of those Sunburst brand sorbet bars (mine are orange), and then tell me if you have the same experience. It is akin to an OBE, where the entity passes through a wall and tastes every construction material the wall is made of while passing through it (as well as feeling and smelling the construction materials). It also reminds me of the time, months ago, when I mind travelled to the beach at night, and I could psychically smell the paint of the lifeguard shack IN THE EXTREME.

Dec. 22, 2015
A few things, including a follow up to the odd light behaviour. First, the two quickies. 1) When I woke up today, still lying in bed, without opening my eyes, I turned my face in the direction of the digital clock. The readout, 12:01 (pm), came to mind. I then opened my eyes and the display read exactly 12:01 (pm). 2) About a week ago, I decided it was going to rain on the two allowed watering days in my area (so I didn't have to water by hand), Tuesday and Saturday. It otherwise wasn't rainy. I succeeded: It rained on Saturday, and now on Tuesday. 3) Now, here's the follow up on the mysterious off and then back on living room light stuff a while back. During the pre-dawn, today, Dec. 22, 2015, I awoke in the pre-dawn. Still lying in bed, I looked out to the living room, where the light (controlled by a sensor) was off when it should be on. There is a difference this time, compared to the previous time I told of this stuff. This time, unlike the other times on that previous night, the light came back on WHILE I WAS OBSERVING the unusual off condition (accompanied by a weak feeling of fear). It's like the ghost wanted to round out the series by making it come back on while I was able to observe it. I consulted with my pendulum: It was again my late aunt.

Dec. 18, 2015
I seem to be on a roll, anymore, with paranormal events. Yesterday, Dec. 17, 2015, I went into the former bedroom of my mother (who has moved out of the house). I turned the hall light on to weakly illuminate her room. I entered to peek out of the front window. While at the window, I became aware that the door had closed behind me. I believe I heard it close WHILE AT THE WINDOW ACROSS THE ROOM. I would not have closed it when entering to look out of the front window. As I just explained, I want the hall light to shine in so I can see my way around (without turning on the light in her room). Maybe my late aunt, again? I just consulted with my pendulum. Yes, it was her.

Dec. 8, 2015
I want to describe a paranormal encounter in had at home in the wee hours yesterday, December 6, 2015. I lay on my side facing the open door of my room. I woke up to find the living room light off. It is normally on at night, and is controlled by a sensor. I just went back to sleep. When I woke up, the living room was inexplicably BRIGHTER than normal. There is no normal explanation for that. I went back to sleep again, and when I awoke, the living room was again pitch black. I went back to sleep, and when I woke up, the living room was BRIGHTER than normal. I'm not sure if this dark-then-bright cycle happened two times or three times. I want to say that I stayed in bed every time. I didn't go into the living room to investigate. I'm living alone. One of the first things logic would tell one is maybe there was an intruder. I think that very unlikely, since the house is pretty well secured, with no sign of entry. The idea did make me a little scared, but I stayed in bed. So, I survived to tell the world about it. Just minutes ago, I tried to tune into the situation. Two entities crossed my mind: 1) my late father 2) my late aunt. I was thinking it might have been the second dream-time encounter with that aunt, since I had a dream recently with a young lady in it who somehow reminded me of that aunt. Well, I checked with my pendulum. I was right. It said in no uncertain terms that it was NOT my father. It verified that it was my late aunt. It also verified that the recent dream (two dreams on the same night, really) was also that aunt with me. So, she's been contacting me during the night, both during sleep and when awake (but in bed).

Dec. 5, 2015
Congratulations on your new check mark that says you are for real.

Nov. 10, 2015
Randsburg update #4: In mulling over my experiences in the tri-community area, I've made a connection to a dream I had years ago. When I awoke after the dream, I was wondering if maybe the scenario took place in some town in Kansas in the late 1800's to early 1900's. This scenario seems possibly to relate to an old house in Randsburg that I mentioned here previously. It is the one with the ghost who is determined to stay (and maybe chase away anyone trying to live there). In the more recent dream, I was the one trying to live there, but the ghost was determined not only to stay there but to chase me away. Well, on a short stroll along a street in Randsburg, I caught a glimpse of a shriveled-face on a body on the stoop of an old house. It was sitting on something. I immediately shrugged it off as a Halloween decoration that hadn't been put away after Halloween, but in hindsight, I'm not so sure that wasn't the ghost in the above-mentioned dream. In that long-ago era, some man was walking along the street while planning to find and rape a lady, since he thought it likely that he'd be able to get away with the act (and I suppose he did get away with it). He came to a house, on his right, with a young lady in front, on her stoop. This was at night. Instead of engaging in friendly conversation, he took her into her house and raped her. By the time he left, she was dead. After that, her ghost had been appearing on her stoop, and after many years, she continued to do that, and her ghostly image appeared to be old and shriveled. She looked about the same in the dream as this object / image / ghost on the stoop in Randsburg. In the dream, it seemed her ghost became something of a local legend in the community. Some young lady, in particular, was familiar with that continuing reappearance of that ghost on the stoop of the house that had been hers. In the dream, I believe she had a husband who was away long-term, maybe in government service. This gives me one more thing to investigate, the next time I'm in that area.

