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Please excuse the plain Jane makeover of this website. This is intended to be only temporary. There have been some complications, lately, which led me to dump the old stuff, at least for the time being.

OMG, Madonna, I just realized something while watering my lawn, just now. I was thinking about how it was with us decades ago, and it finally dawned on me about something. What I just realized is that you proposed to me TWICE, not just once. The  first time was in 1974, in Hollywood, but the second time was in 1980, in Costa Mesa, just after you bought me that little house in Costa Mesa. This tells me something, and that is, you'd probably go for a three-peat. That should do it. I'm pretty sure it'd work. You can try that out, now. I've been waiting ever since you broke up with Guy. Don't keep me waiting.

Please excuse me if my home page it looking like a "global warming" debunking page. If that's what it takes to educate people, then so be it. Here is more evidence/proof that "man-made global warming" is NOT REAL. Please visit and read this page: ANTARCTIC ICE IS INCREASING !

Here's more good news about the world not being so bad off after all. Here's the founder of the Weather Channel debunking "global warming:"

One hopeful sign is in those scientists who speak out against corruption, like John Casey, in his Cold Truth initiative [John Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is now one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts.]. He delivers the real truth. Read about it here: the real truth about "global warming"

I came across this all-naked classical musical performance on Youtube, so I can't resist including it here:
Here's another nude live music performance I just came across:
Here's a literal dream I just had today, which features Paris Hilton. She appears in my dreams every so often. This one was today, on August 9, 2015. Here's the link to read it: genuine literal dream of mine about Paris Hilton

Here's a birthday reminder. This is a full week's advance notice. Sunday, August 16, 2015 is Madonna's 57th birthday. Now, when you send her a message bidding her a terrible birthday, you can do it on time. You won't be late this time.

Alas, I herald the news of Jennifer Aniston's newly announced sneak wedding to Justine Theroux. I just spied a report that they married in Bel Air, today, the 6th of August, 2015. Well Jen, all I can say at the moment is : "How could you do that? You realize how much I enjoyed looking at your tits up close, don't you?" Maybe it was too good to last, for me? I think not.
Jennifer and Justin - secret wedding
By the way, Jen, it looks like I've got people really equating you to Jen the Hen. As evidence, I cite the reappearance of the free-range-chicken GEICO commercial, on the same day you married Justin. That can't be a mere coincidence. So, it looks like you're really Jen the Hen, Jen.

As for Madonna, if I didn't know better, I'd probably conclude she were trying to get back on my good side. I really have a good side, you know. Madonna will always be how Madonna is, if a miracle doesn't intervene to change her.
Madonna pierced by a sword
Oh, would that this were real !

So, wouldn't you know it, it IS Madonna's year, AGAIN. How is it that Madonna keeps having things in common with "Chinese year of the" animals? Is that a blessing?
the year of the  sheep
Excuse me for being a little late with this observation, but this is the Chinese year of the sheep, Madonna. So, now I'm wondering, how does Madonna relate to a sheep? Can this also be Madonna's year, based on this being the year of the sheep? If this is Madonna's year, also, I don't think it has anything to do with sheep. Oh...except for one thing that just came to mind: Madonna had a lot of "wool" down under, in those early nudes of her. That's the only similarity I can think of between her and sheep.
old madonna nude - wooly & spread
Here's an example of an early, wooly, nude, Madonna shot.
If only this were in color !

Good news! I found a copy of the article I wrote, explaining my old relationship with Whitney Houston. To read it, click here. To sum up, Whitney wanted to marry me back then, in 1979. I kind of wanted to marry her, but I had issues with the idea, so I steadfastly refused.

By the way, for those of you who read my former web page on it, I remember who the young petite lady was to my left, in the back seat of the car with me, that one time. She was Yaya. Bear in mind that Whitney was only 16 years old, back then, so her friends maybe were close to her in age. I at first thought Whitney may have been older than me, but I was 21. I could hardly believe it when she told me she was 16.

That was a real doozy of a kiss between me and Whitney, that one time in the former Ben Frank's restaurant, in Hollywood. She had long, perfectly straight, black hair, at that time. One of the first things Whitney said to me, after we sat down at the counter was, "Do you have any Quaaludes?" I had never heard of Quaaludes, so of course I didn't have any.

And there was that time I drove her to Muhammad Ali
's apartment. She guided me there, as I drove her over in  my then '64 VW beetle. His place was in Hollywood, in a second floor apartment, on what I think was an east/west street. He was at first on the balcony in front of his apartment, and we looked up at him from my car. Then we went up and into his place. She talked with him for a while. There were just the three of us in there, at the time. I didn't want to hear what they were talking about, so I effectively blocked it out. To this day, I have no idea what they talked about, that time.

Oh, and then, many years later, Whitney turned up dead in a bathtub! And then her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, also turned up nearly dead in a bathtub, and has since died! I never met Bobbi Kristina. She came along well after Whitney and I broke up.
Whitney Houton with Bobbi Kristina
Whitney and Bobbi Kristina look happy in this photo.

Well, real  life stories don't always  have happy endings.

I sincerely believe that Whitney would NOT have recorded I Will Always Love You, if I hadn't suggested it to her, in a final conversation, one day, in 1979. Well, as you know, she DID record it, and took home a Grammy Award for it, too. See, this is another example of my musical good luck charm working its magic, that time for Whitney. Can you imagine her career without that one? It helped push her over the top. Incidentally, "I will always love you," was what I said/thought, about Whitney, in the wake of that above-mentioned passionate kiss, standing in the front, inside of Ben Frank's restaurant. There were others standing around, at that moment. I didn't know those words were going to be the title of one of her biggest hits.

Okay, now I can't close this discussion without bringing up a conversation I once had with Whitney. One day she told me her name was Houston, so I couldn't resist mentioning that one of the residential streets in my neighborhood had that same name, Houston. She also asked me what name she should use (same conversation). In hindsight, I believe she was making a early allusion to the definite fact that she wanted to marry me. After that time, it was out in the open, in clear, unmasked language, about her wanting to marry her. I wished I could, but I didn't think it would work out for me.

Whitney, I really cared about you. I felt guilty about tuning you down. But now you can't read this, except from the beyond.

Although many reporters could feel uncomfortable with the following information, it is the truth, nontheless. I state it here, as an historical note about who I am, and something about my background:
I really am the original Stephen Bray, of early association with Madonna. I made up the name one day, while I was with Madonna, indoors someplace (on Sunset Bl. in Hollywood). We were in some plain-looking room of a studio, back in such primordial times. I wanted to keep my preexisting first name, which was, and is, "Steven," but I felt like switching to the other popular spelling, "Stephen." The last name I sort of pulled out of a magical, nonexistent hat, so to speak, and that name happened to be "Bray." It was short and simple, and it mysteriously came to my mind, and the rest is history. Now, I want to explain about the other Stephen Bray, the black guy, who got all the credit and fanfare. Madonna pulled him into the picture, during a timeframe when I was feeling spooked about everything, as if I could be in deep trouble just for trying to pursue a career in music. Alas, I was so timid about my place in the music industry, back in those days. Madonna's bringing in the other guy to be me, instead, so to speak, was the so-called solution to my lack of temerity in the music field. This was one of the mistakes I made in music, and a big one at that. I don't know who would ever acknowledge the truth about all this, but I know. The ones who would know, besides myself and Madonna, are various young men, who also hung around with Madonna and I. Some of them were in forward seats in the limosine, but I was always the favored one, in the back, alone with Madonna. There were various young men, whom I walked with on the street, who also were in our crowd, whether or not they were ever honored with a limosine ride with us. So, I'm telling you what it was, and is, now. I never went to court to make it my real name. Madonna always had an artifice for every circumstance, and this is a case in point.

This is not to say that the traditionally acknowledged black Stephen Bray wasn't involved in real music, and so on. He was. However, I was the real guy who hung around with Madonna, and rode with her in her limosine. Madonna was already doing the limosine scene in the 1970's, before the public had heard of her. I know, because I was there with her. I had a good time with her, and I even had sex with her, once. But, as you can deduce from the above, there was room for improvement, as far as what I got out of it. Some of her music DID come from me. Some of the music other music people got famous for also came from me, as examples: 1) Green Day, and 2) Maroon Five. And that's not all. My music always made the big time.

If I recall correctly about this detail, I did meet the black Stephen Bray, once, but that was all. He was never around any other time, when I was with the Madonna crowd.

recent headshot - Summer 2015
A recent headshot (above) - Summer of 2015

A Spontaneous Shot of Me - c. March of 2014
A Spontaneous Shot of Me (above) - c. March of 2014

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