Nov. 10, 2015
Randsburg update #3: While in Red Mountain, I got out of the car near one of the abandoned-looking houses. I looked around at this and that for a while, for maybe 10 minutes, then at one point I suddenly found myself feeling absolutely chilled to the bone, with extreme shivering. This effect came upon me so suddenly, it had to be the well-documented ghost-chill effect, for it to come upon me so suddenly. Sure, it was cold outside that night, but I was doing okay until that particular moment. Whatever ghost was haunting that small house apparently got a little close to me at that point. It was enough to send me back into my car, where the heater was nice and toasty warm. So much for that stage of the investigation.

Nov. 6, 2015
Yet another update: I really struck the mother lode, so to speak, in visiting the trio of southern California communities the other day. I've been going over my experiences in my mind since I got back. It's difficult to distinguish if these tie-ins are from visions (my own) or from prior dream content (my own), but I can tell you at least one of the houses with a light on inside in Randsburg is occupied by a stubborn ghost who refuses to leave. Not only that, one of the abandoned (for lack of a better word) houses in Red Mountain . . . I'm afraid to say what it is. Oo ee oo, to borrow one of Ed Sanders' expressions. I swear this is all the truth. Are you intrigued as hell, yet?

Nov. 5, 2015
Randsburg update (keep reading, because this is a real ghost story): Remember, yesterday I told you I wanted to go to Randsburg to do some exploring? Well, I did manage to hit the highway by 8:25pm. I got there between 11:00pm and midnight. It was literally freezing cold there, at 3504 feet elevation. I did my exploring in the night, which revealed that most of those properties (houses & buildings) are inhabited or in use, as evidence by either lights on inside or a tiny pinpoint light outside. I was going to stay two or three days, but between the cold and the fact that the reclining bucket seat of my car wasn't comfortable enough to sleep in, I hit the road back home around 2:00am. But not before exploring Johannesburg and Red Mountain. After I parked by the abandoned church (named the Santa Barbara Church) in Randsburg, I was standing in the road. I twice heard what sounded like a soft ghost "oooooohhhhh." It didn't sound like it could be anything else. I did have the idea of ghosts crossing my mind, so maybe one of the local ghosts was humoring me with that "oooooohhhh." I did bring Missy, by former cat. I say "former," because it pulled the stunt of abandoning me there, after meowing in complaint most of the way on the road. It did calm down the last 50 miles or so. It made its choice, so I just left it there. I wasn't going to search all night, and maybe for days, for it. Upon leaving Randsburg, I explored nearby Johannesburg. That was very intriguing in terms of interesting properties. Then I explored the last of the tri-communities in that area, Red Mountain. I explored it in the night a little, until I came to a man standing outside. I rolled down the passenger window and talked to him for a while. He said he was fixing the disconnected sway bar on a small brown car, which I saw on a floor jack outside. He excused himself after a while, saying the lady was cold, so he wanted to finish the car. Here's the interesting part. I kept thinking that guy's face looks ghostly white. I swear his face didn't look completely human, because it had a glow-in-the-dark other-worldly EXTREMELY-WHITE color that seemed more like a ghost glow than a human face. I MUST conclude that he was a ghost. He sure looked like one to me. I asked him some things about acquiring properties there, and he told me exactly what I wanted to know/verify while I was there, so it really was a productive trip for me. Also, he seemed somehow exceptionally likable, to me, maybe because i have a strong affinity for ghosts. So, in conclusion, I did very well. I observed things I wanted to know about properties there, and last but not least, I had at least TWO ghost encounters, which is something I told you I'd be interested in on the trip. The trip was brief, but very productive. ps: I think he was dropping me a hint, about his being a ghost. I told him I was interested in "abandoned" houses/buildings, and he replied that there aren't any abandoned places there. This is in spite of the fact that at least two houses looked clearly dilapidated and abandoned. That must have been his clue that his white glow-in-the-dark face wasn't an illusion, that he was REALLY a ghost, and was a ghost that haunted the area. So, to him, those two houses weren't abandoned; after all, he haunted them. So, he in effect helped me with that item of the itinerary, also. What a nice "guy."

Nov. 4, 2015
Alexandra, I'm about to leave on a trip to investigate a cluster of GHOST towns, namely, the Randsburg, Johannesburg and Red Mountain area of southern California. Don't you envy me? Then meet me there. There should be plenty of ghosts for the both of us. I'll pack my digital camera and some food and maybe my pet cat if I dare bring Missy in the car with me. If I'm not completely overwhelmed with excitement with the area, I'd probably return Saturday. Like you said in a recent post: ‪#‎LiveIt‬ and ‪#‎FuckEverythingElse‬.

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